Chapter 25

Later that day, after dinner, Scott rose from the dead. No longer a werewolf, but a vampire/werewolf hybrid. Freya had explained that the spell she’d cast helped Derek to become an Alpha, but because of her siblings wanting Scott as a pet, they’d have to get creative and needed magic to bind his werewolf side to Klaus’ vampirism. There was a long list of ingredients and Bella was mostly surprised to hear that they kept a small vial of Hope’s blood at hand for powerful spells now that Hope was older.

All the Mikaelsons had him surrounded as Kol force fed Scott some human blood, taken from his best friend Stiles, who had been under compulsion for hours now, seeing as he was annoying and had been on the phone to his dad and talking about killing everyone for killing his best friend, it was highly unpleasant, but quite entertaining.

“Oh, gross,” Scott said as he wiped his mouth. “What the hell did you do to me?”

“We made you better,” Klaus smiled at him.

“Oh, okay,” Scott said with a nod. “Didn’t know I was defective. Thank you.”

“Well that’s brilliant, I won’t even have to compel you to do my bidding, will I?”

“No, of course not,” Scott replied as a matter of factly. “I’d do anything for you.”

Rebekah stood to the side, arms crossed in front of her with a frown. “Another little pet for you, brother. I thought you would have learned your lesson after the last lot was sacrificed.”

“We all agreed that this pet would be a good idea, don’t worry, love, I’ll tell him he has to play with everyone.”

“I was not here for this conversation and I have to say that I don’t particularly like it,” she protested. “Another hybrid. Aside from Hayley, we also have Marcel – who’s barely an acquaintance at this point to keep him from trying to kill us, and you are making new pets when we are supposed to be preparing for an invasion to protect the girl!”

“Ah, but this would not have happened if he hadn’t shown up, now, would it?” Klaus smiled, amused by his sister, knowing that she was right. But still. Scott was to be enjoyed by everyone. “Listen to me, Scott, you’re going to do whatever my siblings and I wish for you to do, is that understood?”

“Of course,” he smiled widely as he looked around. “Who are you guys?”

Stiles sat off to the side, compelled in silence as he watched his friend, who he thought was killed, following everything said as if they were the words of a god. He could do nothing to beat some sense into him and glared at Derek and the guy’s sister, unable to do anything.

“Wait, what’s going on here?” Derek said confused. “I thought he’d still have some free will left, and that you would compel him if need be.”

“Oh, they didn’t tell you?” Rebekah looked at Derek. “Whenever my brother creates a hybrid, they’re immediately sired to him, worshipping the ground he walks on and they don’t even realize that they’re doing it. Oh, we can still compel him, if we’d like to, but Scott’s now insanely loyal towards my brother.”

“No I’m not,” Scott huffed before he spotted Stiles and went over to him. “Hey!”

Stiles merely smiled at him.

“What? No hug?”

Stiles narrowed his eyes on his friend. This wasn’t Scott. At all.

Scott walked back to Klaus as he ran his hand through his hair. “Uh, what did you do with Stiles?”

“Oh, we compelled him to stay and to shut up, nothing to worry about, your friend is fine.”

“Oh, okay,” Scott nodded. “Are you sure?”

“Of course. Now, be a good little pup and make sure he stays where he is. And do be quiet, the adults have some things to discus,” Klaus said as he pushed Scott towards Stiles. “This is going to be fun,” he grinned at Myriam. “And whenever we get bored with him, we just put him in the dungeons.”

“Unbelievable,” Rebekah shook her head. There was nothing more that she wanted than to compel the boy to run, but if she’d do that, she’d be in trouble with her family and she really didn’t want that. She was just going to have to make sure that he was well taken care of.

Did Bella feel guilty about Scott’s predicament? Absolutely not. She wanted him dead for what he had done, but she supposed this was a better way. Scott would now be under the full control of the Mikaelsons. Of Klaus. As a toy. She doubted that Scott would be used for anything else. It was like… prison. But not. Or something. Myriam had assured her that when they’d send Stiles back to Beacon Hills, he’d be fully compelled to forget and instructed what to say when people would ask about Scott.

The only thing that needed to be easier explained was Derek’s new Alpha status because Chris Argent and Deaton weren’t dumb. With Scott gone, and Derek now an Alpha again, they’d know that something was up. Perhaps Myriam was going to travel back with Derek and Stiles to Beacon Hills to compel everyone, it would be a whole lot easier. Maybe even have everyone forget about Scott.

Wouldn’t that be something?

Or would they understand the situation and believe that Derek got his spark back through magic? It wasn’t anything Bella was going to be worried about. Scott got what he deserved, end of. The fall out was for those who went back to Beacon Hills, and it surely wasn’t going to be her or Isaac.

The following day, Stiles and Scott were put in the dungeons for their own safety as Peter knew that the Cold Ones were coming that day. It was a rare overcast day for New Orleans, thick clouds were in front of the sun and there was no doubt that they had a witch on their side who could control the weather.

They all quickly made their way to the Bayou; not wanting the French Quarter to get caught up in the mayhem because the Cullens would find them there, anyway. No matter where they’d go. “Are you ready for this?” Derek asked his sister.

Bella let out a breath and nodded. “Yeah, this needs to end.”

“Now, remember, we go for the Volturi Guard first, then for the Cullens. And Edward is Bella’s,” Peter reminded everyone of the game plan. “And you can help hold him down when needed, of course,” he smiled at Isaac.

Hayley’s werewolves sprinted forward then, when the leaves rustled and it was followed by some yelling and the sound of steel breaking. Other Cold Ones came from the surrounding area, but no Cullens so far. Marcel and his vampires took one side and the Mikaelsons the other. In the midst of the battle that was going on, there was a clear space where the Cullens stopped, right in front of Bella, Isaac, Derek, Jeremy, Peter, Charlotte, Jasper, Emmett and Rosalie.

“Seriously,” Bella said calmly at the display. In front of her were Edward, Carlisle, Alice, Esme, their cousins and someone else she didn’t recognize.

“Garrett, why make the wrong decision, man? I liked you!” Peter said disappointed. “The other day Char here thought it’d be nice to invite you over for a threesome!”

Garrett smirked as he walked over to Peter and hugged him before kissing Char. “I’d be honored. So how good of an idea was it to put me with them lot, huh?”

“Kinda reckless, but good thing you’re a great liar,” Charlotte grinned up at him before putting her arms around him and looked at the dumbfounded looks of the Cullens and the Denali. “Yeah, as if. You know that Garrett never liked you, why would he, all of a sudden, join you on your own mission to hell for some girl?”

“Bella, this has gone on for long enough,” Carlisle said kindly. “Come home.”

Bella took Isaac’s hand out of instinct and looked at her boyfriend. “Are they high on their own pheromones or something? Delusional? Dropped on the head too much? Mentally ill?”

“Obsessed,” Isaac nodded with a smile as he looked at her. Bella felt as if she could melt. There was so much love and adoration in his eyes for her that it was beautiful. He, was beautiful. “But who wouldn’t be obsessed with you? You’re amazing.”

“She’s mine!” Edward’s vampire visage bled out. “She’s my fiancé and you took her from me!”

“It’s always the same line, isn’t it?” Peter asked Bella. “She’s mine! Give her back! You took her from me! You’re sick! This isn’t right!” he added in a whiny voice.

Bella smiled widely then as she turned back to face Edward, her own werewolf face now coming out, her eyes glowing red, her hands turning into claws. “I am not yours, Edward Cullen. I have never been and I never will be.”

When Edward lunged for Isaac, she intercepted him and slammed his cold, hard body on the ground, denting the soil in the process. The others ran past her to take care of the rest, but her focus was solely on Edward. The amount of rage towards him and his family contained inside of her was unhealthy and she needed to let it out. Isaac was close by, helping Jasper destroy Alice, but for now, she had time alone with Edward.

Bella quickly managed to get rid of one leg that Edward wasn’t going to need anymore and threw it away in a general direction before she heard Kol laugh. “Thank you for my bat, Bella darling!” The sound of steel hitting steel could be heard soon after that.

Edward rolled away from her then and managed to get her in a choke hold, she quickly had difficulty breathing and she couldn’t move. “You’re coming back with me, Bella, whether you like it or not.”

Bella managed to let out a loud roar then, causing both Isaac and Derek to stop what they were doing and quickly made their way over to Bella to free her from Edward’s arms. Derek ripped off one arm while Isaac tugged on the other so that Bella could roll away from Edward. He then planted his foot firmly on Edward’s torso and pulled on his arm, leaving Edward limbless and only with one leg.

Once she had caught her breath, she leapt on top of Edward and started to tug on his head. “You mother fucker! I am not ever coming back with you! I should have never ignored my own feelings about you so you could manipulate me, you fucking asshole!” One big tug and with a pop, his head separated from his torso. She placed the head next to her as she slid down his body and opened his chest cavity before grabbing his head again and pushed it right in the hole that she had created.

She was so tempted to grab his dick and shove it up his ass, but her rage was satisfied now. All that she needed to do now was to set the fucker on fire and be done with it. She looked up to Isaac who held out his hand to pull her up. “What do you think of the remodelling of the statue?” She asked as she put her arms around her boyfriend.

“I think it’s… better than the original, for sure,” Isaac let out a chuckle and handed Bella a lighter. “I know that we’re supposed to collect them all and make one big bonfire out of them but I think you deserve to have your own little one.”

Derek pulled a small bag of marshmallows out of his pocket. “I brought these.”

“Brilliant!” Bella smiled widely.

He handed her the small bag and kissed the top of her head. “Proud of you sis,” he said proudly. “Now, excuse me, there are more Cold Ones to kill.”

“Oh, yes, let’s do that first!” Bella said excitedly as she handed the marshmallows to Isaac and ran to the next available Cold One to tear apart.

The gigantic bonfire was spectacular, and everyone looked pleased with their work. Jasper had left briefly to get the bottles of alcohol he had promised Bella, and she was happily sharing her bottle with Isaac. Even Derek was shocked by the fact that he felt the buzz of the alcohol. “I want to thank you all for helping me. You didn’t have to, but thanks to you, the world is a whole lot safer to live in. You truly freed me. Even with my new life, with Isaac, the idea of the Cullens finding me and wanting to take me back always lingered in the back of my mind and I don’t have that anymore, so really, thank you so much.”

“You are very welcome, little Swan,” Klaus saud, quite enjoying the fact that he felt buzzed from Peter and Jasper’s concoction already. “But we are not done yet.”

“We’re not?”

The hybrid shook his head. “If I’m not mistaken, the Volturi still believe you’re a human and they’ll come after you again. And again. Because no human is allowed to know about who they truly are. Perhaps a diplomatic trip to Volterra is in order to convince them otherwise?”

“He’s right,” Jasper replied. “They’d need to have proof that your status has changed, besides you were never human to begin with. They’re not impossible or unfair, just a big bunch of dicks.”

That was the last thing she wanted to hear; and she knew she couldn’t ask of anyone else to go, either, because the Volturi would want to see for themselves. “If you’d like to, Myriam and I could accompany you and your boyfriend. We have a family home in Rome where we could stay,” Klaus said kindly. “The Volturi aren’t unreasonable, but they’re not very fond of wolves, either.”

“God, I hope not,” Bella muttered as she leaned into Isaac and looked up at him. “Italy?”

“You’re going to love the food,” he grinned and planted a kiss on her head. “And the history, I mean, Rome is beautiful.”

“Very well… once more to Volterra it is.”


A couple of days later they landed in Rome and Bella was wearing one of the dresses she had bought in New Orleans. While she had felt free, truly free after destroying the Cullens and their family, the thought of having to face the Volturi again filled her with dread. The least she could do was to dress pretty. For herself and Isaac.

Derek had taken Stiles back to Beacon Hills, fully compelled and Elijah had come along to have a chat with Argent and Deaton about Scott and Derek’s transformation. If needed, Elijah would compel anyone necessary when it came to Scott.

She wanted to get it over with and head to Volterra after they’d landed, but Klaus and Myriam insisted in staying in Rome for the night. After all, there was enough time in the world and life was all about enjoyment, according to Myriam. Bella couldn’t sleep, so she dragged Isaac into Rome with her to explore in the dark and with the pretty lights.

“You’re right, Rome is pretty,” Bella said as they had climbed on top of the Colosseum, granting them a spectacular view of the city by night. “Did you live around here for long?”

“Long enough,” he replied with a smile. “It was more fun to travel through Italy, through the small villages and talk to the nonna’s, and learn from them. The nature and the environment is simply stunning and once you really involve yourself in the culture, live amongst them Italians, it’s the best thing ever.”

“Nerd,” Bella barked out a laugh.

“It’s the same for every country though, and you, as a history lover, should be intrigued. You learn a lot from the history of a country or a place by talking to the locals and to befriend them,” he smiled then as he tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear and kissed her tenderly. “Maybe, once our B&B is fully running with all the staff we could possibly need and make us obsolete, we could do some travelling.”

“Warm countries only.”

“Indonesia… Suriname… Curaçao, Aruba…”

“Sounds great. I’ve always wanted to backpack through Europe, too, so maybe we can do that too?” she sighed happily. “I just hope that after we’ve gone to the Volturi that that’s it for my personal hell and that all I need to worry about is us, our friends and the people we’re going to help.”

Isaac let out a breath and nodded. “You know… what Derek and the Mikaelsons did to Scott… it’s weird.”

“It’s better than him dying, isn’t it?”

He shrugged then. “I honestly don’t know if it’s better or not. Sure, now I’m certain he’s not going to do anything anymore and all… and he got what he deserved, but it’s kinda cruel.”

“He hurt you, deeply.”

“As did Derek, and yet, he’s back to being an Alpha now.”

“But you said it yourself, Derek has changed. Scott hasn’t, and he likely never will because he doesn’t see the bigger picture like Derek does,” she gently rubbed his arm. “You can always tell Klaus that Scott could return to Beacon Hills, you know, I’m sure he’d do that.”

“No, Scott needs to stop doing what he does.”

“Then this is the best solution,” she smiled at him and kissed him. “Don’t feel guilty about it, the pup stuck his nose where it didn’t belong. It has consequences. He doesn’t treat people the way they should be treated, either. This is a good solution,” she assured him. “Trust me. If it were up to me, I would have killed him.”

They were quiet for some time before Isaac spoke again. “Freedom from your demons does feel good, doesn’t it?”

Bella laughed. “Yeah. Yeah it does!”

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  1. Wow what a chapter! I almost want to feel sorry for Scott, I think death would have been better. The fight with the Cullens was almost anticlimactic over and done fast lol. Will Volterra be more troublesome or just as easy?

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