Oops! 3

Upon their arrival in Rome, he suggested they’d go to a hotel and rest up, they hadn’t slept for quite some time and he wanted the both of them to be well rested before they’d make the trip to Volterra and kill them all. Bella merely nodded as she followed him. Kol had sent Niklaus a text message to say if it was alright for him and Bella to stay at their house in Ladispoli, a mere 25 minutes away from the airport. It was now used as a luxury hotel for some income, but their waterfront home was amazing.

He wasn’t quite sure if this hotel was seasonal or not, it was likely that they had closed for the winter, but seeing as they owned it, staff had to be there.

Nik sent him a message back that it was sorted, and Kol couldn’t be happier. He rented a car and started the drive to the home. “We’re going to a hotel that’s been in our family for hundreds of years,” Kol explained. “It’s on the waterfront and it’s absolutely beautiful. Elijah allowed J. Paul Getty to buy it when he moved to Europe and had him pay for the extensive reworking of the old post office into the glorious building that it is now. After Getty moved back to America in the 1970s, well… we bought it back.”

“No way, J. Paul Getty? THE Paul Getty? American Industrialist, founder of Getty Oil and at some point the richest American? In 1973 his grandson was kidnapped when he was in Rome and Getty famously negotiated the ransom money. Instead of paying the requested 17 million dollars, he only had to pay like 3 million.”

Kol laughed and nodded. “Yes, that Paul Getty.” Of course, history would get her excited.

“But he was so frugal! Did he really transform it all that much? That must have cost a lot of money!”

“It was easier to turn it into a hotel after he reworked it all, yes,” Kol smirked. “The hotel has a lot of ancient art, antiquities and tapestries but I think you’ll get a kick out of the museum that’s present there; everything found during the excavation for the pool has been splayed out there. I haven’t been back in years, but it’s quite impressive.”

Kol briefly looked over to her and found her staring at him in disbelief. “What?”

“Nothing,” she replied casually. “Sometimes I forget that you and your family have lived so long that you’ve actually seen history being made. You lived it.”

“We actually had a hand in some historical events, but trust me, it’s not like we sought it out,” Kol smiled at her before focusing back on the road. “For example, I wished I was in New York on December 8th, 1980, so I could either witness or stop the assassination of John Lennon. The Beatles made such great music and his solo work wasn’t that bad, either. I’ve never had the opportunity to see the Beatles perform though, for I was daggered for the largest part of the 20th century. Nik remembers that day as a sad day for art in general. He respected John Lennon as an artist.”

“Still, you’ve lived through the history I’ve been trying to teach my kids.”

He let out a chuckle. “I am not going to come to school with you and do your job.”

“Aw, come on!”

“You could always quit.”

“I did because I started to see those kids as my meal, but I kinda need a job, don’t I?”

“What for? I already told you that you don’t have to work, no responsibilities, just live your life. No worries about money because we certainly have enough.” He turned into the road leading to the house. The villa was situated in a nature reserve and it looked out over the sea, but the surrounding area was just perfect to hide out. For privacy. For nice walks or for runs. Just to see how much of a nerd-out Bella was going to have, he took the detour and decided to pass the castle on their way to the villa.

“Holy crap!”


“That castle!”

“Oh, that old thing? That’s Elijah’s doing. Hideous,” Kol said, scrunching his nose. “Built somewhere in the 15th century when he and Niklaus were masking as members of one of the papal families at the time, or both or at least gained a reputation in those families to influence them to build it. It was set up as a home and as a military base, in case dear old Dad would show up. Castles were the thing to have in that time.”

“A castle, seriously?”

“Elijah likes to make sure everyone knows how wealthy we are. He likes to say how Niklaus has a flair for the dramatic, but…” he thumbed over his shoulder. “Our castles are mainly Elijah’s fault.”

“And what’s Klaus’ fault then?”

“Buildings such as the mansions, villas… the compound…”

“And your fault?”

Kol shrugged. “Mostly the main reasons why we had to leave all those places for drawing too much attention to us with my feeding and party habits.”

Bella let out a snort. “Partying sounds great.”

“Haven’t you had enough party time for the last three weeks?” He drove up to the driveway of the villa, through the well kept garden and he saw Bella getting even more excited by the second. He liked this property as it was private and secluded, just like the castle. It surely was a plus that it was situated on a natural reserve.

Bella smirked as she looked at him for a moment before looking back out of the window. “Nah!”

The outside of the building didn’t look that exciting, it were two squares and a rectangle in the middle connecting them all, but it was well kept. No, it was the inside that mattered. And not even that, they were merely here to get some rest before they’d go to Volterra to slaughter the Volturi. But to see Bella so excited for something made him feel all warm and fuzzy. He hadn’t felt like that in a very long time.

He parked the car and helped her out before escorting her inside. “But it’s nice though? You love history and now you can live forever, living history.”

“It still feels too much like the present to me,” Bella smiled at him as she looked around, astounded by the interior. “And you do know that you don’t have to flaunt your wealth with me to like you, right?”

“I’m not,” Kol shrugged. “I can’t help it that my family is extremely comfortable with properties near major cities all over the world, do you see me splurging money? No. That’s Rebekah’s thing. We’re comfortable, that’s all. No need for wanting something we can’t have because we can have it all.”

“Buena Sera!” They were greeted by a lovely young Italian woman with the biggest smile on her face. “Come sta?”

“Bene. E Lei?” Kol smiled. “My apologies, my Italian is quite rusty. My brother Niklaus Mikaelson called ahead?”

“Oh yes! Of course! We have the Getty suite and the Medici suite ready for you and your companion, Mr. Mikaelson,” she replied as she retrieved the keys. “Do you have any luggage?”

“No, we’re travelling light.”

The girl nodded. “Bueno. Please, if you’d follow me, I’ll show you your rooms.”

“Wait. Did you say ‘rooms’?” Bella asked the young woman. “We’re only going to need one.”

“Bella,” Kol smiled at her. “It’s alright. We own this place, we don’t have to pay for anything.”

“We only need one room,” Bella said again, looking up at Kol. “Because the other one will be unused.”

He ran a hand through his hair. “We’re not-”

“We are,” Bella nodded as they kept following the young woman. “You said you chose me to be your partner in every way possible and I agree with that.”

“What are you saying?”

“I’m saying, that I choose to be your partner, too.”

A huge smile appeared on his face before he took the keys from the young woman. “I know where the suites are, thank you for your service,” he said as he picked Bella up and rushed to the Getty suite and didn’t even give her the chance to look around; Kol put her down on the bed and kissed her, hard. “You have no idea how happy that makes me.”

“Shut up and kiss me,” she replied as she yanked him down again and continued the kiss as the fabric of his shirt ripped by the sheer force she was using.

As the kiss grew in intensity, her shirt was ripped too, her pants followed and so did his. In the midst of their shredded clothes, they brought each other to new heights as they took turns in him pounding her and her riding him.

It was hours later when she was laying in his arms and let out a giggle after a long silence where they both basked in their post-coitus bliss.


“We don’t have anything to wear now,” she dangled her bra in front of his face. It was snapped in half.

“Oh, I don’t mind walking around naked, darling,” Kol grinned as he snatched the bra out of her hands and flung it across the room. “It might give us the upper hand over the Volturi too!”

“We’re going to need clothes, Kol,” Bella replied as she lazily traced his bicep with her finger.

“Let’s worry about clothes tomorrow,” he answered. “We really need some rest.”

Bella hummed as she slid down the mattress and kissed his cock, immediately waking it again for another round. She made a delighted noise as she shifted so she had better access to him and started to suck him. Of course, Bella was more rested than he was after he had her sleep off the magic herbs and alcohol, and he had to hand it to her, she was quite gifted in sucking him.

“Minx,” he snorted as he buried his hands in her hair. Oh, his body was such a whore.

They slept until very late the following day, had some delicious food in bed and then requested a personal shopper who’d go into Rome to buy them new clothes. In the meantime they had a nice, long bath followed by some wrestling. Well, Kol was trying to show Bella some moves that she could use on the Volturi and they ended up wrestling. On the bed. As it turned out, a cop’s daughter didn’t need lessons in self defense.

Their new clothes came and Bella asked him if they could come back here after they had dealt with the Volturi; she wanted to try everything. The indoor pool, the spa, maybe a cooking class and of course, she wanted to visit the museum. Kol agreed that they had to come back; he figured it had been awhile since he’d seen Bella this passionate about something. The building might be old to him, she certainly seemed to like it very much.

Then again, Italy was a great country in itself. Maybe he could persuade her to stay longer and visit Rome. Naples. Do a horseriding trail to Mount Vesuvius and visit Pompeii. Delve into the history of everything. They had all the time in the world. As long as she was happy, he’d be.

They drove for nearly four hours along the beautiful scenic Italian coast towards Volterra and he could tell that Bella was getting anxious. “You have nothing to worry about, darling,” he said as he started on the narrow and winding road up the hill. “You know all their weaknesses and how to exploit them, this is going to be easy. We’ll be back at the house before you know it.”

“They’re ancient vampires, Kol.”

“Yes, but unlike us, Cold Ones tend to get weaker with age. We only get stronger. We have nothing to worry about when it comes to their kings, and I can handle their guard for the most part if I take down the terror twins first. The power of the Volturi are lies in their words, not their strength.”

“Jane doesn’t affect me.”

“I figured as much,” Kol smiled at her. “It’s the whole reason I dosed your food to see if I could penetrate that mental shield of yours.”

“You can penetrate me whenever you want,” she smirked.

“Bella!” Kol whined as he tightly gripped the steering wheel. “No distractions, we have a job to do and this road is treacherous. Don’t do this to me.”

“Do what?” she said innocently.

“What’s fascinating is that that shield of yours carried over to your new existence,” he continued as he kept his eyes fixed on the road. “That makes you a hybrid, Bella, that makes you very powerful. Even as a new vampire you won’t have any trouble with taking them down.”

“A hybrid? You make me sound like I’m a car.”

He laughed at that. “A good car!”

She shook her head, laughing. “Well, you can drive me any time you want.”


Kol parked the car in front of the church and they had no trouble finding their way to the inner sanctum where the Volturi held residence. Kol took out the secretary and the two guards guarding the door before walking in with a pleasant look on his face. Bella was behind him, he knew that, but that was alright. He knew where she was, it wasn’t as if she was invisible.

“Mr. Mikaelson, I wasn’t aware that we had an appointment,” Aro spoke as he rose from his seat and motioned for his guard to protect them. “And I see you brought Ms. Swan, how fascinating.”

“Something’s changed,” Demetri said as he stepped forward, protective over his leaders. “She’s not the same, but she’s not one of us.”

“Ah, the Cullens are still failing then,” Marcus replied playfully. “It seems like your toys are still incapable of following your rules, dear Aro.”

Kol noticed more of the guard pouring into the room and he smirked. They were going to make it easy for him and Bella to kill them all. “Bella, do you remember what I taught you on the way over?” He spoke calmly, keeping an eye on Aro. The leader of the Volturi was like a child, always wanting to have control over everyone, wanting to know everything. Kol was curious to how he was going to react.


“And do you remember what I told you in the car just now?”


“Try the first on Jane, something with her power. If that works, go for Alec and Felix.”

“What’s your plan, young Mikaelson?” Aro asked curiously as he extended his hand to him. “Please, let me see.”

Bella hesitantly made her way over to Jane. Kol could see the corners of her lips curl up when Jane tried to use her powers on her. “I want you to use your powers on the rest of the guard,” Bella told her. “Do you understand?”

“Don’t make me do that.”

“I am making you do that. Use your powers on the rest of the guard or destroy yourself.”

Soon enough, most of the guard were brought to their knees and Bella told Alex and Felix to have a blast killing the guard. Aro was panicking. Caius was on his way to the door and Marcus just sat in his chair, watching in fascination.

“You see, Aro, Bella’s one of ours now. I brought her here so she could get even with you for destroying her life, for making her live in fear after she left the Cullens. To end her nightmare.”

“You’re not supposed to be able to compel us!”

Kol opened his mouth to say something but he could feel someone break into his mind, filling it with hatred towards Bella and he was struggling to push that person out. He only snapped out of it when Bella touched him, he could feel her mental shield extending to him, enveloping like a warm blanket.

It was then that he saw Felix rush over to a Cold One standing behind Marcus and tear her apart.

“That’s Chelsea,” Bella explained. “She can increase and decrease the emotional ties between people.”

“Oh,” Marcus sighed happily once Chelsea was destroyed completely. “Thank you, Bella, for freeing me of my bonds.” He then reached out to Demetri and snapped him in half. “You have no idea how good that feels.”

“He can live,” Bella pointed at Marcus, smiling widely. “This is fun, Kol. Who knew that I could compel Cold Ones? Do you have any idea what I could do to the Cullens!”

“I can only imagine, darling,” Kol smiled proudly at her. “Look at the mess you’ve made, isn’t it fun?”

“It sure is,” Bella grinned before she zoomed over to Felix and instructed him to rip apart Alec and Jane. “It’s also nice to have a bulldozer by my command… can we keep him?”


“Yes. He’ll be our personal guard.”

“Even against Niklaus when needed?”

Bella shrugged. “Whatever. Against anyone who would stand in our way or will want to hurt us.”

Oh, she was wicked. He liked it. “But he sparkles in the sunlight. As much as I like your idea, I don’t see how we can make it work,” Kol pointed out. He loved the idea, truly, but the downside of Cold One as a pet was that you couldn’t take them anywhere without a dedicated witch. Of course, they could always put him in storage somewhere until they had found a witch who was willing to work for him and Bella. But how were they going to bring Felix to the States? No, it wasn’t going to work. “Darling, would you like the honors?” He asked as he watched Marcus lazily get up to get Caius and destroy him, too. Caius was still frantically trying to open the door and in his panic had forgotten that the doors opened to the outside and with him pulling the doors, he couldn’t actually escape. Idiot.

Aro just looked around in sheer panic. “How are you going to explain this to your brothers?”

“Easy; Bella came, Bella made your guard turn on themselves, Bella conquered. You see, Aro, they don’t particularly fancy you either, but wouldn’t do anything to harm the agreement you have amongst yourselves. I’m not diplomatic. I like to remove the problems. You were Bella’s problem, and now we’ve solved it.”

“Again, this doesn’t explain how you’re going to explain this act of war to your brothers.”

“I don’t have to. Niklaus is enamoured by Bella and he’ll applaud her for this. Why should we be allowed to end our problems and she shouldn’t?”

“Enough already,” Bella sighed tiredly. “As much as I would love to kill Aro, I don’t particularly like to kill. And you can’t kill him either, Kol.” She then turned to Marcus. “But Marcus… he deserves this kill and I bet I won’t even have to compel him.”

Before she was even done speaking, Marcus flew across the space with parts of Caius in his hands and lunged himself at his former friend. The energy that came loose of that happening knocked Kol and Bella back and they landed on their asses, laughing. They watched as Marcus tore into Aro with so much hatred and passion that it was frightening. He then proceeded to kill Felix.

Marcus straightened himself up and looked at Bella. “Thank you, for ending my torment and giving me the opportunity to get revenge.”

“You’re welcome,” she smiled at him. “What are you going to do next?”

“I shouldn’t be here, Bella,” he replied solemnly. “After Aro killed my wife, all I wanted was to destroy myself and him. I miss her greatly and I believe it’s time for me to join her.”

“Are you sure?”

“I’ll remain here to see them all destroyed for good. The citizens of Volterra will not like what I’m about to do, but it is for the best,” Marcus replied kindly. “Now go, you’ve done a lot of good today.”

“Wait a minute, darling,” Kol said as he looked at Marcus. “Without the Volturi, your kind will be rudderless. How about you stay behind and make a new council? One that’s fair and more liberal? And once you’re confident that they will rule to your liking, you could always decide to end yourself.”

“Just don’t go for a Cullen or anyone friendly with them,” Bella suggested. “Because if you do, you’ll be in a world of hurt.”

Marcus sighed as he looked around the venom leaking bodies in the room. “I suppose I could do that… A softer approach, a softer rule and less imposing?”

“But with just the right amount of menace to keep them in check, we do not want an epidemic of Cold Ones.”

“Of course not,” Marcus smiled as he turned to Bella and Kol with renewed energy in his posture and eyes. “Very well. I shall ensure the burning of the vampires slain here and I shall lead us to a new dawn.”

Bella smiled as she stepped over the bodies and started to drag the pieces of Felix back together. She picked up his head from the floor while avoiding the dripping venom and smiled at him. “You’re going to be loyal to Marcus from now on. You will protect him from harm and you shall do as he says.” She then gently placed his head against his neck and already saw how the process of getting back together was working. “He’ll need some time to get better,” she said to Marcus, an apologetic smile on her face. “Anyone else you wish to keep?”

Marcus thought for a moment. “I know you said you didn’t want a Cullen as a Volturi, what about as a member of the guard?”

“Depends on who you have in mind. I do not want to give you someone with a gift.”

Marcus smiled deviously then. “I’m not sure if you’ll be going after them as well, but you should for what they’ve put you through. It would greatly satisfy me to have Carlisle Cullen as my personal slave.”

Bella let out a snort. “Sure, I’ll see what I can do.”

“Thank you, Bella.”

“Thank you Marcus.”

They left the church in silence, but when they were at the car, Bella turned to Kol with a big grin on her face. “That was awesome.”

“That certainly was,” he laughed as he leaned against the car. “Look at all that power you have! We should test it on a regular vampire next, I mean, I can compel regular vampires but you… well, you’re something special alright!”

Bella shrugged. “Thank you for giving me this opportunity, Kol,” she said as she softly kissed him. “I already feel a lot better knowing that the Volturi will leave me alone.”

“You’re very welcome.”

“So Brain, what are we going to do next?”

“Same as we try every day, Pinky, take over the world,” Kol grinned and softly kissed her.

“Seriously? And here I thought that we’d go back to La Posta and fuck each other’s brains out.”

“Well, then there’s that.”

“An offer you can’t refuse,” Bella smirked. “Who knows? I might be impatient and get all Italian on you while you’re driving.”


She winked at him before she got into the car and strapped herself in. “Fellatio.”

They spent an entire week, and thus Christmas, in the villa in Italy, Bella wanting to see everything remotely historical of the area before sightseeing in Rome and headed back to the United States. But not to New Orleans. No, after what she’d done with the Volturi, she realized that she could get her revenge peacefully and she wanted to go after the Cullens next, mainly because she couldn’t wait to get that fresh start in life with Kol.

He couldn’t be more in awe and proud of her. Sure, Nik was likely going to be pissed with them for having missed Christmas, but then again, it was Kol and Rebekah who valued the time together as a family the most. Nik didn’t even like their tradition of burning wishes. Kol loved seeing the playful side of Bella, it was a lot more fun than the emotionally unbalanced Bella and he was glad that she had made a lot of progress in their time together.

Kol was slightly concerned about how she’d respond to the Cullens. After all, they had been like family to her and even though it’d been years since she’d seen them, it could hurt her. And the nightmare started the moment she turned on her phone after landing in Seattle.

“Hey Jazz,” she answered as she put it on speaker. “What’s up?”

Well, not to disturb you or anything, but it seems that the Mikaelsons have eliminated the Volturi.”

She raised an eyebrow as she looked at Kol. “Really? The Mikaelsons? Are you sure? Because last time I checked, Klaus and Elijah were still in New Orleans with their sisters and Kol’s been with me here in North Dakota.”

What are you doing in North Dakota? There’s nothing there!”

“Sex in the woods, Jazz. It’s amazing.”

There are woods in New Orleans!”

“With Klaus’ psycho ex running around there in wolf form. No thanks. I don’t want to be eaten,” she deadpanned. “Besides, the Volturi are gone now, right? I should be safe.”

It doesn’t make any sense, if it’s all true what you’re saying, and I don’t say it is, then Marcus is lying, which also doesn’t make any sense because he’s such a pacifist and he’d never hurt anyone.”

“I don’t care, not my problem. Why are you telling me all this?”

Alice fears that we are next. Now that you’re under the Mikaelson’s protection and all… Kol already killed Rosalie, Emmett’s inconsolable despite him being mated with Angela now.”

“Oh, Jazz,” Bella sighed. “You have nothing to worry about.”

Are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m sure. Like I said, Kol’s with me in North Dakota and the rest of the Mikaelsons aren’t interested in messing with politics.”

“Well, Elijah maybe, darling,” Kol purred. “But then again, he forged the agreement with Carlisle that he was going to leave them alone and vice versa.”

“Right. See, Jazz? Nothing to worry about.”

I know you’re not obliged to tell me anything, Bella, but should they come for my family, will you give me a heads up?”

She smirked and suppressed a giggle. “Yes, I will literally give you a heads up. Now can I go and have wild monkey sex with Kol now?”

You do know that he killed Rosalie, don’t you? He must have killed thousands of people.”

“What’s your point? You told me to trust them and make them protect me.”

I didn’t say anything about sexual relations, Bella,” Jasper chided her. “He’s dangerous.”

“Goodbye, Jazz, North Dakota is calling me!” She disconnected the call and smirked at Kol. “I’m going to give him a literal heads up.”

“I don’t expect anything less,” he laughed as he put his arm around her and kissed the top of her head. “Let’s get us a car and deal with the Cullens. Maybe after we could go and visit your dad and spend New Year’s Eve with him.”

“Is that even okay? I mean, I’m dead, aren’t I?”

“Are you?” Kol smiled at her. “Sure, you died in an accident but the only ones who know about it is us. To your father and the rest of the world, you’re still alive. There’s no death certificate which means that we’ll likely have to stage your death at some point but you have like… what? 10 to 15 years before he starts questioning why you don’t age?”

“I guess?”

“Well then, no harm in celebrating the new year with your father.”

“I haven’t been home ever since I left, Kol,” Bella said quietly. “What if it’s okay like this? What if I don’t feel like I have to go home? Both my parents have been selfish, Charlie’s alright by himself for the most part and I felt that nothing had changed when I moved back apart from the fact that I traded in my mom for my dad. It’s not like he’s come down to visit me, either.”

He kissed the top of her head before letting her go to get a car. When he returned, he smiled at her. “Fine, no visiting relatives if you don’t feel like it. Although I would really love it, you know, for you to introduce me to your dad, seeing as we’re partners and all.”

She snorted. “I never fancied you to be a traditionalist.”

Kol shrugged. “Are there any hotels in Forks we can stay at?”

“Yes, but I’ll probably be recognized and dad will be alerted…” she let out a deep breath. “Can’t we just go and round up the Cullens and leave? We’ve dozed on the plane. The Cullens don’t need sleep, they don’t sleep at all, and we can do without sleep too.”

“Whatever you wish, darling,” Kol smirked as they walked to the parking garage to get their rental car. “It’s your party.”

“Damn right.”

They drove straight to Forks, a 4 hour drive from the airport in Seattle and the roads were slippery due to the ice and snow. Not that it mattered, if anything they could run their way to Forks through the forest and all, but it was cold and even vampires wanted some comfort. The car parked out of ear shot of the Cullens and they quietly made their way to the house, Bella leading the way. “Hey, Bella?” Kol whispered. “What of those wolves?”

“They’ll be damn grateful for us doing their job for them,” she whispered back. “They’re the worst magical beings, ever. They couldn’t even take down one nomad!”

“Want to hit them next?”

“Hell yes,” she grinned. “Or just set fire to their entire reservation, that would work just fine, too.”

“It’s the middle of winter, darling.”

“Fine, we’ll paint it red then.”

They stopped in the clearing and looked at the house. “It’s atrocious,” Kol sneered softly. “You sparkle in daylight and have windows like that?”

“It actually reflects the sunlight back, it doesn’t hit them in the house,” Bella commented as she strained to look at something before a wide grin appeared on her face. “Follow me,” she softly kissed him before speeding off and tackling the matron of the Cullen family to the ground. “Shut up and don’t move,” she compelled her as Bella dragged Esme into the more shielded part of the garden.

“Darling, I admire your agility,” Kol said proudly. “Your stealthiness and how you embraced being one of us.”

“Aww!” Bella cooed as she kissed him. “I love you too, partner! Now please, rip off her head so we can give the Major his heads up.”

Kol chuckled darkly. He realized that without his knowledge, Bella had turned off her emotions but was still a capable vampire. Something new vampires struggled with, but she was a natural and she was beautiful. It was a good thing that she had done, this way Jasper couldn’t influence her the way everyone else would be influenced; Kol could fight him off on his own merit.

He did as he was told before Bella lit a few matches and threw them on Esme’s body. The Cold One was still happily blissed out by Bella’s compulsion, although she had a look of horror on her face as he handed the head to Bella.

Bella made sure that Esme looked presentable with her hair pushed out of her face before heading up to the house and politely knocked on the door, hiding Esme’s head behind her. Carlisle opened the door in surprise and before he could speak up, Bella compelled him to call for Jasper.

“Hi!” Bella greeted him as she threw Esme’s head at him. “Heads up!”

“Bella? No, you said you were in North Dakota, you can’t do this.” Jasper said, flabbergasted and shocked at the head he was holding in his hands. “You didn’t have to do this.”

“We flew over North Dakota on our way here, I wasn’t lying that I was in North Dakota.”

“You can’t come in.”

“Are you sure about that?” Bella said playfully as she took a step closer to the house. “Surely you’ve been smart enough to put the house into a human’s name…”

“We have…”

“And then you freaks turned her,” she smirked as she set foot inside the hallway. “Surprise, assholes,” Bella announced when the rest of the family piled into the hallway to see what the commotion was. “Hi Ange!” She grinned widely. “Guess what? I have plans for all of you!”

Emmett charged at Kol who was fast enough to get him into a headlock, facing Bella. “Oh, Emmett… you’re not going to fight us, instead, you’re going to fight for us. Have a go at Carlisle.”

Emmett flung himself at his father while Alice tried to attack Bella. Bella punched Alice in the face and pushed her onto the ground. “You’re going to stay there until I have time for you, missy.”

Oh yes, Bella being all dominant was doing it for Kol. She was so hot. So in control and so very much enjoying herself with her puppets, making him wonder if getting rid of these toys would be a good thing. She could take them back home and make them do things for them. Like being a statue or bodyguards or whatever.

“Jasper, last chance. Either stay or run away,” Bella warned him as she watched how Emmett was tearing off Carlisle’s arms. “Edward, be a doll and kill Emmett for me.”

“Bella, I don’t-”

“You have no choice, Edward,” she reminded him. “Either he kills you or you kill him, it’s that simple, but nobody is allowed to walk out of this house,” Bella said before taking Kol’s hand and took him to the kitchen. “I’m hungry, let’s see what they have in the kitchen. Likely only popcorn or something, they don’t eat.”

Kol couldn’t believe the sight in front of him and pulled out his phone to record a video of this to send to Niklaus, who would certainly approve of this. Bella had turned her back on the Cold Ones who were tearing each other apart, with the tiny one lying on the ground like she was a stepstool. The Major looked like a lost puppy, Kol could have sworn to see the cog wheels in his head work overtime to see how he was going to fix all this. Kol laughed when Carlisle’s head finally popped off and was thrown at Jasper.

“Ah! They have something edible!” Bella cried out happily as she pulled out some steaks out of the freezer and started to cook them on the stove. “Oh, Ange?” she called out to her former friend. “Could you come over here please?” She didn’t need compulsion for her, Angela was freaked out of her mind enough not to move a muscle.

“Bella…” she replied hesitantly as she walked over. “You need to stop this, please.”

“Nah, too late,” Bella shrugged as she turned to her friend. “See that fire in the garden? That’s Esme burning. I want you to throw yourself onto that fire and die.”


“Do as I say or I’ll make you do it,” Bella said angrily. “I warned you about the Cullens but you wouldn’t listen. Now it’s time to face the consequences.”

“I hate you!”

Bella smirked then, pulling Angela back. “See, I wanted to be nice to you, since we were friends and all…” she sighed as she shook her head. “Oh well. I want you to undress yourself,” she compelled her. “Like the whore that you are. When you’re completely naked, I want you to cross the treaty line to get those mutts out of the woods and lure them back here. Once you’ve done that, you’re going to join Esme’s fire.” Bella then turned back to her steaks, flipping them over while Angela undressed herself and ran off.

“Niklaus approves, darling,” Kol said as he showed her the text message that his brother sent back to him. “He’s only disappointed that he can’t join in on the fun.”

“I’m sure we’ll find something to do that he can join in on,” Bella replied with a smile and then sighed happily as she listened to the sound of Edward and Emmett fighting in the hallway. “I know it’s wrong of me, but this feels so good, you know. You were right. I think that after this, I’m going to be able to be so incredibly happy.”

“Of course I was right, darling,” he smiled widely. “Nothing soothes the soul better than a good massacre.”

“There’s a baseball bat in the garage if you feel like joining in,” she added as she put the steaks on a plate and handed him cutlery before tucking into a steak herself. “Hmm… premium cow. Nothing but the best.”

“I’m not sure what you did to those steaks but they smell horrendous,” Kol said as he scrunched his nose in disgust. “Like… wet dogs or something.”

“The puppies have arrived!” Bella squealed as she saw Angela dive onto the flames in the garden and flap around as if she was a fish on dry land as the fire consumed her. She took her plate to the hallway and saw them all lined up on the driveway, looking at what was going on in the hallway with confused looks on their faces. “Oh, look, they’re tilting their heads!” She took a bite of her steak and waved at them. “Hi guys!” She turned around when she heard something pop and was just in time to see Edward’s body drop to the floor. “Oh, well done, Emmett!” she cheered.

“So, which one kept coming after you, Bella?” Kol asked politely as he joined her at the door.

“The russett one,” Bella pointed at Jacob.

“Oh, mate, are you in the dog house now,” Kol said as his vampire visage bled out and he lunged for him.

Bella giggled as she leaned against the doorpost, happily finishing her steak as she watched her man deal with Jacob. Like her, Kol wasn’t much of a fighter, but damn, he was so hot. The way he moved out of the way of Jacob’s teeth, the way he broke Jake’s back and how majestically the blood squirted from Jake’s neck when Kol ripped it off his torso like it was nothing. Her partner made quite a spectacle out of it and she loved it.

“God, I’m so turned on right now,” she said breathlessly before turning to Emmett. “Go kill the pups, mommy and daddy are going to defoul the shag carpet in the living room.”

“Bella, I will not let you do this!”

“Jasper!” Bella smirked. “Still here! Well, you’ve had your chance. Go join Emmett in slaughtering the puppies, just leave Seth alone, okay? He’s very innocent and adorable and he doesn’t deserve to die,” she pat Jasper on his shoulder before taking Kol’s hand and dragged him off to the living room to have sex.

The soundtrack to their lovemaking was enticing. Grunts and whelps mixed in with the noises she and Kol made as they rolled over the floor, fighting for dominance over each other. Kol telling her that she was his kind of crazy; the right kind, with her emotions turned off and then she surprised him by saying that she hadn’t turned them off. She had merely stopped giving a fuck and was having fun with the lack of control and predictability that it brought along with that.

They both came hard when the last shifter wolf fell to the ground outside.

While getting dressed, she instructed Jasper to take down Emmett while having Emmett allow Jasper to get him killed and once that was done, she happily looked around and oversaw the destruction. “Oh, this is just fabulous,” she said as she kissed Kol. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” he replied with a smile before pointing at Jasper and Alice. “What of those two, darling?”

“Well, Klaus wants an army, right? Who’s better in the position to train his vampires than the God of War himself? I mean, if I can compel him, then Klaus certainly will be able to, too, right?”

“I’m not too sure about that, but I think he will appreciate the sentiment,” he replied.

“And Alice is going back where she belongs,” Bella said as she helped the petite vampire up. “Dowager Fauline’s Cottage, Asylum for the crazy witches. If I remember, you’re familiar with it, yes?” She asked deviously as she looked up at him. “A vegetarian Vampire surrounded by flesh and blood witches.”

“Well,” Kol shrugged. “It certainly would help to deal with the overcrowding that’s going on in that place.”


“Well then, let’s take our personal and subdued discoballs back to New Orleans and celebrate the New Year. Freya mentioned something about having arranged the best fireworks known to man.”

When they all left the house, Bella turned around and lit a few matches to light the vampires on fire, allowing them to consume the entire building with their venom over time. By the time the fire would be seen from town, it would be too late.

It felt good, to become the nightmare instead of living in it. She didn’t feel any remorse whatsoever, something the Cullens and the Volturi hadn’t felt for mistreating her. She’d finally become what she had been destined to be.

An asskicking woman who knew no fear and with the best partner she could have ever wished for. Her life had been changed for the better and she couldn’t wait to start it.

The End.


  1. Short lazy answer for I sleep; loved it, Alice so gonna fit in, everyone got what they deserved, the end. *yawns like my dog* Now sleeeenammanaa naaaammamana…

  2. Awesome! Knew those two would have a crazy time. Loved it!

  3. Thanks! That was my intention to have it crazy 🙂

  4. crazy story to read but loved it

  5. Very nice. Perfect ending to a nice short little story! especially since the cullens get destroyed by each other and jasper survives and Alice is tortured lol. I love it. Looking forward to your next story.

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