Chapter 12

Gibbs and Tony left the next day after lunch, and even though John was relieved now that everything could return back to normal, he noticed that Ziva was sad that her friends had to leave. He considered planning on a visit back to Earth or have more of her former team come out next time but it would take awhile before they would be able to do something like that.

He felt guilty for not being able to talk to her about it as he had a short mission involving taking a Jumper through the gate and observe the Genii while cloaked, even though they had visited the planet just a few days ago. Apparently, McKay had detected some small readings and now it was up to John to figure out what it was.

When he returned in time for dinner, Ziva and Teyla had been doing their woman bonding/talking things and Ziva was looking a bit better than when he had left. In fact, she looked much closer to her normal self which gave him great relief.

She sat at the table and played with Torren when John walked up. Smiling at him, “How was your mission? The Genii behaving themselves?”

“So far,” he replied and cooed at Torren. “I’m going to get some dinner, do you want some more?”

“Salad with the fruit dressing would be nice and iced tea,” she replied.

“Yes ma’am.” John smiled and walked towards the dinner queue to get his own dinner too.

“He could have kissed you.” Rodney rolled his eyes. “Like… ‘Hi honey! I’m home!'”

Ziva shook her head. “You are being ridiculous. If he wanted to kiss me, he would have. I have never stopped him before.”

Rodney huffed. “He’s already admitted that you two are together, there’s nothing wrong with showing you some affection in public.”

“So then tell him that. As you just said, he could have kissed me, but he did not. Why are you being so difficult with me about this?”

“I’m not, I mean, if you and I were dating, I would have kissed you at least on the cheek to greet you after being away on a mission all by myself.”

Teyla rolled her eyes as she began to feed the fussing baby again. Ziva stared at the scientist like he lost his mind. “Again – why are you telling me this. Why do you not go tell John to come over and kiss me. I have no control over his actions…This entire conversation is just completely absurd!”

“What? Is Rodney bothering you again?” John asked when he placed Ziva’s salad and drink in front of her before he sat down himself. “Rodney, stop being an ass.”

“I’m not being an ass!”

John stared at him. “According to that tone of voice, you are.” He poked at the substance looking like soup but it was supposed to be some sort of oven-dish.

“He is making a big deal that you did not kiss me when you came back,” Ziva pointed out as she took a bite of her salad. “He said something about being like Hi honey, I’m home.

John blinked and looked at Rodney. Then he looked at Ziva, who was sitting opposite of John. He leaned over to the table and kissed her all out. “Hi honey, I’m home.” He smiled.

She sat there in full surprise and shock. While they did not keep their relationship a secret, they also weren’t big on public displays of affection like that. “Wow…”

John shrugged and looked at Rodney. “Happy now?”

“Thanks, now I’ve lost the bet.” McKay grumbled and handed Ronon a wad of cash.

“Seriously, when are you two going to stop betting on our lives?”

Ziva narrowed her eyes at the two men, making a mental note to beat Ronon in their next sparring session. “What was the bet this time?” she demanded.

“If one of us could make you show affection in public.” Rodney answered.

She rolled her eyes. “Do not make me spike everything of yours with lemon stuff, because I would. Stop betting on John and my relationship or suffer the consequences!”

“You’d better listen to that.” John nodded as he took a sip of his drink.

“My… stuff with lemon?” Rodney stammered. “Fine.”

John finished his dinner and went for a coffee refill. “I’m going to my office to do today’s paperwork should you need me.” He walked out of the mess hall and made a mental note to think of something for Rodney and Ronon to do that had the possibility to be a very dirty job.

Ziva nodded as she stared their friends down while she worked on her own food. “Watch yourselves,” she warned them as she stood when she was done. Saying her goodbyes to Teyla, and offering to babysit Torren should she wish for some personal time with her people, she set about the rest of her day.

She changed her clothes into something more casual and made her way over to John’s office. Knocking on the open door, she watched him trying to work but was amused that he seemed to be more staring at his computer monitor.

“Hey,” he smiled and looked up from his monitor.

“What has you so distracted? I thought you were supposed to be working on the reports,” she teased.

“Trying to find a suitable punishment for at least Ronon, I can’t make Rodney do anything, but Carter might.”

Nodding, Ziva crossed the room and went to sit on his lap. “I think they are more bored or jealous than anything. We have not spent a great deal of time with them as we had before we were more formal about our relationship.”

“I know, we should do a movie night or something.” John sighed and put his arms around Ziva. “But it’s kinda their own fault, they know I don’t like their betting things.”

“No,” she answered. “It is our fault. We have gotten so into ourselves, that we neglected them. You do not spar with Ronon or Teyla anymore. Yes I do, but that is when you are on your missions by yourself. You do not even play your games with Rodney that Teyla told me about.”

“I’ll go and spend more time with them then…” He answered. “It’s just hard to juggle my time right now.”

Ziva slowly kissed John along his hair line and down his jaw. “I know,” she said softly between her affections before sighing. “We both need to learn to budget ourselves so that we do not neglect those that care for us as well.”

“I’ll take Ronon for a run tomorrow morning,” he softly kissed her and smiled. “How are you feeling? I’m sorry I had to be on a mission right after we sent your friends back through the gate.”

“I am fine. You have no reason to be sorry,” she said. “It is our job and to that of which we must succumb to. Thank you for a wonderful birthday.”

“It was the least I could do, I know how much you miss your friends.”

She didn’t say anything to that. While she missed her friends and family back in DC, she had another family here in Atlantis. And that family began with the man that she was presently with. “We can worry about everything tomorrow. I just want you right now,” she murmured with a slight grin as her hand snaked down between them to slowly undo the fly of his BDUs.

“Not in my office,” He kissed her as he reached for the monitor to shut it off.

“Live a little John. No one would ever know anything other than us making out like two teenagers,” she laughed as the last button on his pants flew open.

“Uh…” he mumbled as he tried to think of something to say but her small warm hand had already snuck its way past his shorts and was slowly teasing him to life. “I’d really be more comfortable in our quarters.” He said huskily and caressed her hair as he looked into her eyes.

“Too bad.” Ziva locked her legs around his to stop him from moving. “Don’t make me cuff you to the chair.”

“Ohhh.” John grinned. “Okay, I’m all yours.” One of his hands sneaked underneath her shirt.

She looked around carefully to make sure no one was around or really paying attention to them. Having had slipped on a light skirt as the afternoon gotten quite warm, even for her, she slowly moved herself into position over him. The fabric covered them more than adequately so that she could pull him out for her personal pleasure. Her hand wrapped around his length, slowly stroking him until he was at full attention.

For some reason John just knew that she had planned this all along, and for once, he didn’t really mind. It was weird and he truly hoped no one would enter his office after having announced in the mess hall that he’d be in his office doing the paper work that required his attention. He softly caressed her thigh with his other hand underneath her skirt and when he had reached the top of her thigh he noticed she wasn’t wearing any underwear. He moaned as he kissed her and moved his hand to caress her ass, he didn’t have the right access to focus on the front. What if Ziva would walk on one of the open balconies and the wind would have swept her skirt up when everyone else was looking?

Grinning, Ziva raised herself just enough to hover over his cock. With a wolfish grin, she pressed herself over him, letting him fill her inch by glorious inch. She had leaned in to kiss him again, their mouths muffling the moans that would have attracted unwanted attention from anyone that might be passing by. As it was, she could see Carter and Woolsey coming up the hall from the corner of her eye but turned his chair around so that John wouldn’t see them. All anyone would think was that she was simply a girlfriend who was forcing the workaholic into a short break – which wasn’t a lie. Sam caught sight of her friends before her colleague and for some reason, just knew. Ziva had to fight to keep from laughing at the sudden flush that Sam had in her face, but thankfully, they continued on walking past the door. “Remind me to get a nice big present for Carter,” she whispered into John’s ear.

“Why?” He nibbled on her earlobe. “She’s not standing behind us, is she?”

“No, but she did just divert Woolsey away from the office. She suspects right now, but you know how she is,” Ziva grinned as she gave a slight rock of her hips for him.

John groaned and then nodded. “A kilo of the best chocolate it is.”

She reached up and rested her arms over his shoulders as she continued to slowly rock and ride him. Every so often she would squeeze and tighten her muscles around him that would make him jump slightly. “Oh…you like that don’t you?” she asked, as she repeated it again for him.

“Nope.” John lied and managed to squeeze her breast. “You know what I want to do to you?” He said with a low voice in her ear. “I want to tie you up on my bed, that’s right, the small bed, naked…” He shrugged a little. “Maybe tie your feet up too… and then just lick every, every single inch of your gorgeous body.”

Ziva bit her lip to hold back the groan that threatened to escape. “Only if I get to have my turn as well,” she replied before Rodney walked in on them.

“Sheppard. When you are done making out with your girlfriend there, I need you in the chair room. I just found the greatest thing and I need you to test it out for me!” he grinned excitedly as he tapped away on his computer pad, oblivious to what his friends were really doing.

John swallowed hard and tried to sound normal as he peeked over Ziva’s shoulder. “Sure Rodney.”

“After I am done with him,” Ziva added as she looked back as well, tightening again.

“I figured as much,” the scientist said distractedly. “Oh, look at this!” McKay rounded the desk to shove the tablet in between John and Ziva, forcing her to lean back and bite her tongue hard as it sent another wave of pleasure through them with the angle. “I think this is an old lab that the Ancients used to work on some of their experiments! But from what I can find on it, it can only be unlocked by someone using the chair!”

“Sure Rodney…” John said, wanting his friend out of his office. “Whatever you want me to do, I will do it after Ziva’s done with me… Just promise me not to blow stuff up when I open that…” he took a deep breath. “Damn door!”

McKay looked at him and huffed. “Of course Sheppard. I’m not an idiot! Okay, maybe I blew up a solar system, but you can’t say that is really my fault -” he started to rant on when Ziva pulled him down to her eye level.

“Get out,” she said simply. Her hand had the front of his uniform in a tight hold, tight enough that the collar of his jacket was forced against his skin that it would leave a mark for a short time.

“Uhh…Uhhh…Okay, just um, make sure that he gets to the chair room. I’ll be in my lab until,” he gulped before glancing at his friend and running out, muttering about assassins and their boyfriends.

“Thank God!” John nuzzled Ziva’s neck as he squeezed her ass.

She let her fingers rake across the back of his neck as she rode his cock more and working him harder from the inside. “Part of the excitement,” she grinned. “You didn’t expect to like this as much as you do, huh?”

“No…” He moaned as he licked her earlobe. “But if you stop now… I will have to throw you in the brig for a night for disappointing a commanding officer.” He thought for a second. “Which would totally not work as you’re an NCIS agent and your own CO.” He groaned. “Well… add a blindfold to you tied up to the bed.”

Sitting up, Ziva grinned at him with a sparkle in her eyes. She just had a new fantasy for him. “Really? The brig?” she asked rolling herself down hard on him so that he was inside her to the hilt.

He bit down on her neck. Holy shit! “Don’t even think about it.” he said, breathing heavily.

“Why not?” she let out, fighting the need to moan loudly. She gave him another good solid rock of her hips as she turned her head to nibble on his own earlobe. “I could be your little prisoner toy. No one is down there anyway, at least if there is no one being held. Perfect place for this…” she spoke into his ear as she pushed herself down on his cock again, and again very slowly.

“You’re always my toy… we don’t need the prison for that.” He groaned and put his hands on her hips.

Ziva sighed, loving the feel of his hands on her skin. If she could she would be going much harder on him but held back. She grinned at him as she leaned back to the way she was forced to during Rodney’s visit. As her eyes rolled back, her hands became like a vice on his arms where she held on to keep from falling – and crying out. “John…”

He bucked his hips a few times when she climaxed and set off his own orgasm. “God… Ziva…” he moaned as he buried his face into her breasts.

She raised his face so that she could kiss him thoroughly. “You are probably going to want to clean up before you go see Rodney,” she pointed out between breaths. She really did not want to have to get off him but Ziva knew it was necessary and whimpered as she lost the feeling of him inside her.

“I don’t want to go to Rodney.” John pouted as he supported Ziva’s frame as she got off of him. “I want to tie you up in bed instead!” He reached for his drawer and fumbled out an old pair of tracking pants.

“So don’t go. It’s nothing that isn’t going to disappear before tomorrow. The lab has been there for 10,000 years,” she replied as she adjusted her skirt.

“No… I have to go, it’s the least I could do for him.” He nodded as he stripped down and kicked off the rest of his uniform only to get into his other pants. “There. Officially off duty.” He smirked.

She looked at him blankly. “You balked initially when I went to please you but you have no problem stripping in your office? A bit contradicting, don’t you think?”

“Making out and changing clothes in my office are completely different things.”

“Oh we did more than make out but you just exposed a great deal of your body to everyone passing,” she pointed out again, as she stared at his bare chest.

He grabbed his white t-shirt off the floor and put it on. “I forgot that one.”

Ziva blinked and nodded slowly. “Tell McKay to hurry up then come find me,” she commented before walking out with a sway in her hips.

“Yes ma’am!” He folded the rest of his uniform and stuffed them into a drawer of his desk and then made his way over to Rodney. “I’m all yours but make it quick because I have a girlfriend that gave me marching orders.”


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