Divine Happenstance tunes!

I forgot to save the playlist I had for BEAUTIFUL SOUL but, I still have the one for Divine Happenstance. I thought it would be fun to share some of the music I listened to while writing the story!

All them witches – Don’t bring me coffee

Altan – drowsy maggie / rakish paddy / harvest storm

Harvest Storm was actually played on the Originals tv show during Father Kieran’s wake. Seeing as this video is blocked for me on youtube, I linked to Harvest Storm instead. But seriously, check them out. Their music is awesome.

Ashlee Simpson – La La

Bring me back to my youth, why won’t ya? LOL. Anyway, this song is of course, all about the attraction between Kol and Bella, and the heavy pop/rock tunes made me feel like all girl powery.

Ben E. King – Stand By Me

Oof. Well, Bella and Kol did just that, didn’t they?

Chase Hofelder – Girls Just Want to have fun

Oh yes. YES. Totally went there. This is of course a cover of the famous Cyndi Lauper song, but… put into minor key. Everyone has a dark side, even Bella 🙂

Fleurie – Breathe

This song was also played on The Originals. Season 3, episode 22 – the moment where Hayley straps in Hope and takes her away with the coffin’s in the back of the truck. Not only is it beautiful, it’s also a nice little song, because Bella does need to remember to breathe, every once in a while 🙂

Garbage – The World Is Not Enough

In Bella and Kol’s case, it truly isn’t.

Grant Gustin – Running Home To You

Right. In. The. Feels.

Kathryn Gallagher – Call it Home

All I know is I miss you
When you’re not here
Take my body take my soul
Take my mind take control
Take my heart like you did from the start
Take me anywhere you go
Cause with you I’ll call it home
You are trouble
In a suit and tie
You are the devil’s crooked smile
We are standing in the middle of the street
The cars are coming
We’re floating high above our feet

So adorable. Also, couldn’t find a video of her singing this solo (it is on spotify) but this version where she sings it with Alex Boniello is amazing as well. They should totally upload a studio quality version to itunes or spotify or something. Jeez. So beautiful. And so fitting for this story!

Lukewarm Freeda – I’m gonna break you

Oh hey, look! Another song used on the Originals!

Ólafur Arnalds – This Place is a shelter

Also used on the TV show, like many of his other songs. I just liked this. It also reminded me a little of Bella’s Lullaby from the Twilight movie.


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