Chapter 34

Charlie blinked at her. “Are you- are you sure?”

“Uhuh,” Bella said a little bit unsure. “Did six pregnancy tests, too. Just for shits and giggles, we never believed they could actually be positive…”

He hummed as he gently put his hand on her stomach. “The way Hades’ ability works is that he can revive dead seed. So he revived them after you and Kol had some fun time… about… 2 to 3 months ago?” Charlie looked up to his daughter/granddaughter and faintly smiled. “You sure you’re ready for this?”

“No,” Bella huffed, a slight chuckle following that huff. “But we can’t change that now, can we? Kol and I have gone through a lot and I’m sure we can handle this,” she smiled at Kol. “We’re going to be the best, craziest parents, ever.”

“Yeah, we are,” Kol grinned. “But seriously, was Hades right about the amount of babies?”

“Twin boys, definitely,” Charlie confirmed with a nod. “Human, too. The reason why Hades hasn’t been stopped from doing this is because the babies will be human, and not some freaky hybrid. Seeing that Kol was a witch, they’ll be witches and very powerful too, they’ll be a force to be reckoned with and likely warrants another chat with the regent and ancestors that you’ll be able to control them – you should likely bind their powers or have a dark object that’s dampening their abilities until they’re old enough to know what control is.”

“Can’t you do it?”

“Sweetheart, I know I’m a God, and we Gods can do a lot of stuff, but this is magic. We don’t do magic.”

Bella pouted.

“Now, I doubt you’ve allowed Hades to tell you this after you’ve scolded him and hated him for surprising you like this, but Bella, you are vulnerable right now,” Charlie said as he removed his hand from her. “You’re still immortal, but you won’t have access to your powers, if you do, they’re not reliable. You can’t protect yourself or the ones you love. All of that goes to protecting your two boys. Normally this wouldn’t happen but it’s because of who you are with and because of those you choose to surround yourself with – just as a precaution to them. It’s your own mind that’s done this, too.”

Oh, she didn’t like to hear that. While she hadn’t used her powers in a while, apart from dealing with Dahlia, Bella did like it that she was able to protect herself if needed; stand her own ground in the midst of all these vampires and now her head basically decided to forgo on the gifts to protect her babies? That wasn’t fair. Immortal or not, Bella didn’t like to feel helpless. “Well crap.”

“You’re still immortal, Bella,” Charlie laughed as he reached for his coffee again. “And your family can protect you, they will protect you,” he said as he narrowed his eyes on Kol before looking back at her. “You have to trust that others are capable of taking care of you as you’ve taken care of them in the past. Let go of your trust issues, your control issues, and only focus on making sure you’re making it through this pregnancy sane, happy and healthy.”

“Don’t worry,” Kol eventually said, upon seeing the look on Bella’s face. “My family and I will not allow anything to happen to her, we’ve never allowed that and we never will.” How could she think that he’d let anything happen to her? That she wouldn’t get the care that she needed? Hadn’t he proven enough that he would fight the entire world for her if he had to? Kol had thought he had fixed the trust issues between them. And maybe it had but she was no longer trusting his family. Well… Elijah has always been a dick, Freya only made it worse. It was them Bella was worried about, wasn’t it? “In fact, Bella and I are going to move back in with my family, just temporarily, so they can help us during her pregnancy and after the babies are born.”

“You’re not going to stay in the apartment?”

“Too many stairs,” Bella shrugged. “The place is big enough but the stairs that I need to climb… I mean, I’m immortal but I’m not as strong as Kol and stuff. Safety.”

“Are you going to move?”

Bella smiled at Kol then. “I want them to know what grass is. And trees.”

“But that’s not for something to discuss right now, we still have time,” Kol said calmly. “We first have to figure out this whole pregnancy and parent thing.”

Charlie nodded. “Parenting is hard,” he eventually said. “But do remember that it’s your body. You and Kol are the parents. They will be and they are your children and nobody else’s. Draw your line in the sand and don’t allow others to cross that line, okay?”


“You can do this. The both of you. No matter what others may tell you,” he looked at Kol. “Because you know that if you tell your family that you’re becoming a father, they will tell you you’re not equipped. You are.”

Kol let out a breath and nodded, Charlie had pointed out a vulnerability that he hadn’t told Bella about; his family would indeed tell them – him – that he’s not sane enough for a child, let alone two children. His family would always find a way to bring him down, to diminish his existence, even now that he had Bella back. He was the stupid, insane brother, no matter what Kol did to prove otherwise. “Thank you.”

“Look, I may not be a real parent to you both, but I am always here to talk if you need me to. I’m your biggest champion, don’t you two forget that.”

Bella hugged Charlie and smiled up at him. “See? Charlie is so much better than Helios. More human.”

“Alright,” Charlie laughed and kissed her cheek. “Got it. More humany, less of the God stuff.”

“Yes,” Bella nodded. “And thank you for telling us what we needed to hear, dad.” It was almost as if there was a cloud lifted. Sure, she and Kol were quite alright with this situation, but she could already noticed that Charlie was exactly what they both needed right now. They could do this, and they were going to be awesome and Charlie had faith in them. Both of them. Their biggest fan.

“I’ll be coming by more often, I promise. But before I go, anything else you want to know?”

Bella thought for a moment as she was still holding on to him and felt the color drain from her face. “So… magic doesn’t work on me, what about traditional drugs? Like… if I go into labor and shit?”

“Sorry, sweetheart, I think you’ll have to find a different way to deal with the pain. You have about five months to figure it out. Twins are usually premature.”

Bella sighed and nodded, squeezing her father a little and then let him go. “Thank you.”

“You’re very welcome, sweetheart,” he said as he planted a kiss on top of her head and shook Kol’s hand. “You’re going to do great and I’ll make sure that at least our side of the family won’t come and interfere with your lives. You have enough on your plates as it is.”

And, without a goodbye or see you later, Charlie poofed out.


Klaus had found it somewhat endearing that his brother ran to his girlfriend the moment she called for him across the street. Reminding him of a little puppy. Kol had been acting strange ever since Klaus had run into him at Walmart. Well, no, not run into him. Klaus had followed him because of his brother’s strange behavior, and curiosity never killed the cat unless it was on his last life.

And now Myriam was acting strangely. She had asked if she could do a little remodeling of a part of the compound to make it less open and a bit less… ancient looking? He wasn’t quite sure what she meant by that, but she wanted it to be her project and her plans were small enough – only minor adjustments – that he’d allow her to make the modifications only if Kol would agree to it, seeing as his bedroom was part of her plans. The funniest part was that he had already given his permission – somewhat – and that she was going to meet with a few contractors while she was at work.

Whatever was going on, Klaus was certain that he’d find out soon. It wasn’t as if his mind wasn’t occupied with other things. Such as Lucien Castle. His first sire. Although he was a lot of fun, Klaus couldn’t help but to be slightly wary of him. Yes, Lucien wanted Klaus alive because he didn’t want to die, but there was something else. For instance, why was his company killing wolves in the Bayou? Was it just for fun? The Bayou had been home to the wolves for centuries, why change that now?

Elijah was dealing with his sire; Tristan. Klaus had never liked him; he was an even bigger pompous ass than Elijah was, and Tristan’s sister Aurora was batshit crazy. She was slightly interesting when she was still human, but not everyone survived immortality with a sound mind. Aurora was proof of that.

And then there was Freya. The latest addition to their family and even though both he and Elijah were smitten with her, Klaus couldn’t change her mind about Bella, mainly because she had a point there. Oh, Bella would never hurt them, but there was a possibility that his enemies would be able to make her turn on them, become the beast of the prophecy. But Bella wouldn’t hurt them. He knew this. Why was he so worried about her turning on them then?

He’d been TrashPanda with Myriam for Bella for years. He knew Bella. He knew what made her tick. She’d been such a great influence on Kol and keeping him occupied and happy. Bella was the best thing that had ever happened to his family – apart from Myriam, of course. This was ridiculous. Bella wasn’t a threat.

If anything, Freya was a threat.

Leaning over the railing, he watched the servants set everything ready for the family dinner tonight; Bella and Kol were coming over and he had instructed the cook to make Bella’s favourite foods. Different kinds of pasta, salads… everything. Her favourite kind of wine. Her favourite dessert. No expense spared, only the best for his favourite human – immortal. Klaus wasn’t even sure what Freya’s favourite foods were, he made a mental note to ask.

Myriam appeared next to him and softly kissed him. “Penny for your thoughts?”

He smiled at her and pulled her into his arms. “Welcome home, love, how was work?”

Myriam huffed as she relaxed into his embrace. “There was an issue with some famous actor,” she started to explain. “He’s a regular and usually we have no issue with him at all, but somehow, this time around he managed to pass through the screening process with drugs in his system. It’s a good thing Gracie recognized that he wasn’t normal and called for security, he was nuts by the time they reached her.”

“You should have eaten him.”

“Nah, we now have blackmail material,” Myriam grinned. “As a reminder for him to behave and come in clean.”

Klaus softly kissed her. “I love your wicked mind, love. Now, did you make some headway with contractors?”

“Oh yeah, met one that I really liked. He can actually do the work in two weeks.”

“What are your plans, exactly?”

“Break a few walls… dry walling… make it look a little more modern on the inside but still keep the outside the same, don’t worry,” she smiled at him. “Trust me, you will like it, especially when hearing the reason behind the remodeling. Are Bella and Kol coming over for dinner tonight?”

“Yes,” he looked at her, intrigued. “What are you up to, woman?”

“You will like it, trust me,” she purred as she pressed herself against him. “Can I interest you in a short tryst before dinner?”

“Because you ask so nicely,” he claimed her mouth with his, hard, before dragging her into the bedroom. Yes, Myriam was the right person to take his mind off of deep thoughts. Definitely.


Kol couldn’t help but feel a little nervous about this. He could tell that Bella was too, but he was nervous. Despite Charlie’s positive reinforcement, Kol was certain that his family were going to be jealous, outraged and hurt and generally not happy, but happy that there was going to be a blood extension to their family nonetheless.

It was likely that they were going to curse Bella’s family, much like he and Bella had, but for different reasons. With Freya’s suspicions and fear directed towards Bella, no doubt she’ll change her tune from blaming Bella to be the Beast to their unborn children.

They should have stayed away from New Orleans. No, they shouldn’t. If this prophecy was real – Kol and Freya hadn’t found anything about it at all, no mentions in books, no way of proving it with spells or whatever, but they weren’t entirely unconvinced either – if this prophecy was real, the family needed Kol to do the dirty work because face it, that was what he was good at. Following orders like a good little drone.

Bella had absolutely nothing to worry about – aside from Freya’s suspicions and a little bit of jealousy coming from Myriam and Rebekah. For years the girls had expressed their desire to have a family of their own but because of their immortality it hadn’t been possible. No, Bella had nothing to worry about because she was carrying Mikaelsons inside of her.

She’d be even safer if they’d neglect to mention that Bella was basically powerless now.

“Hey,” Bella put her arms around him right before they were about to leave. She looked up at him with a big smile on her face. “We can do this. No matter what they say, we can do this. Let them throw their fits or whatever they’re going to do. Like us, it’s likely they all just need some time to adjust to the idea. We’ll be fine.”

“Quite right,” Kol softly kissed her. “Yes. Let’s stop being insecure about this. It’s happening to us, with us, and they’re merely along for the ride.”

“No parent is perfect, good thing that our kids will have one full good parent out of two imperfect ones.”


“I know,” she grinned and playfully slapped his ass. “Come on, let’s get this over with and then retreat back to our lovely apartment so we can finish watching that season of Supernatural.”

“I hate that show,” Kol groaned.

“It’s research!”

“Keep telling yourself that,” he laughed. “It’s a ridiculous show.”

“Research!” Bella grinned as she kissed him. “Alright, let’s go and face your family, it’s going to be alright. We can do this.”


Bella’s mouth watered when she smelled the food as they walked into the courtyard. While Bella preferred home cooking, sometimes Klaus managed to find the most perfect cook for her non-dead tastebuds. “Pasta,” Bella smiled widely at Kol as they continued to head towards the dining room. “I am so hungry!”

“How can you eat?” Kol laughed. “I’m blooming nervous.”

“It’s food,” Bella pointed out with a pout. “Can’t I be excited about food especially when it seems like my favourite meal?”

“Several of your favourite meals, love,” Klaus greeted her with a smile. “I know you have had a rough couple of weeks and I wanted to cheer you up.”

“Oh, Nik, don’t,” Kol pinched the bridge of his nose when he sensed Bella becoming overly emotional. “She’s fine,” he put an arm around her and gently squeezed her shoulder. “Aren’t you, Bella?”

“I’m good,” Bella smiled as she hugged Klaus. “Thank you! You shouldn’t have made such an effort!”

“All the effort is the cook’s, love,” Klaus smirked as he accompanied his brother and his brother’s girlfriend to the dining room. “But I do have to admit, I have ulterior motives with this feast. I hope that it will make up for how I believed Freya’s insulting ideas of you having to do anything with this blasted prophecy. I was wrong.”

She smiled at him. “I get it, old habits die hard.”

“Doesn’t mean you have to give him a free pass,” Myriam huffed as she hugged Bella and then Kol. “Come, sit.”

Soon, everyone fell back into chattering amongst themselves while Bella remained quiet, happily eating the food in front of her, taking a little bit of everything before going back for a second helping. This wasn’t because she was pregnant; she doubted that she’d ever ‘eat for three’ but she did love her food.

Cami was engaging Freya, a lot. Bella was wondering what was going on there, but so far, Bella observed that Freya was a lot calmer towards her. Rebekah was slightly pissed because her boyfriend Kaleb, had broken up with her for some unknown reason. Well, the reason wasn’t unknown, Kaleb was simply not cut out for keeping up with Rebekah. She was sighing that she might just go back to Mystic Falls and patch things up with Matt. Bella liked that. Matt was a good guy and he knew how to handle Rebekah because she liked him very much too.

Bella felt sorry for her and made a mental note of asking Rebekah to go on a girl’s day out once Bella felt up for more socialisation – likely after she and Kol dropped the bombshell that there were tiny Mikaelsons joining them in the family next year. Bella didn’t particularly like girl’s days out, but a good massage sounded so good right now – just to get rid of the tightness of her skin which wasn’t because of bloating but because of the two humans she was growing inside of her.

“What are you thinking about?”

Kol’s whisper in her ear sent pleasurable shivers down her body. “Forget Supernatural… I want a massage.”

Kol laughed at that. “Alright spaghetti monster!”

“Hey! Don’t insult the spaghetti.”

“I’m not insulting the spaghetti,” Kol threw his hands up with a smile on his face before looking at his brother. “Any more on the nasty trio?”

“Ah, let’s not discuss those imbeciles while we’re still eating, brother,” Klaus said playfully. “Don’t want to spoil the good mood! We’re having dinner with family, let’s enjoy that.”

After dinner, and dessert, Myriam suggested that they’d have a nice glass of bourbon in the courtyard so she could tell everyone what her plans were for the back three rooms at the courtyard. This news came to a shock to Rebekah and Elijah, who were already offended by the idea that their home had to get some remodeling done. There wasn’t anything wrong with the rooms; apart from Kol’s bedroom, they weren’t being used on a frequent basis, nobody was living in them, so what were her plans, exactly? Klaus didn’t need a painting studio as he painted in his study and his paintings were carefully kept in the basement.

“Basically the rooms are going to be like a small home, bedroom, proper bathroom, small kitchen, living area…” Myriam gestured to the rooms. “The contractor will knock out a wall or two, reinforce others, for safety from outside forces,” she then grinned as she looked at the Mikaelsons. “You know, if two of you knuckle heads decide to toss each other across the courtyard, the people in those rooms will remain safe.”

“You’re not going to rent them out, are you?” Elijah asked appalled.

“Ohhh, theories!” Myriam mused, taking a sip of her drink. “No, Elijah, but please keep guessing. No one will guess correctly!”

“Is your women’s shelter overflowing?” Rebekah wondered. “You could just knock down a wall between Debauché and the animal shelter’s second level, you know. It’s not like I’m using it…”

“Great idea for expansion! We definitely have to discuss that,” she replied as she pointed at Rebekah. It was a brilliant idea. “I’d never bring girls home with me. It’s almost like bringing my work home.” She looked at Klaus, but he remained silent. “Now, as for decoration, nothing much will change. All the change will be on the inside and won’t hurt the way the courtyard looks. However, perhaps a few tall plants to hide the rooms from view wouldn’t hurt.”

“Myriam, I don’t need a mini apartment, I’m fine with the room my brothers have given me,” Freya eventually said. “I’m flattered, but-”

“Oh dear child, it’s not for you. No, you can fend for yourself,” Myriam countered, still not liking Freya that much. “But if you do wish for your own space, no doubt Klaus will give you the money to do so.”

“It’s for us,” Kol eventually said, after his siblings had given up on guessing. From the look on Cami’s face, even she hadn’t seen this answer coming. “Bella and I are going to have to temporarily move back in while we deal with the changes in our lives and until we’ve found the perfect house here in New Orleans.”

“But your apartment is beautiful,” Klaus pointed out. “Not that I have seen it from the inside, but wasn’t that a part of the deal you and Bella had, that if you were going to back together you’d be together in her apartment?”

“Circumstances changed,” Kol shrugged. “Especially since in a couple of weeks Bella will start to have difficulties climbing the stairs to our home.”

“What’s going on?” Elijah wondered out loud, watching his brother and his girlfriend curiously.

Klaus just looked at the two while the cogs in his head worked over hours. “Impossible,” he eventually exclaimed as the puzzle pieces fell into place. ‘Human experiences’ his ass, but it was still impossible.

“Ah, not with some Greek family members,” Kol pointed out. “Although I’d rather had him not surprise us with this as he was supposed to wait until we’d tell him we were ready.”

“You can’t be serious,” Klaus wasn’t quite sure whether or not he was supposed to be happy or angry with whomever did this. While he loved Bella dearly, and Kol, he wasn’t convinced that the both of them were ready for this responsibility. On the other hand, their family was large enough to help them out and it did mean more family. Little ones. Ones that were his blood and he’d be able to see grow – unlike Marcel. While the boy had been young, he never really turned out the way Klaus wanted him to be.

“Do you think I’d joke about not being able to fit into my jeans anymore? Already?” Bella said as she sipped her cola. So far, she was digging the flabbergasted looks on everyone’s faces. Elijah looked like a fish on dryland, Rebekah looked like she was ready to pounce her to hug her. Freya didn’t look amused and Cami looked worried.

“She practically lives in her jeans,” Myriam smirked. “When she’s not traveling with Kol.”

Freya, as the only one having been pregnant before, decided to speak up. “But you can just live in your home, the stairs would be a great exercise for a mother to be,” she said, curious. “It’s good to stay active.”

“And she would have if it were just the one,” Kol shot at his sister. “But those stairs will become a hazard soon enough and when the babies are born, it’ll be even worse as she’ll have to carry them up the stairs too, sometimes even with groceries.”

Bella smacked Kol’s arm. “Do not think for one moment that just because you’re a guy, you get out of taking care of the twins, you idiot.”

“Twins!” Rebekah gasped. “Really!”

“Well,” Klaus smiled widely. “This calls for something more elegant than a glass of bourbon to celebrate, how about some champagne?” He looked over to a servant who nodded and scurried off. “And when will we get to welcome the children?”

“February or March,” Bella replied. “I’m three months along now. Both Helios and Hades confirmed.”

Rebekah couldn’t hold her excitement anymore and rushed over to hug Bella tightly. “Babies! You’re making me an aunt! I’ll be the best babysitter ever, I promise!” She then flung herself at Kol. “And you’d better treat your girl right, Kol Mikaelson or I will punch you so hard you’ll be seeing stars for days!”

“Hey, I know how to treat my girl, don’t you worry, sister.”

“Good, because if I hear otherwise, I will beat you up.”

“Congratulations,” Cami smiled at Bella and Kol. “I’m sure you two are going to be just fine.”

After celebratory drinks, Bella and Kol went back to their apartment for a nice soak in the bath together. “Well, that went ridiculously well,” Kol breathed out as he gently massaged Bella’s scalp with his finger tips. “No doubt, of course, they’re now arguing about it.”

“At least they’re keeping us out of it.”

“For now, at least,” he let out a snort. “Well, it’s now official, we’re going to be parents.”



Rebekah looked at her siblings and Myriam and Cami and sighed deeply once Kol and Bella were well out of earshot. “Not that I’m not extremely happy about becoming an aunt, but am I the only one who thinks that Kol should not be a father?”

“The thought has crossed my mind,” Elijah replied solemnly. “I’m not ashamed to admit that Kol has been behaving himself for once, but-”

“Oh come on!” Both Cami and Myriam rolled their eyes as if they had practised it. “First of all, you didn’t have a great father,” Myriam continued. “Mikael was a bully. Your mother… perhaps even worse with wanting to kill you for different reasons. Bella has a decent head on her shoulders and she and Kol are a great couple, they’re great together. There is no doubt in my mind that they’ll be fine.”

“And yet, you have them move in here,” Elijah pointed out.

“Yes! Because it’s easier for Bella once she balloons, so she doesn’t have to take the stairs to their apartment! And once the babies are born, they are going to need all the help they can get because, hello, twins!”

“I don’t see the need to coddle her,” Freya huffed. “Women have been getting babies for centuries. Stairs won’t hurt her. And besides, did everyone forget the prophecy? For all we know she could be giving birth to the beast that’s to come.”

“Do you honestly think that that’s possible?” Elijah asked his sister, unsure if he was tired of her accusations or had to start believing her more due to her insistence.

“Oh, yeah, definitely,” she replied nodding. “As you know, we’re having troubles deciphering the prophecy still. I believe Kol only gave up on Bella’s insistence. I sincerely doubt that her getting pregnant was an accident; it’s more than likely that she asked her relative to make it happen – only to forge a stronger bond between her and Kol.”

Cami got to her feet and straightened her clothes. “Freya, please dial down the paranoia. How many times more do we have to tell you that Bella’s one of the good ones?”

“And I don’t see why you’re still here, being a part of the conversation.”

“Because obviously Bella needs another champion in this family,” Cami shot at Freya. “Look, I don’t know the girl that well myself, like to yourself, my first introduction to her were the stories, the twisted stories, that the family told me about her. How she was trouble and that it was good that she was gone. But, since she basically single handedly saved each and everyone of you, I’ve heard the good stories. Sure, it’s very likely that she’s capable of abusing her power and allow it to corrupt her, but as it was made clear to me; she wouldn’t have been allowed to walk around on Earth if the Gods thought she was going to do that,” she continued. “That girl loves Kol with everything she has and it seemed that up until the magical fuckery, she had found her place within this family. She can’t help it that she has a wide variety of family members who like to play around. Imagine what your behaviour must feel like for her, Freya. All she wants is to be liked, not feared, but liked. Despite his constant negativity towards her, deep down, even Elijah likes her. There is no evil bone inside of her. None. She doesn’t kill, or tries to avoid it as much as possible. She turned your aunt into a rat, for fuck’s sake. Klaus would have just killed her, same as Elijah. Just because she’s more powerful than you, doesn’t mean that she’ll be the root of all evil in that prophecy of yours.”

“And as far as Kol’s impending fatherhood,” Myriam slowly added after having given it some thought ever since Bella told her she was pregnant, “I think it’s a wonderful thing. He and Bella are going to be awesome parents together, no matter what you think. He’s changed for the better and you all know this. It’s jealousy that makes you think that he won’t be.”

“Oh, you’re a psychologist now?” Rebekah shot at Myriam.

“No, but I’m a vampire and like you, I was human once and I wanted my own family. Sometimes I still get that pang of jealousy when I see women with their strollers and having fun with their children. Granted, with a lot of magic and a lot of blood consumption much to the point where we lose our minds we can bear children but it’s a lot of work and doesn’t come cheap. Instead, we should be happy for new blood in our family in the form of Kol and Bella’s twins. They’re going to be human witches. No freaky hybrids, just healthy human beings. They’re going to get so much love from the rest of us, as long as you move passed that jealousy and be happy for your brother,” she then smiled widely. “I, for one, can’t wait to spoil them rotten.”


Klaus sighed tiredly as he pinched the bridge of his nose. “Neither of us Mikaelsons are fully equipped of being a parent. No matter how we’d try, we haven’t been human in a very long time,” he spoke carefully as not to anger his siblings. Oh, he truly believed that if Kol had a different mate than Bella, he’d be right there on the bandwagon and fully against it. “In comparison, Kol is even more human than all of us, considering the amount of times we’ve put him away in a box because he was too much of a handful. Bella balances him out. We saw that connection in Mystic Falls straight away. I have no doubt that they will be extraordinary.”

“But what if Kol snaps and loses it? Kills one of the babies? We all know that he has the least amount of control.”

“As I said, Bella balances him out, Rebekah,” Klaus countered his sister. “You’ve seen him change when he was with Davina, and that wasn’t merely because of the magic controlling him. It was due to him being without Bella. He’ll be fine. They’re going to get all the help they need, they request, and the babies will be loved by all,” he said slowly, looking at each of his siblings, lingering on Freya. “And if your behaviour doesn’t change, I’ll personally see to it that it will, one way or another. If you’re going to make me choose between Bella and you, then I will always choose her, do you understand?”


  1. Knew Freya would spout off that the babies are the beast from prophecy, she needs serious attitude adjustment preferably painful.
    Knew that the siblings would be naysayers on Kol being a dad. Which is just sad and they don’t know him at all. He really should’ve used the dark object stone on his family so they could’ve seen it all from his point of view.
    So I know it’s logical that they move in with family for protection but I foresee problems.

  2. Fuck you Freya… fuck yes Klaus…

  3. Okay i want to kick everyone of them except Myriam. thinking Kol wouldn’t be a good daddy. I say everyone needs a kick in the ass and Freya needs to be slapped So glad the nik stood up for Bella and the babies telling her who he would chose within a heartbeat. Should be very interesting around the compound now especially if she has some run ins without the vampires that come and go and even the reaction of the regents when she is pregnant or when she has the babies and is out in about with them. would love to see how everyone reacts to bella mood swings too .. or if the twins as they grow start doing magic on other lol Update again soon.

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