Chapter 18

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After Jeremy put up the first five minute video of their adventure in the Cullen House, Bella’s email inbox exploded with emails from a slew of media outlets and the ‘professionals’ on TV. Jeremy had done a damn good job with the video and audio and it ended right on the stairs after Jasper’s full body apparition. Of course people were impressed and sceptical at the same time.

She replied to each and every one of them with the same standard letter that she had written so many years ago stating that she appreciated the attention, but that she wasn’t going to make any appearances on TV. At the end of the letter she provided the link – with a watermark – to the raw footage of Jasper’s apparition. It was real; there had been no tricks, no vampire talk and thus it was safe to share and for people to tear it apart and see if it was doctored or not.

Bella was impressed by the information that Jeremy had found about Jasper Whitlock and his family – a family of great wealth who could pull the Cullens out of the swamp after they had had a few scandals, hence the marriage to Alice Cullen. Jeremy told a great story, all based on facts, and with a promise of more of that story to come in a couple of weeks.

She had seen Reneé’s obituary. It was hard to miss, really. Apparently she had whored herself out to a rich dude on the city council and became his wife. Somehow, Bella wasn’t surprised by that fact. Reneé only wanted the best for herself and that had never been Charlie, especially after they had found Bella. She didn’t feel anything for seeing in writing that Kol and Klaus had indeed killed her mother. Instead, she went out to buy them both some nice bourbon – even though they had plenty at the Compound – and thanked them, before apologizing to Elijah, realizing how much he had to clean up.

After she had done her paperwork, Kol surprised her with a trip on a steamboat along the Mississippi river. He admitted yet again that New Orleans wasn’t one of his favourite cities, mainly because this was Klaus and Elijah’s city and not his, but there were some good things about the city, such as the steamboat trip. They had lunch while a Jazz band played and they moved over the water.

He then took her to an animal rescue center to play with the animals for a bit. Everyone loved puppies, even him. Kol had tried to make sure that they were going to places where Bella would not encounter a lot of spirits; even with her closing, she was never fully closed. She had forgone on the angel statue, because she felt stronger, more confident and more at ease now that she had more time to get used to the amount of spirits hanging around in New Orleans.

They went shopping on the farmer’s market and then went back to the apartment, where he shooed her into the living room and he started to cook them a meal. Bella loved his cooking and he was surprised by that. Granted, he wasn’t a bad cook. Despite everything, he was fairly certain he was better at cooking than Rebekah. Of course, it also gave him the opportunity to slip a little of his own blood inside the food, just in case. His blood seemed to make Bella stronger, too, just like her blood had an effect on him.

Bella was whistling innocently while he was cooking, and when he looked over to her, she had closed some of the curtains and had undressed herself, in the middle of the living room, looking delicious as she draped herself on the couch. She had been doing that ever since they had returned home from their stay at the Compound, telling him that she felt comfortable in their own home, it was just him and her, and clothes were optional.

And that they were.

He’d created a monster, but he was very happy about that.

Bella had confided in him that ever since she left Forks, she’d never had a house. Always lived in hotels or on other people’s sofa’s or sometimes even on the streets, with Jake as her protector. She’d never been able to establish herself as a real, adult person. Established. Comfortable. Happy. And most importantly, she was comfortable with him.

“I had a great day,” she smiled up at him from her position on the couch. “Thank you.”

“Well, you didn’t have to undress yourself to properly thank me, darling,” Kol winked at her from his position in the kitchen. “But I do have to admit, I like what I’m seeing.”

“Look in the fridge,” she giggled and lazily pointed at it.

“Are you going to distract me from cooking?” He asked playfully, turning off all of the hobs he was using and checked the fridge. “What am I looking for?”

“You’ll see it.”

They had gone shopping together so whatever it was, she must have hid the item from him previously and only know brought it out. Or, she had an accomplice called Myriam. “Oh,” he responded excitedly as he grabbed the can of whipped cream. “Dessert before dinner? I likey!”


After a nice, relaxing weekend, they resumed Bella’s training under Klaus’ watchful eye. Even Jeremy was present to try and keep track of Bella as Kol wanted her to become incorporeal like a ghost; a feat that she had done the previous week when she reached out to Valerie. Not only was it a good offense, but for Jeremy and Kol it was the best defense for her.

Bella was in good spirits the entire time – no pun intended, but she had a harder time mastering the coming back part. The first day she wasn’t able to come back at all, and she’d been forced to haunt the Compound as she couldn’t even get in the apartment, much to her own dismay, but Myriam told her to have fun with it and spook random people walking around in Bourbon Street. She had even made it as far as Rousseau’s and poked Cami a few times, moved some bottles around.

Kol wasn’t too happy about the fact that he couldn’t see his own girlfriend and had to rely on Jeremy, but Bella was being taught a valuable lesson; even though you’re failing at something, doesn’t mean that it can’t be fun.

Luckily, she managed to find her way back the next day before breakfast.

By the end of the week, she had learned how to control her ability. Kol was amazed by how graceful she was with her new abilities and how confident. She was growing as a person and he loved how she was blossoming.

It was Saturday morning when they were woken up by loud banging on the door. “Kol! You bloody wanker! You better grant me access to your apartment because I want to hang out with your girlfriend!”

“Is that Rebekah?” Bella asked sleepily as she rolled herself deeper into the sheets.

“Yes,” Kol groaned as he got out of bed, threw on some pants and headed down the stairs to open the door for his sister. “The answer is no.”

“But Myriam has access.”

“Yes, she does.”

“I’m your bloody sister.”

“Bella’s tired after a week’s hard work on her abilities.”

“Either you’re going to send her out, or you’re inviting me in,” Rebekah said, crossing her arms over her chest, narrowing her eyes on her brother. “Please Kol?” She asked sweetly. “I want to have some bonding time with our new sister, I promise I won’t break her.”

Kol ran a hand through his hair and sighed. “I’ll ask her.”

“Good, because I think she’s up for some girl time, she’s been hanging around with you lot the entire time!”

He lowered his gaze on her. “I’ll ask and I’ll text you her answer, shoo,” Kol said as he closed the door, headed back upstairs and crawled back into bed with his girlfriend. “She wants a girl day with you.”

“What does that mean?”

“Bonding,” he smirked as he nuzzled her neck. “Manipedi’s, spa day… clothes shopping… food… She’ll likely be a bitch to you the entire time, but that’s my sister. Her heart is in the right place.”

“What do you think I should do?” Bella asked as she turned around to face him.

“Could be fun,” he shrugged before softly kissing her. “Myriam’s on a completely different wavelength than you and Rebekah… well I suppose she’s a lot like me. You’ll never know what to expect with her.”

Bella thought about it for a moment and slowly nodded. “Jeremy’s going to upload the next video of our little adventure today. I’ll handle the emails tonight when I get back,” she ran her hand through his hair and smiled. “You can do guy stuff today.”

“Ha!” Kol let out a snort. He was likely going to scour the internet on the whispers that Jeremy told him about on how Edward Cullen was making the activity in his house worse to attract more people to it for investigations. He might even make a quick trip to Chicago to compel the crap out of the bastard to destroy the house and then to kill himself or something, but he knew that was against Bella’s wishes. Kol wouldn’t do that – but he couldn’t help but fantasize about it, and that was allowed, wasn’t it? “You really want to spend time with Rebekah?”

“Of course,” she smiled at him. “She’s your sister, why wouldn’t I want to spend time with her?”

“Well, it’s likely she’ll make you do girly things.”

“I can be girly, I’m a girl,” she said as she untangled herself from Kol and the sheets. “In fact, it’s good that she’s a girly girl – I’ve been meaning to go out and buy some things,” Bella hinted as she headed into the bathroom to clean herself up and get dressed.

Kol was surprised to hear that. For the last few weeks, the only things Bella had bought were food items or sanitary items, for her to state that she wanted to buy ‘some things’, was something completely new. “Such as?” He blinked when she emerged from the bathroom wearing the dress that they had bought weeks ago. Kol hadn’t seen her wear it before apart from the fitting chambers and now he regretted Bella’s girl day with his sister. “Wow.”

“I want to get to know your sister better, become friends with her. I mean… I’ve never had that. The only friends I had were Jake and a bunch of dead people,” she said as she brushed her hair. “And now, I have this amazing boyfriend who has this huge family and his younger sister sounds like a hoot. It would be so nice to have a friend who is a girl and do girl things with. I’ve never had that before.”

“Are you absolutely sure about going out?”

“Kol, I’ll be fine. We’ve been working on my abilities for the last few weeks and I actually feel stronger,” she said with a slight giggle as she put her brush down and walked over to him to kiss him. “I’m feeling as if I’m truly living for the first time.”


“Rebekah is your sister. I’m sure I’ll be safe and if not, we’ll call you,” she kissed him again before she picked up her backpack. “I’ll be home before dinner.”

Kol sighed as he fell back onto the bed, hearing Bella leave. He was happy for her that she found a smidgen of adventure inside of herself, a confidence that she previously didn’t own, but she was also in danger of overdoing things. Weekends were supposed to be for relaxation, not to deal with his wonderful bitchy sister. Rebekah wouldn’t harm her, no, because Kol actually liked Bella. And yes, bonding experiences were nice.

Stop fretting, he told himself and decided to play on the X-box. Yep. He was going to follow Bella’s idea of doing guy stuff and hopefully get his mind off of Cullen, too. Texting Jeremy, he got out of bed, grabbed himself a blood bag and turned his entertainment set on. He was going to kick Jeremy’s ass.

Give me some time. Elena has Damon checking up on me through the game now. ~J

Kol scowled. Invite me into the game. Let’s have a party and kick his ass.

You sure you want that? It might give them open invitation to come down here and give us hell. ~J

They don’t know you’re in NOLA, right?

They had Matt use his resources to track me so yeah. It’s a big town, lots of people. Mardi Gras dude. ~J

Fine. Text me when you’re ready, I’m just going to do solo play for now. Bella is out with the sister.

Did you feed Bells drugs or something? R will eat her alive. ~J

She promised me to be kind and Bella was… damn. Hot. Uh, up for a girl day.

TMI dude. Go clean yourself up and let me finish dealing with Bozo Salvatore. ~J

Do declare open season. If they come to town, we’re going to have a hunting party and I’m sure Nik would love to join!

Not to mention his crazy hottie girl. I’d like to see her go up against this dumbass. ~J

On second thought… don’t invite them. Don’t want Bella to be all nice and kind and try to kumbajah us all together.

It could be entertaining knowing that he would likely bolt at the first sign of that. Imagine if you all were actually being civil to them. She could ghost them out of town. ~J

The possibilities are endless. Deal with the idiot. I’ll… wait.

Go bother your family. They are just across the street. I’m sure Elijah would be up for some harassment. ~J

After picking up a Po-Boy for breakfast, Bella followed Rebekah to wherever she wanted to go. She had left the angel statue at home, mainly because she had gotten used to the amount of spirits and energy in the city by now and was no longer fearful of it. “So what’s the plan?” Bella asked before biting another bite off of her sandwich.

“I was thinking that we could do some retail therapy,” Rebekah replied with a shrug. “Go to the French Market and see where we’ll end up?”

“Oh, I haven’t been there yet,” she replied.

Rebekah looked at her curious and appalled. “You’ve been living in New Orleans with my brother for how long and you still have yet to truly see the city? What is he doing with you? Nevermind. Don’t answer that.”

“Oh, I’ve seen plenty of the city, last week he took me on a Mississippi boat cruise that lasted two hours and we’ve been to other places. Before I met your brother, I spent a lot of time around the hotel I was staying at,” Bella replied with half a shrug. “There are certain places he wants me to avoid.”

“Like what?”

“Jackson Square.”

“Oh, well, that’s a pity,” Rebekah sighed as she pointed ahead of them. “It’s right over there, I suppose we’ll have to go a different way…”

Bella smirked as she looked at Rebekah. “I never said I agreed with him.”

The vampire’s lips pulled back into a smile as her blue eyes twinkled in the sunlight. “I do believe that we will get along just swell. Now, Bella,” she said as she looped her arm with the girl’s and started walking in the direction of the square and glancing at shop windows as they passed. “Just how are things going with my brother?”

“Great!” Bella replied. “I just have to talk to him about his little snoring problem.”

“Why do you think that Nik boxed him so often? It wasn’t only because of his habit for creating trouble wherever we were. He just got on his or Elijah’s nerves with that.”

“Oh, it’s not that bad,” Bella said dismissively. “I’m usually too tired to even notice, but it occasionally jolts me out of my sleep, I actually think it’s adorable how he tries to mow down entire forests in his sleep.”

Rebekah was thoughtful as she looked at her again. “You may be the only woman in the world that may think that. Sometimes I wanted to smother him with his pillow, if only it would have worked at the time.”

“I’ve dealt with worse; I mean, I stayed in hotels with walls as thin as paper,” she said a little bit distracted as they passed the square on their right hand. The square looked amazing, a lot of happy tourists walking around from one end to another. There were artists painting their portraits and she could see Klaus having been one of them at some point, but looking closely, Bella could see shimmers of residual hauntings and some ghosts who never moved on, looking pretty much emaciated and beaten. “Oh, I can see now why they wanted me to avoid this place.”

Looking around, seeing only humans and the occasional vampire going about their business, Rebekah frowned. “Is it really that bad?”

Bella hummed as they kept walking. “There are some soldiers roaming around, unaware that they’re dead, trying to get the attention of the living. You might have experienced some poking while walking across the park,” she revealed. “Then there’s another layer of combat, quite later, I think. I see some battered slaves, some still in chains,” she pointed to a specific area in the park from where they were. “There were gallows there, a lot of slaves and criminals were hanged…” she shuddered then as she saw one going down and jerk around until his neck was fully broken. “Klaus and Elijah are there, too, as residuals, looking quite content with themselves as they watch some deaths.”

Rebekah nodded, her eyes glancing around. “I would not doubt it. My family played a large hand with events over many years here. Although, I doubt Nik, or even Kol, really hid themselves from you so you can’t be that surprised by what you may discover.”

“Oh, I’m not. Not now, anyway, but I can see why they wouldn’t want me on the square. I don’t fancy that either, if I have to be honest,” she said with a slight laugh. “I think it was the first or second day after I met Kol that I asked him about your family’s dealings in New Orleans, how long you have been here, because I was well aware of your lifespan.”

“Yes, Nik and Myriam did tell the details to me about your trip to the hospital. For my participation against my brother, I am sorry and do have regrets. I was angry and hurt by his overbearing nature that I needed to be free by any means necessary. Of course, at the time, I did not know if one of our family died, then so would their line of vampires created from their blood. I would have only ended up alone and miserable when it came down to Marcel dying,” she sighed, pointing in the direction she’d like to go. “There are some nice shops down here. I think I need to buy some new clothes to feel better.”

Bella let out a snort. “The way I see it, the family is stuck in an endless cycle of paranoia, betrayal and violence, but you all love each other so much and I think that does count for something. The gift of forgiveness,” she said as she followed Rebekah around the corner before she was being stopped by a force. “Hey, not now. I’m only observing,” she said as she held up her hands.

Rebekah stopped short and turned to her. Seeing no one immediately around them, she rolled her eyes. “If the ghosts are bothering you, they can go see Ann, the tea shop owner. She has some special skills that may help,” she smirked. “Have them tell her that Myriam says hello!”

“Stop picking on Ann,” Bella laughed. “Hold on, I think this spirit wants me to see something important, it’s only a short walk, care for a small detour before we go shopping? Otherwise I think that we may not get any rest.”

“Sure. Why not?” she agreed. “Where are we going?”

“I don’t know yet,” Bella smirked as she pointed to the ghost. “We’re following Lawrence here. He’s looking like he’s from the early 1800’s and he didn’t have anything to do with the hangings at the square.”

Rebekah hesitated, recalling the time period herself before nodding. “You are aware that a lot of things happened in New Orleans around that time? Aside from the events here?”

“Kol told me bits and pieces, not a lot, but he told me you’d been infatuated by the governor’s son!” Bella smiled at her. “How was that?”

“Of course he did,” she huffed. “Doesn’t matter. Klaus still killed him, despite the boy’s heart being pure. It did lead to bringing Marcel into the family though. Only causing trouble in other areas,” she muttered. “Perhaps I should take you to meet him. I think he would like you.”

“I have a feeling that Kol doesn’t like Marcel much,” Bella replied as they continued their walk. “Every time his name dropped in the last two weeks, he scowled and threw a tantrum when we were home. Kol’s still afraid that Marcel is being treated better than he is as a full blooded Mikaelson.”

“That’s nonsense! Kol is more our brother than Marcel ever would be. It’s not like I’m looking to my brothers for a romantic relationship, but Kol was always like that even before Marcel was even conceived. He simply does not like being a vampire as much as the rest of us accepted it. He was a practicing witch when we were human and resented the fact that he lost that,” Rebekah admitted in her own views of her youngest brother’s behavior. “I won’t deny that there may be factors from the time with Marcel that could have gone differently, but he brought on a lot of his trouble himself too.”

“Oh, I have no doubt,” Bella giggled. “Kol’s quite the handful at times, which makes life so much more fun, though.” They stopped at an empty lot not far from where Rebekah had wanted to go and she was greeted by about twenty lost souls. The residual energy showed the bare bones of a former building, with more people walking around in there, and it looked quite strange. “Huh,” she said as she tried to hone into what the people were feeling. Afraid. Sad. Confused.

Rebekah sighed. She knew exactly where they were, and even though she had seen Bella do her magic before, she didn’t want to say anything about this plot as she was curious as to how good Bella actually was. “What do you see?”

“Give me a second to make sense of -” Bella saw skidmarks of Kol and Klaus running around in the transparent building, laughing, playing, toying with their victims. Innocent people. There was a sense of frenzy coming off of Kol, anger, disappointment, but mostly vengeful. Klaus was merely along for the ride, being swooped up in Kol’s energy but no doubt it had been Klaus’ idea, Bella figured that much. There was blood all over the place, Bella could taste it in her mouth and it made her feel a bit nauseous. “Uh… wow.”

This had been the first time she had truly connected with something Kol had been responsible for, and it was quite overwhelming. Bella knew that he wasn’t an angel and he even told her so herself. He also told her that he had been quite out of control at times due to his control issues – those issues didn’t particularly stuck to merely his blood lust, either. When she listened to the spirits, telling her the same story she had just seen, she grabbed hold of Rebekah as it was quite overwhelming to try and differentiate between everyone while she used all of her senses.

“Kol got the blame for this massacre, didn’t he?” Bella eventually said once the spirits shut up.

“It wasn’t one of his brightest ideas,” Rebekah murmured, holding her up.

“It wasn’t his idea, period,” Bella replied, shaking her head. “I feel that Klaus was disappointed about something and released Kol to have some fun and they ended up here.”

“Elijah had taken an interest in Marcel. They did tell you that Nik looked to raise him like a son? Myriam wasn’t very helpful in keeping the two under control.”

“Uh, you wouldn’t be able to keep the two of them under control when they feel this chaotic,” Bella pointed out before she addressed herself to the spirits. “You’re free to go, don’t linger here as it’s not good for you, go to the light where you will be loved and reunited with your loved ones. It’s okay. I’m sorry you were subjected to the whims of vampires and I’m sure that at least one of them is remorseful.”

Rebekah let out a snort. “It was more like she wouldn’t even try to talk my brother down. She had no interest at all. She seemed to agree with them and their tantrum over Elijah wanting to take over Marcel’s education. Mind you, I was busy doing other things in town, but I remember her warning Elijah that his meddling would result in something terrible. They boxed Kol then, but it wasn’t until after the events in the early 1900s, when he was running around with the witches, plotting on killing Nik that she truly began campaigning for his release. You would think she’d want him out of the way for trying to kill her lover, no? She believed that she could help him learn control and other things.”

As Bella watched the spirits disappear, she kept listening to Rebekah. “I think that it was a lesson he needed to learn himself, not to be taught by others, but it’s nice that Myriam decided to be such a campaigner for him,” she let out a deep breath as she lessened her grip on Rebekah, feeling the peace return to the land as the last spirit fizzled out. “They’re at peace now, understanding what happened. Victims of circumstances. Still not cool, but oh well,” Bella then looked up to her. “Shopping.”

“That’s it? Just like that?” Rebekah questioned, staring at her, then the empty lot. “I should seriously bring you with me to some of my old spots and see what you learn.”

Bella shrugged. “Some places are easier than others, as it turns out, these people were dirt poor and didn’t have a great life anyway. I never really move spirits on unless they want to, and these people merely needed some guidance,” she then laughed. “A few years ago I spent a couple of days in a former old people’s care home because this asshole wanted to move on but was being stubborn about it. Had to really use some psychology there because he didn’t even allow me to leave! Jake kept bringing me food and water to keep me going and I slept for a few hours at a time.”

Bella followed Rebekah back to the open air French Market. “Of course, now I know I can move them on with force, but still, I wouldn’t do that unless it’s absolutely necessary. Sometimes it’s better for a place to be a little bit haunted to stay healthy or the building is beyond saving and they’re not harming anyone. Everyone deserves to be at rest, though. It’s not as if I’m keeping it from them.”

Rebekah hummed and nodded. “You’re quite something, Bella, I have to give you that.”

“So I’ve heard many times before, now can we go shopping now? I’ve been wanting to buy some underwear for a while now but Kol never likes it when I go out by myself to buy something to surprise him with.”

“Well you can’t get that at the French Market,” Rebekah countered, rethinking her options. “Let’s go somewhere else. Let’s get a drink while I arrange an Uber for us!” She pulled Bella along with her, humming happily to herself. “I’m in need for something new as well and I want a few new items of clothing, some of the clothes I have are so last year.”

They were finishing off their glass of wine before a very expensive looking car arrived for them. “What?” Rebekah said impishly. “It’ll only be 20 dollars for our trip and we deserve some luxury! And, he can wait for us and get more money out of it because us Mikaelsons tip generously as well and you know what? Let’s have him drive us around wherever we want to!”

They went to a bona fide sex shop with bright lights, not seedy looking at all, but they also had the best lingerie department – according to Rebekah anyway. Bella wasn’t too sure of that, she didn’t see anything that she liked or thought she’d like. Kol would definitely like it, she was sure of that, but she wouldn’t feel too comfortable.

When Rebekah saw that the lingerie wasn’t something for Bella, she decided to ask her some questions. “You must have some steamy dreams now that you’re with my brother,” she said as she looked over some sex toys. Bella hardly dared to look at them, which was cute. “Care to share?”

“No!” Bella gasped as she looked at Rebekah. “That’s- I don’t even share them with Kol!”

“Let me guess…” Rebekah said as she looked at Bella, took her in, really in, and it made Bella squirm underneath her gaze. “Nothing too kinky, you don’t like to get hurt… my guess is that you dream of being tied up and not being able to move as my brother has his way with you. How far off am I?”

Bella blinked at her. Rebekah wasn’t that far off, at all.

“My brother has quite the ferocious appetite, he gets bored easily.”

Bella furiously blushed. “I had him play around with some whipped cream last week.”

“Goodie!” Rebekah said excitedly before she reached for a package and handed it to Bella. “This will be fun for you two.”

Bella read what was on the package; bed spreader restraint system. The girl on the package was even showing it off and there was no way that Bella could be as sexy as that.

“Trust me, it’s safer than allowing Kol to toy with some ropes,” Rebekah winked at her. “Go pay for it, I’ll be right behind you and then we’ll go to Victoria’s Secret.”

After shopping for some lingerie, Bella finally found some nice little sets, they went for lunch while their Uber driver was still waiting for them. She still couldn’t believe that she had bought something for her and Kol to enjoy, even had it wrapped for Kol as a present, but it was something she’d never thought of buying and she knew Rebekah knew that, too.

Lunch was delicious; they were sitting on a patio looking out over the river and the watery winter sun was caressing their skin. “Oh, wow!”

Bella’s head jerked up when she heard the voice from their table.

“Yes, can we help you?” Rebekah said, straightening herself as she eyed the small group of people around them.

“New Orleans is a big city and we never imagined running into you, Bella, but wow, you’re actually here!”

“Oh great,” Rebekah sighed. “Groupies.”

Bella cringed a little, glancing to her friend in apology. “It happens sometimes,” she whispered. Smiling at her apparent fans, she tried to be diplomatic and polite. “Yes. It’s me, but I am trying to have lunch with my friend and have a normal day out. Maybe we will run into each other on another day.”

“Yes! Of course!” the girl replied, a broad smile on her face. “We just wanted to tell you how awesome you are and that we’re great fans of yours.”

“Um, thank you,” she nodded, feeling uncomfortable by the attention. “Perhaps you’d like to know, that we are planning on releasing more footage soon. I expect an update on the channel in the next few days.”

“Awesome! That full bodied apparition of that ghost was just amazing!” The girl giggled and then got pulled away by her friends. “Thank you for your time, please never stop what you’re doing, bye!”

“Bye,” Bella echoed, waving to them as they left. Turning back to Rebekah, she sighed. “Sorry. That does happen sometimes when I’m in areas like this. Normally I get food close to my hotel and hide there until the investigations and then move on.”

Rebekah hummed. “Did you tell Kol about this? Because he’ll want to instruct you on how to dodge prying eyes before coming home to him as a mass of people waiting outside your home is… well, quite hampering to your life. Not to mention that of the family.”

“No,” Bella sighed, realizing that that could indeed happen. “But I will, I promise.”

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