Chapter 11

John was fed up with the dealings of some of the Royal Court. At least a dozen had showed up to tell him that they weren’t sure about his ideas and he had sent them all off, including their families, to do inventory on the villages in the Kingdom. That had been the only pleasure he had had all day, apart from treating his wife to a nice good morning earlier.

He groaned when Todd, one of his father’s trusted advisers, came to him with more books and papers. “Enough.” John sighed. “At least for today, please? I’m hungry, I’m tired and I just want to see my wife before she goes to bed.”

“But sire…”

“It took many months for this to pile up, I am sure that we have dealt with the more important things today and tomorrow is another day.” John rose from his chair and headed towards his chambers, ignoring Todd’s ‘buts’.

When John entered his chambers, he found Aracely reading a book while she was enjoying a glass of wine. “Good evening, my Queen,” John smiled. “How was your day?” He asked and kissed her tenderly.

“It was entertaining,” she smiled into his kiss, enjoying it greatly as she closed the writings. “You are much more late than I anticipated you to be. Have you not eaten?” Aracely questioned as she looked over his face.

“Since breakfast?” He asked with a smile on his face. “No, I have not. And I am sorry, my love, there was a lot of business to take care of, had I not walked away from Todd, I would still be sitting there.”

Frowning, she stood before giving him another kiss. “Please sit and rest. I will go have someone bring you a tray before you fall faint,” she said nudging him towards the chair she had sat in earlier. The thought of the turn of scenario put a smile on her face and filled her stomach with anticipation. “Have some of my wine and do not think.”

John frowned as he sat down and pulled off his boots. “What have you been doing today? Did Gabriella show you the thing you wanted her to show you?” He followed her with his eyes as she walked towards the door.

Aracely actually had forgotten about the needlework and shook her head. “No, I allowed her to rest from the events of yesterday. I spent most of the day in here reading or out in the gardens.”

He was happy that she had explored some of the castle on her own, and smiled as he took a sip of her wine. “That sounds so much better than the day I’ve had.”

“Is there anything that I can do to make it turn for the better?” she asked as she opened the door to request one of the waiting staff to fetch some food. Coming back, she returned to her chair and picked her book up again.

YES! John’s body screamed. Oh forget it. “I’d love to have your presence in my bath later.” He smiled.

“I do not know if I can do that,” she frowned, testing to see how he would react. If Hathora had been correct even though she was sure how he would be.

“Why not?” He pouted. “I promise I’ll behave!”

Aracely shrugged a shoulder. “I believe that you would be, but I do not know for how long…”

“Fine.” He sighed as he took another sip of the wine. “But you will share the bed with me then? Or do you want me to sleep somewhere else?”

It was turn for her to frown. “I had believed that we had settled that arrangement?” she said looking at him. “Have you changed your mind?”

“No, I haven’t… I was just checking.” He smiled.

“You truly have the mind of a devil,” Aracely remarked as she stole a slice of cheese from the meal tray the servant that had walked in to set on the table. “I do not wish for our agreement to change.”

“Me neither.” John said and eyed Amelia gratefully. “Thank you Amelia.” He took a piece of veal and started to eat it.

“Amelia? When you have a moment, could you or someone please draw the King a bath?” she asked sweetly, with a knowing smile exchanged between the two women.

“Of course, my Queen.” She smiled and walked into the washroom.

Aracely sat back and watched John eat his meal. “Perhaps you should come up for some air before you make yourself sick my King.”

He looked at her, grinning. “I’m fine. I’m famished, that’s all.”

“I am sure you are. I will go check on your bath while you finish. I am sure it won’t be long before it is ready,” she smiled and went to leave the room.

“But, I haven’t seen you all day! Can’t you just sit with me for a while?”

She shook her head, “No. Perhaps next time you will remember to force your staff to take a break so that you can tend to your hunger needs. Come to your bath when you are finished eating.”

John blinked at her. What was wrong with her? “What did I do? Why are you…” John got up and walked after Aracely. “What is wrong?”

She turned quickly, forbidding him to enter the washroom yet. “Nothing is wrong but if you do not do as I ask, which is to finish your meal, then something will be wrong,” she said looking up at him with a steady and firm gaze.

John swallowed hard. Whatever book she had been reading, he wanted to worship it. He nodded as he made his way back to his food, seeing the book on the table. Shakespeare… yeah right… he thought.

In the washroom, the girls had shared a small laugh at the reactions that Aracely had been able to draw so far. “Thank you Amelia,” she whispered. “When you leave, be sure that no one enters the chambers for the rest of the night.” Allowing her to finish filling the bath with hot water, Aracely disrobed herself and got in, wincing as it had not yet cooled enough for those of fair skin. Settling down, she sighed before leaning to the side of the bath and watched for her beloved as Amelia walked out.

After finishing his meal, he’d hate to see what Aracely would do to him if he hadn’t eaten it, he got up and walked towards the washroom only to find his wife in the bath. “Aracely?”

“Won’t you join me? It is quite warm,” she smiled as she looked up at him through hooded eyes.

“You just said…” John swallowed hard, she looked absolutely gorgeous in the water.

“I said what?” she asked as she shifted in the water.

“I don’t remember…” he chuckled as he got out of his clothes. “I’ll be more than happy to join you.”

Aracely smiled as she watched him, her breath catching at the sight of his clear excitement. She moved back in the water, allowing room for him to join her as he approached. It took a great deal of strength to keep her eyes on him, and at the same time she was unable to pull them away.

He lowered himself into the water and smiled. “What are you up to?”

She moved over to him, and unlike the last time they shared a bath, she had faced him now. “Nothing,” she said lightly as her eyes focused on his lips and her knees nudging his legs where she could settle over him comfortably.

He frowned and pulled her on his lap, with his knees up so she could sit comfortably. He wasn’t sure if he was going to keep his hands off of her, sitting like that. “Hmm… okay, I’ll give you the benefit of doubt.” He smiled and softly kissed her.

She accepted and returned his kiss, her hands coming out of the water to explore his arms, shoulders, and further, she could feel his arousal pressing against her bottom. Parting from his lips, she kissed along his jaw as she pressed her self into his lap.

John groaned and grabbed the edges of the bath to brace himself. “Aracely…”

“Yes my Lord?” she asked looking back up at him with large eyes. “Have I done something wrong?”

“No…” John said with a small voice and swallowed hard, tightening his grip on the bath as she shifted in his lap. Did she even know what she was doing?

Dropping her hands to his chest, she frowned as she drew odd shapes across the wide area. “Then why do you behave as if I pain you?”

“I am trying to restrain myself…” John looked at her and smiled. “Because right now, I just want to ravage you and I don’t want to scare you.”

“Then how about you love me instead of ravaging me,” she whispered before pressing her lips and body against him. Her hips rocked out of pure instinct that elicited a mixture of a moan and growl from her.

John groaned and started to caress her back. “I do love you…” he said huskily.

“And I love you,” she said as she raised herself up just enough so that she could guide his hand to her center. “And I wish to love you as a wife should…”

He smiled up to her. He couldn’t believe she was doing this! “My God… you’re so sexy right now.” He said as he gently started to caress her center.

Aracely bit on her lip as she looked up in his eyes. Parting her lips she let out a few pants of breath as her face reddened more from her body’s heat, the pleasure of his fingers on her sex, and the water. “Please my love,” she said, pressing against his hand more. “I desire more.”

John moaned and inserted one finger inside of her. He wasn’t picky, if she wanted to have him in the bathtub… that… oh god that would be so good! he thought. She looked as if she was a cat in heat. What has she been doing all day? Oh god! He pressed the palm of his hand harder against her heat.

She moaned as she let her head fall to his shoulder. Kissing the skin there, she looked out at nothing as she considered her next move. Choosing to get on with the inevitable, she sat back up and began to kiss him more forcefully as she pulled away from his hand but closer to his own sex.

Feeling his hand trying to follow her body, she reached down as she bit lightly on his lip. Placing her hand between herself and his, she sought out his hardened member in the water, stroking it nervously with her fingers at first. When he started to speak out she penetrated his mouth with her tongue as she wrapped her hand firmly around him.

John groaned as she started to stroke his cock. She had definitely wised up today. How she learned of these methods he did not know but it was certainly promising. He started to answer her kiss hungrily and wrapped his arms around her.

Breathing heavily, she raised herself as she looked down into his eyes as she repositioned herself over him and pressed herself onto him. Aracely clearly had fear and discomfort in her face, but also determination as she felt him filling her painfully slow, at her own pace.

She looked so hot, and at the same time in pain. “You should have let me continued what I was doing, my love, you wouldn’t be in so much pain right now.” John looked at her and smiled, he was so proud of her. “But…” he took a deep breath. “You are so…”

“Shhh,” she hushed him as she waited for the feeling to pass before moving over him. Blinking as she slowly found herself, she gave a gentle rock of her hips which forced her mouth open wider from the feeling it had given her.

“Aracely!” He cried out in surprise and then moaned. “God!”

Still keeping herself rather slow as she ached from his size within her, she did find herself enjoying the new experience. “Does this please you?” she asked between dropping light kisses on his lips.

“Very very much.” He smiled and softly caressed her breasts.

“I have noticed you have a strange fascination with them,” she said curiously as she leaned back some so that he had more access.

“It’s not a strange fascination…” He grinned as he brushed her erect nipples with his thumbs. “They are gorgeous, they need to be worshipped.”

A wave of pleasure coursed through her body causing her to spasm briefly from the inside out. “Ohh…” she sighed as she raised her head lazily.

“Do you still think it’s a strange fascination?” He smiled as he licked across the vein in her neck.

“No.” Aracely groaned as she bucked her hips again and moved her body closer to his again to stop him from touching her. She was in control now, not her love. She reached for his hands to remove them from her body to the sides of the bath, “Leave them there. I do not wish for you to touch me. It is my turn to touch you.”

“Please?” John looked at her as if he were a beaten puppy. “I’d love to touch you, and…” He shut up as Aracely kissed him passionately. iOkay/i, he thought.

Aracely softly whimpered and moaned as she continued to lower herself onto him and was glad that she finally reached the point where he had completely sunk into her. Smiling proudly she started to slowly grind her hips, the way Hathora had shown her, and caressed her husband’s chest.

“Oh…” John moaned as he grabbed the sides of the tub. He didn’t know what to do with his hands, he wanted to touch his wife, to feel her skin on his own and drive her mad, but he was sure he could lose both of his hands if he didn’t listen to her. “You… are you sure you…” he wasn’t able to make sense.

She braced her hands over his defined chest, the edges of her fingers just brushing over his own nipples before she worked to move a bit harder on his length. “What am I sure of?” she asked.

“Ah!” he cried out in surprise. “Are you sure you want to do this… in here?”

“Do you not wish to be here?” she ask settling back down where he was buried deep in her. “I had thought – that maybe the water might help make it hurt less…”

“Oh no I am comfortable, I’m just… pleasantly surprised, that’s all.”

Aracely could not help but to grin as she watched his face when she shifted so that her legs straddled his more comfortably but still remaining with him inside her. The movement somehow, if it was possible, felt as if he could have slipped inside further. Her jaw fell open in her own surprise as she looked at him. “Surprised like that?”

“Yes!” John moaned. “God… Aracely…”

“I do not know if I am doing this correctly. Am I supposed to do this…” she said moving in one way, before changing it to something a bit different. “Or this…?”

“Both!” John tried not to cry out but whatever she was doing, she was doing it iright/i. “You’re not as innocent as you look!”

She frowned as she stopped all movement. “You know very well that I have not done something like this before. Why would you say such a thing…”

“Please please please… continue… please!” John begged her. “Please don’t stop… I take it back… I didn’t mean it but please, don’t stop!”

“Well, I must admit I was not expecting such a reaction,” she said. “I did not think you would like this as much as you seem to be. Perhaps I should do this again?”

“Yes please… oh please…” John tried to catch his breath. “You’re… please… I need…”

Aracely still had not begun to move as she watched him. “What is it that you wish me to do now?”

He placed his hands on her hips and started to press her further down and held her there as he bucked his hips. “Move.”

She smiled as she went to move in any way that she could but he continued to hold her down. “Does that satisfy you my Lord?” Moving again, she lost her balance briefly but her hands fell back to brace herself as they met with John’s thighs to hold her up some but the angle was enough to make her head fall back with a sensuous moan.

“Stop asking me…” John moaned as he started to try to move his hips faster, the angle making it difficult for him to move his hips. “You’ll always…” he took a deep breath. “Satisfy me.” He decided to take charge of the situation, despite her doing the best she could, he was almost exploding and at the rate it was going now, he wasn’t getting anywhere. He wrapped her legs around his waist and put her arms around his neck as he rose from the water with his cock still inside of her. Knowing that they were both too wet to finish each other off in bed, not to mention too much of a walk, he walked towards the nearest wall and gently placed her back against it.

Aracely could not help but to laugh as he carried her from the water. While she had expected him to bring her to their bed, she was pleasantly surprised at this choice. Supported by the wall, she let herself loosen her grip on his body where she held on to him with her legs. Falling slightly, and his sex buried so deeply inside her, her voice cried out with the pleasure as she tried to raise herself back up for him but slipping each time back onto him. Unable to continue Aracely leaned back to the wall and looked at her husband as he took over his thrusts into her body. Each one, harder than the last stirring up a cry that left the King with the scars of her nails over his shoulders and the look of satisfied delirium in her darkened eyes.

John buried his face into her breasts as he reached his climax and it took everything in his power not to cause them to fall over as he rode his orgasm to completion. He leaned into her as he fought to catch his breath.

She ran her fingers through his hair and down his neck. “Take your time,” she said softly with a smile as she lowered her face to kiss along his neck. “I am all yours. We will not be disturbed this evening.”

“That was…” he looked up to her, smiling and carefully lifted her off of him. He caught her when she nearly fell over when he set her down on the floor and lifted her in his arms. “Let’s get you in bed, my love.” he kissed her and walked out of the washroom to set her gently down on the bed.

“Oh!” Aracely exclaimed as he lifted her into his arms. “That gives a new meaning to being weak in the legs, doesn’t it?” she asked, holding onto him. She did not let go of him either when he set her down, pulling him down with her.

John laughed as he fell down on top of her. “I suppose we both are.” He scrambled to his knees and then crawled up to lay down and take her in his arms.

As he rolled to his back, with her at his side, she only grinned before pushing his arms down so that she could rise to sit over him again. Her much smaller frame made straddling his hips to reach his lips near impossible so she had her legs hugging at his waist. Leaning in, she started to kiss along his lips lightly, her palms pinning him down at his shoulders.

John looked at his wife in surprise and put his hands on her hips as he answered her kiss. He didn’t know whether to be shocked or surprised by his wife’s actions and wondered who she had talked to, no way did she find her new found confidence in a book. Who ever it was, he should give that person a raise. “For some reason I don’t believe you have been reading all day…” he said huskily.

“Hmm?” she smiled as she laid over his body. She started to trace his lips with her finger, “If you must know, I sought out the advice of a new friend on marriage. If I had Vala in the castle to speak to, I could very well assure you that she would be sitting just outside the chamber doors listening, the nosy woman she can be.”

He caressed her hair and planted a kiss on her forehead. “Who is this new friend?”

“She is my secret. I do not wish to share her guidance as we had – made an agreement,” Aracely explained softly. “I was not the only one to benefit from her words however…” Her grin grew as the light from the candles around the bed glittered her eyes as she looked at him.

“She?” John smiled. “I am relieved you talked to a woman, and not to a man… but my love, you’d grow to discover things on your own, you do not need someone’s stories to help you.”

She sat up frowning down at him. “I am perfectly aware of that. Which is why the bath was from my own thoughts. If I were to use my friend’s suggestion, I could have had you where you sat as you ate your dinner.”

Missing her skin on his, he tugged on her hair until she laid down again. “I love you,” John kissed the top of her head. “And I am lucky to have you as my wife…”

“And I you,” she replied before laying her head down on his chest with a sigh. “I did not ever see myself in this position when we only met within the last fortnight.”

“Me neither.” John chuckled. “My Aracely… how you’ve grown.” He smiled as he caressed her hair.

She could not resist rolling her eyes. “That is not quite what I meant. Before learning of you being the Prince, I did not even consider – and don’t think that dear Vala had not tried to sell me the idea of my trying to court you. And then after? Well, it was certainly a surprise and then you asked of me…you know very well what I had thought of the arrangement would mean for you and I then. This is one time that I may be happy to be proven wrong for my misguided beliefs.”

“I was just very lucky that someone else didn’t get to you first.” He smiled.

“Then I should not share with you the number of suitors other than Sir Lorne that I had turned away over the years,” she teased as she circled her finger idly around his exposed nipple. “Had you not come when you had, I was sure that Halling would have surely tried to convince me to begin considering saying yes one that may have come after. However of all the men that had come and gone through the village, you were the one stranger that could have left but did not simply to help those you did not know.”

“Your village needed my help, and I did the best I could by myself. Any idiot could have done the same thing.”

Aracely raised her head to smile at him. “Any fool could have but it was you who did,” she said before kissing his chest in a thankful affection.

“And soon, your village will be as prosperous as it had been… I will have to ask our resident Chulakkan as to why he thinks his people, or maybe a radical movement of his people, are focused on your village.” John sighed. “He’ll have to return first from the duties I gave him.”

“You have one of their people here? In the castle?” she asked as she quickly crawled off of her husband’s naked body.

John grabbed Aracely’s wrist. “I told you, I don’t know why the Chullakan’s would attack villages for their women, my Father never had problems with them. I will do anything in my power to stop them from attacking San Franciskus and going to another village instead, they will be dealt with.”

She looked at him for a moment and nodded. “I am sorry. I just cannot help but to feel…” Aracely trailed off but the expression on her face was clear. She appeared ill and full of fear.

“The Chulakkan’s are warriors, yes, but they’re good people. Like I said, they will be dealt with I just need to wait for my friend to return from the duties I sent him off to do for your village.” He sighed. “You have nothing to fear, my love, you are safe.”

Slowly Aracely laid back down beside John. “I may be safe now, but it is still the others I think of. It seems as though they have no intentions of stopping until all of us are gone or taken.”

“I know, which is one of the reasons why I left Lorne in your village and why Ronon is on his way now with a handful of soldiers. He will also talk to the soldiers in the outpost and he will get to the bottom of this.”

“I find myself forgetting at times since coming here and I do not like it. They are my friends, my family even,” she murmured as she fought her own emotions.

John nodded and caressed her hair. “If it would please you, I’ll pack up the castle and make San Franciskus the capital of Atlantica… I doubt I could convince them to live at our village at the Castle.”

“No, there are already many changes on the horizon and I fear that your support will fall greatly with a decision such as that,” she smiled as she curled up against his warmth. “Tomorrow,” she sighed. “Tomorrow is a new day.”

John groaned. “Filled with more paperwork.”

Aracely smiled. “It is hard work to be King, but I have confidence that you will manage it well. It all will not last forever.”

“I just want to know the state of everything… and it’s gruelling. Father should have let me do more for him.”

“Perhaps he wished for you to have your freedom before it was time for you to take over? The life of the King is not so much to yourself anymore as you have many to speak for and while you do have the final say, there is still the need to speak to the people for your choices and actions.”


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