Chapter 13

Kol lead them through corridors that were getting smaller each turn, before stopping dead in his tracks at a tapestry. Ripping it off, he pushed against the wall and a door opened, revealing a hidden chamber. From the sound of it, it sounded like a whole wide space, a stairs leading them down to the basement and further down. “Now, are you sure you want to go through with this?” He asked Bella carefully, not liking the vibe he got from the oncoming darkness at all.

“I think I need to,” Bella quietly answered as she stared at the opening. “What about you? Are you okay? You feel any different after what happened?”

“I’m alright.” And that was the truth, he felt alright. He wasn’t feeling a complete 100%, but he wasn’t feeling on edge, either. However, for everyone’s safety, he hoped that whatever was waiting for them down the stairs wouldn’t be taxing on him or her, otherwise he would have to use her friend as a blood bag and he wasn’t sure if he’d be able to stop. In fact, he was certain that he would end up draining the guy.

Bella looked back over her shoulder at him, gageing his sincerity before nodding and starting forward. Following the wall of the hidden section of the house as she could see no further than the edge of the weakening light.

‘Miss Bella, you really should turn around and leave.’

She froze momentarily, uncertainty about any ghost in the place after what had happened to Kol.

‘Carlisle’s energy has been depleted, he will not cause you any harm for the duration of your stay.’

Her head tilted, stubbornness taking hold of her and she stepped forward to continue. “We came this far. I won’t go until we find out what we need to know. I need to know.”

Jasper sighed. ‘The Cullens were intrigued by immortality, they were part of a cult that still exists to this day. Now, does that satisfy your curiosity?’

^immortality^ ^cult^

Bella turned to look at Kol to see if he recognised if the Ovilus made any sense and he just appeared completely unimpressed. “Kol?”

He snorted, rolling his eyes. “Yeah. There were a handful of cults back in the day, I mean, immortality is awesome for any regular human, they want to live forever. As far as my knowledge, the Volturi are the only ones still in operation. And they are bad news.”

She raised an eyebrow. “But they are human…right?”

“Oh, yes,” Kol said lightly. “I mean, they’re human and stupid. I’ve lived among them for a while, just to see if they’d notice.”


“Yeah but they weren’t looking for vampires, mate,” Kol said as if he was talking to a normal person. “They were looking for something special, but what, I have no clue because I didn’t stay long enough to figure out their secret.”

‘They did find some legend of what they wanted,’ Jasper confirmed for her, his voice echoing much closer to her. ‘Carlisle’s ancestors stole the scrolls from them and they have been searching since.’

Bella thought for a moment. “You know, you guys are dead. Don’t you think that that legend would be better protected by a bunch of immortals?”

‘If you find the scrolls you would understand, but the danger is too great.’


“Let’s go find us some scrolls,” Kol said, determined now. Scrolls, legends, those things got his heart pumping.

Bella turned to look at him, a little scared and a lot concerned. “All the Ovilus said was danger.”

“You said scrolls,” Kol pointed out.

“I did – not. Jasper, um, mentioned them,” she slowly explained, very confused. “When did you start hearing him?”

Kol scowled. “When he popped up, I guess. I think it’s because of what happened earlier… some residual ghost juice or something.”

‘I agree. A remnant of Carlisle opened him up just a fraction to hear the dead – beyond his spectrum of death.’

“At least I’m only hearing a word here and there. Not entire sentences. I have enough to deal with the living, thanks,” Kol was obviously disturbed by it as he looked around. “Are we in a maze or something?”

‘Correct, but it’s not a maze. Hallways. Corridors. Turns. To keep the evil in.’

“That’s sick,” Bella said as she looked at the walls, the same sort of scribbling she saw down here as she had seen upstairs. The walls were from floor to ceiling, there was no way they could possibly ‘cheat’ and get to the centre as quickly as they could.

“What evil?” Kol questioned, his defenses rising as the further they went along, the colder it got.

‘Most of it was wiped out when Miss Bella closed the portals, so I suppose it’s a lot safer down here as it had been. On the other hand, it’ll also be easier for people like yourself, or Edward, to come down here and take what they want.’

Bella sucked in a breath as she focused on the energies. “Uh… definitely a Poltergeist or two, they migrated from the third floor to here… Shadow people… ugh, don’t like those.”

‘Carlisle’s pets.’

Bella got her bag and grabbed another water bottle. “That’s okay, we’ve got holy water, we’re armed and dangerous,” she smiled at Kol. “Courtesy of our hunter friend.”

He was focused on the area ahead. “Jeremy is annoying. Your wife could go play with him if she wants.”

‘I am sorry you had the misfortune to be on the receiving end of Alice’s insanity. But rest assured, now that the floors above are cleaner than they have been, she’s been having fun with your companions.’


“Is she dangerous to humans if they continued to come and explore?” Bella asked. “It would be difficult to stop other groups that don’t respect the dead, but I would definitely like to try to get rid of Carlisle.”

‘No, Alice is harmless. She likes to poke and prod and touch people inappropriately. You haven’t met Esmé, but she’s in the kitchen – usually. She might… well… I think she might be harmful. Rosalie, you’ve met.’

Kol shook his head to at her, raising an eyebrow. “Not this time. We can send your friend and his group to investigate them another day. Let’s get this scroll and get out. I don’t like it down here. At all.”

‘Carlisle would require an exorcism, ridding us all from the house. But you haven’t met Emmett yet and I can’t seem to find him.’

“He’s the one who killed you, yes?” Bella asked as she took Kol’s hand as they kept walking, slowly, as Bella sprinkled holy water around them. “The muscle.”

They were nearing the center of the winding hallways and the chill in the air was near frigid. Jasper disappeared before he could confirm Bella’s question, and Kol stepped forward, keeping Bella behind him as he looked around the area for safety. Even though he could see nothing, it didn’t mean he couldn’t feel the danger in his senses.

“If there’s something here, I doubt you’ll keep me safe by putting me behind you,” she said, assuring him as she set down her bag on the ground, gently caressing his back before she moved around him to look at the environment with her flashlight. There was an altar with pentagrams drawn on it, old candles, cobwebs, knives, everything, and that was kinda freaky, but she could see one of the scrolls in the bookcase light up. “You’re seeing this?” She asked as she pointed at the light.

“The altar, I see,” Kol scowled but couldn’t see anything special about the bookcase she pointed at, other than it having dusty scrolls. “The Volturi is a cult in every way you can imagine. The guys running it are perceived to be their Gods, and their followers would pray to them. Through witchcraft, they’d actually gain more power.”

“A witch cult?”

“I wouldn’t be surprised,” Kol said, still anxiously looking around. “You’re feeling anything?”

“I’m trying to ignore it,” Bella said as she pulled the glowing scroll out of the book case and headed back to her bag to put it in there. “Otherwise I would have stopped halfway,” she said, fastening the clasp and getting on to her feet.

“Give me that,” Kol grabbed her bag and threw it down the hall behind them.

“Kol!” Again he grabbed her by the neck, picking her up this time, her feet dangling above the floor. His dark eyes glittered in the reflection of her flashlight that’d fallen from her hand. “Dammit Kol! Not again!” she clawed at his hands and tried kicking him.

“I know about your little trick girl. Father warned me,” Kol’s voice snarled, shaking her body like a doll.

“Jeremy!” Her voice croaked as she tried to pry Kol’s hand off of her neck, her voice not even carrying out of the area as she struggled. She tried to kick him in the groin area, but failed.

Kol growled, grinning in her face. “I think I agree with Father. We will keep this body, but I will take you for a toy,” he said as she licked his lips, eying her form in his hands. “But first, let’s see what this guy can do when he’s stronger…”

His vampire face bled out, causing Bella’s panic to rise and her struggle to escape become more difficult. As he sunk his teeth into her neck, she was unable to keep from crying out from the pain it caused, feeling her neck being ripped. The more he fed from her, each new bite ripping her more, the fight in her diminished until her head fell weakly to the side. Her eyes were glassy and her breaths were shallow. It would not take much more for her to die.

Before she knew it, his presence left and fell to the floor and she fell into Jeremy’s arms, who immediately pressed something against her neck as he cradled her. “You’re going to be alright,” he said, reassuringly, taking her hand and placed it on the shirt he had against her neck. Shifting a little, he dragged her bag closer for the thermos, unscrewed the lid and placed it near Kol’s arm. He had to work fast, Bella was fading. Slicing Kol’s arm open, he made sure that the blood flowed into the lid before the wound closed and forced Bella to drink the blood to heal her. It wouldn’t completely restore her to a full 100%, but at least it would be enough to stop all the bleeding.

Jeremy then unhooked her from her leash and helped her sit up, making sure that Kol’s blood could make its way through her body the fastest.

Bella gasped when she could breathe again, trying to get away from Jeremy in a panic, before realizing that he was, indeed, Jeremy and then burst out in tears. “Next time I tell you that I don’t want to go someplace, will you listen to me?”

Jeremy let out a snort. “Yeah, yeah… it wasn’t a fun trip for me either, you know. Drew is super sensitive.”

She took few moments to calm down, just sitting in his arms before looking over at Kol. “Where’s my bag? He threw it into the dark somewhere. Emmett, at least I think it was, possessed him. He said that his father warned him about the vervain. You think if we put some in his pocket, it would help? You know, in case he’s still in him? Or should we burn him again?”

“Again?” he muttered emotionlessly. “What the fuck happened down here?” He pulled the bag closer to them after having grabbed it on the way over for the thermos.

“Yeah… the first time I managed to surprise him with vervain and saved myself,” she said proudly.

“You have the dagger,” he reminded her.

“Oh, believe me, next trip out, it’s going to be ON me, and not buried deep inside that bag for safekeeping,” she muttered as she weakly reached into the bag.

Jeremy let out a sigh. “You know, you could like, not date vampires. That usually helps with the safety aspect.”

“I love my vampire,” she replied before running a vervain leaf over Kol’s arm, causing it to slightly sizzle. “And just as he has to deal with my things, I have to deal with his. How did you find us?”

“Oh, Jasper came looking for me. Quite urgently. I told Drew to start packing up and go outside and that I was going to find you guys,” he replied as he scrunched his nose of the smell of burning flesh. “I think he’s clean, Bella.”

She moved to pull Kol’s head to rest on her lap, stroking his hair back from his face. “How long do you think until he wakes up? Drew will get suspicious and come looking if we take too long.”

“Could take hours, could take minutes,” Jeremy shrugged, lifting her off of his own lap, feeling slightly unnerved with her pulling Kol’s head into her own lap. “Drew’s safe. You guys are not. We’re waiting until he’s back on his feet,” he said before getting up and using his flashlight to look around. “Maybe we should send Ric and Bonnie over to look this place over?”

“Forget your friends. This place needs a priest and have it exorcised,” she snapped, tired of the beatings that she and Kol went through that night. Twice they took her boyfriend over in order to kill her and claim his strength for themselves. She was not going to go down without a fight and win.

“But this place, it looks like witchy stuff. Where we are now. You know… yeah, the rest of the house could do with a good priestly beating,” he motioned around, peeking in the book closets.

Bella looked back over at Jeremy. “One of the beings from up there,” she pointed up to the ceiling, “Is what just took over Kol that you had to come down to rip him off me. That’s not exactly witch like. It’s damn near demonic.”

‘That was Emmett,’ Jasper’s voice sounded. ‘I’m sorry, Miss Bella. The moment I realized I couldn’t find him after you went in here, I went to get your friend.’

“You could have done more to keep them away,” Jeremy said, not angry, but aggravation in his voice. “But thank you.”

‘I did warn them. But even after Carlisle took him over, they both wanted to press on, because of something down here, something that she needed.’

“Did you at least get it?” Jeremy sighed tiredly, wondering how on Earth he was going to get her upstairs and Kol at the same time, if the guy didn’t come back soon.

“Yes,” Bella sighed tiredly, running a hand through Kol’s hair and softly kissing his lips. “Wake up,” she scrunched her face when she tasted her own blood on him. “Kol, I know you can hear me, wake up. You’ve got all of the blood inside of you, so you wake up so we can get the fuck out of here.”

Kol groaned as he begun to stir, his hand coming up to his neck at feeling it mending. Without having to open his eyes, he already knew that something terrible happened to earn being put down in such a way. “Jeremy, you bastard,” he mumbled.

“Hey dude, welcome back,” Jeremy grinned. “If it weren’t for me, your girlfriend would be joining the ghosts in this house by now.”

With that, Kol opened his eyes, immediately seeing not only Bella’s concerned gaze looking back at him, but also a translucent being in military uniform. “Bloody hell, that fucker is ugly.”

“You don’t look that pretty yourself, either,” Jeremy retorted. “Get up, we’re leaving.”

“Not you. We always knew you were an ugly fuck. I’m talking about him,” he replied, pointing behind Bella, who stared at him confused. “Ever hear of a haircut? Scissors were very popular well before your time.”

‘You can see me?’ Jasper blinked, before looking down at Bella, who seemed to be as confused as he was. ‘But you’re a vampire, you shouldn’t be able to see me.’

Kol shrugged, but he was creeped out enough about two possessions, not of his own doing, and had enough of weird for one night. “Possessing a body isn’t something my family isn’t entirely unfamiliar with. However, I don’t like it when someone is in my actual body, so I’d like to go home and get away from this place. It’s been wonderful, but please don’t kill any more humans. I’ll happily do as Bella requests, only it won’t be a priest that comes. It’ll be a witch friend who can trap the lot here somewhere else for eternity.”

“I just want to leave,” Bella said softly as she pushed him up in a sitting position.

“Then we leave. Let’s go,” Kol agreed, eagerly getting up to his feet and pulling her with him. “We swipe the vervain from your friend, I compel him to forget the weird, and we all go home. Wonderful ending to a psychotic trip that was meant to escape Daddy.”

Bella clung onto him, still woozy. “Sorry,” she mumbled. “I already scolded Jeremy, too.”

“Not your fault. Not his either. None of us expected it to be this bad. Let’s get you back to the hotel for some food and a good night’s rest. You’ll feel better in the morning. Perhaps pulling your present from Myriam out will be great now.”

“It’s in the car.”

“Of bloody course it is,” Kol sighed as they slowly made their way through the house. He’d vamp speed them out, but with the condition they were all in, it would only make Bella more ill, and him having to seek out more sustenance. As they made their way, to the main floor again, he looked around the hall, finding many dead spirits standing back, staring at them. A glance to Jeremy, told him that he knew they were there – that they had been there all along, as he was focused dead straight ahead in order to get out. “So, Darling. You’ve been neglecting with sharing just how many are remaining trapped here.”

“I’ve felt them, but they’re not talking so… I don’t know. How many?”

“A lot. We have some practicing to do. You can’t keep ignoring this.”

“Right now I just want to quit.”

“We’re going home,” he reassured her. No way in hell he’ll let her quit. They still had no idea what the hell was on that scroll they just risked their lives for.

Drew was waiting for them at the gates to the property. “Wow, you guys look like hell, everything- holy shit, Bella, is that blood?!”

“Some of the ceiling collapsed on them in the basement,” Jeremy shared, smiling at them. “A little banged up but otherwise alright. They were pinned which is what took some time getting out.”

“You’re in no shape to drive back,” Drew shook his head as he opened the doors of the car for them. “I’ll drive, you’ll get my footage when we get back.” He then turned to face them. “But please, can I say it?”

Bella sighed as Kol merely looked at her with a small smile. “I never wanted to come. I already bitched Jeremy out for talking me into it. Don’t ask me to come here again.”

“Oh, I wasn’t referring to that. Merely this,” Drew smirked as he helped Jeremy load in their gear. “I told you so.”

“Shut up, man, really,” Jeremy said with a whine.

“But at least you don’t have to go anywhere for weeks! You’ve got so much footage to sift through and to have your viewers astounded!”

“Shut up,” Bella sighed as she got into the car with Kol and placed the angel in his lap. “Better?”

“You need it more than me,” he whispered in her ear, pulling her into his arms as they settled into the backseat.

Bella hummed an answer as she relaxed into his arms. Any other person would have run like hell after what just had happened, but she knew it hadn’t been him. She was safe. She was still safe and she was going to be safe forever with him. But she wasn’t going to return to the Cullen house, ever, because she knew, that both Carlisle and Emmett would be waiting for her, still there, ready to keep her. Now that the two evil entities knew what they were up against, the next encounter with them could prove to be lethal for Bella. “I love you,” she whispered to him, looking up at him as she was huddled up in his arms.

Kol sighed, smiling back at her. “I love you too,” he responded in like. “Tonight we will sleep, tomorrow morning get a good breakfast and then after lunch we need to have a long talk about this place.”

“No, I don’t want to talk about this place,” she shook her head.

“I don’t want to either, but we need to. Not tonight though. It’s important for all of our safety and future.”

Bella closed her eyes and listened to the soft voices of Drew and Jeremy in the front seat as they were talking about what they had went through during the night, grinning and having fun all around, despite being scared shitless because of things happening. It didn’t take long before that, and the motion of the car lulled her into a light sleep.

When they arrived at the hotel, Kol gently carried Bella inside, nodding his appreciation to Drew while Jeremy finished up with him. He was more than happy to see the comfort of the bed. Setting her down, he carefully began pulling her shoes and anything off her that would make sleep uncomfortable. He then stripped down himself and gathered some materials to try cleaning up Bella best he could from the blood he had caused her to spill during his possession.

“I’ll take a shower,” she muttered as she rolled to her side, trying to get off the bed. His fussing over her had woken her up, which was alright. “Come shower with me.”

He hesitated. “I will later. I need to go make a run…” he stressed, looking to her neck. “Despite what happened, it still took a lot out of me and I want to be able to give you some of my blood to help you heal more.”

“My neck still a mess then?” She said as she sat up and looked at him.

“It’s healed over, but I’d feel better about it.”

She smiled then and gently caressed his cheek with her hand. “Go and do whatever you need to do and maybe get us a pizza for when you return,” Bella got to her feet and softly kissed him. “Take the angel with you so you don’t go nuts when you feed.”

“Are you sure?”

“Don’t fight me on this,” she said as she handed him the angel. “I’ll be fine,” she said as she grabbed one of Kol’s shirts out of his bag and slowly made her way to the bathroom as she heard Kol leave the room. Waiting for a couple of minutes, she took a deep breath and sat down as she started to get out of her clothes, blood on her shirt. Her blood. Emmett had bitten her like an animal; ripping her throat open as he drank, she could feel her skin rip and the memory alone made her shudder.

She liked the hot shower on her body, caressing her tired bones and warming her body as the dried blood washed off of her. Bella leaned against the wall and enjoyed the heat, not wanting to move from her spot, but knew she had to when she started to get dizzy.

Bella once again sat down to dry herself, got into Kol’s shirt and waited for him to return as she tried to type up her experiences on her laptop from her spot on the bed, just to get it out of her system. She didn’t like it, but she had to. She also had some idea of what he might want to talk about in regards to the property and knew he was right. She just wasn’t ready.

She had been well into a rhythm of writing her thoughts about the property when her phone pinged with an email. Looking at it, she quickly dropped the device on the bed and looked around. Edward Cullen wanting know how their visit went, was the last thing she wanted to deal with. In fact, she was tempted to call Kol’s brothers to come and deal with him in their special way.

“Pizza!” Kol said, a big smile on his face as he walked back into the room. “Delicious pizza, freshly made with a lot of cheese and spinach and salami and all the stuff!” Oh yeah, he was on a high alright. He had found a couple of miscreants and after having taken care of them, he found himself surrounded by some more, so why not? “And you! In my shirt! Looking appalled? What’s wrong, princess?” He said worried as he set the pizza down on the bed and squatted down in front of her.

“Would you be opposed to having Klaus taking care of Edward Cullen?” She asked as she shoved her phone away from her.

“I would be opposed, yes,” Kol nodded. “I’d rather take care of him myself, but you wouldn’t allow me before.”

“I don’t want that on your conscience. I know Myriam and Klaus would be okay together for something like that,” she explained, sighing. “He wants to know what happened. I don’t want to talk to him.”

“We’ll have Jeremy reply to him tomorrow,” he said as he opened the pizza box and handed her a slice. “It has spinach. Good for blood.” Fuck his conscience. He was a vampire. He wanted to tear Edward’s throat out inside that house and condemn him to live with his ancestors. Yeah, that was a great idea, make him Emmett’s bitch.

“After we are well out of the state and too far to turn back,” she stressed, accepting the slice of pizza from him. She ate her slice, humming in appreciation but looked back at her vampire as he stared intently back at her. “What? Do I have sauce on my face?”

“Nope,” he smiled at her. “Just very glad that the pizza agrees with you, have another slice,” Kol handed her another slice. “How was your shower?”

She took it, though at this point she was rather suspicious. The more she ate, the livelier she felt and filled him in on while he was out, aside from the email she received that she’d already mentioned. “It was refreshing. I definitely would like to take another before we leave. I managed to get some written of the experience, though it will have to be edited for the blog post for followers. I don’t think they would be able to handle an evil entity possessing my vampire boyfriend that almost killed me twice.”

Kol laughed. “Yeah, that would be- not good. But it’s good that you’re writing it down even if you’ll never post it. It’s good to get it out of your system. I’m certain Jeremy is going to have a blast sifting through all the footage we accumulated with the four of us.”

She set her computer aside and finished off her pizza before making her way across the room to him, wrapping her arms over his shoulders. “No more about that place. It would bring us nothing but misery if we continue on about it. Let’s just worry about ourselves and going home now.”

“No, we’re going to have a nice sleep first. No doubt Jeremy’s exhausted, too.”

“Well, sure, sleep,” she agreed, kissing his neck. “You sure there is nothing else?”

Kol groaned. Despite everything, he was feeling quite energized and they needed to get rid of the remaining adrenaline in their bodies. With her feeling better, who was he to refuse? “I’ve got an itch,” he said as he buried his face in her neck, nuzzling her earlobe as he walked them to the bed. “Care to scratch it?”


Kol had woken before Bella, startled from his nightmare of having seeing himself kill her while not in control of himself due to Carlisle and Emmett Cullen. Rubbing his hands over his face, he quietly made his way to take a quick shower in attempt to wash the taint of the Cullen house from his body again.

Since she was still in an apparent sound sleep, he scribbled out a note to let her know that he was going to get breakfast and collect Jeremy so that they could get their day started for their return to New Orleans.

Walking down the street to the closest bakery, he let his mind wander about everything they’d learned so far with the property. The more he thought about it, the more he truly desired seeking out the living Cullen that drew them there and set this all in motion. If he laid eyes on the man before they left the city, he would not be able to hold himself back from killing him as brutally as flashes of his nightmare reminded him of Bella’s death.


“Bloody fuckers,” Kol jumped, looking around, glaring at the apparition.

‘I’m a ghost, boooooo.’

“Yeah. No shit. What the fuck do you want?”

‘I need help. I don’t want to be here anymore.’

Kol scowled at the guy. “I can’t help you. I normally am not able to do this thing…”

‘Can you go to my mom? She lives at the other end of Chicago and tell her that I am alright. That she’ll be alright. Only then can I go, I need you to help me.’

He sighed, looking around, sure that he appeared to look like a complete tool speaking to himself. “I can call a friend that’s in town. He can see ghosts too! He knows more about this stuff-”

‘You need to help me,’ the guy said angrily before punching Kol in the gut. ‘Do it or else I will do bad things to you!’

He growled, hunching over. “Typically, I’m the one killing humans to put them in your place. My sister in law can do plenty to you that you would give you nightmares as a ghost kid.”

‘You shouldn’t threaten dead people, dude,’ the guy flickered out.

“Look who’s talking! I’m dead! Bloody asshole!”

“You alright, pal?” A cop asked him as he was passing by. “You need some help?”

Kol turned around and sighed. “I think that’s an understatement at this point, considering my girlfriend and best friend both see dead people and it seems that apparently I can as well. Unless you have some way of fixing me, I don’t think you can help me!”

“Alright, buddy, take it easy,” the cop said soothingly. “How about I take you somewhere safe where you can sleep it off?”

“All I wanted to do was get breakfast for my girl. I don’t need to sleep anything off,” Kol scowled.

‘Excuse me, young man? I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.’

Drawing in a deep breath, trying to keep his emotions in control. Closing his eyes, he tried not to give his attention to the old man that appeared.

‘Can you tell my son that he needs to come to me and help me?’ The man pointed at the cop. ‘Dewy is such a good boy, he takes such good care of me and his mother.’

“Your name Dewy?” he muttered to the cop, scowling as he was forced to play along.

“Yes,” Dewy nodded. “How do you know?”

“Seems your dad decided to pay a visit and wants you to go help him. Said that he fell and couldn’t get up,” he sighed, bored and anxious to get out of there. He was two breaths from compelling the cop.

“Don’t play with me, boy,” the cop suddenly turned hostile. “Do not mess with my family.”

“I’m from New Orleans man. I know nothing about you and came here with my family to investigate the Cullen property at the douchebag owner’s request…”

‘Dewy doesn’t believe in mediums, young man,’ Dewy’s dad said. ‘His mother can’t reach the phone, she’s unconscious. I think we have a problem with the stove.’

“And your dad says you don’t believe in paranormal. Your mom can’t reach the phone and something is wrong. Something with the stove. You should check it out, but you have my alibi and I got hours of video proving my being at that god forsaken property.”

“I will check it out as soon as I get you off the street.”

‘Always so diligent, that’s my boy.’

“Yeah. I don’t think so,” Kol walked up to him and met his gaze. “You never saw me and received a call from your neighbor that hasn’t seen your mother. You need to go check on her now.”

“I never saw you, I shall go to my parents now,” the cop nodded. “Have a good day.”

‘Thank you, thank you, good man.’

Kol sighed and waved him off, looking around. Maybe room service was more appropriate. “I wish I could kill ghosts,” he mumbled to himself as he glared at the boy who was across the street, waving at him. “I hate kids.”

Bella woke up with a start, finding the bed next to her empty, but not for long as the door swung open, revealing Kol looking grumpy. “Wow, what happened to you?” She asked as she found his note. “Breakfast?”

“How do you turn it off?” he asked in a rush, clearly angry and frustrated.

“Turn what off?” Bella blinked at him.

He pointed to his head then across the room where the ghost boy strolled in. “That! The bloody troll won’t leave me alone!”

‘Hello! Oh, a naked lady!’

Bella quickly covered herself up with the blankets and looked at Kol in shock. “You’re still seeing things?”

“Just a bit.”

The boy sauntered over to the bed and started to jump on it, causing Bella to bounce up and down the bed, making her sea sick. “Stop it,” she said, swatting around her.

Kol growled. “How do I get rid of him?”

“Well, what did he ask you to do?”

He looked at her, flabbergasted. “He wanted me to go across town to his mother. This isn’t my thing! It’s yours and Jeremy’s. I just rip the bad guys apart!”

“So why didn’t you do this simple task? You’re a vampire, you could have run back and forth within minutes, just a small, menial task.” Bella said amused as the bouncing stopped.

“I don’t do these things…”

“Well, he choose you to deliver the message, he won’t stop even if we’re going to New Orleans.”

Kol glared at her. “So I’m stuck with this annoying kid?”

“No, not unless you give him some peace and help him, duh,” she rolled her eyes at him as she got off the bed, making sure she was fully wrapped in the blanket and softly kissed him. “And as for closing it off, it’s not foolproof and it took me years. Help this kid and then grab the angel from underneath the pillow.”

He stood frozen as he stared forward at the wall after hearing her words. “Years?!” he squeaked.

“Yeah, I didn’t manage to close myself off until I came out of the mental hospital and even still, it’s always lingering, I still hear and sense people, just from a distance.”

“This isn’t want I want to hear, Bella,” he said, looking at her. “I wasn’t made to handle this stuff like this. I deal with the grunt work. I can kill. I have connections to get rid of the bad spirits or others that want to move on. I don’t directly handle spirits.”

Jeremy stumbled into the hotel room as the door was still open. “Woah. Nice kid! Hi, little dude!”

Kol turned his head in a flash and growled a warning at him. “Don’t get it going!”

‘Hi! Hi! Hi! Can you tell the bad person to do what I want? She sure can’t!’

“Ah, still walking miles in Bella’s shoes, huh, Kol?” Jeremy leaned against the wall, an amused smirk on his face. “I suggest you do what Bella’s told you to do. I’ll go get us breakfast. You take care of the boy.”

Kol scowled as he found Bella smirking at him, waving her fingers at him before disappearing into the bathroom. Just as the boy was about to follow her in, his growl grew. “FINE! LET’S GO!”

“Don’t forget to take the angel with you!” Bella reminded him from the bathroom as she turned on the shower.

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