Chapter 7

When she moved away from him, he blinked at her, missing the feeling of her lips on his. He wanted them to take their time, but when you’ve spent four months in a basement together, they had taken all the time in the world. Even with John showing her his true self, she didn’t back down and kept trying to get in.

He put both of his hands on her cheeks and returned the kiss, slowly teasing her lips to seek entrance.

Ziva smiled when he pulled her back and parted her lips to open herself up to him. He tasted gloriously to her! Everything, every touch and brush of his hand sent sparks through her body.

He kept kissing her slow and gentle and eventually had to break off the kiss to get some air. Kissing Ziva had felt so good. “We should have done that a while ago…”

“Mmhmmm,” she hummed, her eyes closed and a dazed smile on her face. Slowly she looked up at him. “Yes. We should have. Maybe things won’t be as difficult when we leave.”

“Things? Difficult? Really? I haven’t noticed!” John grinned.

She chuckled. “You John Sheppard are a very confusing man,” she teased, licking her lips as she turned up to him.

“No, I’m not,” he softly caressed her hair, wanting to kiss her again but wasn’t sure if she’d allow him to.

Her eyes flickered over his and cocked her head to the side. “Well? What are you waiting for?”

“That,” he grinned and softly kissed her again. It felt so good to have humanly contact like this again. Although nothing could compare to what he felt at this point.

As their attentions to each other continued, a deeper need stirred up in Ziva, pushing herself up to her knees to move closer and onto his lap. She never once let them pull their lips apart as she did so, simply needing as much of him as she could possibly get then.

Ziva hadn’t been that hungry for real food, but it almost seemed like she wanted to devour him whole, and he didn’t find himself caring about that. His hands wandered across her back as they kissed after they had snuck in under her shirt.

It wasn’t that he had never touched her before, it was different. Back in the basement, he just wanted to keep her warm and himself warm in the process, this was completely different. Her skin felt so soft as he caressed her. The kissing and the touching almost sent his brain into sensory overload and he loved it.

Ziva arched her back under his touch, pressing her front to him more. “John…” she moaned, shifting her kisses from his mouth, along his jaw down to his neck.

“Christ Ziva,” John gasped as she moved closer to his groin area and felt her mouth on his neck. “I’m very high strung…”

She couldn’t say anything more than a confused grunt initially. “What are you talking about?” she asked as her hips shifted closer and her hands wandered over his body.

“I’m fortunate not to wear jeans at this time… Oh…” he put his hands on her waist, ready to lift her off off him and then looked her in the eye. “You. Are. Driving. Me. Insane,” he said slowly. “If you continue doing what you’re doing, I might embarrass myself.”

“Oh?” she grinned as she moved his hands off her waist and nudged them upward. “I don’t think that is possible with me.”

“Well, I would say that when you helped me to get cleaned up in the first week after the hospital that that was pretty embarrassing…” John softly said as he reluctantly moved his hands towards where she wanted them, and softly squeezed her breasts and it felt so damn good. “But I’m afraid that this will be even more embarrassing…”

She grinned, shifting her hips more. “There are other ways I can – clean you up,” she smirked, looking down with a smirk.

“Oh you minx…” John pulled her closer and kissed her greedily.

Ziva returned his kisses eagerly. Her hands gripped and pulled at his shirt, working it up until it was caught under his arms. She let out small grunt of frustration from not being able to remove it, as it would require them to pull their lips apart longer than she wanted them to be.

As Ziva tried to get his shirt off, he was doing the same with hers. “Seems like we have stumbled upon a problem…” he said while they kissed.

“No, no problem,” she grinned as her hands found a firm grip and she started to pull at the fabric, trying to rip it down the middle.

“No no no no no no!” John chuckled as he took hold of her hands. “No tearing up my favourite shirt.”

“Then get it off!” she whined and tugged on it again. Pouting she looked at him and pushed her hands under the fabric. “It’s in my way…”

“But I’m so skinny…” John pouted as he pulled his shirt off.

As he let go of her, she quickly shunned her own shirt and took him in hungrily. “I will have to make sure that you eat more. Maybe stop at the nutrition store for protein supplements,” she suggested as she leaned down to kiss his chest. Shrugging a shoulder she added, “Although you can supply all the protein I need.”

He groaned in the realisation that she wasn’t wearing a bra. “You’re so beautiful…” he said huskily as he softly caressed her breasts.

She slid down his body slowly, pushing his legs apart along the way so that she fit between them comfortably. Before long she was on her knees, gently moving his casted leg to rest on the table before turning back to him and smiled.

“Ziva? What are you doing?” John asked playfully.

She continued to smile, pulling her bottom lip in to bite on it as she reached up and started to untie his sports pants to pull down. “What do you want me to do?” she asked.

“Oh, I could say I want you back in my lap so I can kiss you and touch you breasts, but it looks like you’ve already made up your mind,” he chuckled.

“Maybe when I am finished,” she grinned, tugging on the clothing. Her eyes grew larger as the fabric exposed more and more before her target made itself known. “Hello there…” she breathed out before working on getting his pants off completely.

He lifted up his ass so she could pull his pants off of him and groaned when he saw the look on her face; her eyes were dark with lust and the way she licked her lips was just so damn arousing.

Once she had him naked and completely at her mercy, Ziva returned to position on her knees, kissing her way up his leg to his awaiting length that stood proud at attention for her. “You okay there John?” she grinned.

John nodded as he kept his eyes on her. He had the feeling he was about to blow, which was bad. Or maybe it wasn’t, he didn’t know anymore. Fact was, he just wanted to fuck her brains out but he would never be able to get into the right and comfortable position to do so with his leg casted like it was.

As her lips came closer to his raging hard on, her hands were careful when around it. Gentle and soft as they brushed against it. When she felt he was squirming enough, she pressed her lips on the shaft, her tongue darting out to taste him repeatedly until she came to the head where she slowly started to take him in her mouth. Deeper, and deeper, until she took him completely.

John swallowed hard, repeatedly. Christ on a crutch, he swore in his head. “Ziva…” He wanted to give her the control she didn’t have when those bastards in the basement took advantage of her but she was making it really hard for him not to grab her by her head and fuck her mouth.

She hummed with him in her mouth as she worked on him to her hearts’ content. Her eyes turned up to look at him before letting him go so that she could speak. “What?” she asked with a grin as she started stroking him with her hand.

He also could understand that she might not want him inside of her – yet – and shook his head. “Nothing…” he managed to say while he breathed in deeply.

Ziva smirked as she turned back to his cock, running her tongue along the underside before resuming her attentions after he managed to compose himself some.

The feeling of her tongue and hands all over his cock was unlike anything he had ever experienced before, she was so good, so beautiful as he watched her working him. John moaned as he tried to caress her hair, to push it away from her face.

Coming up again, she chuckled at the dazed look he had. “Have you had enough or do you want more?” she grinned, running her hands along his thighs as she tried to decide if she should continue to have him climax orally or if she was willing for more.

John blinked at her for a second and then goofily smiled. “I’m leaving that up to you,” he managed to say. But oh, he wanted more, but he didn’t want to push her into anything she didn’t want to.

She stared at him for a long moment before she slowly stood up. Dropping her hands to the hem of her shorts, she took a deep breath before beginning to nudge them down. Stopping suddenly, she looked back at him with a smile and reached for his hands to pull him into a sitting position, rather than the relaxed slouch he was in. Covering his hands with hers on her waist, she pressed on them to have him work on pulling the clothing off with her help.

He helped her to get her out of her shorts and underwear and kept looking at her. “Are you sure?”

Ziva nodded wordlessly, as she kicked away the clothes from her feet and pushed him back before climbing onto him. She hovered over him not yet letting him in her. “I am sure,” she grinned, reaching back to grab his length to get him in position for her.

John smiled at her as he softly caressed her sides and gently kissed her lips. “I don’t want you to do anything you don’t want to do, I understand.” He said softly.

“I understand too,” she replied with a smile. “And if it were anyone else, I probably would have not let it come this far but I want you.”

John kissed her greedily and fondled her breasts lightly. Everything about Ziva felt good, it felt right and she was so beautiful. It was hard to hold himself back, but he had to; not only because he couldn’t move properly with his leg, but also because he didn’t want to scare her off.

She returned his kisses with equal intensity as she shifted over him so that she could begin to press herself down onto his engorged cock. The feel of him stretching her inside was glorious and caused her to allow her head to fall back with a moan. She sat there for awhile once he was completely inside, to let herself adjust before she moved slowly, rolling her hips over him.

Ziva moaned softly as she found a pace for herself that she enjoyed without discomfort from her own recovery. Resting her hands on his chest as she worked him from her insides, she could feel how much body fat he lost compared to what she remembered in the basement the early nights when they were forced to huddle for warmth. It did not take away from her attraction to him whatsoever. If anything, it sparked something inside her that she never expected to feel – a sense to nurture him, to care for someone else. Almost a motherly instinct but what she wanted was far more intimate. She just wanted him.

She leaned up to kiss him as she picked up her pace. Her kisses muffled the breathy grunts that came from her after he wrapped his arms around her waist to hold her to him as he thrust himself up into her more. Her head slipped to rest on his shoulder as she let him fuck her from their position on the couch. She was already long gone from any sense of coherent thoughts when he slowed down again and she took time to come down from the explosions that sent waves through her. A few more firm, steady thrusts, and she could feel him fill her in another sense that left her with a cheesy grin on her face and chuckled into his warm skin.

He fell back against the back of the couch and tried to catch his breath. “That was… wow…” he breathed and grinned at her.

“Yeah,” she breathed out. “I think we found a way of you getting cardio in while you are stuck in that cast now.”

John started to laugh heartily. “Oh yeah, I can already hear my therapist say ‘Gee John, you’re getting back in shape… well your lower body is, what happened to your legs and arms?'” He giggled and pulled her closer, softly planting a kiss on her neck as he couldn’t stop giggling.

“Hmm, then we will have to work on that. What have they said about your cast? When are they going to let you start doing more?” she smiled as she made herself comfortable against him.

“Well, not this Monday, but the Monday after they’re going to see how my leg’s healing. And if it’s going the right way, they might give me a walking cast or free me, it just depends on how my leg’s behaving.” He softly ran his fingers through her hair and smiled.

“Sounds like something to look forward to,” she replied. “And I think that you might have an easier time if you were to use my shower. More room to maneuver around in…” Ziva added, an unspoken invitation for him to stay with her in her room when they got back from their vacation.

“More room to fall over in too,” John chuckled.

“Or to enjoy each other in…”

“Hmm… that sounds great,” he replied and nibbled on her earlobe.

“I don’t think we’ll make it to bed now. I’m too comfortable here,” Ziva murmured as she shifted slightly. He was still nestled inside her and while their activities had certainly calmed down, she was in no rush to separate themselves from each other or move more than needed.

John grinned and nodded. “I’m not interested in letting you leave me here now. I don’t even know where you threw my pants,” he laughed. “But we have all the time in the world this weekend to do whatever we want… even extend it for a week. And right now, this is exactly where I would rather be.”

“Good,” Ziva said, pushing herself up and smirked at him. “Because I do plan to have another work out intended for you soon.”

“You just wait until I’m fully mobile again,” he warned her teasingly as he chuckled and reached for the blanket on the other end of the couch before wrapping it around him and Ziva. “Nice and warm.”

“Mmhmm,” she hummed as she settled back down against him, closing her eyes. For the first time since they met, she finally felt home, and safe.


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