Chapter 21

While Myriam tried her best to master her ability to turn into animals instead of humans, Bella was trying hard to be as good as her sister, as fast as her sister, in trying to make her brain work the way Kol and Freya had suggested, but all that she could do by the end of the week was to make someone laugh really long. It was a start, but it was discouraging to see her sister seemingly having less issues with her transformations. Bella didn’t show her disappointment in herself, because her sister was doing great and Bella did everything she could to support her.

Bella was drawing in the courtyard one evening and decided to let her mind wander wherever it wanted to be, to loosen her grip on herself a little, because she was sure it would help the next day when she’d practice again. It was then when she heard Edward. And Alice. And Emmett. And a lot of other voices she hadn’t heard in years.

They were close, did the Mikaelsons know that they were close? Kol, Klaus and Elijah weren’t at the compound, Freya was out with Keelin and Rebekah was having fun in town, it was just her and Myriam now, and Bella felt her heart beat faster in her chest. Heavier. Thumping.

The voices sounded frantic, their emotions were all over the place and Bella wasn’t sure what they were doing. “Myriam!” she called out, not daring to move, afraid that one little noise would upset the balance or something, but why had she called out to her sister then? She ran to the front gate and locked it before running back to the courtyard, wondering where her sister was. “Myr!”

“I’m here!” Myriam said as she walked out of Klaus’ study, drying her hair. “Bella, they’ll be back, you have nothing to worry about. Nothing to fear.”

“Do you know where they went?” Bella questioned her sister, somewhat impatiently. Her eyes firmly trained on her as she walked down the stairs.

“Yeah, some meeting or something, I don’t know, wasn’t sure why Kol had to come with, but my guess is that there are witches involved, what’s up?” Her sister’s heart was beating like a maniac, why was she so scared?

“The Cullens and the Volturi guard are close,” Bella said as she pulled her sister down the remaining steps, only to pull her underneath the staircase in hiding. “What do we do? If we call Klaus or Kol, will they be back in time? We can’t take on all the Cullens and the guard by ourselves!”

Myriam swatted her sister’s hands away as she looked into the future, and she didn’t like what she was seeing. It was going to be a disaster with just the two of them, because no matter how fast the Mikaelsons would get here after the phone call, the Cullens and the guard were closer and faster. The vampires keeping watch were going to get killed first, as the Cullens would search the property, and they would eventually find the two girls and Myriam couldn’t take care of them all. They’d be badly hurt and taken as death was off the table for the both of them now. Myriam let out a breath. The future could be changed. “We’ll be fine. We can hold them off for quite some time until they show up,” she said as she shot a message through text to Klaus and pulled Bella with her to the center of the courtyard. “We’re not going to hide, we’re going to stand and fight. You and me. Deal?”


“You and me,” Myriam insisted, making sure Bella stayed right next to her. They’d have the element of surprise, because she was pretty sure that they believed Bella was dead after Edward gave her the reset command. Although he hadn’t returned to actually check to make sure Bella was dead. Maybe they believed Bella was nothing but a dribbling mess by now. “You do your best worst when you’re scared. I have no doubt that you’ll be able to put them all down with zero effort once you see them.”

She winced when she heard some crashing coming from upstairs and her gaze shot to the gate when it got kicked open by Emmett. They were truly coming for her, and she and Myriam could not take them all. Well, Myriam couldn’t take them all. They’d take them both and there was no saying what they’d do to them now that they both had the eternal life. She wouldn’t wish the Cullens upon anyone, especially not her sister.

“Bella,” Edward followed after Emmett, flanked by Demetri and Felix. He sounded surprised to see her. “Come home with us, this doesn’t have to go the way Alice has foreseen it. Let’s not fight.”

Bella ignored him and tried to get into Demetri’s head, but reached Felix first. ‘Defend us against the Cold Ones.’ She repeated over and over, each time more force behind it before something clicked inside her mind and Felix actually reached out to Edward and ripped off his head before picking a fight with Emmett. She ordered Demetri to go after Jane and Alec who were influencing her sister. “I did it, Myriam! I did it!”

“Great,” Myriam let out as she was on her knees on the floor. “Do more,” she said through gritted teeth before she turned into a large grizzly bear and took a swipe at the Cold Ones.

As Demetri was now attacking Jane as well as he could, Bella focused on the minds of the Cold Ones around them. She found Carlisle, who was approaching her with his hands up. “Don’t do this, let us take you back, Bella, nobody has to get hurt.”

Myriam growled as she took a swipe at Carlisle, pouncing on him and biting off his head. ‘Come on, Bella, more, before they decide to be smart and come at us at once!’ It was great that she had managed to tell Demetri and Felix to fight for them, but when would that wear off? The Cold One venom itched her teeth and she had to spit it out to get rid of it. It was a shame that with her transformation she was no longer immune to the venom, and neither was Bella.

She slipped into Alice’s mind and told her to go to sleep, after getting the same click in her mind when she told Demetri and Felix what to do. Alice dropped to the floor in an instant, fast asleep. One by one, the Cold Ones fell around them. Bella stumbled back a few times, getting dizzy from finding the individual minds and dropping them. Myriam was making sure nobody came close but when the last Cold One found sleep, Myriam turned back into her usual self and let out a breath. “Wow, that was amazing,” she grinned as she hugged her sister, not caring that she had torn her clothes while she had turned into that bear and was now totally naked. “Wake them up, let’s do that again!”

Bella looked around as she tried to find someone she may have missed, listening around before finding Kol. Smiling, she leaned against the table. “We did it! And wow, you turning into a big bear! That was unreal! Like… super huge! So pretty!”

“She surely is pretty,” Klaus’ voice sounded as the brothers walked through the broken gate and saw the two sisters standing in the midst of leaking Cold Ones, and some looking as if they were sleeping. They had expected a fight, Kol was itching to kill them all, but it looked as if all they needed to do was to put them all together and create a massive bonfire to get rid of them. A little bit disappointing. Stepping over the Cold Ones, Klaus removed his coat and put it over Myriam’s shoulders. “You requested a clean up crew, love?” He asked amused, checking her over for wounds, but she was in one piece.

“You should have seen Myriam, she was amazing!” Bella smiled widely as she was still leaning against the table. She was afraid that if she’d stand properly, she’d fall over.

“And somehow I have the feeling that you were as equally amazing,” Kol pulled her into his arms and felt how unsteady she was on her feet. “Did you put them all to sleep?” He asked teasingly, holding her a bit tighter.

“Yes, but not how you wanted me to, though,” she said, a little bit embarrassed. “I had to get into their minds one by one, couldn’t get them all at once.”

“Darling, I’d say that I’m proud of you, but there’s no word that describes how proud I am of you because frankly, that’s amazing,” he kissed the top of her head. “We’ll handle the clean up, you deserve a nice nap.”

“Yeah, I’ll help,” Myriam rubbed her hands together in glee. “Where will we be having this bonfire?”

“Somewhere close by, abandoned building that’s ruining the characteristics of this city. We have no idea how long it takes for them to wake up from Bella’s lovely instructions,” Elijah replied as he sent a message to Marcel. One, they were going to have to have a talk – his vampires were definitely not prepared for a Cold One invasion and where they had believed the two sisters were safe, they weren’t protected well enough. Two, his vampires were going to help clean this up. “Take care of your ladies, brothers, I’ll handle this.”

“Fuck that, I want to see them burn, right Bella?”

“Right!” Bella eagerly nodded. “Yes please.”

“I think it’s best if you’d get a truck to load them on, Elijah, and then set that ablaze in that warehouse,” Kol suggested as he lifted Bella off her feet. “And I promise, you’ll be awake to see it, but you need a nap first. I think if we should give Elijah and Marcel’s vampires an hour, they’ll be close to lighting them on fire.”

“We need marshmallows, never had those, but you roast them over bonfires, right?” Bella smiled as she put her head against Kol’s shoulder.

“I’ll get us the goodies!” Myriam called after Bella as she was being carried off to her room. Turning into Klaus, she pressed her barely covered body against him. “An hour… gives us enough time to have some fun,” she smirked as she greedily kissed him. The adrenaline was still surging through her body, she needed to work it off. “I have ideas…” she said as she pulled him along to their bedroom.

“How are you feeling?” Kol asked Bella as he carried her to her room. “You should feel so proud, Bella, what you did was amazing, things could have gone a lot differently if you hadn’t done what you did and I could have lost you.”

“I couldn’t let them take Myriam,” Bella replied as she didn’t move, she was comfortable the way that Kol was holding her in his arms. “And I didn’t want to leave you.”

“Good,” Kol smiled at her as he brought her inside and gently set her down on her bed. When he got up to sit on the edge of her bed, she pulled him down with her and snuggled up in his arms. “Comfy?” He laughed.

“My brain is mushy, but you know… something just clicked into place when I tried to get into Felix’ mind, and then Demetri’s, and then it was easy to let them do what I wanted… quite scary.”

“But you did it and you protected yourself and your sister,” he kissed her forehead. “I’m proud of your mushy brain. Just don’t use it for fun.”

“I’m not using it at all if I can avoid it!” Bella countered quickly, startled. “I didn’t think it was fun, it was easy and scary.”

“Okay, okay,” he said, pulling her closer. “Relax, give your brain a rest,” he said softly as he moved his free hand to her thigh and gently squeezed it. “Relax. I won’t bring it up again now that I know you can defend yourself and I will not ask you to use it when we’re around.”

She nodded and let out a deep breath before relaxing some. “The Volturi will come now. And what about that army of newborns?”

“One crisis at a time, we first have to get rid of these bodies,” Kol replied as he playfully ran his fingers over her thigh. “And when they come, they come. And if they don’t, we’ll go after them ourselves. Italy is beautiful this time of year,” he smiled as he relaxed a bit more himself.

“I’ve never been outside the United States,” Bella said a little dreamily. “We’ve tried to fly to Italy but then I had a panic attack and nearly killed both pilots. Or so I was told. I don’t know if that was true, but perhaps they were simply just scared because I made the plane shake a little more than it usually did.”

“And if the trip had been successful?”

“We wouldn’t have met, I would have been in Italy,” she said sadly, looking up at him. “So it’s a good thing they left me here, right?”

He let out a snort and nodded. “Yes,” he softly kissed her as he moved his hand up a little bit. “I’m grateful that they were afraid of you.” He moved his hand underneath her shirt, gingerly touching her warm skin. He buried his nose into her hair and took a deep breath. She smelled so good, she smelled of peaches and oranges with a hint of lavender – his sister was good with finding scents for the right people at that exclusive boutique down the road. There was a hint of adrenaline and fear lingering, but it was subsiding, because all in all, his Bella was relaxed, her brain was in a nice floaty kind of place and she was beautiful.

They had fought some Cold Ones on their way back from their meeting, both he and Nik afraid that they’d lose their girlfriends, and he had been preparing himself for the worst, but when she stood there, all proud of her sister, all he wanted to do was to screw Bella’s brains out. But kindly. She was his, and he had the need to truly make her his in the best way possible.

She was no stranger to him touching her, he had already located her sweet spots and had often teased her a little. It was so easy to get her aroused and her scent was so sweet. Kol moved his fingers over her torso, underneath her shirt, up to her small but perky breasts. He cupped a breast over her bra as he nuzzled her neck. “Darling?”


“Could you look in my mind and tell me if you’d like that?” He said with a little smile as he kept nuzzling her neck and teasing her body with his fingers. He hadn’t anything raunchy in mind, it was going to be Bella’s first time, after all. Oh, he wanted to surprise her, make her all like wax in his hands, take his time with her, but they didn’t have that time if they were going to make it to the bonfire. Kol was curious if what she’d see in his mind would work as foreplay. “And feel it too?”

She’d been slightly drifting off to sleep as he had wanted her to nap, but did as he requested. While she watched a little movie in his mind, she could feel every touch, every kiss, everything and she wanted more. She could feel her body heating up from the imagery, her feet were tingling and she let out a small moan. Bella wanted more. ‘MORE!’ She wasn’t shown the more part, but she wanted it, and it was sweet that he was asking her for permission.

Kol laughed then, as he could hear her voice echo inside his mind, demanding for more. And that he had her permission to give her just that. He helped her out of her shirt and she wiggled herself out of her sweatpants, and he got undressed himself. He couldn’t resist worshipping her with small kisses on her torso as his hand moved into her underwear. She was already wet, but he needed to take things slow now, she needed to have pleasure, first.

She was wiggling underneath his touch, trying to hold onto his arm but her body involuntarily moved and she simply gave up, surrendering to him completely. “Are you okay, darling?” He asked amused. His finger found her lips below and started to trace them carefully. “Are you enjoying yourself?”

Bella nodded then, fisting part of a sheet as he applied a little bit of pressure, a moan escaping her lips, her hips bucking into his hand. She was so eager, she felt things so deeply, her little noises sounded like music to his ears, and he absolutely loved it. He continued teasing her before finding the right spot. Her eyes shot open as she let out a loud gasp, sitting up, her body slightly convulsing in pleasure, nearly kicking him in the head with her knee.

He didn’t allow her to come down from that cloud though and immediately started to work on opening her for him as he moved over her, kissing her neck and earlobe, before he realized she had actually stopped breathing. “Bella, darling,” he whispered. “You have to keep breathing, take a breath.”

She gasped then, only to find her breath again, her eyes having difficulty focussing on him. “Breathing,” she said in barely a whisper, letting out another gasp when he pressed another finger inside of her. “That feels so glorious!”

Was it sad that it felt relatively easy for him to get his fingers inside of her? Yes, she was tight, but he had a feeling that while Bella had claimed that she hadn’t had sex before, something might have happened anyway. He couldn’t be sure, perhaps it was part of her design, but she didn’t feel like a virgin. Not that it mattered. It was new and pure every time there was a new person, and if there had been someone for Bella, he was going to make sure that he wasn’t going to hurt her, and claim her as his. For the rest of her life.

“What are you thinking of?” Her voice sounded, rousing him from his thoughts. “You’re distracted all of a sudden.”

Kol wasn’t sure if he was supposed to ask this. He didn’t want to accuse her of lying, but maybe she didn’t know. “Are you sure there hasn’t been anyone?”

“I had no penises inside of me,” Bella managed to get her hand buried in his hair and looked at him. “I have not had this before. Why?”

“Nothing,” he smiled at her and softly kissed her.

“No, tell me, is it not good down there? Am I defective?”

His heart sank then, a little killing the mood. “No, darling, you’re perfect. It’s just that in my experience, things are usually… tighter.”

“Experiments,” Bella said as an explanation, not wanting to think about them. “Am I now ruined?”

“No, Bella,” he kissed her eagerly. “You’re not ruined and you’re not defective, you’re perfect and I’m sorry I doubted you.” He kissed her again before starting to kiss her all over again. “You’re mine. The past is in the past, from now on, only pleasure. No more pain.” When he was sure that he wouldn’t hurt her when he’d push himself inside, he shifted again, Bella’s eyes were closed and he could see that she was truly focusing on breathing. “If you’re hurting, tell me and I’ll stop.”

“Okay,” she let out a breath before she opened her eyes again and looked at him, and he had the feeling that he could melt right into her. She looked so trusting, so loving and it filled him with so much want. Need. Kol moved her legs a little and moved a little before guiding himself inside of her.

Out of instinct, Bella wrapped her legs around him, pulling him in closer, deeper, faster than he’d have liked. If she was in pain, she wasn’t showing it. He buried his face in her neck as he continued to push until he was fully inside, then stilling for Bella to get used to him. “Are you okay?”

“Hmm… that feels so good,” she said in barely a whisper, her hands buried in his hair, keeping his face in her neck.

“Ready for more?”

“Yes please.”

Letting out a snort, he started to thrust. Slow at first, before steadily picking up the pace. She was making these little noises as they connected, her moans making his whole body vibrate in pleasure. When she had another orgasm, he could feel it around his cock, her muscles playing catch and release with it, making him want to finish himself.

He didn’t pull out to catch his breath, afraid that he’d topple on top of her, but also because she seemed to be quite content on that cloud of hers and she was such a sight to look at. However, he couldn’t stay in this position for too long and softly kissed her lips as he left her. “How are you feeling?”

Bella merely giggled as she looked at him with a big, goofy grin on her face. Oh, she was gone, she was going to need some time to recover for bonfire night! They were going to be late, but Kol was sure that their family wouldn’t mind. Much.

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