Chapter 04: Rebekah

“Hello, gorgeous.”

Rebekah turned to see where the voice came from and blinked when she saw a beautiful girl dressed in a perfectly tailored tuxedo wave at her. Her brown hair was slicked back into a ponytail, and her equally colored eyes were sparkling with mischief. “Excuse me?”

“I just paid you a compliment,” the girl replied as she pushed herself off from the wall she was leaning against and approached her. “I believe it’s common courtesy to say ‘thank you.'”

“Oh please, you don’t know who I am, leave me alone,” she huffed, turning around, away from the girl.

“Rebekah Mikaelson. The little bird in the golden cage, handcrafted by her older brother,” the girl stood in front of her then, gently taking Rebekah’s hand and kissed it. “You must be so bored.”

“My date is flirting with his ex, and everyone else is boring, idle chit chat is exhausting.”

“Hmm… I agree,” the girl replied, looping her arm through Rebekah’s, leading her away from the crowd of people. “Let’s go do something fun.”

“Like what?”

“I don’t know,” she smiled. “What do you have in mind?”

Rebekah huffed. “You’re taking me away from the party; surely you have something in mind.”

“And aren’t you the perfect little sheep, following a complete stranger through the family mansion,” she countered playfully, leading Rebekah outside towards the stables.

“I’m a vampire, darling. I could kill you if I wanted to.”

A small giggle escaped from the girl’s lips. “Oh, I know, but maybe deep down you know that I will give you all the attention that you crave this evening,” she stopped in front of the stables and tucked a strand of hair behind Rebekah’s ear. “Because it looks to me that even your siblings are ignoring you.”

“I don’t want to talk about it,” Rebekah replied curtly, curious as to why the girl had brought her outside to the stables. “I don’t even know you.”

The girl shrugged. “Who cares? I don’t. You shouldn’t either. Now, Rebekah, before I take you inside to my surprise for you… how far are you willing to go for a little fun?” Her index finger trailed Rebekah’s jaw, down to her neck and towards her breasts and Rebekah couldn’t help but be even more curious. Was this girl offering something? “I mean… have you ever done it with a girl?”

Rebekah sucked in a breath. So that’s what the girl offered. It would be a great way to pass the time, wouldn’t it? “Of course, I have.”

“Well shit. I wanted to be your first,” the girl pouted.

She looked adorable. She looked tasty, and Rebekah just wanted to eat her up. “Oh, love, you can be my first this century?” The smile that erupted on the girl’s face was delirious, Rebekah could feel how the girl’s pride seemed to beam into her own body and bloody hell, she already wanted more. “Now, what did you want to show me?”

The girl enthusiastically took Rebekah’s hand again and opened the door to the stables. As they walked past the horses to the back, Rebekah found herself intrigued by this one. Was she a servant? Rebekah wasn’t sure if she’d seen her before. She couldn’t possibly be a servant because she wasn’t wearing the uniform. And not that the tuxedo didn’t look absolutely smashing on her, why wasn’t she wearing a dress?

She swung open the door to a vacated stable and Rebekah had to blink a few times. It was filled with fun toys and ropes and a makeshift bed on a few bales of hay, and it excited her. “Oh,” she sighed happily. “Oh, yes, I would definitely like to have some fun!”

The girl smirked at that before she started to get out of her clothes. “We could take turns,” she said, pulling the hair tie out of her hair and shaking her hair loose, allowing it to cascade over her shoulders. “I’m pretty durable, you can break me if you wish, but don’t feed on me. I generally don’t allow anyone to mark me, but tonight, because it’s you…” the girl took a deep breath as she picked up a whip and sat down on her knees in front of Rebekah, ankles over each other, holding the whip up with both hands. Her head bent like a real submissive. “You may use this on me, if you wish.”

“Oh fuck,” Rebekah muttered. She was beautiful. The girl’s posture was to die for, perfection. Deciding to test her toy’s patience, Rebekah walked around in the box instead, noticing how the wall had some new metal rings attached to them at a perfect height to string someone up with the rope that was laying next to it. Everything was brand new, almost as if someone had been planning this for a very long time. Granted, she hadn’t played in the stables for quite some time, she preferred cleaner areas since everyone had started to get so high and mighty about the proper hygiene, but wow, this was definitely not a bore! “Anything?”

“Anything,” the girl repeated.

“So if I want to tie you up to the wall and satisfy you with a dildo?”

“Then we’ll do that, but I’m pretty sure you can be more creative than that.” The girl looked up then, her hands not moving, only her head as she looked at Rebekah with a cheeky smile on her face.

“Oh, no, I want to use you, alright,” Rebekah replied, swallowing hard. “But what if I want to be tied to that wall after I’m through with you?”

“Anything,” the girl repeated.

Rebekah couldn’t believe her luck as she wiped her hands on her dress before deciding that she, too, was overdressed. She carefully, but quickly got out of her dress and made sure nothing could happen to it and giddily took the whip from the girl, who immediately dropped her arms to her side, her head once again bowed. “Very well then,” the vampire spoke as she used the tip of the whip to lift the girl’s chin up gently. “But this is the only time you’ve bowed to me, if we’re going to do this, we’re going to be equals.”

The girl nodded as she slowly rose to her feet upon Rebekah’s insistence.

“Now, you’ve expressed that you don’t wish to be marked, yet, you’re allowing me to use this whip, why?”

“Because frankly, sometimes it feels great to beat the shit out of people,” the girl replied, not blinking, not wavering, no hesitation in her voice. “I don’t mind getting broken, either, but if you break me now, there’s no guarantee that I will be able to play with you.”

“Have you absolutely lost your bloody mind?” Rebekah said shocked. “Who in their right mind would allow for a stranger to hurt them? To mark them?”

“Anything, Rebekah Mikaelson. You don’t have to use that whip or break me. It’ll be your choice. My consent. Our pleasure.”

Rebekah looked at the whip as if it was a weapon of mass destruction now and tossed it into the corner. She eyed the rings on the wall and rope with longing but pulled the girl to the makeshift bed with her instead. “I don’t wish to harm you, love. I’ll be gentle.”

“You don’t have to be,” the girl replied before surprising Rebekah with her strength as she pushed her to the bed. “I offer the opportunity, because I’m quite durable. I handle pain very well,” she laid down on top of Rebekah, full length, covering Rebekah’s body with hers. “And something tells me that you need it. You don’t always have to be kind, Rebekah. I understand that you need to be delicate with those who you want to be your friends, or because your older siblings tell you to, but you don’t have to be with me. Do what you want with me and I will return the favor.”

Rebekah could feel the girl’s determination, honesty and willingness in her own bones; it was almost as if she was emitting confidence and Rebekah was soaking it up like a sponge. The girl was right, Rebekah was angry, fed up and bored. Her brothers didn’t give her the wiggle room that she so desperately craved; all they cared about was poor little Elena. The whole reason she brought Matt to the ball was to kill him and hurt Elena, but if she could hurt this girl instead… perhaps Matt would be able to leave this ball unscathed. Rebekah really liked Matt, even if she pretended not to.

And if Rebekah squinted, the girl looked like Elena.

It just sucked that she was so close now, she smelled so good; the girl felt so soft and how was Rebekah going to hurt something so beautiful? “I can’t hurt you, little one,” she said with kindness in her voice as she grabbed the girl, turned them around, so she was on top of her. “And you certainly did not have to go through all the trouble of bringing me toys to play with.”

Rebekah started to kiss the girl’s neck, fighting the urge to take a bite out of her and kissed her way down the girl’s body, swirling her tongue around her nipples and gently blowing on them. The girl had told her that she was sturdy, but her actions proved otherwise. The girl underneath her was hypersensitive, reacting to everything and that excited Rebekah to no end. From the corner of her eye, she could see some feathers and used her speed to get to it and back on top of the girl with a big smile on her face. “Are you ticklish, little one?”

Rebekah gently tickled the girl’s nose with the tip of the feather before trailing down her body. Her mystery woman giggled and squirmed uncontrollably underneath her and Rebekah found that fascinating. Rebekah enjoyed herself immensely as she caressed the girl’s body up and down with the feather and was surprised to find the girl coming, hard, from just that. It was so hot. The girl didn’t even look ugly with her sex face.

Wondering if she could make the girl come again with just the feather, Rebekah continued her little experiment, and sure enough, the girl cried out in pleasure again, and again, and again until Rebekah came on principle. Never in a million years had she believed that this would have been possible, to get off with minimal stimulation and watching another person come again and again.

The girl laughed as she lazily put her arms around Rebekah’s neck and pulled her down to put her head between her beautiful breasts. “Do you still want to be tied up, Rebekah?”

“Are you even able to walk around on your own?” she countered with a grin. “No doubt you must feel like jelly right now!”

“I do, I do, I do,” the girl hummed as she caressed Rebekah’s hair. “But now it seems like I had all the fun and relaxation and not you…”

Rebekah playfully bit the breast she was facing. “Darling, I had so much fun! Who knew that a feather could be…”

“A powerful weapon of mass destruction?” the girl grinned, causing Rebekah to laugh.

“I enjoyed myself, little one,” Rebekah assured her, looking up as she pushed her hair out of her face. “You were right; I was in need of some fun.”

“What will your siblings think if they find out about you having had sex with another girl?”

“Screw them. I am my own woman!”

“Good,” the girl sighed happily, pawing lazily at Rebekah’s back. “I need a little time to recover, but how about you get your clothes back on and head back to the party? I’ll join you shortly, I promise.”

“Great idea,” Rebekah replied as she carefully got to her feet and softly kissed the girl on her perfectly formed lips. They were so soft, Rebekah could definitely go for another round, but she didn’t want to impose on the girl. Just as she got to her feet to walk away, the girl sat up and pulled Rebekah back, pushing her onto the bed and climbing on top of her. “What are you doing?”

“My turn.”

Oh, those words sounded like music to her ears, but just the other moment, the girl had barely been able to move, telling Rebekah that she needed some time to recover. “Darling, don’t feel obliged…” The girl shut her up by greedily kissing her; her breast got squeezed before the girl reached for something, holding whatever it was out of Rebekah’s vision.

“Close your eyes,” the girl teased, placing a hand between Rebekah’s breasts to keep her down for a moment. When Rebekah closed her eyes, she felt the girl wobble off of her for a moment and then some sounds of her getting into something. “This is the latest of the latest… would be a shame if I wouldn’t use it…” the girl then spoke as she propped up Rebekah’s legs at an angle and crawled between them. “I’m going to fuck you, Rebekah Mikaelson, and you will enjoy it,” the girl whispered before Rebekah could feel how a dildo slipped inside of her.

It wasn’t a dildo, no. It was something else. When she opened her eyes, she could feel the vibration inside of her, the girl was wearing a strap-on and was grinding against Rebekah’s core, and it felt heavenly. “Oh my God,” Rebekah panted when the girl hit a spot inside of her. “How? What? I thought-”

“Shh, pretty princess of mine. Let me show you the stars,” the girl cooed, moving her hips faster and faster, grinding against Rebekah, her thumb rubbing Rebekah’s clit and it didn’t take long for Rebekah to feel her body take off, shooting straight to the sky as the girl kept pushing against her with the vibrating dildo and her fingers on her clit. When Rebekah thought she’d come down, she came again, just as she had done to the girl.

“Please, enough,” Rebekah begged as she managed to grab hold of the girls’ arms and made her stop moving. She whimpered as the girl pulled out, already missing the feeling of the vibrating fake penis inside of her, but she had to stop. The girl was wearing herself out. For her. For little old Rebekah Mikaelson.

She looked at her glorious sex partner, who was now standing next to the bed with a cute little pout on her face.

“Thank you, little one, for paying attention to me, but you don’t have to wear yourself out,” Rebekah said as she managed to sit up. Hopefully, she was going to be able to walk straight when she’d get back to the party. “I don’t know where you came from or where you’re going, but please, go to my room and take a nap. I’ll bring you something to drink, and you can wear one of my dresses for when you leave home.”

“Thank you,” the girl replied, softly kissing Rebekah on her lips. “I had fun.”

“So did I,” Rebekah replied with a stupid grin on her face. “We should do it again.”

The girl caressed Rebekah’s cheek, and Rebekah watched her walk out of the stables, stark naked. By the time Rebekah was dressed to check to see if the girl was still there, the girl was gone, and Rebekah couldn’t remember her face. But she did have the best sex she had had in a very long time.



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