Chapter 14: Taking the plunge

“Lightweight coming through!” Myriam called out as she carried Bella into the mansion and headed straight to the drawing room where she could hear voices. The whole family was there, including Jasper, which made it easier for her, she supposed.

“What did you do?” Kol said shocked as he quickly rose to his feet and took Bella from Myriam, immediately checking her over for any bruises or cuts. Bella’s eyes didn’t focus properly and her breath smelled like alcohol. “You got her drunk!”

“You’re welcome,” Myriam grinned as she sat down on Klaus’ lap, watching Kol carefully setting Bella down on the couch. “I had to carry her because she kept tripping or wander off in the wrong direction.”

“Hi,” Bella smiled widely at Kol, her arms tightly around his neck. “You are sooooooooooo pretty.”

“You hear that, Kol? You’re soooooo pretty!” Myriam echoed teasingly. “Go on, ask her about the blankets.”

“What blankets?” Kol said confused, propping Bella up against some pillows and somehow maneuvering himself to be seated next to her without her letting go of him. “The warm blanket?”

“Yes!” Bella squealed. “I understand now! There are so many blankets in this room, it’s unbelievable! And it feels incredible, it’s… so beautiful!” She then looked at Klaus, with a big goofy grin on her face. “And Klaus is this giant puppy, so fluffy,” she looked back at Kol with her big blue eyes, beaming. “Can we get a puppy when we get back to New Orleans?”

“Myriam, what did you do?” Klaus asked worried, scratching his head as he was concerned about the wasted girl on the couch with his brother.

“I helped her address` some of the feelings she’s had, she felt, before I had her drink all the tequila at the bar.”

“Not all,” Bella piped up, still lovingly gazing up at Kol as she let go of him with one hand and it trailed down his body. “I think two bottles or something. A lot.” Shifting a little so she was sitting on her knees, she used the back of the couch for support and whined when Kol removed her hand from his belt buckle. Sighing, she softly kissed him instead. “You’re a thousand blankets and your teeth are awesome.”

“You’re not making any sense, darling,” Kol said gently, again removing her hand from his pants.

“No, you’re not making any sense,” she giggled.

“Somebody explain to me what’s going on!” Klaus demanded and looked at a horrified Jasper. “You! Explain!”

“I don’t understand the blankets but she… uhm… she’s…” Jasper was immensely distracted. “Very horny.”

“The blankets.”

“So many blankets,” Bella sighed happily after crawling into Kol’s lap and straddling his waist. “You’re a thousand of them. Maybe more,” she purred in his ear, rocking her hips against him. “And I feel those blankets for you too.”

“Bella described the feelings she got off of you like warm blankets with sharp teeth. She’s still not great with emotions and feelings, but at least she knows how to describe them,” Myriam explained as she poured herself a glass of bourbon. “The sharp teeth is how protective you feel about her. The warm blankets is the love,” she smiled widely. “She finally knows what love is, our little girl is finally growing up!”

Bella pressed her body into Kol’s. “I understand now why you don’t want to punish me, it wasn’t my fault.”

“Darling,” Kol said with a strained voice. “That’s great and all, but what are you doing?”

“Showing how much blankets I feel for you.”

“In front of everyone else?”

“I don’t care. They can watch, I know from experience that it can be quite satisfying.”

“In front of your brother?”

Bella immediately stopped what she was doing as her head snapped to Jasper. “Close your eyes!”

“Bella, I’m an empath, you know it doesn’t work that way,” Jasper replied kindly, but irritation was etched on his face.

She narrowed her eyes on him when she felt her mood change. “You’re not playing fair.”

“For everyone’s sanity, I so am,” Jasper replied, a smirk on his face.

“Who says we were bothered by her actions?” Klaus replied playfully as he looked at the Cold One. “It’s quite enjoyable to see my brother fight against his own urges while his drunk girlfriend is grinding against him.”


“True,” Myriam piped up. “The longer Klaus watches, the more turned on he’ll get and the more pleasure I’ll be getting tonight!”

Jasper pointed at Bella. “She needs to sleep this off.”

“You’re a party pooper,” Bella replied as she unsteadily got off Kol’s lap and waddled to the nearest table with bottles on them. Lifting one up, she narrowed her eyes on the label. “Buh ooh uh rrrrh buh ooh nnn,” thinking for a moment, she smiled widely. “Bourbon! This is what you drink all the time!” She took a tumbler and poured herself a generous amount of the liquid before taking a large gulp. “Oh, that’s good,” she let out a moan and ducked when Kol and Klaus were on top of her trying to get the glass out of her hands. Pushing between them, she twirled around on her feet and kept in motion until she bumped into Rebekah, sloshing the alcohol over the brim of the glass and onto her shirt. “Oops!” She reacted before emptying the glass in one go. “Hi, Bekah,” she smiled as she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. “Myriam got me drunk.”

“Well, why wasn’t I invited for girl’s night out then?” Rebekah sounded hurt.

“Next time,” Myriam promised as she kept an eye on Bella, who had put the glass down and was now unbuttoning Rebekah’s shirt.

“I ruined your shirt,” Bella muttered as she tugged on one of the buttons.

“It’s fine, little one,” Rebekah swatted Bella’s hands away. “You don’t need to undress me infront of everyone.”

Bella reached for the buttons again. “Let me clean your shirt.”

“No, it’s fine,” the vampire repeated and took a hold of Bella’s wrists, making Bella look up to her and she hadn’t been prepared for that. Even though Bella’s gaze was unfocused, her eyes showed so much love, trust, that it melted her heart. Damn her brother for scooping her up and making her his.

“You are so pretty,” Bella said breathlessly. “Your lips look so kissable…” She took a step closer to Rebekah and before she could do anything else, she could feel she was being grabbed by someone and squealed out loud when it felt like she was flying. “Yay!”

Setting Bella back down on the sofa, Kol made sure she looked at him before speaking to her. “My sister is off limits to you, you’re mine.”

“Of course I am,” Bella giggled. “A thousand blankets!” She shifted a little to be more comfortable and leaned against Kol’s chest as she half lay in his lap. “A thousand blankets and more. With teeth. You can use those teeth because you do it out of the blankets.” Bella then yawned and curiously eyed Jasper. “Even on him,” she muttered before slipping even further down until her head was in Kol’s groin and fell asleep.

Klaus finished his drink before getting off his chair and held his hand out for Myriam. “I’d be honored if you’d come with me to keep this party going inside our bedroom.”

“I thought you’d never ask,” Myriam smiled as she took his hand and allowed him to pull her along.


At breakfast the following morning, Bella tried her best to be her usual self but she felt sluggish and she was so incredibly thirsty. She was distracted by the huge plate in front of her which held two pieces of toast with fried egg on top of them and slices of bacon. She was hungry and didn’t wait for permission to eat. “Sorry for yesterday,” she muttered as she kept shovelling the food inside her. “It won’t happen again.”

“Oh yes it will,” Myriam deviously smiled as she took a sip of her blood. “Because it was fun.”

“My head says it wasn’t,” Bella replied as she chewed on a piece of bacon. “I was an embarrassment.”

“Trust me, you weren’t,” Kol gently caressed her back.

“You didn’t want to have sex with me last night after I woke up.”

“That’s because you were still drunk.”


“I wasn’t sure if it was what you wanted or if you were picking up on what I wanted.”

Bella huffed as she continued to eat.

“I think she wanted to have sex,” Myriam pointed out with a grin.

“Shut up,” Kol muttered as he uneasily shifted in his chair. “She was drunk.”

After breakfast Klaus took everyone to the stables as it was time for the Salvatore brothers’ punishment before the Mikaelsons would travel to Florida with their mini army of hybrids and friendly vampires and witches from New Orleans. Bella still didn’t like the idea of hurting those who had laid their hands on her, and she was still afraid of Stefan, but allowed it, because of the warm blankets with teeth.

“Oh, I’m so going to hurt you,” Damon said when he saw Klaus. “You asshole.”

“Watch your language, whelp, there are women present,” Klaus commanded as he stood in front of Stefan’s box. “I thought long and hard about it, and I realized that you don’t deserve a quick and easy death,” Klaus continued, after getting the attention of both vampires. “You’re also fortunate that Miss Bella is a kind soul and wouldn’t allow any of us to kill you in her presence, how hard that may be.” He pulled Stefan closer through the bars of the box and started to compel him. “You’re going to travel to DeLand, Florida, and you will fight side by side with us as we bring down the Cullens for once and for all. Of course, after you’ve been well fed.” He pulled a piece of paper out of his pocket and handed it to Stefan. “I’m certain that this gentleman will taste quite nicely.”

“You can’t have him feed on humans, Klaus!” Damon spat. “Don’t get me wrong, I think Stefan is the worst vampire on this planet, but you can’t change his diet!”

Ignoring Damon, Klaus smirked. “From this day forward, you will not feed on animals any longer. If you’re hungry, you’ll find yourself a bottom feeder and eat that. You will control yourself. Upon completing your mission in DeLand, should you still be alive, you will not return to Mystic Falls and you will not contact Elena Gilbert or any of your friends. In fact, the state of Virginia and Louisiana are off limits to you. Do you understand?”

“I hate you,” Stefan countered.

“And for that remark, I order you to stay away from your brother, too. Should you find yourself in his vicinity after Florida, I want you to do everything in your power to get away from him,” Klaus released Stefan before moving to Damon’s box. Grabbing him tightly, he smacked Damon’s face against the bars. “For as long as you live, you shall feed on animals and animals alone. Preferably rats, but we don’t want you to desiccate before your arrival in Florida, so animals. No more human blood for you, Damon Salvatore. Like your brother, you shall travel to DeLand, Florida to help us take down the Cullens and after that, you will leave. You shall not return to Mystic Falls or contact Elena Gilbert and your friends. As with your brother, you will not be allowed to stay in Virginia or Louisiana. You’re going to make it your mission to stop your brother from feeding off on humans. Have I made myself clear?”

“Fuck you, Klaus.”

“Well then!” Klaus said excitedly as he opened the boxes that held the two vampires. “Off you pop! See you in DeLand in a couple of days!”

As the two vampires managed to use the energy that was left inside of them to speed off, Kol and Myriam started to laugh and clap. Bella was still trying to do the math in her head because Stefan and Damon hadn’t received the same orders. She even used her finger to draw a circle in the air as to see where she was going before realisation hit her. “Oh, I like that!”

“Should we ever get bored, all we have to do is track down one of them and see what happens when they get near each other,” Klaus explained. “Trust me, love, they deserve this for everything they’ve put us through over the years.”

“I know,” Bella smiled at him. “I’m not angry. I understand.”

“Very well! Now, let us pack and set off to Florida. I understand that Jasper and Rebekah have already left with your New Orleans witch as they’ll have to take the long way in picking up some extra friends. How about we all travel in style to celebrate our Bella’s emotional breakthrough?”


The house they were staying at in Daytona was immense. It was on some sort of peninsula off the coast and it was huge. Bella’s jaw dropped at the sight of it. Granted, the Mikaelson family home in Mystic Falls was beautiful, but there was something about this house, and how the sun hit it, that made it feel like a warm blanket. “We’re staying here?”

“Of course,” Klaus replied as a matter of factly. “We can’t possibly stay in a hotel and this mansion is isolated enough that we can do whatever we wish to do. I had Rebekah close the sale this morning and insisting on us being able to move in the same day.”

“You bought a house?”

“Don’t be so shocked, love,” Klaus laughed. “We own houses all over this country, I suppose another one in Florida doesn’t hurt.”

Kol softly kissed her. “Once we’re done, we’re going to travel to each and every one of them, I promise. You’ll love it.”

As they walked into the grand entrance of the house, Bella didn’t know where to look. It was open and light, you could see the sky and everything. Every room was immaculate and beautiful. Modern elegance with a slight nod to days of old. A lot of couches and chairs. A big dining room and the kitchen was so big and pretty that it nearly stopped her heart. While she loved the kitchen at the compound, it was more like an industrial kitchen, this one truly felt as if it was a part of the house. Bella prefered the romantic looking bedroom with ensuite bathroom as it looked out over the ocean behind the house, it also didn’t look as fierce as the black and white one. There was a pool and a hot tub in the back garden and entrance to the ocean. This house felt like true freedom.

“I think she’s in love,” Kol grinned at his brother. They had been looking at houses ever since they started planning their little war and the pictures weren’t lying; this house was perfect. They only bought houses when it was truly perfect for all of their needs and this one fit.

“I think you will have a hard time trying to get her to go back to New Orleans. Would you like me to take over the ruling of our city?” Klaus mused as he had his arm around Myriam.

“Nik, I already told you, I don’t want New Orleans. I only wanted it in the end because I was afraid you’d box me for killing Marcel in a bout of anger.”

“That’s settled then,” Klaus agreed. “You and Bella do whatever you wish to do and call this home your home. I will go back to our beloved Abattoir with Myriam -”

Myriam interrupted Klaus. “The hell I will. Although…” she thought for a moment. “Only if we can turn half of that place into another safe house so we can help more girls.”

He looked at her and knew he couldn’t disagree with her. “Very well. Then Rebekah can have her governor’s mansion and once we mutually decide to unbox our brother Elijah, he can piss off to Mystic Falls.”

“Strange, isn’t it? How the pieces have fallen into place?” Kol said as he leaned against the wall, listening to Bella’s careful footsteps around the house.

“Almost. We’ll be getting rid of her nightmares first.”

The front door opened and Rebekah walked in with a few bags of clothing. “Jasper and his witch are in a hotel until nightfall, the rest of the vampires are looking for friendly vampires in the city and in Orlando,” she reported as she walked passed her brothers and sister in law. “Myriam, would you care to join me and Bella to find us some swim wear?”

“Oh yes,” Myriam grinned as she let go of Klaus and followed Rebekah to wherever Bella was.

“Nik,” Kol said hoarsely. “Bella in swimwear.” The thought alone made him hard.

“Just imagine, brother, once you have this house all to yourselves, you two could go swimming in the nude.”


After roaming the house for a bit, leaving the girls to do what they wanted, he was alarmed by Bella screaming. It came from outside and using his speed, he was there in an instant, seeing Bella float to the surface of the pool. She was wearing a turquoise swimsuit with holes in them at the sides but covering most of her modesty and she looked absolutely ravishing. “What happened?”

“Rebekah threw me into the pool,” Bella said as she pushed her hair out of her face.

“Because she wouldn’t get in!”

“I must say it’s nice, though,” Bella smiled as she sloppily swum to the edge of the pool and hoisted herself up. “The water’s nice.”

Kol let out a breath of relief. “I thought something had happened.”

“Do you honestly believe that I would allow something to happen to the girl in the Victoria Secret monokini?” Rebekah rolled her eyes at her brother. “Sorry, brother, the suit is too expensive for that!” She winked at her brother. “And she likes the rose colored bedroom, so I suppose that’s your bedroom in this house.”

“But any of the other ones is fine too,” Bella quickly added. “Whatever you decide, Kol.”

“No, we’ve talked about this, Bella. It’s alright to demand something.”

Bella climbed out of the pool, dripping wet, as she walked towards Kol. “I think demanding something is a bit mean,” she started, but before she could finish what she wanted to say, Kol scooped her up and rushed her inside to the bedroom she liked. “Kol!” she laughed.

“We have some unfinished business, Bella.”

She looked up to him, her face so trusting and so full of love it made him want her even more. “You want to take a plunge?”


  1. Thatis what i call a verry drunk bella. lol Poor Bekah didn’t know what to do with her. and neither did Myriam. \Poor damon.. that sucks… feel bad for him he has to be on the animal diet.. and then Bekah is sweet to bad Kol won’t share Bella with her even if it was a rare in the blue moon type of deal. Bekah woke up too late lol. Update again. want to see how this ends.

  2. Awesome as always hon. I loved it, thanks, huggs.

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