One Night Stand?

One night stand?

Summary: Cassiel is an Angel of the Lord who was sent down to Earth to observe. He didn’t know that by doing so, his Angel powers would disappear and he’d be trapped. For an observer, he was pretty stupid. Cassiel settled eventually anyway as he’s always been a solitary Angel. Uriel falls to Earth after years of Cassiel being by himself. She’s a bit more ‘up to date’ with human language than he is. There’s some UST between them but Uriel needs patience when dealing with Cassiel.
Rating: PG
Note: Uriel – as how she’s written in this story – is a character played by my friend M when we roleplay these two dorks. However, this little story has been written all by myself.



It was summertime and Uriel had arrived only a couple of days ago, looking slightly lost and in pain. Not that he asked her what was wrong, of course. It was his task to observe, not to try and fix things. He could possibly make things worse for her, and his place was supposed to be a soothing experience for her, to give her mind and senses a rest.

Cassiel had always loved her company. He was not a very sociable Angel, but no matter what, Uriel was his rock as he hoped to be hers. Whenever he wasn’t sure of something or didn’t understand a situation, she was always patient to make him understand and make the problem a bit more logical.

“Hey, Cassiel?”

He looked up from his activity; brushing one of his long-haired dogs in the open space next to his house. Uriel was doing a very human-like activity; she was laying on a sunbed in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, enjoying the sun.

At the moment, she was cuddling with one of the smaller dogs; a Pomeranian Cassiel had called ‘Pom Pom’. As with his other dogs, the dog had been a stray, there had been no identification on her and he had found it somewhat odd to give names to sentient beings. He had named his first stray dog ‘Canis’, but when the second came around and then the third… ‘Dog’ was one and the other, ‘Mutt’. The humans he connected with while walking the dogs in the park had laughed at his choice of names, though he had presumed they weren’t making fun of him. So, when the Pomeranian came around, he called her ‘Pom Pom’, although ‘fluff ball’ worked too.

Their Father had made Uriel beautifully, all her features were simply perfection and he figured that Father must have had a good day when she was created – then again, from what he could tell, Father’s other creation, humankind, thought that about all Angels for reasons Cassiel did not understand. They were far from perfect, even though they strived to be.

“Yes, Uriel?” he eventually said before getting knocked over by the dog he was brushing. Friend the White Shepherd was always very enthusiastic and playful on top of being impatient. “Alright, alright,” he chuckled as he tried to grab the dog from his position on the ground, resulting to Friend smacking him in the face with his paw. “Ouch.” He sat up again as Friend laid back down and continued to pay attention to the demanding dog.

“Are you alright?” she chuckled. She loved seeing Cassiel interact with his pack of dogs. The way he interacted with his dogs was open, enthusiastic and honest, the way Cassiel interacted with his siblings or even with humankind was usually the complete opposite. Even with her, he kept his emotional distance, but he didn’t mind holding her and caressing her back, because he knew that she liked to cuddle – but she wanted more. Uriel wanted to tell him, but she was afraid that it would spook him, although in all those centuries together, she never seemed to be able to do anything wrong by him. But it only took one mistake to lose Cassiel.

“I am fine, Uriel,” Cassiel replied as he brushed Friend. “Did you want to ask me something?”

“Yes.” Uriel put Pom Pom down on the ground as she got up from the sunbed and made her way over to Cassiel. Cassiel thought that Uriel might have injured herself, she was walking a bit funnily.

“What is it?”

Uriel took the brush out of Cassiel’s hand and threw it aside before giving Friend a push to let him know to go and play with the other dogs; Cassiel was hers. She kneeled down and put her arms around Cassiel, immediately feeling his body tense up a bit as it usually did when she touched him. “I need something,” she said as she brought her face close to his. “I need a one night stand.”

“Just one?” Cassiel replied as he blinked at her.

Now it was Uriel’s turn to blink in confusion. “Excuse me?”

“I have enough wood for two nightstands, if you’d like.”

Uriel couldn’t stop herself from bursting out in laughter as she rested her head against his shoulder. “Oh Cassiel…” she hiccuped, realizing that she wanted more than a one night stand – no, the time for those was over.

She had always come to Cassiel when her self-punishment would become too much and needed an ocean of calm to regain perspective. Then she would go off again and the vicious circle would start all over again. It had to stop, and what better way to stop to make it clear to the one Angel who had never – intentionally – done her harm? The one who always made her laugh and made her feel loved and safe, even if he didn’t realize it himself? The one who made her feel as if she was home, no matter where they were.

“Forget about the nightstand,” she said after most of the laughing had dissolved into a giggle. “I want you.”

“But you already have me,” Cassiel said as a matter of factly. “You have always had me.”

“Yes, I know,” Uriel looked up to him with a smile on her face. “But I want more. I want… I want you, all of you. I want to kiss you, I want to touch you in different ways, I want us to make love…”

“Uriel, you know that I—-”

“Cassiel, you know very well that the rules have changed now that we are on Earth. And you know that the rule that Angels shouldn’t be together in the same way as humankind has changed ages ago. Please…” She cupped his face and looked into his eyes, his beautiful blue eyes. She could see the cogs working overtime in his head, but she was certain that he felt the same way about her as she did about him. “You are safe with me.”

She could see that Cassiel was speechless, looking pretty much like one of his strays right now, searching for words to say, but there were no words. Deciding that actions spoke more than words, she crawled into his lap and gently caressed his hair before pulling his face closer to hers and flat out kissed him.

Cassiel awkwardly returned the kiss, knowing that Uriel was right. Her reasoning was logical and he knew he was safe with her, she was the only Angel who completely tolerated his entire being and he could understand that being the way that he could be quite upsetting at times as he sometimes couldn’t perfectly relate to situations.

It wasn’t as if he hadn’t thought about addressing his feelings for Uriel; in fact, he had gone to the church in the town’s centre and had spoken with the Reverend about his feelings – though of course, keeping silent that he was not entirely human – and even he had given Cassiel his blessings and a pat on the back for loving someone the way that he did. It is as if I have known and loved her since the beginning of creation itself, he had said.

When Uriel gently broke their kiss off, he could see she had a relieved smile upon her face. “I knew it,” she said as she fleetingly kissed his lips and caressed his hair. “Thank you.”

“Uriel… I… I am not—-” He wanted to say that he wasn’t used to whatever Uriel was expecting of him, but he wanted to try at least. But it would take some time.

“Shh… I know.” It was as if Uriel was reading his mind. “Baby steps.”

He smiled at her and nodded. “Thank you.” Uriel kissed him again, and he answered but then had to chuckle. “Are you sure that you do not want a nightstand?”

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