New Beginnings

Elsa dropped the last box in the basement storage room and sighed, running a hand through her hair. It was June and it was unusually hot for Port Jackson. Since moving into this house, the young couple hadn’t seen the need for installing a central air unit but she was now wanting it like no tomorrow. With school released for the summer, she would be home through the day and did not particularly care to be sweating all day.

Hearing footsteps above her, she knew Jason had just gotten home. Wiping the sweat from her forehead, she secured her hair up in a messy bun rather than the pony tail she had when she started. Shoving the box with left over supplies from her drama class that was still reusable into the corner, she shut the light off and dragged her feet up the stairs.

Collapsing in the chair in the kitchen, Elsa let her head fall onto the cool granite of the island counter. “We need that unit,” she mumbled.

“Hi honey, glad to see you back in one piece.” Jason quipped. “How was your day? Well, darling, it was another boring day and I made a dent in the car when I parked it against a fire hydrant to give me something to do.” He walked to his sweaty wife and kissed her tenderly. “Let me change in regular clothes and get us that unit then.”

“I love you,” she smiled up at him. “Please tell me you dented your work truck…”

“Of course.” He grinned as he walked into their bedroom. “I spent the entire day in the garage to actually get the dent out of the car myself.”

Elsa followed him with the intention of jumping in for a cool shower herself. “Avoiding telling the boss?” she asked as she started the water before peeling her t-shirt off with a whimper as it felt as if her skin was coming off with it.

“No, just a very quiet day.” Jason nodded. “I swear, we’re more traffic handlers than cops in this town.”

Poking her head out she grinned. “Yes but that is one of the reasons why we moved here. It was supposed to be one of the best communities for families,” she said before frowning at the thought and turned to continue with her shower.

“I know.” Jason tried really hard not to peek into the shower as he changed out of his uniform. Elsa had this amazing body and seeing the water fall down on her skin was just a magical thing for him to see. “Oh…” Stripping off his clothes, he decided to join her. He put his arms around her and shivered as the cold water touched his skin. “Hey there, hot stuff.”

She sighed and turned in his arms so that she could wrap her arms around him. “Hello my husband,” she murmured and pushed herself up on her toes to kiss him. The kiss was meant to be innocent enough but quickly grew deeper. A small voice in the back of her head kept trying to remind her that now was not the best of times for the activities that her body was craving, but it was extremely difficult to pull back.

“Hmm…” Jason lifted her up so that she could wrap her legs around him. “I love you.” He said, kissing her again.

She tightened her legs so that she wouldn’t slip down and moved her face down to kiss his neck. Groaning she raised her head. “I love you so much, you know that but if we keep on, we’ll never make it to the store before they close. Otherwise we’ll be living in the shower.”

“And? Tomorrow’s another day.” Jason nibbled on her earlobe.

“Ohhh,” she moaned, losing her grip on him with her legs and slid down a bit. It was just low enough that she could feel his erection press against her center. Elsa knew she was going to lose this battle and pulled his face to hers to kiss, her tongue invading his mouth hungrily.

“I’ll give you a choice though…” he said huskily. “Bed, shower or bath tub.”

Elsa looked back at him through hooded eyes. “Shut up,” she commanded before reaching down to rub her hand over his length.

“Okay…” he groaned. “Other choice… with or without me prepping you.”

“When have you really had to prep me for you?” she asked in turn and ran her tongue over his jaw before nipping him. She shifted to where she could press herself down over his member and slowly let him fill her, her head falling back as she let out a low growl of pleasure.

“I know…” He moaned as he could feel her around his erection and gently placed her back against the wall; they had specifically taken tiles that wouldn’t hurt anyone in case they would have their fun underneath the shower because of the friction. “But still… I like doing it to make you… Ohh squirm.”

Elsa panted as she let her head rest against the wall as Jason thrust carefully into her without slipping on the shower tiles. “Oh fuck,” she cried out, her nails digging into his arms.

Jason sucked on her collarbone and made sure that she wouldn’t get hurt, that he wouldn’t lose his footing and that the pace with he was thrusting inside of her was pleasant for the both of them. There was something about getting a dent out of a car door that had screwed his mind over today. He hadn’t been able to stop thinking about Elsa all day.

Her growling increased until she was about to come. She knew she was practically flowing over him despite the shower water. Grinning at him she pushed his wet hair from his face. “Sit on the bench,” she said with a deepness that indicated she was not done with him.

He turned them around and sat down on the bench. “What are you up to?” He asked suspiciously as he stroked her hair out of her face. She looked absolutely gorgeous, with her face flushed with arousal and her eyes dark with lust.

Elsa climbed up onto his lap and lowered herself onto his cock again. “Always you,” she grinned and kissed him. She began to ride him slowly before picking up her pace until she was sure that he was ready for more.

Jason sighed happily as her breasts started to bounce in front of him and grinned. “Ohh, look at those…”

She laughed as she started going harder. Between their shared sounds of love making and the shower, neither one was able to hear the door bell or anyone entering the house. Elsa could feel her insides so tightly coiled that she was positive that an explosive orgasm would be coming from this particular position that she made a mental note to do this again. She could feel Jason’s hands tighten and loosen and back again on her hips that she knew he was close to exploding himself.

Neither one of them were anticipating what would happen next.

“Oh my dear Jesus!” the familiar voice of an older woman cried out from the bathroom doorway.

“OH SHIT! MOM!” Jason gasped and instinctively pressed Elsa against him. “Ew, mom! Turn around!”

The older Mrs. Sayles blinked and quickly covered her eyes as she palmed her way around to reach for the towel that was left out.

“Just walk out… we’ll be with you in a minute.” What was his mom doing in his house? What happened to calling on forehand? He watched as his mother left the bathroom and then looked at Elsa, trying hard not to burst out in laughter. “You’d think that moving out and not giving them a key to our house would stop them from walking in on us.”

Elsa dropped her head to hide in the crook of his neck after she realized who it was that barged in. “How did she get in? I thought we replaced the door locks so that they automatically locked from the outside?” she asked. She felt him go soft inside her and sighed. “So much for fun time,” she said looking down at him as she climbed off.

“Must have forgot to close the damn door.” He sighed and looked at his limp cock. “Yes, mothers, always a downer.” He got up and kissed her quickly. “Go finish your shower, I’ll deal with Persephone.”

Elsa stood back pouting as she watched him get out of the shower. “Stupid in-laws,” she grumbled and grabbed her loofa to clean herself up before mustering up the courage and patience to not bitch her husband’s mother out for interrupting them.

He quickly dried himself off and got into a pair of shorts. He then walked into the living room and stared at his mother. “Mom? Is everything alright? I mean, we told you not to walk in our house like that…”

“Oh I am so sorry Jason dear! Really, I didn’t think that you would be umm, fornicating in such an unholy manner,” the woman apologized as she ignored her own husband’s eye rolls as he had been sitting on the couch with the newspaper he found on the stoop.

“I tried to stop her son,” he said. “She wouldn’t listen as usual.”

“Dad, what are you and mom doing here? Aren’t you more comfortable in your house? I mean… it has a central air system to start with.”

Brendan sighed and looked at his wife. “Your mother insisted on visiting you today. She thought you would love the idea of a surprise visit.”

“Honestly dear,” she looked at Jason. “I did not mean to interrupt your – plans.”

Elsa walked out in lighter clothes and appearing to be in a mix of embarrassment and being pissed off. “Mister Sayles,” she greeted her father in law with a smile as she went to kiss him on the cheek. She always did like Jason’s father but his mother was always the thorn in her side when it came to her relationship with her son.

“No offense, mom, we deliberately didn’t give you a key.” Jason said as he sat down next to his mother on the couch. “I always love to see you, but you know…” He nodded towards Elsa. “Me and my wifey were having a lot of fun.”

Brendan smirked, earning a roll of the eyes from Elsa as she had recently learned where Jason learned that trademark. “Yes. We could hear you,” he pointed out as he went back to the paper.

“Would you like some coffee or something?” Elsa asked as she headed into the kitchen to escape the disapproving glances she was getting from Persephone.

“Oh, no thank you dear, we had some on the way over.” Mrs. Sayles smiled politely.

“Yes, they will have some coffee, honey. They wanted to come over, so they will drink our coffee.” Jason said, knowing that his parents were quite the coffee snobs, and he and Elsa liked the cheap stuff when they were at home. “So, what did we do to be graced by your presence so unexpectedly?”

His mother smiled tightly as she sat stiffly with her purse in her lap. “Oh I just wanted to make sure that you were doing fine. You have never been away from home as far as this – quaint little town is. You know, we have some lovely furniture that you can use in here instead of these things,” she said looking around as if the young couple’s choices were covered in dirt even if they were brand new already. They just didn’t cost nearly as much as what the woman would have preferred.

Behind them, where Mrs. Sayles couldn’t see, Elsa was making faces and faux imitations of the prima donna mother in law she now had. She never kept her opinion of Jason’s mother from him and tried to be as respectful as she could when around her but she felt she had the right to be slightly spiteful in her own home now.

“We’ve been saving up for the more important things first, mother.” Jason answered her. “We’ve been here for six months now, Elsa has a fantastic job as a teacher and I’m doing fine as a cop. We were going to buy a central air system tomorrow.”

“But honey, you should have taken the money your dad and I wanted to give you for your wedding.”

“Which was a ridiculous amount and kind of insulting, mom.”

In the kitchen, Elsa could only roll her eyes over dramatically. Bringing the cups of coffee to her in-laws, she handed Jason a bottle of water as she sat in his usual armchair with her own. “As much as we appreciate your offer Mrs. Sayles, Jason and I really want to be able to live on our own money that we work for. What we have may not be asgrand as yours, but we love our home and what we have,” she said as nicely as she could and keep from throwing the coffee on the nice white silk blouse that the lady was wearing. Only thing really keeping her back was that she would also ruin the couch she loved and was so comfortable to nap on – among other things.

“Oh well, you have to start somewhere, I suppose.”

“Persephone…” Brendan sighed. “A little respect for your son and his lovely wife, please.”


“He’s right, mom.” Jason said. “And if you want grandchildren, you really shouldn’t just walk in… even if I forgot to close the door. I’m 31 years old, and I know you’ve paid for most of my education, but we’ll be alright.”

The woman tried to think of something to say to that but without letting them know what she really thought of her son’s chosen wife, she sighed. “Very well,” she gave in. “So…You were trying for a child?” she asked, trying to shift the topic. “You do know Elsa dear, that I raised a lovely boy here. I could help you a great deal…”

“When we have children of our own, I will come to you for advice when I need it,” Elsa replied already knowing where she was going with this. First she wanted to control their marriage and now she wanted to have a say in their children’s raising…She was not going to have that. Before she could hear anymore she quickly stood and went to kiss Jason. “I just remembered that there are some things that I need to look for downstairs that I packed away that wasn’t supposed to be.”

“Oh! Since you’re going downstairs, I forgot to get my tools out to the garage, they must be behind your stuff now,” Jason said, giving Elsa another chance to escape his mother. “Could you get them for me? I will need them when I’ll install our central air system.”

She smiled thankfully. “Of course. Enjoy your visit Mr. and Mrs. Sayles,” she said and quickly headed out where she started to rant silently in a very cartoon like way, throwing soundless curses up to the ceiling.

He listened to his mother’s ranting for another half and hour and then signalled his dad that they really had to go. “There’s a nice diner on the way out of Port Jackson, you two should go and eat there.” He fumbled 50 dollars out of his wallet that was on the side table and gave it to his father. “On me.”

Brendan shook his head as he folded the paper and set it on the coffee table. “I gave up trying to get that girl to call me Dad or even just Brendan. I feel so old when she calls me Mr. Sayles,” he said shaking his head. “I’m sorry for the intrusion son. You know how your mother gets. I can only hold her back so much.”

“I know, I just wished she’d accept Elsa for the amazing person she is.” Jason sighed. “I have always tried to rebel against mom’s over protectiveness, and I will continue doing that. But next time she does anything to insult Elsa, I won’t be as polite.”

Nodding, his dad patted him on the back. “You do have a lovely home here and you found someone who loves you despite your family. I’m proud of you,” he said.

“Thanks.” Jason smiled. “Have a safe drive home.”

“Oh! I wanted to ask you,” Brendan said quickly as he was almost out the door. “The boats down at the marina, do you think you can see me on one of them?” he asked with a grin. “I was thinking of buying one. Of course your mother would be pissed as hell but I need my toys too.”

“Sure dad, I’ll have time this weekend.”

“Great! I’ll be sure to leave your mother home,” Brendan replied. “I would be honored if you and Elsa would let me take you out to dinner as well. There was a nice restaurant that was near the hotel I think I will stay at.”

“Alright.” Jason nodded. “I think Elsa would love to spend a day at the marina, if it was just to speed up getting her tan,” he grinned. “I’ll be sure to bring my tools to inspect the boat you want to buy, to make sure she won’t sink when you take her out.”

“Go calm your wife down now. She did well with Persephone today. I’m proud of her,” he said as he walked down toward the car where his own wife was sitting in the car waiting. Waving at Jason as he backed out of the driveway, the older Sayles couple was gone for the time.

He made sure the door was closed and locked as he made his way down to the basement. “Oh wifey of mine?” Jason sang. “My dad is proud of you!”

Elsa looked up from the downstairs couch where she was flipping through the television channels. “What did I do?” she asked, turning around. “Other than not throw your mother’s coffee on her. I didn’t want to ruin our own couch that we chose, that we bought and already has a lot of fun memories on. In fact I think you came on the exact spot where she was sitting…”

Jason grinned as he crawled onto the couch with her to kiss her tenderly. “Exactly for that, he’s proud of you,” he said as he kissed her again. “Dad invited us to go and find him a boat this weekend and he’ll leave the missus at home. Surely you would like to see the marina and soak up more sun than you’ll get in our backyard?”

“For your father, of course,” she grinned. “He’s staying with us right? I’ll have to get a pound of his coffee and stock up on steak then.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t say no to good coffee or steak, but dad’s staying at the hotel, well he said he would.”

She rolled her eyes as she shifted on the couch so that they could lay next to each other without feeling too overheated. “If he is leaving your mother home, then he is more than welcome to stay with us. We have those extra rooms upstairs that we been trying to work on.”

“Well, then you should call him as soon as he gets home… which is in about an hour.” Jason smiled and put his arms around her. “My mother means well, you know that, right?”

“Your mother hates me,” Elsa said bluntly. “She as much as said so, repeatedly. Even when we got home from Mexico. Jason, we just finished telling them we got married and she still tried set you up on a date with her friend’s daughter!”

“Yes, she’s a smothering mother with a son she tried to spoil rotten.” Jason nodded. “But she doesn’t hate you, if she hated you, she wouldn’t even come over. Besides, you make me happy, that should count for something too.” He softly kissed her.

“She’s your mother…you have to say that,” Elsa sighed as he silenced her with his lips. “Still, at least you still have your parents so I will try to be a little nicer for you.”

He fell off the couch and laughed. “Oh I’m sorry.”

Catching her breath, Elsa reached out to help him back up. “You knew exactly what you were doing,” she replied. “Maybe we should get some sheets and blankets to camp out down here tonight? It is a bit cooler with the curtains drawn.”

“Or… I could set up the tent outside….”

“There are no bugs inside…”

Jason grinned and crawled back on the couch to kiss her again while making the sound of a mosquito, trying not to chuckle while he did that.

Having a real issues with bugs she began to get really freaked out and pushed him away as she sat up. “You know I can’t deal with bugs like that!” she cried as she tried brush herself off as her mind tricked her into having the feeling of having insects crawling over her.

“Ohhh…. do I have to put you under the shower to stop the crawling feeling on your skin?” He said as he got off the floor again.

“Maybe after the memory of your mother walking in on us in there doesn’t creep me out as much. Seriously what was she thinking walking in like that? I mean why else would we be in the bathroom together?”

“I have no idea.” He sighed and kissed her tenderly as he walked up the stairs. “I’ll fix us some dinner, I promise I’ll get us a central air system tomorrow after work.”

Elsa nodded and looked over her arms and legs to make sure there really weren’t any bugs on her. “What are you making?”

“Pasta with salmon and spinach… I think.”

“Sounds good,” she said as she followed him on her way to the linen closet to get out extra blankets to sleep on. “There is fresh baby spinach in the drawer I bought the other day, but I think you took the last of the salmon to work for lunch.”

“No, I didn’t. That was ham… but I ended up tossing it as we should have thrown it out earlier.” He made a face. “I wish I had taken the salmon, I ended up buying a turkey sandwich at the diner.”

Coming up behind him to wrap her arms around his body, Elsa grinned. “You just needed an excuse to go there. I know you love their turkey.”

“Oh it’s to die for.” Jason groaned and turned around to kiss her, then walking backwards to their kitchen. “You know…” he said as he put his arms around her. “If you keep holding me, I’m not sure if I can actually cook.”

She considered it for a moment and shrugged. “Let’s order chinese.”

“Okay.” He shrugged and lifted her to sit on top of the counter, kissing her long and deep.

Kissing him back, Elsa was still clearly more reserved about it. Sighing, she pulled back. “Sorry but I just can’t keep thinking that your parents are going to walk in on us again.”

“I locked the doors!”

“I know!” she said feeling even worse. “I can’t help it. I should be fine after dinner and I’m absolutely positive they aren’t coming back.”

Jason pouted and grabbed the phone to order in some chinese. “Okay.”

“I’ll have my usual,” she said hopping off the counter before going to look for one of the teddies that she bought right after they moved in but never wore. She knew he would forgive her quite quickly before ripping it off.

Half an hour later, the doorbell rang. Jason paid the delivery guy and set the table with plates, cutlery and scooped their chinese onto the plates. “Dinner’s ready!”

Elsa had been setting up their temporary bed on the floor in the family room downstairs before making her way up. “That was quick,” she commented before sitting at the table. “God I’m hungry!”

“Yeah… well… I saved the delivery guy from a speeding ticket today, he’d better get us our food quick.” Jason grinned as he poured them both a glass of wine.

“My hero!” she teased as she leaned over to kiss him as she stole one of his beef sticks.

“Oh!” He chuckled and stole a piece of chicken from Elsa’s plate.

She sat back and picked at the beef stick looking at him. “I have a surprise for you,” she said with one of her signature grins.

He shrugged. “I’m sitting here with just my shorts on, you could tell me a little bit about your surprise.”

Elsa raised her leg so that she could rest her foot between his legs. She continued to pick at the the beef stick slowly as her foot rubbed at his groin before trying to slide up the leg of his shorts. He attempted to keep his face neutral and not react but when his growing cock went skin to skin with her flesh, he nearly choked on his tea.

“Elsa!” Jason coughed. “Dammit, you just said later…”

“I’m not doing anything,” she blinked innocently and pulled her foot away, leaving him to have to bring himself back down.

“I’m not doing anything,” she blinked innocently and pulled her foot away, leaving him to have to bring himself back down.
Oh she was mean, there he was, trying to behave himself during dinner and she had just made it nearly impossible for him to focus. He looked at the door and envisioned his mother walking back in and then smirked at Elsa while he took a bite off his beef stick.

She managed to eat enough of her order to hold her over for a few hours. Finishing off her glass of wine, she only gave Jason a smile as she up to leave the room. “Go downstairs and wait for me baby,” she said as she closed their bedroom door.

He quickly cleaned up and made his way downstairs where she had made a temporary bed with loose pillows; and now he realized why she had insisted on bringing them all when they moved and he grinned; it looked even more comfortable than their own bed.

Jason wondered what took her so long as he sat down on the couch.

She slowly came down the stairs in a pair of her highest heels that she almost never wore for risk of self injury, and a sheer navy blue teddy that gave only minimal in extra coverage around her breast. Even her panties were barely there, so low in the front and just high and wide enough to over her ass but thin as the fabric that hung around her.

“Hello Husband,” she purred as she walked in further to block his view of the television.

“Holy….” He gasped and looked at her with big eyes. “Wow.”

Elsa grinned and stepped toward him, slowly unwrapping the fabric off of her. “You like?” she asked in a whisper as she leaned over his lap to brace her arms on the back of the couch beside his face.

Bringing her legs up so that she was almost straddling Jason, her center only ever dipped low enough to brush against the growing buldge of his shorts. “What do you want?” she asked in a breathy voice, kissing up his neck and to behind his ear.

“Oh… you…” he groaned as he tugged on her teddy. Sure, the thing looked amazing on her, but it was a pain to get it off of her. “Yep, definitely you.” he growled and put his arms around her so he could gently lay her down on the makeshift bed.

Elsa laughed as he tried to get the thing off. “Just have at it. You know you want to, my strong muscle man…” she encouraged as she looked up at him with amusement.
He got rid of her deadly pair of heels first and then caressed her legs with his fingers, up and down, between her legs, avoiding her already wet core and just lost himself a bit when he did so. Jason gently tore the panties as they didn’t need much force to rip, and then kissed Elsa needily as he started to rip her teddy to shreds.

Her hands raked over his chest and down his stomach leavin light red trails. Slipping a finger each under the waist of his shorts, and moaned out before pushing them down his legs as far as she could reach before letting her legs take them the rest of the way. Elsa arched her back to give Jason a bit more help in ridding her body of the destroyed fabric, pressing her breasts firmly against the skin of his chest.

“You are so hot…” Jason moaned as he moved down a little to lick her nipples as he got rid of the rest of the fabric. “You’re so gorgeous… are you even real?”

“I should be asking you that,” she replied, licking her lips at him. “I got the sexiest man on Earth to marry me…God Jason…!” she cries out when he started to bite down on her nipple. Her hips bucked up hard against his and she could feel how large his cock grew already and it made her a very hungry woman.
“I’m no God,” Jason grinned and moved his hands across her stomach and sides. “I’m a mere patrol officer.”

“No, no,” she shook her head objecting while trying to fight the feeling that everywhere he touched her felt like it was burning. “You’re my god and I would happily make my offering if you let me up…”

“Ow, do you have to? I’m quite enjoying myself.” He said as he kissed her in her neck while his hands continued to pay attention to her breasts.

Panting, Elsa closed her eyes and nodded. Her mouth was empty and dry but she knew how to fix that. “Stand up,” she ordered softly, with hunger in her words.

“Nope.” He grinned and placed her hands over her head and kept them there with one of his own hands while he kissed her and continued to do what he was doing, kissing her, touching her breasts and enjoying himself.

Elsa did not understand the fascination Jason had with her breasts. They were nothing spectacular nor were they large at all. She actually liked them being as small as they are. Trying to pull against his hold, she found difficulty as it turned her on even more at the amount of strength her husband hid within himself.

“Jason…” she begged as she felt like her mind was racing faster than light.

“Nope.” Jason replied and kissed her to shut her up when he started to unnecessarily prep her for him, taking his time for her. He loved every minute of her squirming.

Moaning into his kiss, she struggled to pull her arms back down, needing to have them around him. When he tried to pull away from the kiss, she did the only thing she could in her limitations and bit down on his lip to keep him from leaving her.

“Ow ow ow.” Jason laughed as he kept kissing her, and only releasing her hands because he needed to guide himself inside of her.

She let him go and her head fell back to the blanket. Elsa couldn’t figure out what happened to the pillow and didn’t particularly care. She opened her legs more for him and moaned loudly, her cries filling the air around them as she felt him slide in slowly.

“You are so beautiful.” Jason said in a low voice. “Mine.”

She rolled her eyes back in her head as she arched beneath them. Her fingers wrapped around his arms and flexed over his muscles. “Yours…yours…”

He started to thrust harder into her, eventually settling for a comfortable pace for the both of them, and nibbled on her earlobe. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” Elsa whispered through heavy breaths.

Jason tried to hold off as long as possible for her to orgasm first as he loved the look on her face when she came, but he had reached a point where he couldn’t. The near orgasm in the shower after he came home and they had been walked in to by his mother was still in the back of his head, and then dinner…

She knew the look in his eyes and repositioned herself under him to give him a much more feeling angle inside. “Come baby,” she growled. “I know you are there…Come for me…”

“Oh God… Elsa…” he breathed as he exploded inside of her. His whole body was shaking as he tried to keep on thrusting for her to come as well but his arms and legs felt like jelly.

Grinning, she brushed his hair from his face. “Relax,” she said softly. Carefully she rolled them over so that she was on top. Pulling herself off him, she reached on top of the couch where she had thrown bottles of water earlier, she handed her love one. Settling down, she had one leg thrown over Jason’s stomach, she sipped her water and watched his post coitus glow with a pleased smile.

After he had somewhat collected himself, drank a little water and just admiring Elsa’s face, he tossed his bottle back on the couch and pulled Elsa’s arms from under her so she was back laying down on the pillows. “Your turn,” he said as he got onto his knees, and started to kiss her neck.

She laughed as he wrestled her back to the floor. “I got mine earlier. I don’t need you to…oooh,” she moaned loudly as his fingers started exploring her again. “I uh, I, uh…”

“Such wise words coming from a gorgeous teacher.” Jason grinned as he started to kiss his way down, eventually replacing his fingers with his tongue.

Elsa’s fingers immediately knotted themselves among his uncontrollable hair. She was unable to put together any coherent thought or say something that would express what she wanted other than small thrusts of her hips and the random squirming when he touched upon her most sensitive spots that only he could stimulate in such a manner.

He stopped with what he was doing for a moment and grinned up to her. “Stop squirming or I’ll get your vibrator and torment you with it.”

She whined, “I can’t help it! You’re just…”

“Just what?” Jason grinned and ran a finger up and down her inner thigh.

“You’re too good to me,” she eventually sighed as her head rolled on the floor with little strength remaining from his glorious torture of her body.

“Nah, you deserve everything and more.” Jason could tell that her brain was mushy and he crawled up to kiss her deeply as he started to rub his thumb over her clit.

Elsa was barely capable of returning his kisses as her mouth fell open in small panting moans while he rubbed her center into a blissful haze. “Jasss– Ohhh—-”

He chuckled as he felt her body tense and relax underneath his touch and kept stroking her clit as she rode out her orgasm. “You look so beautiful…”

Laying there, her arms fell down to her side in a limp. “Oh my,” she sighed. “Jason, wow…”

“Yep, wow and you looked so gorgeous.” Jason smiled and pulled her into his arms. “You’re hotter than the weather outside.”

She chuckled and went to nuzzle her nose into his chest before pushing herself up to lick his neck. “Mmm sexsweat…”

“Hmm… let’s take a shower.” He grinned.

Elsa made a face. “That would mean we would have to get up, go all the way upstairs…I think we can wait til the morning because I am unsure if I am done with you tonight,” she said with a purr. “But for now let’s rest before we – play some more.”

Pulling her back down, Jason sighed. “Sounds good to me.”


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