Chapter 06

A couple of days later Bella was shocked to find $50,000 in her bank account courtesy of Klaus Mikaelson and she didn’t know if she felt insulted or grateful. It had been her choice to stop working at the Grill, why would he feel obligated to give her this kind of money? It was a lot of money!

Grabbing her purse and keys, she headed out of her house and headed straight for the Mikaelson home. This was the first time since TrashPanda revealed themselves to her and she felt slightly nervous. Something was brewing and usually, she wasn’t mistaken. However, instead of feeling the feeling of doom, regret and pain, she felt excitement. It only got stronger as she approached the house.

Bella got out of her car and knocked on the front door, surprised to have it opened by a real maid. She had the outfit and everything, not one of those traditional maid outfits, but those you can purchase in specialty shops. “Uh, I’m here to see Klaus?”

“Please, come in,” the woman said, stepping away from the door to allow Bella access. “Wait here.” Closing the door, the woman scurried off, leaving Bella in wonder of the encounter, but also in awe of how much work had been done in the days she was at home. It looked like Klaus’ house was finished. Everything was immaculate, sparkling and immense.

“Bella!” Myriam greeted her with a big smile and hugged her tightly. “You know you could just walk in, right?”

“Not my style,” she replied as she pointed at the maid. “Klaus’ idea?”

“Yeah, but that’s okay. He can look, as long as he doesn’t touch or I’ll have his balls,” Myriam grinned. “Your library is finished, want to come and take a look?”

“I actually wanted to talk to Klaus about something…”

“Oh, he’ll be back. He’s getting his coffins back, isn’t that exciting?”

“Stefan gave in?”

“It’s still a tug of war, but returning the family to Klaus is the least he could do,” Myriam replied before taking her deeper into the mansion. “Come, you’re going to get a kick out of this.”

The library did look amazing. While it wasn’t stockpiled with a lot of books, it were the books that Klaus had promised to get her and they were all neatly piled onto a desk. The window seat that Myriam had talked about was there, and there was also a very comfortable looking couch. Empty bookcases from floor to ceiling and Bella was just in awe. “This looks amazing.”

“It’s one of my favourite rooms now,” Myriam said as she flopped on the couch and pointed at the books. “You can start reading while we wait for Klaus to return.”

Bella let out a chuckle and got one of the books before settling on the couch next to Myriam and started to read. “Huh,” she eventually said as she cocked her head. “I’ve read a lot of things about witches already but this is the first time a spell is mentioned to see if you’re a witch. Or a Traveler in this case.”

“Oh, ew, Travelers,” Myriam said, disgusted by the idea, before turning around with a big smile on her face. “They’re supposed to be extinct. There’s still a handful left, but not a lot. They’re like the ugly little sister of the witches we all know now.”

“I don’t think there are witches on my mother’s side, though. Besides, don’t witches need to cast spells to do things? I willed someone to turn into a pig and dead people just find me.”

“Well, not if they’re naturally gifted, but you’re right, for heavy duty things as turning someone into a pig, a spell is usually required,” Myriam nodded. “Besides, doing something that heavy duty for a Traveler witch is nearly impossible as they can’t practise traditional magic. They’d need doppelganger blood or even hybrid blood to make that possible.” She then tapped on the book. “Perhaps Klaus should have offered you other books, not those on witchcraft.”

“But it’s magic, isn’t it? What I do?”

Myriam shrugged, then. “It depends on how you see it, really. Some people call it magic, some call it an ability. A super power. Granted, when you’re dealing with vampires and witches, you’re usually dealing with magic, not Spiderman or Fantastic Four types of things.”

Bella snorted as she put the book away and rolled onto her stomach to look at Myriam. “Would be incredibly stupid if I was like a mutant or something.”

“Mutants don’t exist. At least not the way they describe in the comics, so pass.”

“Oh! What about Hercules? Who knows, I could grow up to be super strong!”

“As if you’re a goddess!” Myriam hiccuped. “Please, that’s… that’s just insane and too far fetched.”

“Is it, though?” Bella lifted up her head to look at her. “I mean, we’ve ruled everything out. The most logical thing is to move to things I haven’t checked out yet.”

“What, you’re the next Percy Jackson?”

“He was fictional,” Bella rolled her eyes at Myriam before sighing in resignation. “My knowledge of the Gods and Goddesses is limited.”

“As far as I know, the Gods and Goddesses were a myth, much like the different religions around the globe have their own gods to believe in in modern day. There’s a god of war, a god of food, a god of hair, a god of nice teeth,” Myriam waved her hands about. “There’s one book telling stories about those gods but is there anyone alive that can prove that these gods were real? No. Well, let me tell you this; I know of a God. And his name is Klaus. He’s the Sex God.”

Bella laughed at that.

“No, seriously, think about it. Klaus and his family were the Original vampires. They are the Original vampires. Without them, vampires wouldn’t exist. So they’re basically Gods. They’re alive – for the most part, and they can create others of their kind. Wouldn’t they have discovered the other gods by now? Or their descendants?” Myriam folded her legs underneath her. “The Mikaelsons are living, breathing Gods who can be touched but cannot die unless someone wields a dangerous weapon, much like the Gods that are supposedly out there but the thing is, there is no heaven. There’s The Other Side where all supernatural beings go when they die, but humans? It’s just blackness.”

Bella was quiet for a moment and sighed. “So what does that make me? If you and Klaus are scared of what I’ll become… what else is there? I mean, according to your logic, the Titans aren’t real either. That there’s nothing higher than Klaus and his family.”

“Exactly,” Myriam grinned. “I don’t think the answers that you seek are to be found in books, but mainly through experience.”

“Bah. I need to do something, I’m bored.”

Just as she spoke those words, a loud crashing could be heard from downstairs followed by Klaus growling that he’d just finished renovating. Myriam and Bella jumped up and ran downstairs, finding Klaus and Elijah quietly talking with a glass of blood in their hands. There were pieces of the table and the French doors everywhere and they were acting as if nothing happened.

“Niklaus, I do realise we have a lot to discuss, but why is Miss Swan your guest?”

“She’s a friend, Elijah. You shall treat her as such or I will find the missing dagger and put you back into your box.”

“Be nice,” Bella told Klaus as she leaned against the broken doorpost and looked at the room behind Klaus and his brother, where two more coffins rested and she was curious to them. “Can I have a peek? I promise I’ll be respectful.”

“Yes!” Myriam said as she pulled Bella along with her, flashing a smile at Elijah before continuing her way to the coffins.

“And Myriam? Niklaus, surely you-”

“Myriam is the reason why I’ve been so successful at hiding over the last few centuries, Elijah, and she’s mine. She deserves the same respect as Bella does, if not more,” Klaus said with a tone of warning in his voice.

While Klaus and Elijah continued to talk quietly about everything that Elijah had missed during his nap, Myriam opened the first coffin. “Ah, look. This is the oldest one of the bunch; Finn. He’s been daggered for 900 years because he’s a complete mommy’s boy and hates the whole idea of being an immortal vampire,” she explained as she looked at the dessicated vampire. “Kind of an ass, if you have to believe Klaus. Doing everything in his power to cause the end of their existence.”

Bella didn’t like the feeling she got off of Finn, either, so she believed the words to be true. She gently closed the coffin but her fingers lingered on the lid, tapping gently on it and sighing. “Is there a way to like… seal this forever so he can’t get out?”

Klaus looked over his shoulder and raised his eyebrows at her. “Excuse me?”

“I know he’s your brother. Family is everything. I know all of that. But… I don’t know, I just feel that he shouldn’t ever be let out. He’s been in there for a very long time, you don’t know what will happen should you ever feel generous to allow him to roam free. If you hate him that much, you should have killed him. Now you risk being stabbed in the back by your own flesh and blood.”

“That sounds quite prophetic, love,” Klaus said gently before he considered her words. Looking over at Elijah, he could tell that his brother was shocked at what the girl was telling them. “I’ll consider it.”

“Niklaus! Do you truly believe the girl’s words? Should we have committed fratricide? Do you truly believe he shouldn’t be let out, at all?”

“Oh, don’t start with me, Elijah, you hate Finn as much as the rest of us do.”

Bella turned around to face the other coffin and ran her hand over the closed lid as she walked around it. “Sadness,” she said softly, gently opening the lid revealing yet another dessicated male vampire. “Hurt. Why is this one in here?”

“That’s Kol. He’s kind of a maniac, a loose cannon,” Myriam explained. “He’s also a hoot, but really unpredictable.”

“He’s sad and hurt,” Bella said, slowly reaching into the coffin to caress Kol’s cheek. “It’s mainly because of Elijah, isn’t it? He doesn’t like having to deal with Klaus and Kol at the same time and Klaus can’t be daggered, so the best solution is this one.” She glared at Elijah over the coffin. “You try to be all noble and shit, but that’s just bull, isn’t it? Everyone says that Klaus is an asshole but you’re the biggest of them all.”

Before Bella knew it, Elijah had her away from the coffin and pinned against a wall. “How dare you. Show some respect.”

“Elijah!” Klaus growled as he peeled his brother off of their guest. “You can’t fault the girl from speaking the truth!”

“She’s in our house, Niklaus. Your demand of me having respect for her when it’s clearly not mutual is quite mind boggling.”

“Elijah the noble stag.” Bella merely said before Elijah disappeared and a stag appeared in his place. “There. That should shut him up.”

Both Klaus and Myriam looked as if someone turned into a pink pony. Well, Elijah turned into a stag, that was the same, wasn’t it? They looked at the stag in shock, before exchanging glances and then at Bella, who was now back at Kol’s coffin, gently closing the lid.

“So, when are you going to undagger Kol? When this shit with Stefan is over?”

It were a few more quiet minutes before Klaus cleared his throat, running a hand through his hair. “Uh, Bella? I need my brother to be my brother, not an animal. But I do find it amazing how you’ve changed him, truly. I am certain he will think twice before attacking you now.”

“I couldn’t change Moritz back, why do you think I can change him back?”

“Because you changed Moritz out of anger, something he deserved. You look quite relaxed to me at this moment,” Klaus smiled sweetly. “Please, love.”

“When do you need him?”


“Then I will turn him back tomorrow,” she said simply and started to brush the dust off Kol’s coffin with her sleeve.

“Is this because I do not wish to undagger my brother right now?”

“Maybe that too,” she shrugged. “But Elijah deserves this. I’ll try to fix him tomorrow.”

Myriam zoomed out of the room, only to return with a bucket of water and a cloth. “Here, use this, it might work better,” she said before hugging Bella. “Yay, you’re getting better at your powers!”

“Why won’t you undagger my brother, Bella, if it’s bothering you so much?” Klaus asked as he pushed his brother into an enclosed space, out of sight from everyone else. There’s nothing he could do about the situation now unless he wanted to anger the powerful girl in his home. He didn’t want to. She was right in punishing Elijah and in a way, it truly was amoozing.

“Because I don’t meddle with your affairs. I’m sure that when the time’s right, you will undagger him,” Bella said as she started to properly clean the coffin. “But you’d better be nice to him, all Kol wants is to be appreciated and loved by you.”

“And how do you know?”

“I just do,” Bella shrugged. “Myriam and I have deducted that I’m definitely not a witch. Got anything else for me to read?”

Bella stayed the night in the library, comfortable in the window seat and a blanket, feeling safe. She wasn’t quite sure what it was though, was it the idea that Klaus and Myriam were scared of her and thus warned everyone about her? She didn’t want people to fear her, that would be so bad. How could she make friends when everyone was nice to her out of fear?

Did she feel safe because of what she did to Elijah? She somehow knew she was going to be able to turn him back because she turned him into a stag to teach him a lesson, not because she was angry. But even so, the fact that she knew, and that turning him had been so easy was enough to make her scared of herself.

Or maybe it had to do something with that vampire in the coffin, Kol. Just like she had felt with Finn, he was alive in there. His body dessicated but his mind fully aware of everything going on around him, and she had felt instantly drawn to him, connected, and she couldn’t wait to meet him. Oh, she could go downstairs and pull the dagger out of him, but she didn’t want to disrespect Klaus.

Since when were vampires in coffins a normal thing, anyway? The whole thing should freak her out, but it didn’t. Coffins were supposed to be comfortable, right?

There were so many things going on inside her mind and she couldn’t sleep. Grabbing her blanket, she quietly made her way down, to the coffins and pulled up a chair next to Kol’s. She opened the coffin and he was still there, grey and veiny, still. “Hello again,” she said softly as she wrapped the blanket around her. “I figured I could keep you company for a while. To tell you a little about myself even when I’m not sure if you’ll remember it when Klaus decides to wake you up.”

She felt how his mood changed, a slight hint of panic. “Hey, calm down,” Bella soothed him. “Klaus likely believes it’s for your own safety that you’re not here while he deals with Stefan. Then again, there’s more strength in numbers, is there? I can’t undagger you, Kol, as much as I’d like to.”

Bella took in every little detail of Kol as she looked at him, his mind quieting down again. She wasn’t a mind reader, but she could tell that his soul liked her being with him that night. “You’ve been down for nearly a century, haven’t you? History is a hobby of mine, I can tell you all about everything you’ve missed so far, too, if you’d like.”

She quietly talked at him for the entire night, telling him most things about her, about history, about music as she felt that got his attention, even played him some from her phone.

Only when the sun rose, she noticed that Klaus had been standing in the doorway. “How long have you been here?”

“Hours,” he smiled at her. “I didn’t want to disturb your chat with my brother. You do know that he won’t remember anything?”

She looked up to him then and shook her head. “He’s in there. Aware. Awake. You quieted his body by daggering him, but not his mind. Have you ever been daggered, Klaus?”

“Doesn’t work on me, love,” he admitted. “Kol will soon get his wish, once I’ve retrieved the fourth coffin and dealt with Stefan. You didn’t mind me killing him, did you?”

“Of course not,” Bella replied as she closed Kol’s coffin and got to her feet. “Would you like your Elijah back?”

“Yes please,” Klaus pointed at the room the stag was being kept in. “He and I still have a few things to discuss before our little dinner party tonight.”

“Dinner party?”

“Business negotiations are best made over dinner. I’m going to invite Stefan and Damon over for dinner with myself and Elijah. Would you care to join us to observe as an impartial referee?”

“Myriam and I have plans, sorry,” Bella said as she walked to the room Klaus had locked stag Elijah in and opened the door to face the beast. “Have you learned your lesson? Because I will give you another time out when I feel like it.”

The stag snorted and bowed his head, hanging it in shame.

“Good boy. You can be Elijah again.”

The stag turned into a naked Elijah and Bella smirked. “That was fun!” She then turned around to walk away, seeing Elijah naked wasn’t the most perfect start of the morning. “Klaus, your brother is naked and he didn’t look too pleased.”

“Bella, please kindly refrain from turning my family into animals?”

“He deserved it.”

“He did, but he won’t disrespect you again, you have my word.”

“What is she?” Elijah demanded, grabbing the blanket Bella had dropped to the floor and wrapped it around him. “Niklaus, you can’t-”

“We don’t know, isn’t that exciting, brother?” Klaus grinned and lead him away. “Come, let me show you your room, you can get changed there.”



  1. Such a noble stag and blam, lol.
    Really interesting how she can feel them and get a read on Finn and Kol. Looking forward to how things will be between Kol and Bella.

  2. Lol good for Bella putting Elijah in his darn place. She put him in time out and threatened to do it again hilarious. I really hope that Kol remembers all that Bella said to him. Their connection already is very interesting.

  3. Absolutely loving this story, and got a real kick out of Bella turning Eljah into the stag lmao. Can’t wait till we get to find out what Bella is, but loving the little clues along the way 😉 so far I have ruled out witch, and am kinda on the fence about a few others lol. I also beleive Kol will remember every word Bella told him of their conversation that night, and I can’t wait till they meet, because I know Kol will love Bella 🙂

  4. Okay that was wicked! turning Elijah into the noble stag! that could keep him quiet for a bit and to make him think about things he never thought of. and as for kol i have a feeling he is going to remember the chat bella had with him all night. Update again soon I want to see what happens when Kol is finally awake and sees bella

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