Back At Your Door


Authors: Meeko and Buggy
Banner: Buggy

Fandoms: Twilight/Covert Affairs
Pairing: Bella Swan/Auggie Anderson
Rating: Mature
Summary: The Cullens are far from the cookie cutter family they portray themselves to be. In fact, their hands are dirtier than anyone truly knows. On a fateful, family trip to Italy that they had brought Bella along for, she unintentionally saw more than what she had bargained for at their cousins’ property and had to make some life choices. When Edward helped in the matter by breaking up with her, she continued on with her life, and her plans, she moved on.

Now older, Bella works for the CIA, recruited by family friends, not only for her interpersonal skills, but also due to her connection to the Cullen and the Volturi families. A deep cover, multi year mission brings out many emotions that a young agent was always told to ignore and brings together two friends closer that had others wondering about. At the end of the day, you just might find yourself asking, how far will you go?
Disclaimer: Don’t own, yadayadayada. We’re merely playing with the characters and might return them in relative mint shape when we’re done.
Notes: All human AU. Plays around season 1 and 2 of Covert Affairs. A huge thank you to langsandlit for providing the Italian in our story. You’re our hero! <3


Chapter 01
Chapter 02
Chapter 03
Chapter 04
Chapter 05
Chapter 06
Chapter 07
Chapter 08
Chapter 09
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
Chapter 13
Chapter 14
Chapter 15
Chapter 16
Chapter 17
Chapter 18
Chapter 19

Story is complete! Sequel to follow!


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