Turn the Page

It’d been nearly three years since the Sayles couple began trying to conceive. While Jason tried to be upbeat and encouraging, Elsa could not help but continue on a downward spiral. After she finished her school day and what she needed to do, she began spending most of her free time in relative silence.

Cleaning the house was more or less the only escape from her own depression and even if she just finished, she began again in another room starting the cycle all over again. Elsa felt her husband’s eyes on her as she vacuumed the family room but she wouldn’t acknowledge him as the disapproving comments that his mother often made, even when she believed that no one was listening, were slowly getting to her. If she couldn’t give Jason a child, then what kind of wife could she be?

“Stop cleaning and come and have dinner…” Jason said lightly. “Or do I have to handcuff you?” He tried joking as he had made her favorite dinner with her favorite wine, because he had a surprise for her.

“I’m not hungry,” she muttered as she continued around him. As she passed the large windows that looked out onto the yard, she managed to stop vacuuming only to get out the glass cleaner and start scrubbing at it from the top down in a very compulsive manner.

He got up and grabbed his handcuffs and went after her. One end of cuffs snapped onto the wrist he managed to get and secured her to the chair. “Eat.”

She looked at him with sunken and withdrawn eyes. “Jason, come on.”

“No, you’re going to eat. I’ve bust my ass off for this, and we need to talk.”

Elsa’s head straightened in a clear flash of fear that her nightmare was about to come true. “You’re leaving me,” she stated in a small voice.

“What? NO!” Jason said shocked. “Why do you think that?”

“Well why not? You’re better off with someone who can give you a family. What was her name? Tanya? The one your mother keeps inviting over to dinner whenever we visit them? Maybe it would be better for you,” she argued and turned away, pushing the plate back.

“Damn it Elsa.” Jason sighed and ran his hand through his hair. “I love you, and nobody else. We are a family.”

She refused to look back at him as silent tears began to fall slowly. What kind of woman was she if she couldn’t bear children. She could not even gather the courage to go see a specialist for fear that he would say that it was a dream she could never fulfill and he just couldn’t understand how much she wanted to give him his child. Elsa tugged her wrist on the chair trying to get out of the metal only to have it cut into her skin forcing her to give up.

“Sweetie,” he took one of her hands in his and smiled. “I’m not leaving you, and I’m not letting you leave me. In fact, I wanted to take you on a fun skiing trip this weekend to take your mind off off things.”

Elsa made a face as she tried to pull away. “I hate skiing,” she cried. “I hate this! I hate me!”

Jason got up and kneeled down in front of her, putting his hands on her face to make her look at him. “You shouldn’t hate yourself, why would you hate yourself? You’re a fantastic person, an amazing wife and you’re a great teacher and I love you!”

“But I’m not a woman, I can’t give you the only thing I could ever wish for,” she answered.

“I don’t care. You’re perfect.”

She looked at him ready to break down. “No I’m not. I wanted to have a baby with you since you asked me to marry you, since you put that ring on my finger, since we bought this house because that was perfect. I can’t! I can’t go through this anymore!”

“Then… then let’s look into alternative ways. If this is so important to you, we’ll look into alternative ways. Like fostering.” Jason had wanted to suggest that for a while now, he had seen a programme on TV on how bad some foster kids were being treated and he felt so sorry for them. “We’re so fortunate to have a double income, a big house, and we have so much love for each other, how about we foster a kid? Give he or she the love they so desperately need.”

Unsure of how to react, she finally lifted her eyes. “Really? You want to do that? Fostering wouldn’t keep a child with us for long…even if they did approve us for caring for them.”

Jason grinned. “I’ve already put in an application, they’re going to send me a letter back so we can show those people that we have a house that’s big enough, and that our hearts are even bigger.” He softly kissed her. “If we end up liking a kid so much, that he or she is a perfect fit, we could see if we could start adopting, but please… stop being so sad… there are always different ways to get the same result.”

It was not the same, at least for her. She could however try to learn more and that was something. Nodding she turned her face into his palm and sighed. “Okay,” she said eventually. “But I really don’t feel much like eating. I’m so sorry.”

“Well, then…” he smiled. “Let us go to that Ski resort… I’ve heard they’ve got a great spa where you can get pampered.”

Elsa nodded mutely, not wanting to upset him any more than she already had. In truth she never liked skiing or that resort. It was usually with uppity people who thought they were too good for everyone else. Much like her mother in law. Probably why she always had a bad impression of the place as it was her choice for family vacations that got Jason hooked on it.

“No ski resort?” Jason uncuffed Elsa, knowing that he’d finally had gotten her attention. “Then what? I don’t want us to spend this weekend in this house.”

“No, we can go,” she said, rubbing her wrist. “It’s fine. They have an okay library in the lodge that I’m sure I can find something to mind myself while you take to the slopes.”

“What do you want to do, Elsa?” He looked at her pleasingly. “I want to make you happy, what do you want?”

Frowning, she tried to think of something but just staying in bed sounded good to her at that moment. “I don’t know. If we were able to take more time off, I’d say we try to fly somewhere warm.”

“Then in the next school holiday, we will.” He sat down on his chair again and continued to eat. “Then this weekend, I’ll be spoiling you rotten here at home instead. Just please… don’t clean anymore.”

Elsa nodded as she looked around and all she could see what things that needed to be done. “How soon do you think we’d hear anything?” she asked suddenly, curious about the fostering papers he mentioned. “And when did you start that?”

“About a month ago.” He replied. “I’m sure I’ll hear something some time this week.”

“Oh,” she said simply as she watched him eat. As much as she wanted to get up and leave him be, she knew he would not like that after all that she had put him through. With how low her mood been, hunger was not particularly there for her so she had lost some weight that she really didn’t need to. “Did you speak to anyone or have there been any sort of word?”

“Let’s just say, when I inquired, they loved to hear that you’re a teacher and I’m a cop.”

“I don’t want to get excited yet,” she admitted. “I mean, what if they say they like what they hear and then for some reason say that we can’t? Even if it is just a temporary thing.”

“Did you know that some of these kids live in horrible homes with horrible foster parents? I read up on some of the horror stories and I can’t believe that the system is that fucked up.” Jason said and took a sip of his wine. “If anti-social people can be foster parents, then so can we.”

Elsa shrugged a shoulder. Looking around again, she sighed. “If I can’t clean, can I at least go take a shower and get some bandages on my wrist here?” she asked.

“Wait, what? I hurt you? I thought I’d made sure I didn’t hurt you! Let me see!”

Elsa shook her head. “No, you didn’t. I did that trying to get my hand out of them,” she replied holding up her chaffed wrist.

Jason sighed as he saw the marks on her wrist. “Go take a shower, I’ll get the cream.”

Coming up on three weeks after he broke the news to her about his application for fostering, they still hadn’t heard a word. Elsa knew it was wise that she didn’t get too excited over it. She was working on dinner as Jason just walked in from work when suddenly the phone rang.

Looking at the caller ID, she froze, staring at it. She didn’t know whether to answer it or not, afraid that it would be bad news.

Jason looked at Elsa for a moment and then picked up the phone. “Sayles.”

The disembodied voice on the other end of the phone spoke but all she could hear from where she stood staring, was garble. She frowned briefly, trying not to think about it, as she turned back to continue cooking as she attempted to ignore Jason’s end of the conversation.

“Sure,” Jason nodded. “But could you do it after school hours? I’m certain Elsa can’t miss a couple of hours on Monday…. yes, thank you. See you then.” He smiled and hung up the phone.

Carrying their plates over to the table, she let curiosity get the better of her. “What did they say?”

“They’re coming by on Monday.”

“To…give us a kid? To inspect the house? What?”

“To inspect the house, get to know us a little bit more, to see what kind of kids we’d like to foster…” Jason sat down at the table.

Elsa nodded slowly as she tried to digest the information. She was sure that they would pass a home inspection so the fact that they had gotten this far was hard to comprehend. “We need to go shopping for the rooms. We’ll umm, need new linen and decor for kids. But what if they give us a teenager? Will we get information beforehand so that we could get things ready?”

“Yes, honey.” Jason chuckled and started to dig into his food; he was hungry after skipping lunch today because he had waited a long time for the fire department to show up and get the damn cat out of Mrs. McKay’s tree. It was just his luck that he had spotted it.

“Maybe an older child would be better. Aren’t they generally overlooked by people looking to adopt?” she asked aloud, voicing her thoughts.

“Sure, we could do that.” Jason nodded. “As what the agency has told me, not only are older children harder to adopt out, they’ve usually been in the system for too long and have some behavioural issues.”

“It makes sense. They see others being picked and they are stuck. Maybe they’ll let us choose someone who been in awhile?”

“We’ll find out on Monday.” Jason loved Elsa’s impatience. She was a teacher, sure, but whenever she got excited about something, she couldn’t wait.

She nodded quickly before trying to eat. “We’ll need to buy bigger beds. Not one of the small singles. I don’t think it would be a good idea because then they might just think it’s another temporary stop here. I would like them to really try to think of it as home here, even if we can’t keep them for long.”

“Honey, slow down.” Jason chuckled. “One step at a time.”

“Can’t they just come today? I mean we are already here and don’t you think we waited long enough?”

“Honey, it’s nearly 6 pm.”

She stared at him with an expression that clearly did not care what time it was. To reiterate that, she simply said, “So?”

“I love you.” Jason smiled widely as he took a bite from his chicken. “But as you know, pencil pushers stop working after a certain time.”

“Waiting sucks,” Elsa said slumping in her chair like a child that was told no more late night television.

“Well, we could do fun stuff this weekend? I mean… maybe go to the movies? Eat at Alfredo’s? Visit my… no wait, that’s no fun.”

She gave him the look of death for even suggesting his parents. “The drive in sounds fine,” she said in an even tone. Last thing she needed was Persephone reminding her that she is inferior and an even more of a poor choice for a wife for her precious son.

“Good, dress up too, but nothing too fancy, I might want to ravage you later.” He grinned and kissed her as he got up and cleared the table.

“That doesn’t make sense. Do you want me to dress up or not? For the movies?” she asked following him.

“No… tomorrow. Dinner at Alfredo’s and then the drive in.” He nodded. “Sorry, I’m a bit scatter brained, my brain didn’t have much to do today.”

Elsa started the dishwasher when a sudden thought came to her. “How about we forget all that and just go get a hotel room in Vancouver?”

“Oh!” He smiled widely. “Me likey!”

Maybe a quick last minute getaway was something they needed. She certainly hoped that it would bring her back to where she was before. “If we leave now we can get there in decent time,” she hinted as she stared at the clock.

“Let’s pack some clothes first.” He kissed her as he jogged to their bedroom to pack some of their clothes.

“Put more than just underwear!” Elsa shouted after him.

“Damn!” Jason laughed.

Narrowing her eyes, she finished up in the kitchen and hurried to the bedroom to find what she suspected in his laughter. “And more than just my lingerie.”

“But… but…”

“Jason Sayles!”

“Yes dear?” he purred.

Elsa shook her head as she went to pull out some normal clothes for the both of them from the closet and laid them on the bed before digging through the back that he ‘packed’ to pull out four out of the seven nighties of hers he tried to hide under his shorts.

“Busted.” He pouted as he put his arms around her and nuzzled her neck.

Sighing she laid her head back on his shoulder. “I just know you that good,” she corrected.

Jason grinned. “We need the extra space, I just know you will find a huge amount of clothes… and shoes… in Vancouver.”

“So?” she asked, knowing what he wanted originally for their possibly last weekend alone and hoped that she would be up to giving that to him. “I thought you had other plans that didn’t involve – shopping.”

“Well, you like to shop… why not go shop?” Jason shrugged. “I was just about to pack some clothes when you walked in on me.” He continued innocently.

“I do not believe you,” Elsa replied as she folded the clothes into their overnight bag and zipped it. “We are taking my truck but you are driving.” There was a wicked glint in her eyes that had not been around for awhile now and surprisingly, it felt good to her.

“Yes ma’am, whatever you want, I’m your personal slave this weekend.”

The couple were on the road about a half hour already when the feisty feline inside Elsa decided to show herself after a long hiatus. Unbuckling her seat-belt, she looked around to make sure there were no cars around them, especially ones that were taller than their truck. With a seductive grin, she inched her way closer to Jason, sneaking her hand into his lap, rubbing down between his legs.

“Oh you’re mean…” Jason groaned. “I take it you won’t let me pull over for road safety?”

She let out a giggle before moving her hand up over his bulge to release his belt and slide his zipper down on his jeans. “Ahh no. I want to see just how much you can keep it together,” she replied innocently.

“I’m not a sleazy trucker…” He turned the volume up from the radio, to make sure he had something to focus on other than driving.

“But you do think like a horny teenager,” she whispered in his ear before sliding her hand under the fabric of his shorts to stroke her favorite toy that was clearly failing any attempt he made to keep it down.

“Baby, I AM a horny teenager… just in the wrong body.”

Glancing back out the window to make sure there was no one else around, she dipped her head below his arm that was tensely gripping the steering wheel. Carefully she pulled out his cock and licked at the head, testing him and his resolve.

“Elsaaa…” he moaned as he kept his eyes trained on the road. Not that he didn’t like this game, this was far better than the mopey over-cleaning Elsa he had lived with for the last couple of months, and even their sex hadn’t been all that great, as if she was just giving him what he wanted so he would leave her alone but this was certainly something different.

She took him in her mouth and hummed in response to her name before letting him loose to the air again. “Yes?” she asked innocently as she stroked his cock like a small kitten.

He really wanted to take her now, there and then, on the high way. Or wherever, in the bushes? But that would be wrong and dangerous and they were no where near Vancouver yet. “Fuck…” He groaned as he quickly glanced at her. There was hunger and lust in her eyes, and she was licking her lips like an animal.

Elsa smiled as she turned back to give him all her attention. When he started swerving on the road, her hands instantly went to the wheel to steady it but she couldn’t let up on him yet. He hadn’t come for her and she needed to feel him, to taste him.

“How about I park the car at the nearest deserted lot and keep my hands on the wheel?” He managed to say, knowing that what they were doing was going to be a potential car accident if she’d continue.

She raked the edge of her teeth carefully over the sensitive skin in response. “If you can find one before I am through,” she chuckled and blew on his head before beginning again.

“Fuck!” He knew that there wasn’t going to be a convenient space to park for at least another 15 minutes, but he was ready to blow. “Oh…”

Moaning, she pumped his cock as hard as she could with her lips kissing on the tip. “Come on baby,” Elsa encouraged.

He cried out her name as he came, and forced himself to keep his eyes open so he could keep the both of them safe on the road. “You’re nuts.” He said slightly out of breath, and then chuckled.

She sat up, dramatically making a show for him of wiping the corners of her mouth. “And yet, you love me,” she pointed out making sure he was calming down before she tucked him away.

“I do.” He nodded and smiled at her. “I wouldn’t know what to do without you.” He quickly kissed her, tasting himself on her lips. “You’re driving back.”

“I figured as much,” she said sighing. “You do know that you missed our exit right?”

“Not my fault.” He shook his head and took the next exit. “But it’s okay that I missed our exit, it was for a good and wonderful cause.”

Nodding, Elsa grinned. “And delicious too!”

“You can’t say that you’ve skipped dessert now.”

She only smiled back at him as she settled back in her seat for the rest of the drive to the hotel. It did feel good to be spontaneous with Jason again. She only hoped that this feeling would last after Monday.

When they finally arrived at the hotel, they quickly checked in and as soon as Jason had closed the door behind them, he tossed the bags aside and pulled Elsa with him to the king-sized bed. “You’re mine now,” Jason said as he gently pinned Elsa down to the bed with his hands.

“Am I now? You mean I wasn’t all these years?” she asked teasingly as she leaned in to kiss him. Sighing she dropped her head to the bed. “We should have done this a long time ago.”

“Oh you’ve always been mine.” Jason nodded. “But you need to be mildly punished for the pleasant stunt you pulled in the car.”

Elsa sat up next to him and pouted. “You didn’t like it?”

“Oh I liked it.” He smiled as he pushed her down again and sneaked his hands underneath her shirt. “But it was a bit unsafe.”

“You’re too much of a cop,” she replied, tugging on his shirt collar.

“Too much of a cop?” He laughed and pulled off her shirt so that he had easy access to her body, only to find out that she was wearing a bra. He kissed the nape of her neck as he reached behind her to unhook it.

Grinning, Elsa nodded. “Yes, and it may sound odd me saying this after how I been behaving, but we need to live on the edge a little bit. Remember how we were in the beginning…”

“Yes… I know that… I mean… we’ve had some fun in a public pool… and then there were many elevators…” Jason smiled and sucked on her left nipple. “And my parents’ bed while they were downstairs… you just loved violating their bed.”

She moaned and let out a deep breath. “No, your mother’s bed. I always liked your dad,” she said digging her fingers into his hair. “Their kitchen was the best…”

Jason chuckled. “Yeah, especially after Petra started to cook on the same chopping board your back had been on just thirty minutes before that.”

“Yes, dinner that evening was certainly amusing,” she grinned, moving to unbutton his shirt. “Your mother kept looking at me like I was possessed by the devil and was bringing you to hell.”

“But quite the opposite is true.” He said, starting to kiss his way down her body until the hem of her pants. “You’re an angel, and you’ve taken me to heaven.”

Elsa watched him as she pulled a pillow to rest her head on. “What makes me laugh the most, is that you were actually the bad influence on me despite her opinion.”

“Well, what can I say?” He shrugged as he opened her pants. “Rebelling against my mom had never felt so good, and you’re the one who made me realize that.” He planted a kiss on her belly button.

She laughed as she lifted her hips to help him tug her slacks off. “Don’t blame me, I was just the innocent girlfriend!”

“Innocent my ass!” Jason chuckled and got rid of her pants. “I remember that you wanted to try to smoke weed after biology class in college, you even bought the joints.”

“Well don’t all college students experiment? You seemed to like it…once your pretty pink donkey stopped eating your shirt…”

“Or your leprechauns stopped dancing the jig around your feet making you trip.”

“Hey! They had some serious moves!” she laughed, hitting him in the shoulder.

“Like this?” He sat down on his knees and started to move his hands and torso while bobbing his head along to inaudible music.

She couldn’t stop laughing. “Jason! Stop!”

“What? You don’t like my moves?” Jason teased and kissed her tenderly while he pulled her underwear down.

“Oh you have moves that I love but you haven’t done them to me – yet,” she grinned down at him as she tried to tease him with her foot by pressing it into his crotch to rub him.

“We’ve got all the time in the world.” Jason laughed and caressed her inner thighs with his hands.

Elsa looked at him and frowned in confusion. “I thought we had until Sunday night?”

“Okay fine, we have two full nights.” He grinned.

“Come here,” she ordered, pulling him down to her and kissing him.

Monday had finally came and Elsa was so on edge, trying to stay focused on her classes that it was next to impossible. She took the easy way out in her Lit periods by putting on a related video and just sat and watched as her drama students practiced their play. Driving home to do some last minute cleaning was another story and actually came close to rear ending her own husband in his truck with work.

She mouthed a sorry to him in his rear view mirror before pulling over to have him take his turn to lecture her. By the time he reached her door, she was looking up at him with a sheepish smile. “I love you honey,” she smiled.

Jason got rid of the sunglasses on his nose. “License and registration please.”

“Come on! Are you seriously going to give me a ticket!” she exclaimed.

“Yup, reckless driving.”

Elsa’s mouth dropped open and looked at her watch. She had less than two hours to get the house in order before the agency was due to arrive. “You have the information memorized for Pete’s sake. You know today is important! I’m freaking out enough as it is!”

“Humor me.” Jason leaned into her window and smiled widely. He knew his wife, he knew that she was about to have a nervous breakdown with the agency coming by and wanted to do some quick cleaning, but the house was already spotless.

Her head fell forward on the steering wheel and groaned, missing his cheeky grin. “I swear I will make you pay for this,” she grumbled as she reached across to the glove box to pull out the cards. She handed them over with a roll of the eyes. “Here you go Officer.”

“You swear you’re making me pay for this? Are you planning to assault an officer of the law?”

“Tempted,” she answered narrowing her eyes at him.

“Careful, I might have to take you down to the station if you continue like that.” He reached into the car and got the keys out of the ignition. “Stay here please.” Jason said before walking back to his car to radio the police station… or at least that was what he was going to make Elsa believe.

She made a face at him as she watched him walk away, her fingers tapping on the wheel impatiently. If she wasn’t so concerned about getting home and the agency, she would have likely made some comments about how she loved his ass in his work pants, but he was just earning himself her refusal to buy him steaks for the foreseeable future.

Jason switched on his radio and listened to his favorite station for about 15 minutes while pretending to be on the radio speaking with the dispatcher. He then turned it off and returned to Elsa, handing her over her cards. “Everything seems to be in order. I’d like you to do a test for me, please step out of the vehicle.”

While she had waited, one of the locals in their neighborhood, Mrs. Weir walked by looking at her and Jason as they were pulled over. She gave her a cheesy grin and waved until the woman turned back and minded her own business. But Jason…

“WHAT?! You have got to be fucking joking!”

“Please ma’am, step out of the vehicle.” Jason tried hard not to burst out laughing. But after a boring day at the job, he just wanted to tease his wife like this.

Low and deep, Elsa began to growl, which was never a good sign. Throwing the door open, having it hit him unexpectedly in the knees from where he had stood, she climbed out, slamming the door shut. Crossing her arms she narrowed her eyes at him, so beyond pissed off now that she couldn’t find any words to say.

“Ma’am…” Jason gently took her arm and uncrossed them as he turned her around and softly pushed her against the truck. “You’ve just assaulted an officer.” He said with a low, possessive growl in her ear.

“If you think that was assault, then wait until you get home and off the clock,” she snapped back.

“Maybe…” he spread her legs with his foot and was glad she was wearing a skirt today. He started to run his hands up and down her legs, and then up to her center after squirming his hand between her panties. This all without looking any suspicious from the road and people passing by.

Elsa’s jaw dropped as she tried to look at him and glanced around at people walking across the street, thankful that she was on the opposite side of the truck. Last thing she needed was some gossipy old lady going back to her pinochle club with this story. Thinking quickly, she kept her voice even. “I would like to have a supervisor come here now,” she said staring forward, attempting to now let him know that she was starting to figure out what he was doing.

“Well…” he finally found what he was looking for, her clean shaven pussy which he hadn’t expected and he felt the bulge in his pants grow. “I *am* the supervisor, ma’am.” He whispered in her ear. “I’m no longer a corporal.”

“Then get me another officer from the next town. I would like to file a sexual assault complaint,” she said looking at him.

“Too bad.” He stroked her clit with his thumb and inserted a finger inside of her. “My hands are occupied at the moment.”

Elsa’s eyes started to roll closed but she continued to fight against him. “I don’t think you want me to start shouting rape on the street here,” she said in an equally low voice.

Jason inserted a second finger while he kept rubbing her clit and fumbled inside his pants pockets, he had brought her a little surprise while he had been waiting in the car, stalling. “I don’t think they’ll believe you.” He said, nibbling on her ear lobe.

She lowered her arm and grabbed him by the wrist. “Seriously, Dear. I do not want to screw today up,” she said looking him dead in the eyes.

“We won’t, relax.” He smiled devilishly. “Let go of my wrist, please?” He fumbled his surprise for her in his other hand, out of eye sight of his lovely wife.

“This coming from the same man that started to freak out when I tried to give him a little road head?” she laughed disbelievingly and let him go, after she pulled his hand out of her.

Grinning, he carefully inserted a remote controlled vibrator in her almost stretched pussy and grinned. “Get into your car, and drive home, slowly. I’ll be following you.” Jason smiled widely. “Also, do not remove that.”

Elsa’s jaw dropped and closed, and dropped again. “Have you been smoking crack or something?” she asked, looking down and back at him. “You are not joking!”

“Honey, I’m dead serious. Now get into your car, don’t make me cuff your wrists together with the steering wheel.”

“I will get my revenge,” she growled at him before taking her keys from his coat pocket and got back into the truck. Her eyes followed him back to his own truck, shooting death glares and gritted her teeth in fury.

Before he got into his truck, he turned on the vibrator. Jason put his sunglasses back on his head and waited for Elsa to drive by so he could follow her. He was still pressing the button to engage the vibrator and he wondered if she could start the car like this.

By the time she got home, her knuckles were white and she was panting from the frustration. Of course she could have removed it but he had his own ways of finding things out, annoying the hell out of her. After shutting the engine off, she was quick to remove his new toy and groaned. Elsa would have made him wash her panties by hand, but he would find some sick twisted pleasure out of it. As it was, she now had to take a shower with not nearly enough time to get everything done that she wanted to.

Jason quickly got out of his truck and ran towards Elsa’s car, seeing her with the toy in hand. “Hey!” He growled and opened the door, scooped her out of her car seat and carried her inside. “That was not our agreement.”

She threw it at him as she struggled to get out and into the house. “Screw the agreement. I need to shower!” she yelled and whimpered as she made her way inside with the dampness from the fabric rubbing her still.

“Not so fast.” He smiled and gently pushed her down on the couch, then kissed her tenderly. “I love you.”

“I love you too, but right now I’m really hating you,” she sighed. “Please? What if these people come early? Catch us with our pants down – literally…”

“I’ve locked the door.” He grinned and pulled her wet panties from her legs. “Ohh… you’re soaking!” He licked his lips, and then the fingers that he used to get rid of her underwear. “Yum.”

Elsa squeezed her eyes shut, cursing her body and it’s love for this man. “Jason.”

“Elsa.” He said in the same tone of voice and kissed her to shut her up as he shifted her skirt up her body. With his other hand, he pulled his own pants to his knees.

She looked up at him and shook her head. “What is this? Last minute, spur of the moment ride before we become ‘parents’?”

“Nope.” He smirked. “You nearly rear-ended me, this is your reward.”

“From what? Saving you from stabbing yourself in the eye from boredom?” she grinned as she gave up and pulled him down to kiss him roughly, and partly to just get it over with.

“Oh yes.” He grinned and freed his fully erect cock from his boxers. “We both need a shower, let’s make us extra messy.”

Letting her legs fall open for him, Elsa laughed at the boy-like expression he had like he just been given the key to a candy store. “Have at it then,” she purred.

They managed to be clean and ready for the people of the Foster Agency with ten minutes to spare. Jason was feeling refreshed after his quick romp with Elsa, with their long foreplay, and his shower and Elsa was bouncing off the walls. So when the door bell rang, she was the first person to get up and open the door, while he was finishing making coffee in the kitchen.

“Hello!” she greeted a rather stale looking woman eagerly. The man with her appeared friendlier and offered his hand.

“Good evening Mrs. Sayles,” he said as she shook his hand and let them in. “I am Maurice DiSalvo with the Child Services. It’s a pleasure to meet you finally.”

“Thank you,” she grinned anxiously. “You too. This, um, is my husband Jason,” she said as he walked in from the kitchen.

“Hey Maurice.” Jason greeted the man. “Great to finally meet you in person rather than over the phone and through email.”

Elsa watched them, nervously wringing her wrists as the woman continued to eye their home wordlessly. She was almost afraid to say something more for being too overwhelming to where it might hurt their chances rather than help. Looking up at her husband, she tried to smile but her heart was pounding too hard in her chest to think of anything else.

“Coffee?” Jason lead them to the living room and took Elsa’s hand to take her with him. Sure, he was nervous, but he knew that Elsa was a nervous wreck and he had to take the lead.

“If you don’t like coffee, we have juice, or tea, or um, milk? Water?” she added as she eyed the woman who did not yet introduce herself.

Maurice smiled and looked at Jason with a raised eyebrow. “Thank you, but coffee would be just fine,” he said as he nudged his partner to say something, but she was busy writing in her notebook. “Black is fine.”

Biting her lip, Elsa nodded and made the escape to get the man his coffee while she attempted to compose herself. Even their little tryst earlier was not enough to settle her anxiety and she was still very much on edge. With a shaky hand she poured the coffee only to spill some of it on the hand that steadied the mug. “Shit,” she cried out, trying to muffle herself as she ran the burn under the cold tap.

“Excuse me,” Jason said and walked to the kitchen. “Honey, calm down.” He said slowly and softly kissed her in her neck. “Relax, take a deep breath.” He moved away from her and poured the coffee into mugs.

“I’m trying but that woman is making me jump out of my skin,” she sighed with worry. “I feel like she is looking for reasons to say we can’t do this.”

“You’re a teacher. You’ve dealt with unnerving people before.” Jason suggested. “Take that aspect of teacher Elsa and let normal Elsa take advantage of that ability.”

She looked at him as she turned off the water. “That’s teenagers, not a stuffy social worker,” she pointed out.

“Well, I always find Mrs. Morrow a stuffy person to deal with, especially when her kid gets into trouble late at night when I have a night shift.”

Shaking her head to try to figure out what he was getting at, she just stared at him. “Huh?”

“You’ll be fine.” Jason nodded and kissed her on the cheek before taking the coffee into the living room. “Sorry about that.”

It took her another few moments before she could muster up the courage to head back out. Smiling tightly, she instantly went to her husband’s side and looked up at him with her teacher face, but clear fear and nervousness in her eyes.

“Well, I’ve had so much contact with Jason in the past few months, I could already tell you two are ready for fostering children.” Maurice started, “Your jobs were definitely a plus.”

Elsa nodded slowly but her eyes shot towards the woman who had wondered off to look around the house. She didn’t know if she should follow her or let her be to do her job without any interference.

“What age of children did you have in mind to foster? Is it okay if they have behavioral problems? Disabilities?”

“Any age,” she answered before Jason had the chance to answer as her leg began to bounce uncontrollably from her anxiety causing him to put a hand on her knee to try to get her to relax.

“Well that’s good, you wouldn’t even mind fostering children who are nearly 18 and still living in group homes?”

Knowing her answer, she looked up at Jason and nodded.

“Elsa and I have been fortunate with our upbringing. We just want to give kids a same sort of experience, despite their problems, despite their age.” Jason replied.

Maurice nodded without saying anything right off. Glancing over his shoulder, he sighed. “Well, as of right now, we are just waiting on Jessica’s review of your home.”

“There are two guestrooms with king sized beds upstairs and a bathroom.” Jason said. “There’s also a washing area with all the machines and things. Our own bedroom is on this floor, we’ve got our own bathroom.” He continued. “We always eat at the table, as it’s a nice way to be together and talk about our day without having to stress about work. Elsa’s doing her grading in her own office and we’ve got a mini gym set up in the garage for when we feel like working out; it would be the perfect way for kids to deal with their anger or sadness.”

“Sounds like a great house,” the man said. “May I ask…have you not tried for a child yourselves?”

“Excuse me,” Elsa said immediately at the mention of that particular question and stepped outside to get some air. She stayed nearby the main window so that Jason could see that she was okay but as much as they want this opportunity, that would always be a dream.

“Yes, we’ve tried for a child of our own.” Jason sighed and looked at Elsa who was outside. “We weren’t succesful. It’s really hard on Elsa, but I love her for who she is, no matter what people say about her not being pregnant with my child yet.”

Nodding, Maurice rubbed his hands together and looked at the window. “I’m not supposed to say anything yet, but it does look good. I don’t see any reason why your home shouldn’t pass. Jessica just tends to get some sick pleasure out of making people squirm. Why? I don’t know. Don’t count your chickens yet, but you should definitely hear from us this week.”

“Jessica doesn’t intimidate me.” Jason grinned. “But thank you.”

He nodded towards the window. “But she does to your missus,” he pointed out.

“Yeah, Elsa’s a bit freaked out. For some reason she has this idea of not being a woman without a child but I mean… look at her! She’s amazing inside and out. Having children in the house and teaching them something, giving them love and things like that, will mean a lot to her.”

Jessica had just come back down the stairs from looking at the upstairs rooms. “I am finished,” she said coolly, looking at Jason before turning to her partner. “I have nothing else to do here.”

“Well that’s my cue. I wish you luck Mr. Sayles,” he said standing to shake his hand.

He shook Maurice’s hand and smiled. “Thank you sir, enjoy the rest of your evening.”

“You too,” he said. “We can see ourselves out.” Together the two walked out leaving Jason at the door looking at Elsa who was pacing in the front yard.

“Right now I really wish I smoked. I could really freaking use a cigarette right now,” she said, eyeing the car drive off.

“I know honey,” he said going to her to give her a reassuring hug. “They said we should hear from them later this week. Come on inside. I’ll making you a drink, something strong. Just relax and breath for me.”

She nodded, really liking the thought of downing a drink then. Heading back inside, she paused to close the door as Jason went to mix the drinks for them. Looking out over the lawn, she couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to have a kid or two running around there. Right now, all she could do was dream and wait.


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