Chapter 19. Alt. Ending (bonus)

Sometimes, sometimes things are too funny or you write things and they’re shitty. But don’t throw them away. This is something I didn’t throw away. Bonus!

Here was chapter 19

Klaus retrieved a coin out of his pocket and handed it back to Bella. “I don’t think I have a need for this is you’re able to cleanse us from whatever’s going on.”

“I’m not taking that, give it to Myriam if you so please, I can get you another one later.”

Myriam was lost between the actions of her lover and the words of the pint sized terror. Normally Davina would complain when someone spoke about Bella in a slightly positive way and it was usually followed by an intense hate towards her, as well.

“Almost there, Myriam, keep thinking,” Klaus laughed as he could almost see the cogs spin inside his girlfriend’s head. “Add it all up. What about that Sloth?”

“Yes, I know about that sloth, Bella likely turned someone into one for being annoyed by them or to give them a timeout so she could do—-” Myriam then looked at Davina. Really looked, and noticed something strange. Her walk was off. Davina rarely put her hands inside her pockets and there she was, casually strolling next to Klaus with her hands in her pockets. “No fucking way.”

Klaus pulled Myriam close to him before she could reach Bella to hug her tightly. “For all intents and purposes she’s still Davina,” he whispered in her ear. “I’m sure a hug could wait until we’re at her hotel room after her confrontation with Kol.”

“I was spelled? We were spelled?” Myriam said angrily. “The little deviant spelled us?”

Klaus nodded.

“I’m going to kill that sloth,” Myriam said, trying to turn around but Klaus kept her from going to Rebekah’s. “What!”

“Not until we’ve fixed the rest of our family, love,” Klaus reminded her as he forced her to keep moving forward. “And then I’m sure Bella wouldn’t mind us giving her a piece of our mind.”

Davina straightened up then, hands balled into fists at her sides. “Hell yeah, I want to give Bella a piece of my mind, how dare she stroll back into New Orleans and claim MY Kol as hers? She left! He’s mine!” She cried out. “And on top of that, no matter what you all say, her presence here will only unbalance the supernatural world in this city. Oh my God, what if someone finds a way to control her? She could wipe us all out!”

“Well, that’s a little bit over dramatic,” Klaus deadpanned before a big smile appeared on his face. “Well done, that sounds exactly like her!”

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