00: Prologue

The following story contains material that may be disturbing for some readers.

Reader discretion is advertised.


~ youtube video ~

Voice over: My name is Bella and from a young age I discovered I could talk to the dead, hear them. Feel their energy and emotions. I didn’t want to do anything with it until an event caused me to have to use it and I haven’t looked back since. Join me and my partner Jake on our little adventures and hear the stories that the ghosts so desperately need to tell.

= Old Asylum =

Voice over: We’ve been here before and I’ve always been told not to venture deeper inside this place. We’re visitors, we stay out in the reception area or go to the staff room. However, on this visit, something special happens; we’re invited inside by what I think is a nurse. Maybe she thinks Jake is insane and needs to admitted, that would be fun!

“So, who are the flowers for?” Jake asked as he followed her out of the reception area, through the door.

Bella looked over her shoulder and smiled. “For whomever needs it today.”

Voice over: The energy I feel at this point is very calm, very quiet. Not something you’d associate with asylums, but maybe our returned visits here have calmed the spirits somewhat. Of course, things could change in an instant. I’m allowing the energy to guide us deeper into the Asylum and that’s when things start to get… weird. I should have known better, to be honest.

“Uhh…” Jake sounded from behind her. “Bells?”


“What wing are we on?” He asked as he watched her through the camera; Bella looked like she was thinking, deep in thought or listening closely. As much as he loved his friend, sometimes she did allow the ghosts to lure her somewhere unsafe and she usually didn’t recognize it. Of course, it was what gave her the views on her videos, but still. Was that a hand against his crotch?

EVP: Finally. We kill.

“Women’s wing. They’re singing.” It was beautiful.

EVP: Distract him. Kill her.

Voice over: I have to admit, things have been off for me for a very long time. Jake should have noticed. I should have noticed. What happens next was only minor, but perhaps it happened too many times lately.

“That’s not all they’re doing,” Jake grunted as the feeling of more hands on his body appeared. “Bella, you need to tell them to back off.” More grunting followed, and then an annoying whine. “Bella.”

Voice over: I’ve been doing this for years and I always protect myself but it was almost as if something else was luring me down. Not a ghost, not a demon… I don’t know, if I’d believe in anything else, I’d say it was more like a Siren’s Song. I wish I could show you what happened, but Jake actually turned off the camera, grabbed me and threw me over his shoulder; marching me right out of that Asylum. After he made sure we were both back to normal, he told me he’d quit immediately. That he’s had enough and I need someone else to watch my back, someone with more experience, more… I don’t know. The voice recorder was still recording, as I keep it on at all times to try to proof to you that I’m hearing them. This is one of the days that I didn’t hear them, at all. Too distracted. Too consumed. Too… vulnerable.

EVP: Die. Die. Die.

On camera: “I’ve tried calling Jake several times but he’s ignoring my calls. He’s left his hotel room and I’m all alone here. I’m going home. What happened to Jake was my fault. It’s on me. I figured we didn’t need extra protecting because we went to a familiar place. I was wrong,” she ran a hand through her hair and sighed. “I need a couple of days to figure out what to do next. What would you like me to do? Find me someone I can trust like I trusted Jake for all these years? Or shall I move forward by myself? Quit? Sell out and join one of those shows on TV? God knows they’ve been begging me for ages… Maybe I just need a break,” she said as she tiredly rubbed her eyes. “Yeah… some time off. Rethink. Regroup. Think long and hard. We’ll see. Until next time, stay safe.”


A few weeks later:

~ Blogpost ~

Hi guys!

Let me start off by apologizing for dropping off the face of the earth like that. According to all your comments you were worried and I want to thank you for your support.

You were right to be worried.

In fact; it made me realize that you’ve been worried about my well being ever since Jake and I were at the dance hall nearly two years ago. I watched the video (here) and then went through all the raw footage from the encounter and we missed something. Something bad. Really really bad.

In the past two years I’ve brushed off Jake’s comments about my health, but as I look at the videos now, something was definitely not right. I ignored Jake, but that’s why we did this together – I need someone to look after me. Not just be the muscle for nasty living meanies, but also to make sure that the bad dead meanies don’t latch on to me.

And unfortunately, that had happened.

It explains the decline of quality videos. It explains the risk taking. It explains why Valerie – my spirit guide – abandoned me. It explains why Jake was assaulted so much. It explains so much more and the only one to blame is me.

I spent two weeks at a convent to get back to myself. I had a priest perform an exorcism and I was blessed daily. After a while, I started to feel like myself again. Nearly two years of darkness – a stupid rookie mistake by yours truly. Yeah, I definitely should have known better.

I regained some weight too. Curves are awesome!

Now, I’m currently staying at a hotel in New Orleans; the place you voted for me to go to and I can’t be more excited!

Tomorrow I’m meeting a girl named Ann, who knows all about herbs and their protective abilities, per instruction of my friend Astaria of Ghost Files fame. Witches of lore had hex bags, well, I’m going to see if herbs will protect my ass better and hope they will work in sync with my protection prayers.

And theeen… well, I have to find me a new partner! It’s not going to be easy, Jake and I grew up together and to have to share my offline life with someone I just met can be a little bit daunting. I’m not the easiest person to be around in general.

However, here’s a list of what I’m looking for in a new partner:

– You have to be a male.

– you have to be physically able to be my bodyguard and not afraid to get into a physical fight.

– You have to be nice.

– You need to be able to stay calm even if things gets chucked at you; you’re with me to document things, to observe and ask rational questions.

– You need to be mentally strong. While I will make sure you’ll be protected, it doesn’t always mean the protection will be strong enough.

– You need to be able to see when things get out of hand. I will teach you how to deal with me when something happens to me.

– You need to be able to work a camera and help me edit and verify with sources if I give out information about the dead.

– You need to take this position very serious.

I can pay for your hotel room, food and travel expenses, but the rest is up to you.

If you feel this is you, send me an email through the website. Do note that I’m currently in New Orleans so you’ll likely have to travel if I decide you can come for an interview.

What will happen when I can’t find someone? I like to be positive and we’ll see what happens when nothing happens.

In the meantime I’m going to continue to regain my strength and mend fences with Valerie.

Peace and light to you all, Bella.


  1. Thank you! Yes, Between Heaven And Hell is still a work in progress, but it gets updated every week, or every two weeks. Same with Divine Happenstance.

    Thank you for taking the time to leave a review and such!


  2. Bastante intrigante o prólogo, quando achei esse enredo fiquei meio cismada por não estar finalizado, mas eu li outras criações finalizadas, então me resta dá uma olhada nessa… Diferente é a palavra adequada para essa fanfic e bem, eu adoro o Kol Mikaelson… Acho o humor negro dele refrescante, além daquele sorriso irresistível. Haha~

    Bella e Kol always. q

  3. I’m glad that Jake was a wimp. Hopefully he won’t be back. LOL

  4. Ok, I’ll give- this is cool. Don’t get were any of it was disturbing, but that could be just me. Huh, probably. Awesome start, looking forward ta more!

  5. Interesting. you got my attention again. update again soon

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