13: Gemini

He didn’t dare to wake her the following morning. She had slept so peacefully, quietly moaning in her sleep as she appeared to relive their lovemaking, and he didn’t have the heart to wake her for breakfast. Instead, he just held her and felt like the luckiest man alive. Until, of course, he heard the door open and watched Jeri walk in with a big smile on her face. “Morning, lovebirds! Wakey wakey!”

“Get out,” Klaus spat as he pulled the covers over Bella.

“I vant your blud,” Jeri said with a mock-Dracula voice. “Preferably before you two eat something.” She leaned against the doorpost and looked at them. “Wow, look at the tear in that dress.” She picked it up from the floor and observed it. “Yeah, somebody was eager last night.”

“Get out,” he repeated with a growl. “Don’t make me repeat myself again.”

“Hey, I don’t mind if you two are naked.” She fished two syringes out of her pocket and grinned. “Are you going to wake her up or shall I with a tiny prick?”

“Give us a few minutes,” Bella yawned as she looked at Jeri. She’d only woken up because she felt Klaus tense up, and that meant trouble. “Go away. Five minutes.”

Jeri narrowed her eyes on the two people in bed and sighed. “Fine,” she said with a shrug and with a simple hand movement, she flipped the bed and walked out. Klaus was on her within a blink of an eye, pushing her hard against the nearest wall. “Morning.”

“She asked for five minutes.”

“And now she has a bed on top of her and yet, your priority is throttling me?” Jeri raised an eyebrow as she didn’t show any signs of panic.

“Give me one reason not to end your life here and now.”

“I’ll only come back.”

“I’ll end it again.” He had briefly forgotten that she was consuming Kol’s blood. The traitor. He should dagger him and store him away for eternity.

“I’d like to see you try,” Jeri grinned widely. She was as mad as Kol, wasn’t she?

Klaus looked over to his brother, who was standing in the doorway to observe it all, too cowardly to go and wake up Klaus and Bella himself. “Oh, yeah, did I mention, brother? She’s not just a Traveller.”

“Then what is she?” he demanded.

“Kill me, and I’ll come back as a witch hybrid,” Jeri smirked at him, causing Klaus to immediately let her go. “I think you’ve heard of my family, the Heretics?”

“You’re a Gemini?”

She shrugged as she rubbed her neck and didn’t move otherwise. “Quite possibly the last, but shh, don’t tell anyone. They might think I’m like Malachai, but he drank the crazy juice.”

“How are you still alive?”

“My direct bloodline comes from one of the Heretics and was cut off from the rest of the family so I survived. Awesome, isn’t it? And I survived the mass suicide of the Travelers because I wasn’t linked to them with the spell. Some crazy shit they were smoking, I didn’t want any of that. I’d rather deal with you crazy vampires than those lunatic witches!”


“What?” Kol said innocently. “As if I knew before I started shagging her!”

“He knew,” Jeri snorted. “Oh, he so knew. Oh, I guess your five minutes are up, gorgeous naked hybrid of mine.”

“He’s mine,” Bella said as she wrapped a blanket around herself after digging her way from underneath the bed. She had been fortunate that she had been half entangled with Klaus to begin with, but now she felt even sorer from their gymnastics last night.

“Possessive, are we?” Kol laughed as he saw Bella’s bed head. “I must say, you look thoroughly fucked. Well done, brother.”

The witch smiled as she eyed Klaus. “Don’t worry hun. I am very pleased with my vampire. I do have to say though that yours is quite – well, if I wasn’t happy, you might have some competition. In any case, get dressed and come outside so that I can get your blood, and we can get this over with quickly. Dépêche toi!”

“I know that word!” Bella grinned widely. “Carlisle used to yell that into the phone a lot when he was on international calls and then slammed the phone down in anger.”

“Hm,” Jeri hummed as she looked at the girl thoughtfully. “Good to know. Get dressed. We’ll wait for you downstairs. And no playing hide the banana. There is no time for it.”

Bella blinked at her for a moment and shrugged, the sentence completely lost on her. “That doesn’t sound like a fun game,” she muttered as she shuffled to her dress and found it irreparably ripped. She was just about to get into it when Klaus snatched it out of her hands.

“Poppet, you played a hearty game of it last night I could hear,” Kol snorted as he closed the door behind his girlfriend, leaving the couple alone as the two ran off.

She tugged on her dress as she looked at Klaus. “She said I needed to get dressed.”

“Sure she did, but you don’t have to listen to her.”

“I think I do.”


“You seemed to be afraid of her,” she pointed out and tugged on her dress again. “I told you before; I am observant. That’s how I knew what people wanted from me. I can even read lips if I try hard enough.”

“I’m not necessarily afraid, love,” Klaus replied as he started to tear the dress to shreds. She was so adamant to step into the ripped dress that he simply had to. “She’s a lot more powerful than I had anticipated. I hope, for Kol’s sake, that she is a keeper otherwise we’re going to have a lot of problems with her.”

“Oh,” she had hoped that Jeri would be as breakable as she was, but as it turned out, she wasn’t. “Okay. Now what?”

“We are going to take a shower, and we’re going to get dressed to go downstairs, give the witch some blood. We’ll then have breakfast and if you feel up for it, we can return to bed?”

“I’d like that,” Bella said with a grin and put her hands in the air to stretch herself, dropping the blanket in the process.

His eyes drifted down and admired her body, his own arousal growing again. A loud bang of something being thrown at the door startled him out of the naughty thoughts that he had intended for her, making him scowl. “It would seem my siblings are insistent on our presence this morning.”

She just stared at the door in shock. “What was that? That wasn’t funny, what was that?”

“Just the family urging us to join them. They threw something at the door because they heard my proposal for us and something of it displeased them. Don’t worry about it now. Why don’t you start the shower and I will collect something from your room for you to change into,” he smiled as he pressed his lips to the curve of her neck.

She hummed before turning around, tiptoeing and kissing him and walking towards the bathroom. She had only barely turned the faucet when Klaus had already joined her, surprising her with his hands wrapped around her body. She startled for a short moment and then looked at him. “You need to start wearing a bell.”

“I’m sorry, love, I’m simply too excited to join you for that shower,” he kissed her neck and reached for the water to check the temperature. Fortunately, she had chosen a safe temperature, although he had fun breaking the faucet in her bathroom so she couldn’t put it scorching hot anymore. And he loved it that she loved that, that they were helping her to protect her from herself.

He cursed under his breath when another thump could be heard. “Right, the natives are getting restless,” Klaus helped her step underneath the shower and took the showerhead to make things go faster for his siblings. He started to spray water all over Bella’s body while she looked up at him with those big brown eyes of hers that made him melt on the inside. “Oh, don’t look at me like that, love,” he said with a whisper and softly kissed her lips. “We have the rest of the day for ourselves after breakfast.” The next thump pissed him off. “This isn’t cute.”

“Let’s get clean and then you can be angry at them,” she circled his chest with her fingers and smiled up at him.

“You’re a distraction.”

“And you wanted to take a shower together,” she said with a grin.

Eventually, they made it downstairs. Bella comfortably dressed in a pair of sweatpants – she was grateful that Klaus brought those, she could barely stand as it was and then to walk around in jeans? And a sweater while Klaus opted for his usual attire. But before they even set foot in the dining room, Jeri ambushed them by waving syringes in their faces. Bella immediately took a few steps back and used Klaus as a shield from them.

“Relax, you’re such a wuss,” Jeri said as she reached around Klaus for Bella’s arm and pulled her towards her. “You don’t have to look, how else am I going to take blood from you?”

“I don’t like the stabby things,” Bella muttered and looked at Klaus. “Do I have to?”

“It’s just a pinch. A baby needle, barely will scratch, and I’m sure your man will have you forgetting about it before you know it,” she said pointedly as she glanced to the hybrid as she readied the needle.

“She needs it for her research,” Klaus explained and softly kissed her lips and put a strand of her hair behind her ear.

As he spoke to her, Jeri quickly inserted the needle and drew the blood she needed into the vials, slapping a band-aid over the puncture site as soon as she was finished since the blood came out quick and easy. “Alright, you’re next Mr. High and Mighty,” she smirked.

“You should watch your tongue,” he growled at her.

“So should you when you’re the one expecting help from a witch without any expectation of something in return,” Jeri said as she jammed the needle in his vein. “I – want nothing from you. I asked for nothing. I offered my help, and it was you who has had the sour tongue with me.” When she filled her vials, she withdrew her tubing and capped the blood. “I think you can clean yourself up,” she said with a smile as she turned on her heel and walked down the hall to join Kol, who’d been waiting quietly, keeping his distance.

Klaus lowly growled as he rubbed his arm, feeling the hole close already. “Let’s have breakfast,” he gently guided Bella into the room and blinked when he saw Elijah sit at the table with a companion. “What is this, brother?” Upon closer inspection, he saw that the girl was tied to the chair she was sitting on, and she had a sour look on her face.

“Good morning to you too, Niklaus. Good morning, Bella, I see my brother managed to keep you in one piece?” He said with an amused smile on his face.

Bella huffed as she pushed her chair closer to Klaus’ before sitting down. Another stranger. This was getting ridiculous. She already wished this day would be over; it was too eventful for her taste. First, getting rudely woken up by Jeri and then got the bed on top of her, the throwing of things that startled her every time and the stabby thing and now this new person? She felt as if her head was swimming.

After securing the blood somewhere safe, Kol and Jeri soon joined the family, Jeri smiling pleasantly as she took a seat. “Well isn’t this nice. Do you share meals together often?”

“Every morning, yes,” Elijah replied curtly. “Let me introduce to you, Jessica. As you can tell, she’s no longer a human and, unfortunately, she was one of Kol’s Mormon virgins.”

“Was?” Klaus blinked at his brother.

“Someone decided to get a little bit drunk. I might have found her in a pile of Marcel’s vampires. Hence, she’s no longer a virgin nor human.”

How Elijah could say that with a neutral look on his face was beyond Klaus’ comprehension and simply laughed.

Jeri had lifted her teacup to her lips and smiled as she watched the interaction, amused and fascinated. Taking a sip, she couldn’t help but to speak up. “I’m curious. If I may ask, where did she stay during the night?”

“Excuse me, but who are you again?” He countered, blinking at her and then looking at Kol. “Since when is it appropriate to bring your catch of the day to the breakfast table?”

She did not take too kindly to that, and Kol said nothing as he simply chuckled. Jeri wiggled her fingers and twisted her wrist, causing the vampire’s pristine tie to tighten around his neck, choking him. “I hope you don’t need to breathe. You seem a little bit on edge. Maybe you need a nap,” she said kindly, with just a bit of bite to her words.

“Don’t kill the witch, Elijah,” Klaus warned him as he helped himself to some freshly poured blood. After lusting after Bella’s the night before, he needed to top himself up. “We’ll be worse off if you do.”

“How can you just sit there?” Elijah managed to bring out as he tried to stop his tie from choking him.

“Because he’s been on the receiving end of her wrath. Good morning family,” Rebekah greeted them chipperly and ran her fingers through the redhead’s hair. “Jessica is wonderful, don’t you think, Elijah? Perfect for you.”

Bella was curious as to what happened to the vampires that had been ‘on top of Jessica’. Had they been taken care of, like the vampire who had attacked her? Or had nothing happened? She had hoped that Jessica was a human and that maybe she’d stay, but Bella was still the only one. On top of that, Jessica was newborn. This was going to be dangerous for a while.

She wasn’t quite sure if she should trust Jeri. Bella was no angel herself, and neither was Rebekah, but Jeri’s mouth could be the death of her one day. In all honesty, she was a bit scared of her. The fact that Klaus and Kol respected her power was one thing, but all the warnings of killing her or not killing her?

“I still don’t like it that they got to her; they were told the virgins were off-limits for other than drinking purposes!” Kol sulked as he stabbed a dinner roll with his knife and got it on his plate. “What is she doing at the breakfast table anyway? You do know that if she takes one bite out of Bella that Nik will kill her, right?” He poked Jeri to release Elijah from her hold and with reluctance, she obliged.

“Should she survive breakfast, I’ll be taking her over to Marcel’s, so he can instruct her,” Elijah said curtly. “Bella is in no danger.”

“Why didn’t you take her last night?”

“Marcellus was here, of course. She stayed in my room while she transitioned. You were too busy with your companion to notice,” Elijah said simply.

When Jeri lunged forward, Kol pulled her back. “Let it go, darling. I know you’re eager to become a Heretic and grow to your full potential, but please, let’s keep the peace around the breakfast table.”

Bella startled when her stomach started to growl and reluctantly reached for the assorted fruit on the table. She had to admit, she was hungry and hoped that she would be able to eat without any more surprises. She still hadn’t been able to process what happened the day before, but she knew that she was happy that it happened.

She took a deep breath as she took a bite from her apple, avoiding the cherries and banana after yesterday’s teasing. For some reason, they seemed to think it meant something but it went a little above her head. Bella had to pull herself together. This wasn’t her, but she just didn’t like change that much.

First she was going to get through breakfast and then she’d go up to Klaus’ room to fix the bed that Jeri had ruined by turning it over. Who did that, anyway? She blinked when something hit her head from across the table and saw it fell into her lap. It was a grape. When she looked up, she saw Kol grin widely at her before he pelted another grape at her.

She kept staring at him as she continued munching on her apple, and he kept throwing grapes at her for as long as she was dealing with the apple. When she finished it, she started to eat all the grapes he had thrown at her. When she was done with those, he lifted a dinner roll and was just about to throw it at her when Klaus spoke up. “Kol, it’s great that you found a new way to feed my Bella, but I am sure she’s more than capable of picking her own breakfast.”

“Oh come on, Nik. We were simply having some fun!”

Bella reached for a pancake, rolled it up and started to eat it. Wasn’t what they were doing to Jessica the same as what happened with her? Sort of? The girl had been taken advantage of while she didn’t know any better as she was under compulsion. Was she still compelled or did that go away the moment she turned into a vampire? She was now forced to stay, wasn’t it better to let her go? Give her the freedom instead of keeping her?

She was going to ask Klaus later.

After breakfast, she watched Klaus trod off after Jeri and Kol to see what they were going to do with his blood, and Bella went to Klaus’ bed chambers to see if she could flip the bed back to its original position, but when she got there, it was as if nothing had happened. Even the shreds of her dress were gone and nowhere to be found. A shame, really, even if putting it back together would have looked horrible, she could have made herself a pillowcase from it.

What was she going to do now? Elijah was taking the newborn to Marcel, and she didn’t know where Rebekah was. Maybe she could join Klaus and Kol in watching Jeri do whatever, but she figured with two vampires looming over her, she’d have enough eyes on her. Sighing, she couldn’t believe she was actually bored. She realized how much she had relied on them to keep her busy. How much time they spent with her and how she had become aware of herself.

She needed to find herself a hobby.



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