Chapter 18

“Oh, look at you,” Myriam smiled at Kol as she straightened his collar. “A nice haircut, a nice shave… and oh so handsome.”

Kol smiled at her. “Careful now, you might regret marrying Niklaus.”

“Oh, never! I can’t wait to see him in a suit, it’s been far too long,” Myriam sighed as she picked a piece of lint off of his new suit. From her side, she could see Finn rolling his eyes as he was fitted for his own suit. He definitely didn’t approve of her. “Where is he, anyway?”

“Who cares?” Rebekah sighed as she watched the compelled servant polish her nails. “It’s nice and quiet like this.”

“Rebekah, tell me how handsome I am,” Kol smiled proudly at her.

“Ah Kol, unlike your and Nik’s little pet, I can’t be compelled.”

“I can’t be compelled, and they would think twice of doing so,” Myriam said as she kissed Kol’s cheek. “Your date will be a lucky girl, Kol.”

The door opened and Klaus walked in, anger written all over him and rolling off of him as well. “You went after Elena?” He demanded as he looked at Rebekah. Elijah was looking up from polishing his shoes with an entertained smile on his face. “What is wrong with you?”

“Here we go,” Rebekah smiled at him, showing no fear at all.

“Do you want another dagger in your heart?”

“Enough with the daggers!” Myriam tiredly pinched the bridge of her nose.

“Again with the dagger threats?” Kol said at the same time. “Don’t you have any other tricks?”

“Oh go back to staring at yourself,” Klaus shot at him.

“And who are you, my father?”

“Stop it,” Myriam sighed. “I want to keep my house in one piece, thank you very much.”

“Then perhaps Nik and I should take this outside,” Kol said as he sized up his brother.

“Enough!” Esther demanded as she walked into the room. She then folded her hands in front of her and beckoned for Klaus to follow her. Like a puppy.

Oh, Myriam knew that she wouldn’t be able to do anything with the Mikaelson’s love for their mother, they’d tell her she was crazy if Myriam would tell them that Esther’s up to something. All she could do was to protect her husband and her best friend at all costs. And maybe Rebekah. But Elijah and Finn could go to hell for all she cared. It sucked that Esther was using something against intrusion, deflecting Myriam’s demons and spirits, so she couldn’t find out what Esther was up to the usual way.

Myriam felt as if she was stuck. She had lost her friends or at least those she deemed to be friendly, because of her allegiance to Klaus. It made it easier to hurt her former friends, but she didn’t have anyone friendly anymore. For this, she was glad that Kol was out of his box, but there was no doubt in her mind that Klaus was going to use him as his attack dog.

Her husband was more busy with pleasing his mother and making sure his siblings were settling. Not to mention his hybrids. She was considering moving back to New Orleans. On her own, and feel at home again. Because while Mystic Falls had been her home away from home, it didn’t feel like that anymore.

“What’s on your pretty little mind, darling?” Kol put an arm around her and lead her out of the room. “Aren’t you happy for us that we have our family back?”

Myriam could hear the hint of annoyance in Kol’s voice. “Let me guess, you’d rather have your mother still in her coffin and Finn at the bottom of the ocean.”

“Finn, yes. But mother…” Kol sighed as he shook his head. “I can’t believe it was Nik who killed her and not our father.”

“Try putting yourself in Klaus’ shoes. What would you do if you were half and half and your mother bound the part of you that she didn’t like to please her husband?”

Kol sat down on one of the settees and pulled Myriam down with him, careful not to crease his new suit. “Likely the same. But now you’re talking about me again. Tell me what’s on your mind.”

Myriam looked around before getting up and pulling Kol upstairs with her, to her room where things were quiet, and nobody could listen in. She poured the both of them a hefty glass of bourbon, and she decided to tell him everything. How she felt, what she’d done, what happened since he was last daggered. How she felt stuck. Alone. “Granted, it’s Klaus we’re talking about, but I have more needs than just being here for the sex.”

“You sound like you could use some fun,” Kol said as he refilled their drinks. “How about you introduce me to your friends, and I’ll beat them up for you?”

“That’s fun for you!”

“Well, you can help, darling,” Kol smirked. “And tomorrow, we’ll dance. I’ll have Klaus do the waltz with you, but I’ll be yours for the rest of the night unless Rebekah needs me for something.”

“When Rebekah needs something it usually means trouble,” Myriam let out a soft chuckle. “Can I be your partner in crime?”

“Of course! I wouldn’t have it any other way!” Kol kissed her cheek. “Now, let me get out of this monkey suit, and you can show me around in town.”

Myriam showed him around in Mystic Falls, carefully avoiding the Scoobies as she told him about all the good things that this town had to offer. However, on their way back home, Damon popped up in front of her. “Who’s your date?”

“Go away, Damon,” Myriam sighed. “You’re ruining an afternoon of fun.”

“Good, because don’t think that I’ll ever forget what you did to me.”

“What did you do, darling?” Kol asked curiously. “Did it involve sharp or blunt objects?” He remembered her telling him about Damon. This used to be a friend of hers.

“Yeah, to get you guys back,” she smiled at him. “Damon didn’t like that very much.”

“It was unnecessary!” Damon shot at her. “And who is this anyway? Doesn’t look like much, does he?”

Myriam sucked in a breath as she took a step back as Kol took a step forward. “Myriam is someone who deserves to be adored, to be listened to and, in a way, to be feared.”

Damon stared back at the vampire, confused for a moment as he glanced quickly at the smirking female. “What the hell is that supposed to mean? Sure she’s a bitch, but it’s not like she’s at the calibre of Klaus and Elijah where she can’t be killed.”

Kol shrugged with a smile. “Perhaps not, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have her ways of defending herself, mate. I’m sure the saying still goes. Happy wife, happy life? My brother still hasn’t quite learned it, but he will properly in time just what he has.”

“Still, what has that to do with me? She’s not my wife. Brother? You’re a Mikaelson?”

“Of course! Who the hell do you think introduced the lovely couple,” he replied with a sour face.

Myriam grinned. “Damon, this is my best friend. The one your brother stole.”

“I thought girls only had girl best friends?” Damon blinked.

“Not when this girl does what she does,” Kol muttered. “You wonder why she’s with my brother? She can be every bit as evil as he is when she puts her mind to it.”

“Klaus isn’t evil. He’s determined, and he’s right, we can’t help it that this world is filled with special snowflakes.”

“He kept me boxed! And you helped him!” he exclaimed.

“Once! Because you burned down my business!”

Kol huffed and rolled his eyes. “It was an accident! And I apologised!”

“And I’m always doing everything in my power to keep you out of the box but seeing as I’m fragile as fuck, I’m not going ten rounds with Klaus or Elijah when they dagger you! Instead, I give you a friend!”

He waved off her concern. “Klaus won’t lay a finger on you. I can’t say the same for Elijah, but Klaus would go fight to the death with our father if it meant protecting you,” he replied, completely unperturbed.

“And what about your mother? Would he fight her for me, too?”

His eyebrow raised. “Well, that is an intriguing question. Perhaps we should take this elsewhere, but first, your little pet needs to forget this whole conversation. He knows too much.”

Myriam sighed and nodded. “He’s on vervain though, just a second, let me see who’s up for helping you out with that…” She said as she felt around in her pockets for some of her tiny trinkets she had attached a demon to. She picked the strongest essence and had it latch on to Damon. “Give it a moment, please, vervain sucks, but he can separate it from Damon’s blood.”

“Ah!” Damon started to claw at his arms and legs and torso. “What the hell is this?!”

“Ah, you’ve had a demon on you before, right, Damon? Just a non-intrusive one!” Myriam cooed as she remained alert on the demon’s progress. “This one is a little different, I save him for the special occasions. Like this one.”

“Honored, now make it stop,” Damon groaned.

“Almost there,” she smiled. “Isn’t this fun, Kol?”

Kol sighed dramatically. “Truthfully, I miss the times where you could just set things on fire.”

“You’re not going to kill him,” Myriam told him. “He may think that I’m the worst for being loyal to Klaus and that I have different beliefs than him, but he doesn’t deserve to be killed. His brother, however, is a completely different story.”

“Ah yes, you told me about him. I can’t wait to meet him, darling, now, can I compel him so we can continue our conversation without him being present?” When Myriam nodded, Kol took another step towards Damon. “You will forget we’ve met, you won’t remember the conversation we had with and about you. And for God’s sake, be nice to Myriam. Just because she’s siding with Klaus doesn’t mean that she has changed.”

“Kol, it’s okay.”

“No, it’s not okay,” Kol told her before focusing back on Damon. “While I’m at it, is there anything you feel the need to confess, Damon?”

Damon’s eyes grew wide before shifting them between Myriam and Kol. “Back in 1864 I used to have a huge crush on Myriam.”

“I don’t need to know this,” Myriam shook her head. “Klaus will kill him for this.”

“It’ll be our little secret,” Kol winked at her. “Now, Damon, off you pop, and remember, you’ve never seen us, and you’ve never heard our conversation.”

“Got it,” Damon said as he walked away.

“Is your little friend still on him?” Kol wondered after a few minutes.

“Yeah, just to make sure he gets home safely,” Myriam said as she looped her arm through Kol’s. “So. Klaus and your mother. Did you know that I can’t use my demons to spy on her? It’s freaking annoying.”

Kol frowned as he thought about the conflict between the magic and the realm that Myriam operated in. “To be honest, I have noticed Elijah eyeing Mother suspiciously since her return. I think he actually shares the same concerns you do, which is in itself a shock.”

“Ugh, I don’t even want to go there, but no, something just feels off. She feels fake.”

“As mother said, she had a 1000 years on The Other Side to forgive and to heal, mother always wanted what was best for us, although… she did feel like she made a mistake after we started to eat people.’

“Kol, your brother killed her,” Myriam pointed out. “That’s not something you can forgive. Not even over a thousand years. Revenge, sure. And when you have not only a Bennett witch and the doppelganger together on the same land it all happened? It’s a recipe for a huge fucking spell.”

“That is true, but what if she truly wants what’s best for us, Myriam?”

“What’s best for the family and for the world is that you’re all dead,” Myriam said coldly. “I mean, if I’d fuck up like this and create monsters who feed on blood, I’d try to rectify that myself.”


“Not that I hate being a vampire or that I want you and Klaus dead, but from a very liberal point of view? Yeah, I can see your mother doing that. She’d likely only need the Doppelganger’s blood to help with the spell.”

Kol sighed and nodded. “I don’t want to see my mother as yet another person fed up with our family. We’ve technically done nothing wrong, it’s merely that everyone else thinks we did so we’re evil.”

“Well, you’re mean. Not evil,” she said playfully. “But I think she’s up to something, that’s all. So I hope you don’t mind that I’m putting a strong demon on you to protect you. And I’ll do the same for Klaus. One that can take you over when needed.”

“I don’t like that idea.”

“Well tough. Klaus’ demon lead him straight to me after I was mauled by the wolves in New Orleans. It works, and it’s my only way of protecting you.”

“We don’t need your-”

“Shut up and humour me.”

“Alright darling,” Kol smiled as they walked onto the driveway to their house. “I do love how you set this place up. There’s room for everyone.”

Myriam sighed. “I hadn’t planned on the entire family. I wanted it to be for you, Klaus and me. Perhaps Rebekah, but the rest of the rooms? I wanted an art studio for Klaus. Or a library. A calm place for me to do my thing. Stables.”

“Build another house.”

“I might,” she smiled at him. “Now go and hang with your siblings. Thank you for a great time this afternoon, I’m feeling a lot better.”

“Good! That means my job is done.”


Myriam felt like a gothic princess in her black and red dress with a sweetheart cut. She loved the feel of the fabric over her skin, it was so tight, but it looked so good on her. The sweep train made it a little bit difficult for her to walk around with but she didn’t care. She looked beautiful and genuinely hoped Klaus would notice. If not, then he wouldn’t. He didn’t see a lot of things lately.

She joined Kol as he mingled with the rest of the guests. “Now, look at you, darling, you clean up so nicely,” he smiled at her. “You are gorgeous.”

“You’re not so bad looking yourself,” she beamed at him. “Where’s Klaus?”

“Who cares? Oh, I see Damon, let’s have a chat,” he said as he gently took her arm. “Mayor Lockwood,” he said as they walked towards Carol and Damon. “We haven’t formally met,” he said as he took her hand and kissed it. “Kol Mikaelson. I hope your lovely town embraces us just as much as we plan to embrace it. Myriam here has been a great help so far.”

“Damon Salvatore,” Damon said as he stretched out his hand and eyed Myriam briefly before making eye contact with Kol again. “Have we met?”

For a moment there Myriam was afraid that it hadn’t worked, the demon in him and compelling him. But Kol covered it up nicely. “I’ve met a lot of people,” he shrugged. “And you don’t particularly stand out,” he said before gently guiding Myriam away from them.

After they were sure everyone was in, including Elena and fucking Caroline Forbes, Elijah gathered everyone on the stairs, and Myriam wasn’t allowed. She had thrown a tantrum earlier that day because she was a part of the family whether Esther liked it or not. But no. It was just the mother and her children. Bitch. She’d wanted to rip her apart but hadn’t done so because of Klaus. He blindingly adored his mother.

And Elijah’s speech was boring. As always. After the speech, they all got ready for the dance, but Klaus spotted Caroline. And, of course, he went over to her. “Predictable pig,” she muttered as she kept an eye on her husband and the harlot.

“Caroline,” he said surprised. “What are you doing here?”

“What do you mean? You invited me!” Caroline countered. “I’m surprised you did, seeing as you’re married to Myriam and all, but here I am.”

“Sorry love, but I didn’t invite you.”

“You didn’t? And you didn’t send me this dress? Or gave me this bracelet?”

“Ah, my apologies, love,” he shook his head. “But while you’re here, do enjoy the party. Your friends are here too,” he smiled at her. Klaus took her gloved hand and kissed it before the sound of glass breaking could be heard. He looked up only to see Myriam’s retreating back as she walked outside.

She’d wanted to attend the dance, but she was so furious. He didn’t give her the light of day and yet spoke to Caroline? Not wanting to cause a scene, she went outside instead. Oh, she shouldn’t let a teenager like Caroline get to her like that, but it had been building up, and while she and Kol had fun the day before, it had only been a slight distraction. No, she and Klaus needed to deal with this. Now.

She wasn’t sure what was worse, marrying him and waiting for nearly 30 years for them to have sex or him so ignorant of her needs? Hadn’t she been doing everything for him? Made sure he had a home to come back to in Mystic Falls?

“Myriam?” Klaus asked carefully. “Are you alright, love?”

“Oh, don’t you start!” Myriam fumed as she started to pace on the patio, lifting her skirt as she did. “Don’t act all innocent! Use your bloody brain!”

“Sweetheart? What’s going on?” He reached out to grab her, but she hit him in the chest, pushing him away from her.

“Before you broke the curse, we had a lot of fun. Since then, you’re only focused on the doppelganger, the hybrids…”

“We talked about this.”

“I am not done!” Myriam countered angrily. “Then it was Stefan who took the coffins. And now… Caroline! And you didn’t even give me any affection in the meantime! It was angry sex. It was needy sex. But there wasn’t any love!” She hit him in the chest again. “I’m your fucking wife. I’ve been your wife for 300 years, and I have done everything for you! I’m feeling like I’m merely existing to be ignored these days!”

“I didn’t invite Caroline. Honestly.”

“I don’t fucking care! You treated her with more love than you’ve shown me ever since you returned! Kol has given me more attention than you, and he only got out of his box a few days ago!” She then took a deep breath and tried to compose herself but, rarely emotional, she could feel the tears prick behind her eyes. “I am your wife. I want to be loved, to be included. I’m so lonely, Klaus.”

“Why didn’t you say so?”

“I have been telling you! And you don’t change! You haven’t even told me that I look pretty tonight,” she said disappointedly. “I understand that it’s great to have your entire family back, but I’m your family, too.”

He gently took her hands and pulled her closer to him. “Tonight is not the night to cause a scene, love,” he said quietly.

“Why do you think I’m outside?”

“Come back inside with me, we’ll talk about this later.”

“No, we’re going to talk about this now,” she said as she pushed him away from her again. “Not later. Now. Because I’ve been thinking about going back to New Orleans and just let you live your life here.”

“You wouldn’t!”

“I don’t want to, no, but I’ve been thinking about it. The urge got less after Kol’s return,” she admitted. “But while I’ve got you back, I’ve lost most of the people I had started to care for. Because of you. They think that I’ve changed. But I haven’t. I just didn’t have to get really angry with them before you came back, guess they don’t like that. And all I have is you. And Kol. And you still haven’t commented on my dress!”

“You do look ravishing,” he nodded.

“Yeah, that didn’t sound genuine,” she shook her head. “Look, you need to start treating me as your wife again. It’s not like I haven’t given you enough space for you to realise that you’re not treating me as your wife. I’m not going to wait another 25 years, Klaus.”

“I promise, I’ll do better,” he pulled her back into his arms.

“I want the Klaus back before all this,” she muttered into his embrace. “Is that too much to ask?”

“No, sweetheart, you’re absolutely right,” he softly kissed the top of her head. “I’ll do better, I promise. You have my word. Now, would you please join me for a dance?”

“This isn’t over.”

“What else is there to discuss?”

“We’ll discuss that later, I don’t want to ruin your night.”


“Your mother.”

“What about my mother?”

“I feel as if she’s up to something.”

“I know.”

Myriam looked up at him in surprise. “You do?”

“Which is why I’ve been trying to get closer to her, but it’s always her and Finn. The only time when I get some time alone with her is when I throw a tantrum,” he replied, a sigh. “As much as I wish to believe that she’s forgiven me for what I’ve done, I can’t help but remember how she was the one who put the curse on me, and how she hated us after creating us. I was actually wondering if one of your pets might have picked up on something.”

“No, she’s shielded. Whatever she’s doing in her room, they can’t penetrate,” she replied as she kept looking at him. “You knew? Why didn’t you say something?”

“To protect you.”


“Honest,” he laughed a little. “And I think she’s the reason why Caroline is here. She wants to test our bond, Myriam. And I think that when we’re not going inside for that dance, she’ll think she’s won.”

“I need a drink before we dance,” she rolled her eyes at him. “Just remember, I’m your wife.”

After they showed unity with a few dances, Myriam went to get a few drinks and saw Rebekah and Kol scheming. As expected. She was going to stay out of it, whatever it was, someone was going to get hurt. After her third drink, she went back to Klaus, linking her arm through his as he mingled with the guests.

“Myriam! Why haven’t you attended any more of the council meetings?” Mayor Lockwood asked.

“Ah, well, uhm… with the agreement that you and Klaus have in place, I don’t think that the council need me anymore? Unless… you’re reconsidering the deal?”

“No, of course not, I mean…”

“You only wanted me around for my knowledge about herbs. Wolfsbane and vervain, right? Didn’t I provide you with enough knowledge?”


“Madame Mayor, I think what Myriam is trying to say is that you and I have a deal, a good one for Mystic Falls. There’s no need for her further involvement,” Klaus smiled, knowing how much Myriam hated the council and for roping her in. “Of course, should you require her assistance, she’d be more than willing to help. But I assure you, she wishes to keep Mystic Falls as safe as we do. She has been, after all, been a part of your town for a long time.”

“Of course. I-I’m sorry I asked.”

Myriam watched as Elena went upstairs with Finn to see Esther and attached a tiny demon to Elena to spy, to attempt to anyway, because everything Myriam had tried so far, had gone down poorly. At least Klaus and Kol were well protected with two of her strongest demons on them. Just like the one she had put on Klaus when they were separated and who had physically directed Klaus to her when she was dying.

Even if the demon wouldn’t be able to communicate with Myriam immediately, she was sure that it would be able to relay everything to her once Elena would get out of that room.

“What are you up to?” Klaus wondered as he lead Myriam back towards the bar.

“I was thinking of buying a little cactus in a cute little pot and to name it after you because you’re a prick.”

“I thought you forgave me!”

“I told you, this wasn’t over. First, you need to prove yourself to me. And then, I might forgive you,” she said simply as she took her glass of wine and downed it in one go. “One more dance?”

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