Chapter 08

They had Charlie call Edward saying that Bella escaped to the woods to lure him there while all the wolves were waiting for the Cullens to show up once the sun went down. Bella was still annoyed by Aiden and had successfully thrown a chopstick at him during dinner and was surprised it actually pierced his skin, causing him to yelp and almost tear her apart. He would have, if it hadn’t been for Derek and Ethan holding him down.

She nearly vomited when an unpleasant smell wafted their way, and looking at Isaac, he wasn’t to happy about the smell either. They were well tucked away up in the trees, just to have an advantage, but she had to cling on to Isaac as not to fall off the branch.

“Bella, where are you?”

Bella blinked, this was so not the person she had expected it to be. She looked at Isaac and mouthed ‘Jasper’.

“Come on, I’m just here to talk, they’re on their way to get you.”

It took her a moment to realize the smell came from Jasper and shuddered against Isaac.

“They will kill you.”

Isaac let out a low growl and shifted a little to be able to jump off the branch. “Like hell…”

“Isaac, don’t,” she hissed but he had already jumped down to face Jasper, immediately rolling away because Jasper took a swing at him. Growling, Bella dropped down from the tree as well, surprising Jasper as she graciously landed on two feet. She moved herself between Isaac and Jasper and looked at him. “You need to go.”

“What was that?” Jasper said confused as he looked up to the tree and then back at Bella. “Did you just do what I think you did?”

“I’m not saying it again, Jasper. I’m giving you an out, because you’ve helped me get away from your family. Leave. Now.”

“What? You two, against them? Are you crazy?” he huffed, cocking his head a little as he couldn’t influence her emotions anymore. “What’s going on? Why can’t I-”

“Manipulate my emotions? Or one of my friends?” Bella smirked as her eyes flashed a golden yellow color. “You’d have to thank James for that. Or Edward, seeing as he was incompetent in sucking away all the venom.”

Jasper looked confused. Poor, little Jasper.

“Leave. If you’re not gone in three seconds, I will end you and make a nice cozy fire out of you to lead your family right to us,” Bella held up her hand with three fingers and started to count down. She wanted to spare him, she really did. He had helped her to get away from his family but, on the other hand, he had manipulated her emotions willingly. He deserved to die. She made the decision to kill him once the countdown was over and he hadn’t moved.

She knew it would be hard to go up against the Major with Isaac, she could hear the others in the trees, silently cursing her and Isaac for going after Jasper, but to be honest, this was too easy. Jasper had come alone and Bella was out for blood.

When she reached the end of her countdown, Jasper was still looking at her, confused and nailed to the ground. She let out a growl as she felt her features change and jumped him. Jasper quickly deflected her attack by grabbing her and throwing her far away before taking a swing at Isaac, who had followed her lead. “Bella, I don’t want to fight you.”

“Then you should have run,” she snarled as she advanced again, this time following Isaac and once Jasper had his hands on him, she jumped on Jasper’s back and started to rip his head off. With Isaac holding his arms, there wasn’t much he could do except for maybe jump in the hope to shake the two wolves off, but he didn’t. He couldn’t, as Malia had quietly followed them down and had dived for Jasper’s legs which she was holding firmly in place as she grinned up to Bella.

Bella now understood why werewolves were the vampire’s natural enemy. It was easy to bring down one vampire. She now understood the Quileute wolves’ bravado, but she also knew that one Cold One was a whole lot different than a handful.

She didn’t expect what happened next though, her cowering when Scott let out a low growl, causing her to fall off Jasper and scurry her way to the side, pretty much as Isaac and Malia did at the same time. Scott was angry with her, wasn’t he? That couldn’t be happening. Scott was a great Alpha. The Alpha was great. Holy shit, the Alpha was mighty.

“Thank you,” Jasper said with a polite nod towards Scott.

Scott nodded back. “She’s angry.”

“She has every right to,” he replied, rubbing his neck. Surprised by Bella’s strength. She had almost managed to tear his head off his torso. “So uhh… she’s a werewolf? When did that happen?”

“Not now. You do realize that we are going to kill at least one of your coven, don’t you?”

Jasper shrugged. “Fine by me, they ordered me to stay home because they had plans for Bella and found out about my betrayal. Hell, I’ll even help you, I want my own life back.”

“Can I trust you?”

“No, you can’t,” he answered honestly. “For one, you don’t know me. Two; I am partially responsible for Bella’s misfortune in the care of my family, which is why I helped her out to begin with. In doing so, I showed her good will. You can’t trust me because my family have ways to exert control over me, but I’m willing to fight on your side so that Bella can have a normal life, free from my family at least.”

“Good enough for me,” Scott said with a nod, appreciating Jasper’s honesty.

Isaac helped Bella to her feet and grinned. “You didn’t expect him to have that effect on you, huh?”

She shook her head as she looked at Jasper. She still wanted to tear off his head, but Scott had called her off. Was he going to do that with Edward too, if Edward would show remorse? If so, she was definitely going to try and fight it. Edward was hers. She shrugged off the stunned feeling and followed Isaac back up the tree, glad to feel his arm around her for safety. “Asshole.”

“Who? Scott or Jasper?” Isaac snorted.


“Well, no doubt the noise would have alerted them to our location, so that’s a plus.”

She snorted as a response and took a deep breath to remind herself to keep breathing.

“Can’t wait to see who you’ve been hanging around with,” Isaac whispered in her ear. “And to see you tear him to shreds because he deserves it.”

“He’s a douche,” she grinned and took another deep breath to get rid of Jasper’s awful scent in her nose. “Ugh, he smells bad.”

“Like rotten eggs.”

“Rotting corpse, more like.”

“You know I can hear you, right?” Jasper’s voice sounded, Bella could detect a smile in his voice though.

Bella huffed. “So?”

“If I can hear you, they can probably can too.”

“Good,” She shifted a little on her branch and saw some movement in the distance. “Heads up.”

The vampires came to a halt right in the spot where she had attacked Jasper, their scent being overwhelmingly terrible and she found herself once again fighting against the nausea. “I don’t smell her,” Emmett spoke as he looked around. “Jasper was here.”

“I thought you took care of him,” Edward remarked as he looked as if he was constipated, obviously trying to get a read on anything around them but Bella’s shield worked better than she expected.

“Not good enough.”

“Boring.” Bella yawned as she dropped out of the tree and rolled away from the Cullens to a safer distance.

“Bella,” Edward said surprised, almost as if nothing was going on, more in a way of ‘hey, we happen to be in the same spot at the same time’ kinda way. She waited for the ‘What are you doing here’ but it never came.

“I ran away for a reason,” she said as she focused on him, she was pretty sure that the others had eyes on the other vampires. “In case you don’t know, but running away usually means that it’s over.”

“You don’t mean that. Let’s go home, we’ll fix you up.”


“Bella, come on, don’t be like this,” Edward pleaded and it was hard for her to keep a straight face. “Charlie’s with us as well, you’d like to see your dad again, right?”

“I’ve already spoken to him and you’re not going to do anything to hurt him.”

“Well, what about Jacob? He missed you a lot.”

“I don’t care about Jacob,” she growled as her eyes flashed yellow. “What I do care about is ripping out your throat and shove it up your ass, but I’ll settle for removing your head and set you on fire.”

“Oh my God,” Alice gasped upon seeing Bella’s eyes. “Bella! You’re sick! Let Carlisle have a look at you!”

She took a step back as Alice and Carlisle approached her, lowering herself somewhat to the ground as she could hear every wolf in the trees take shallow breaths, but she could feel their anticipation, their determination to hurt anyone who was going to hurt her. “I’m finally who I was supposed to be. Put your hands on me and you’ll regret it.”


“Stop Bella-ing me!” She let out a roar as she felt how her hands turned into claws. “You have two options; one: You leave me alone. Not just me, but you’ll stay away from Charlie as well. Move to a different town, whatever. Two: If you decide you’re not leaving without me, you’ll be dead. Your choice.”

“Alright, that’s enough. You’re coming with me,” Edward said and before she knew it, he had his arms around her, squeezing her tightly, but only for a moment as he got pulled off of her by Isaac. The rest of them, Scott, Malia, Derek and the twins, were on the ground as well and Kira and Argent had gotten close to them. The wolves moved between Edward and the rest of the vampires as to isolate him just for Bella and she was thankful for that.

“What the hell, Bella!” Emmett cried out and focused his gaze on Aiden. “I can take you. Easily.”

“Calm down,” Carlisle spoke in his soothing doctor voice. “Let’s not get Bella’s new friends killed, I’m sure we can come to a peaceful solution that’s beneficial for all of us.”

Isaac watched Edward as the vampire returned to them. He couldn’t understand why Bella had fallen for him, really. He looked like a pompous ass, the way that he moved, the way that he looked at all of them, as if he was better than them. Maybe humans were more susceptible to some sort of charm that he had tucked away somewhere, but Isaac was glad that his Bella saw sense. What?

“She’s not going anywhere with you,” Scott spoke up. “We’ve all heard what you’ve done and how you’ve been treating her, she’s staying. Like Bella said, you have two options to choose from. What’s it going to be?”

“We can take them, Carlisle. They’re not the Quiletes,” Emmett said, already hyped up and ready for battle.

“No, they’re better,” Jasper’s voice sounded as he jumped out of the tree. “And you’ll have to fight me as well.”

“Jasper, don’t do this,” Alice breathed out. “Please, don’t.”

“Option two it is,” Bella growled as she lunged herself at Edward, knocking him down to the ground by force. She struggled a little to make sure he couldn’t push her off of him, but after realizing that his arms came right off, she removed them and chucked one of the arms at Carlisle’s head.

While Isaac held Edward down by pressing down on his shoulders, Bella shimmied down Edward’s body and started to open his pants, while keeping her eyes on Isaac. With a grin on her face, she felt around for Edward’s parts and tore off his cock with ease. “Aww, would you look at that, I was right,” she said as she held up the appendage. “A tiny little glitter weiner! Alice! Catch!”

“Bella, stop, please,” Edward pleaded as he tried to shake Isaac off of him.

She reached into his pants again and retrieved his balls. “And look! Mini glitter bombs! Rosalie, these are for you!”

“Remind me not to piss her off,” Derek said amused as he easily removed the head of what looked like Carlisle’s mate while everyone was distracted by her display.

“Jasper, stop!” Alice squealed in agony as Jasper lunged at her. “Please, please don’t. I love you. You know that, right?”

“We have to pay for what we’ve done to her,” Jasper said as he took his wife in a headlock. “Either you will come with me to Volterra after this is over or I will kill you right now.” He didn’t want to kill her but he also knew that he was probably going to Volterra on his own; she never wanted to be in Aro’s service. Neither did he, but it was punishment for breaking the rules.

“With you?” Alice asked as she looked at her mate. “Not without you?”

“With me, darlin’,” he assured her as he loosened his hold on her. “It’ll be over before you know it.”

“I don’t want to fight them.”

“Then don’t.” Jasper said as he let go of her and softly kissed her. “You’ll be alright.”

Bella, in the meantime, was oblivious to the others fighting the Cullens as she contemplated what to do next to Edward. There was venom everywhere, and she kept an eye on Isaac to make sure he wouldn’t get in touch with it. She could feel it burn, but it didn’t do much to her, maybe because of the residual venom in her system, she didn’t know. She didn’t want to break off too many little pieces because she’d scatter them as she’d throw them away and everything needed to be burned.

Grinning, she dug her claw into his chest and ripped out his heart. “Mr. Argent, do you happen to have flares on you?” She called out to him as she pushed Edward’s heart in his mouth and kept pushing until his mouth was clear but was obstructing the airway. It wasn’t as if he needed to breathe anyway, but it was the thought that count.

Argent tossed her an emergency flare while keeping his distance. He didn’t want to get caught up in the fighting as they seemed to have it under control. Bella certainly took her time with her ex-fiancé, and maybe that was good for her. Therapy. Yeah, he was going to stick to that word. Perhaps cleansing. That was a good word too.

Bella smirked as she looked at Edward, there were holes everywhere and venom still gushing out of his body. He deserved it. A part of her regretted doing this, but for the most part, she felt awesome. Empowered. Done. Finally done. She nodded towards Isaac to let Edward go as she got off of him and lit the flare. “Goodbye, Fuckward,” she said before planting the burning flare upside down into the heart shaped hole in his torso and saw how the flames started to consume him.

“Carlisle, help!” Edward managed to cry out and tried to get up. Bella stomped on his knees to make sure he wasn’t getting up and all he could do was flap around on the ground as if he was a fish out of water. “Bella, please, stop this.”

“Shut up,” she rolled her eyes at him as she put her arms around Isaac and looked up to him. “A shame that our cozy campfire has a big mouth.”

“Wouldn’t it have been better if you tore off his head first?”

“Why? He’d still be alive then too,” she said with a shrug. “He’d still have been crying for daddy, but…” she looked ahead of her and grinned. “He just got sliced in half by the kitten and her huge sword.”

“Rosalie!” Edward cried out, in hope to reach his sister, the flames were lapping at his face now and it looked spectacular.

“Shut up, Edward!” Rosalie spat as she tried to fight off the twins. “This is your mess! Your fault!”

Scott looked at Jasper and his mate, both having turned their backs to the fight and then at Rosalie, who made it quite hard on the twins to get her, but Scott had been stunned. The way Bella had spoken about the family was that Edward was their pride and joy, their special vamp, their everything and that the family had been extremely close knit, but this definitely proved otherwise.

With Edward having been reduced to a smouldering heap, Scott decided that they should end this. He had to admit, he had seen tougher fights, he had been worrying about nothing. Derek seemed to have the same idea as they both ran to Rosalie and the twins and pulled her apart. They then collected all parts of the remaining vampires that hadn’t surrendered and threw them on top of Edward’s burning corpse and watched in silence as the fire consumed them all.

“Where the fuck is Emmett?” Bella piped up as she had noticed that there was one body missing. “Big, tall guy.” When everyone just looked sheepishly, she turned her attention to Alice. “Where the fuck is he?”

“Bella, you’ve killed the majority of our family. You got your revenge, just let him go,” Alice said as she held on to Jasper, probably for safety. But just because Scott allowed this to happen, didn’t mean Bella had to like it. “It’s over. He’d be crazy to come back.”

“Where is he?”

“I promise we’ll make it right for you,” Jasper spoke quietly as he looked at Bella. “We’re going to make sure you won’t be bothered by the Volturi and we’ll leave you in peace. Just let him go, Bella. He used to be your favourite.”

Bella huffed. “Why do you think I want him back? To show that I can beat him.” No, Alice and Jasper were right, she’s had her revenge, but she couldn’t help but want more. Just a little bit. Since Alice was now just as off limits as Jasper, the only one she could still go after was Emmett.

“What will you do next?” Scott asked Jasper and Alice as he looked at Bella to take a step back, and she begrudgingly walked back to Isaac. “Can I have your word that you will not bother Bella or any of her family?”

“You can,” Jasper replied. “Alice and I will be going to Volterra and seek an audience with the Volturi. I can’t promise you we’ll be in time for them to call off their lackeys, but we will inform the Volturi about Bella’s new status as a supernatural being. And we will tell them the truth about what we’ve done and shall accept whatever punishment they seem fit.”

“Be well, Bella,” Alice spoke to her. “I am incredibly sorry for what we’ve put you through.” Bella rolled her eyes at that. Alice didn’t sound even close to being remorseful. “Have a good life. You truly are special and just how special you are you will find out in about six months.”

“Wuh?” She responded confused before looking up to Isaac, who shrugged. When she wanted to ask Alice to elaborate, the two Cold Ones had disappeared.


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