Random Fics

Constantine/Harry Potter:

The Hellblazer, A witch and a Spirit walk into a bar… (John Constantine, Luna Lovegood | PG13 for language.)
One night, a strange widow becomes possessed and tries to kidnap a ghost hunter.

White Collar

Antiques (Neal Caffrey/Elizabeth Burke/Peter Burke, PG)
It’s okay he forgets sometimes.


Retrogression (Charlie Eppes/Colby Granger)
He forgot.

Stargate Atlantis

Leave no man or woman behind (John Sheppard/OFC, rated M)
His credo was: Leave no one behind. No man, no woman. Not if he could help it. But what if he was the one being left behind?

Teen Wolf

We could have had it all (Isaac Lahey/OFC, PG)
Isaac mourns Allison with the help of a therapist.

Teen Wolf/The Originals

Double Trouble (Isaac Lahey, Kol Mikaelson, Davina Claire, PG13)
Just a case of mistaken identity…

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