Teen Wolf/The Originals: Double Trouble

“There you are!”

Isaac stiffened when someone’s arm looped around his. He had come to New Orleans to find a job at any restaurant that would have him after being bitten by the cooking bug in Paris after Argent left him there.

He didn’t know anyone in New Orleans.

This girl on his arm was definitely not someone familiar.


“Are we still on for making the weapon that puts Klaus down later?”

“Uhh…” he stopped walking and looked at her with a confused look on his face. “Who are you?”

“Davina?” the girl smiled at him, looking worried. “Are you okay?” She put her hand on his arm, making him look at her hand stupidly. “Kol?”

Isaac ran a hand through his hair and let out a breath. “No idea who Kol is, but that’s not my name,” he replied as he took a step back because Davina didn’t.

“You don’t sound like Kol,” now it was Davina’s turn to be confused before she yelled something in French and shot out her hand and Isaac could feel something tickle him.

“Yeah, okay, you’re nuts,” Isaac shook his head and continued to walk, perhaps a little faster than he should. New Orleans was filled with strange people, smells and food, but this chick was crazy, and he needed to walk at least ten more minutes until he found the restaurant that had advertised in the paper for new cooks. He really hoped she wasn’t following him.

He was well aware of the supernatural community of New Orleans. It was one of the reasons why he was drawn to the city. Another plus was that nobody knew him here and that there’d be less reminders, less stressors and thus less impulses for him to lash out or beat the crap out of someone. Isaac could live a normal, anonymous life.

The restaurant was a bust. It was one of those ‘you need to be x years old and you need double that in experience’ type of deal and he didn’t like the smell of the place. Now, he was used to different smells in the kitchen but the whole restaurant just smelled off. A mix of dried blood, alcohol and tobacco stains, which told him that it hadn’t had a good clean in ages, even though on the surface, everything was clean and tidy. It was likely soaked into the walls and floorboards.

On his way back to the hostel he was staying at, he was really considering to just offer his services as a personal chef. He didn’t have proper training and all, but he knew what he was doing and had learned from some of the best chefs in France. Yes, sure, why not work for himself? Be his own boss?

Isaac was so lost in thought that he nearly dropped his phone when some unseen force threw him into an alley against the wall, knocking the air out of his lungs as he landed on his feet. He could feel the rage bubbling underneath his skin as he looked around as he put his phone back into his pocket, and looked at the girl from earlier, Davina, and his identical copy, as it would seem. “What the fuck?”

He found himself being pushed against the wall by the same unseen force, but with Davina holding her arm stretch out, pointed in his direction, and he couldn’t move.

“Who are you?” Davina demanded as she smacked him against the wall again.

“Easy,” Isaac let out a low growl as a warning and his eyes briefly flashed yellow. “What are you?”

“We’re asking the questions, mate,” his copy replied in a perfect British accent. “Who are you? Did my mother send you? Created you to create more mayhem for my family?”

“Dude, I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Isaac countered, still unable to move. “I’m Isaac, I’m from Beacon Hills, California. I’m just as confused as you are.”

“I’m not confused,” his copy replied spiteful. “You’re not a creation from my mother?”

“I have no fucking idea what you’re talking about!”

“We’re witches,” Davina replied as she pulled her arm back and Isaac could move freely again. “Kol’s mother likes to play games, but it appears that you’re telling the truth and you’re a real person.”

“So what does that make me, Davina?” Kol asked the witch. “Is Kaleb another Doppelganger? Another headache?”

“No, I don’t sense any additional magic coming off of him aside from the werewolf part of him.”

“Yeah, I’m a werewolf, can I go now?”

Kol smirked as he looked at Isaac. “Tell me, do you like trouble? Messing with people’s heads? Beat people up?”

“Usually when I beat people up they don’t survive,” Isaac replied as he pulled the sleeves of his shirt over his fists. “Kinda see red, but I’m trying to put that behind me and avoid confrontation.”


“Because it’ll draw unwanted attention? My inability to stay calm and in control is severely lacking.”

“Darling,” Kol almost purred as he approached Isaac and put an arm around him. “You and I are more alike than you might think. This is New Orleans, everything is possible, whatever your heart desires. Stick with me and I’ll show you all those possibilities. Especially since you’re wearing this body’s face.”

“I’m not a puppy you can keep.”

“Yes, yes you are,” Kol grinned. “Come on, control is overrated. You and I… and Davina… we can have so much fun.”

Isaac sighed. “I wanted to just live a normal life. Get a job.”

“Normalcy is overrated and if you want to get paid for your services, then so be it. Done.”

Yeah, why not. Maybe he’d find out why this Kol looked exactly like him, and get entertained in the process. “So witches are real then? You’re not druids?”

“Druids?” Davina huffed. “Are you kidding me?”

Isaac shrugged. “I know of a druid, I asked him if he was a witch, he didn’t like that.”

Kol laughed and shook his head. “Nah mate, Davina is the real deal, and whilst I’m in this body so am I. We’re up to no good most of the time, you interested?”

“I can walk away whenever I want?”

“Yes, but I assure you, you won’t want that.”

“Yeah, alright, why not?” Isaac smiled at him.

Fuck normalcy.


  1. These three would be a definite nightmare haha

  2. Poor Isaac doesn’t understand the shit he is fixing to get into with Kol and Davina. LOL I laughed at their respective indignation. This 1 shot made me giggle. Thanks for writing and sharing.

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