One Shot, One Kill

Written for Flash Fiesta over at Fiction Retreat, every two weeks we get a new prompt to work with! This prompt was for April 2018; “She got the idea from an article she’d read in a women’s magazine”. Rated M, 818 words. I used my OC’s Stacie and Cassidy.


It sounded stupid but, he got the idea from an article he’d read in a women’s magazine whilst waiting at the dentist for his turn to be tortured. Granted, the article was innocent and he was definitely not, but it didn’t matter. Nobody had to know that he got the idea from reading an article about what was in someone’s bag.

He had taken some pictures of the contents of his bag and sent it to his professional friends, accompanied by the words “what’s in your bag?” and a big smiley face.

Screw you, Cassidy, you always have the best shit.

Careful now, I might want to hit you next!

He just laughed. There was no way he’d have sent those pictures, from his phone, if he hadn’t planned this. His escape. Or, better yet, there were better opportunities at a different part of the world, where they would appreciate his talents – where the market wasn’t saturated.

Cassidy had packed up his car and his beloved bag was last. After putting it away securely, he drove to the border and destroyed his phone. Completely and utterly destroyed his phone. He cut up the sim card and broke the motherboard and the internal memory before setting it all on fire in a bin on the side of the road. No more professional friends. Well, until he’d surface again, but for now, he was off to greener pastures.

It took him days to get to where he was supposed to be, but he had enjoyed himself as he drove around and listened to the radio. He had swapped cars on day three, and yes, that even involved moving everything out of his own car into his new one, but it wasn’t that much. Just the essentials.

His clothes, his computer and game consoles, his camera and, of course, his beloved bag.

His new apartment was in the crummiest area of the city he was going to settle in, but it had the best internet speeds. Who cared that he was stuck between the junkies and criminals? He fit right in! Cassidy was going to secure his place, though. No doubt that they’ll want his computer, his… legal way of earning money as a professional videogamer, but also to hide his non-legal side of his life. Cassidy wanted to stay safe, too.

In his field he had made a lot of enemies, and safety was key. Luckily, he brought all the security measures with him and within a day, everything was set and up and running. Including his pc. But he wasn’t going to play a video game today. Oh, no, his first day in this new city was for playing a whole different game!

He opened his bag and retrieved a small suitcase. With a big smile on his face, he started to unpack the rifle parts and started to put them together, carefully, with precision and cleaned along the way. One of his newest toys, the top shelf scope that he had bought only two weeks ago, was sitting so beautifully on his Stacie and he was eager to use her.

Cassidy waited until nightfall and headed to the address that he had received; a house in a quiet residential area and it was easy pickings, really. But this was to prove to his new boss that he was capable of doing things, or something, while his resume should say enough. There was hardly any wind , even when he went up the hill behind the house to find the right spot to kill his target. He wasn’t one to do things up close and personal. He could if he wanted, but he preferred the solitude, the focus.

According to his contact, his target would go outside every hour or so to have a smoke. Stacie looked so beautiful with her new scope on and the new scope was so clear, he instantly got hard when he pulled the trigger. One shot, one kill. Clean and simple. Making sure he was still out of sight from all directions, he jerked himself off, the feeling of a fresh kill still in his mind, in his fingers, the smell of gunpowder still covering him like a warm blanket. Oh, it was so easy, so good and so satisfying.

He went home with his head on cloud nine, and tomorrow? Tomorrow he was going to kick some ass in Call of Duty. There was a reason why he was number one in everything that he did. He was the best and if not, he took out the competition without blinking.

Just like he had done with his ex-girlfriend Stacie. The jealous bitch had ratted him out a couple years ago and he had bought a new rifle and shot her with it. Named his rifle Stacie as a reminder not to let anyone get close. Not anymore. Not ever.

No regrets.

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