06: Beautiful Disaster

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It took him all night, but he managed to track down the witch he had traded his blood with all those years ago. It was almost as if she had known something was going to happen; she had made it nearly impossible to be found.


“Becky, you have been a very naughty girl,” he said as he shoved her against the wall, pinning her hands above her head. “What gave you the right to redistribute my blood?”

“It became mine the moment you handed the vial to me, Klaus,” she said defiantly, kicking him in his groin, hoping he would let go of her, but he didn’t. “And I told you, I had an interested buyer for your blood, but you wouldn’t listen. Too self-absorbed with finding more information on your curse.”

“What did they promise you in return for my blood?”

“Protection from you.”

Klaus scoffed. “Obviously they failed,” he bit her neck and started to drink her blood, but as expected, it was laced with vervain and wolfsbane. Pity. He spat out the blood and angrily looked at her. “You know those herbs won’t stop me,” he let go of her, and before she could run off, he grabbed her tightly. “Thanks to your actions, an innocent girl got hurt. Experimented on. You compromised me and my family. I’m going to make sure you won’t ever do that again.”

With those words, he lifted her up and broke her back over his knee before throwing her on the floor and pulled her head off her body in one swift movement. Taking it as a trophy to show his siblings, he left her establishment, picking up her grimoire on his way out.

He returned to the compound covered in the witch’s blood and tossed her head into Elijah’s bedroom before continuing his way to his study. He was welcomed by the sweet scent of their guest on the corridor; but it was stronger inside his study. Quietly making his way in, he found her asleep, in his bed.

Despite everything she’d gone through, she looked like an angel, undisturbed in her slumber and there he was, covered in blood like some monster. He was a monster, but he didn’t want her to see that just yet. Backing out of his sleeping quarters, he headed towards the bathroom and cleaned himself up.

What was she doing in his bed? He had sent her away earlier that day because he had been afraid to hurt her in his anger, but there she was. Klaus wasn’t going to get any sleep at all; he was simply going to watch her sleep.

“Niklaus what-” Elijah’s loudly demanded as he barged into the room.

“Quiet,” he growled as he looked at his brother from his chair. “Don’t wake her.”

“She’s in your bed?” Elijah replied, his voice lowered at his brother’s request. “What did you do?”

“Nothing,” he replied defensively. “She was already there when I returned.”

Elijah hummed as he leaned against the doorway. “I see you’ve been hunting. Any particular reason you ever so rudely tossed a head in my room?”

Klaus smirked widely. “That was the witch who gave the Cullens my blood. I had to make sure she wouldn’t do something like that again. Ruining an innocent life and compromising our safety. I am sure, her name will amuse Rebekah greatly as the witch was called Rebecca.”

“Of course,” he replied as if it was the most reasonable thing to do. “Speaking of Rebekah, our sister told me about what happened today. Care to elaborate?”

“I will have to make my apologies to her,” Klaus sighed as he rubbed his eyes. “As it turns out, she wasn’t completely in the wrong. Oh, Elijah, Bella’s voice…”

“She speaks?”

“Barely, but her voice, Elijah, it’s… music to my ears.”

“Oh dear god, you’re even further gone than I initially thought.”

“Oh, you’ll think the same thing when you hear it,” Klaus smiled at him. “I’ve also started to tell her about our family after she asked why I wanted to hunt down the witch and the Cullens, which I explained to her. Because she didn’t understand, I started to tell her our history.”

“How did she respond?”

“I think I lost her a little bit when I mentioned witchcraft, but I shall continue tomorrow. Bella offered me her wrist without blinking when I said I was parched.”

“She did what?”

“Edward had her offer herself to vampires of our kind for them to drink. And they fed her their blood, but she never turned.”

“Camille said that he had used your blood to make her blood safe,” he muttered and breathed in sharply. “Oh, that poor girl.”

“I had to send her away as I was very close to losing it, so imagine my surprise to find her in my bed.”

Elijah nodded slowly. “If I’m not mistaken, she’s also quite naked,” he replied. He then remembered her nudity in the beginning; it had started to get less and less, mainly because he’d insisted that she’d be dressed when he came to bring her her breakfast. “At first I thought she was an exhibitionist like yourself or Kol.”

“How so?”

He shuffled a little with his feet, not daring to look at his brother. “I’ve seen her nude, quite a few times when I brought her food in the morning. Hence why I insisted that she’d wear clothes and receive her own.”

His brother had seen her without clothes on, and it made him angry. At least he didn’t sound as if he had been getting off on that, but instead tried to make her look decent in the morning. “You reckon that if you hadn’t stepped in, she’d be walking around naked all day?”

“It is most probable, yes,” he replied sadly. “Especially when you keep in mind her need to be ready.”

“While there’s nothing wrong with walking around naked, she has to want it herself, not because it’s conditioned,” Klaus said with a low growl, not moving from his chair. “I’m going to kill them.”

“And I’m sure we all gladly want to help you do that,” Elijah replied, agreeing with him. “However, don’t get yourself all worked up again. You have a tiny human in your bed.”

Sighing, he relaxed in his chair. “How are we going to fix her, Elijah? Without using compulsion?”

“A lot of patience. Look at what we’ve achieved in the time she’s been with us, Niklaus. She discovered new food, she’s leaving her room, she’s using her voice. We still have an awful long way to go, but the first few steps are there.”

“I wish-”

“Don’t we all,” he turned around and headed to the door. “Do try and get some rest, brother. You’ll need your wits if you’re going to tell her more of our story.”

Klaus didn’t say anything but turned his gaze back to Bella as his brother left again. It was easier said than done with the resting part with the girl in his bed. He could take the sofa, but that wasn’t comfortable, and he could easily do without a night of rest.

A soft moan rose him from his thoughts, and he quietly watched her as she stirred, her hand was moving in her slumber, he could see it move underneath the sheets towards what looked like her core. Klaus blinked. Was she going to satisfy herself in her sleep?

Perhaps it was wrong to deny her, now that he knew of that part of her, was it wrong of him to deny her services? He’d used prostitutes for fun in the past, watched them go mad from need and withdrawal because they were so used to having sex every day. It started the same as Bella was currently exhibiting now and –

No. He had to stop himself there, was he seriously considering giving in to her? Yes. He had his own needs. Maybe it would satisfy the need inside of him, the need to surround himself with her scent, having her would mean that she’d be on him. No harm would be done, he could always compel her to forget their encounter. But he’d feel guilty.

He couldn’t stop watching her as she indeed, started to satisfy herself. He couldn’t help but wonder if she’d ever gotten real pleasure whenever she’d been used by the Cullens or their friends or anyone Edward fancied loaning her to.

Groaning, he forced himself to retreat to the bathroom to take a cold shower until she was done. He was going to compel her alright, to dull her conditioned desires until she would know the difference. Or would he do more harm than good with it? What if she’d never figure out what the difference was?

She was just going to have to spend her nights in her own bed. He wasn’t going to allow her to sleep in his until that happened. Maybe, because she was sleeping, she was dreaming pleasantly, and this was her desire. He could always take a peek in her head…

Turning off the shower, he made his way back into the room and decided to do just that, maybe it would give him some more insight into her. If there was indeed hope for restoring her. Klaus quietly sat down on the bed and caressed her hair out of her face. He had to smile, as it seemed she was enjoying herself. A small smile was dancing across her lips as she continued to stimulate herself.

This was wrong on so many levels.

He tuned out her quiet moans, the scent of her juices underneath the blankets and closed his eyes, so he didn’t have to see her beautiful face. He quickly found a way inside her mind, but immediately retreated again without having had a glimpse of what was going on. Klaus got off the bed and headed back into the bathroom. He couldn’t do this to her. Not to her. Not ever to her. While he had no qualms about doing this to his siblings on occasion, he simply couldn’t do it to Bella.

Cold shower and her sleeping in her own bed was the solution to this. Compulsion wouldn’t work. It was a good thing that she expressed desire in her sleep, what if the compulsion would stunt all of her emotions? She had only just started to show pieces of herself that had been buried for so long, and it would be a shame if she couldn’t experience them properly.

If she wanted to sleep in his bed, it should be because she wanted to; not because she felt the obligation to. Not because of her training, but because of what she wanted.


He made sure he was out of the room when Bella awoke a few hours later. He did not want to see her naked body out of respect to her and was the first to sit down at the breakfast table. Klaus hoped that Bella would join them voluntarily, but he feared that she wouldn’t. Which was alright, Rebekah had given her quite the scare the day before.

But much to his surprise, Bella was the next one joining him. “Good” ‘Morning,’ she greeted Klaus with a little smile on her face. She smelled freshly washed, and she was wearing a pair of jeans that didn’t come with Camille’s shopping trip. While Cami’s shopping trip had been mostly for comfort, these undoubtedly came from Rebekah. They fit her perfectly, as did her shirt.

“Good morning, Bella,” he responded as he watched her round the table to walk to him with no hesitation in her step. She then got to her knees in front of him and looked up at him through her eyelashes. Bloody hell. He swallowed hard and forced himself to keep calm. “Did you sleep well?”

‘Did I do something to displease you?’

He was glad that she had started to refer to herself as a person and not as an object, but the question baffled him. “You did not.”

‘Is my body not pleasing enough for you?’

“What do you mean?” Could she stop looking at him like that? Or could someone walk in, now? Of course not.

‘Hearing my voice pleased’ “you” ‘the day before today. My appearance in your bed did’ “not?”

Klaus sighed and tiredly ran a hand over his face. “No. Yes. Well…” Was he blushing? “It was certainly unexpected.”


While he was pleased that she was starting to ask questions, he didn’t know how to proceed. “What were you expecting me to do?”

She now added biting her lip to her seduction technique. He was certain she had more in her arsenal, and he secretly hoped to see them all, but not now. ‘Whatever you wished.’


‘Is this body not pleasing to you?’ She tugged on her shirt, almost as if she wanted to pull it off of her to reveal herself to him. He found him quietly staring at her as she kept tugging, keeping her eyes fixed on him. ‘I admit, I gained a little bit of weight…’

He just looked at her, shocked about her being so forward all of a sudden. Had yesterday been an awakening for her? “I didn’t come home until very late,” he eventually said.

Bella removed her shirt, revealing herself to him. She proudly pressed her breasts forward and met his eyes again. “I could” ‘have given you a massage. For your hard work.’

He sucked in a breath as she moved between his legs, her arms resting on them and her hands were close to his groin. He hoped someone would come in now, but it was more likely that they were waiting somewhere out of sight to see what would happen.

‘You deserve some release,’ she smiled at him, her hands moving even further to his groin, they were dangerously close now.

“Please stop.”


He let out a low growl as he finally managed to grab her hands and gently put them somewhere else other than close to his penis, it was already throbbing with desire. “What do you want, Bella?”

‘I want to please’ “you.”

“Is that what you want or is that what you think you need to do?” He grabbed her t-shirt and pulled it over her head. “Because if this comes from your need and desire other than it being a conditioned response, then we’ll have to have a different conversation.”

Bella blinked at what he was saying, and how he was putting her shirt back on. He didn’t like her body, did he? It didn’t please him. She needed to make sure that it would. Eat and rinse, probably, because they wouldn’t allow her not to eat either. She thought they had built up something between them yesterday. He was the one hearing her voice for the first time, and he was the leader. She was his, what was he talking about?

“Are you doing it to please me, or yourself?”

If she was doing this for herself, she was in big trouble, wasn’t she? “You.”

“Wrong answer. Sit down and have breakfast.”

“Me! Me, me!” she said quickly, panicked from Klaus’ tone. She had made him angry with her, and that was bad. She was screwing this up. She had come too close, she even noticed it in her response to him. But she wanted it, she needed it. There was so much tension in her body from not having had anyone using it that she felt as if she was going to explode. Edward always allowed her to climax when she did something that pleased him. He’d help her along with his hand, or sometimes with something warmer, and left her to finish herself.

If he’d refuse her, she’d try it Kol or Elijah. And otherwise, she’d simply have to help herself, she could stay quiet, nobody would know the difference. Or maybe, with trying it on Kol or Elijah would cause Klaus to get angry and give her to someone as punishment. She needed a release. ‘I need, please.’ Begging for it was another mistake. She’d punish herself later, but she was desperate.

Was denying her sex a form of torture, conditioning, on itself? He felt sick about it, his entire being screamed that he just had to take her, but his refusal could be a lesson to her. He could always find himself a whore if needed, but to use her? That was out of the question. However, knowing her craftiness, he was certain she’d try to get someone else to use her body for their sexual pleasures if she offered it so willingly, and that was cause for concern.

Taking a deep breath to steady himself, he gently cupped her chin and made him look at her, desperation was all over her face. “You will not offer yourself for sexual pleasures to anyone until you have figured out if it’s what you want, or if it’s something you have been taught. If you’re high strung, you have to tell me, and we will figure something out to help you. Do you understand?” Of course she understood, he just compelled her to save him from the misery of seeing her do this to his brothers or worse, someone he didn’t trust at all. When she nodded, he released her. “Now, please take your seat and let’s have some breakfast. I’m sure my siblings will arrive soon; they probably have overheard our entire conversation.”

The moment his siblings entered the room, Bella spoke up again, pausing after every word as if it was a difficult to find the right way to speak. “Am I allowed to help myself and come after breakfast?”

The one full sentence she spoke in her voice, still raw and soft, but her first full sentence, and it was about finishing herself off? His siblings looked stupefied at both the sound of her voice and the question, and he couldn’t help but laugh. “Rebekah will buy you something that will give you pleasure after breakfast so that you don’t have to use your fingers.”

“I am?”

“Yes, you are.”

Kol looked at Bella in awe as he leaned on the table. “Please say something again, that was beautiful.”

“Good morning?” Bella took a sip of her water. Her throat felt dry and still hurting from the hot tea from a few days ago. She then coughed and took a deep breath.

“Easy, Poppet, tiny little steps,” Kol smirked and reached across the table to he ruffle her hair. “Take your time, there’s no rush to form complete sentences yet. Have a pancake.” He flopped a pancake onto her plate and poured a generous amount of syrup all over it.

“I owe you an apology, sister,” Klaus said after he had managed to collect himself again. “It seems that your approach worked. However, the next time you want to do something like that, run it by me first.”

Rebekah huffed as she buttered a roll and put some cheese in it. “Sure Nik, I want to have sex tonight, is that alright with you?”

“When matters concern her, Rebekah,” he growled.

“What are your plans for today, Bella?” Kol asked her. He didn’t like her pushing around her pancake, but at least she was eating something. “Any exciting things planned?”

She looked at Klaus for an answer, but he didn’t respond. In fact, he seemed just as eager as Kol to hear the answer. ‘If it pleases him, watch Klaus paint and hear his story.’

“And she’ll satisfy herself after lunch,” Rebekah rolled her eyes and stabbed a boiled egg with her knife. “I can’t believe you’re making me pick up a vibrator for her,” she muttered towards Klaus, causing Kol to snicker.

“Why not? You use one all the time, why not give her one?”

“She’s innocent!”

“Hardly,” Kol coughed as he choked on his food.



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