Chapter 39

She’d had false labor pains for a couple of days now, Bella had freaked out at first, but Rebekah had assured her that it was merely her body trying to get herself ready for labor. And that scared her, because, to Bella’s knowledge, the babies hadn’t turned properly and it made her feel anxious. They felt comfortable where they were, kicking against her sides or taking kidney shots. The rib shots were short and less painful but whatever it was, her body was far from ready to give birth to these two assholes.

They weren’t ready, either.

But, when the contractions didn’t go away after distracting herself at the end of January, she started to get worried. Granted, they had worked so hard to make sure that she had the right coping skills to deal with the pain – with her status as a demi-goddess modern medicine and magic didn’t work – but nobody had listened to her when she said that the babies weren’t in the right position yet.

Kol had made a joke out of it, said that if needed, they’d go in and turn the babies around to pull them out. With their hands. She’d be in a lot more pain, but at least the babies would be healthy. Bella felt that now that she was so close to having to push them out, that everyone had abandoned her. She was going to be fine, after all, she couldn’t die. Rebekah had even muttered the dreaded words; Stop being so human, because you’re not.

And it sucked that because of her size, Bella couldn’t go anywhere other than walking around in circles in the courtyard; climbing the stairs wasn’t going to be a smart idea, and she hated this. She couldn’t sit. She couldn’t lay down, she couldn’t take a shower because that would mean she’d have to undress and then dress herself again – there was no way in hell she was going to walk around naked for all to see.

Bella was so tired after not getting enough sleep in the last few weeks and now that it was all seemingly starting, she’d wished that someone would have knocked her out with a hammer so she could have rested. Her anxiety wasn’t helping with this. And she should definitely stop feeling sorry for herself and complain. It was a miraculous thing after all; her body had been baking two babies for the last few months, babies conceived due to a Greek God being bored.

Where was Hades anyway?

Kol and Myriam were leaning over the first floor balcony to watch Bella move about. They had both offered to help her but she was a furious little thing who looked to be very close to tears and had opted to watch her from a distance instead. “How long does labor usually take?”

Myriam looked at him, stupefied. “Didn’t you read the books?”

“Well, yes, but it’s all contradictory. Some women had very short labors, others very long and had to go to hospital to get help. We can’t take Bella to a hospital,” he replied as he ran a hand through his hair. “And it bloody sucks that we can’t even hear their heartbeats to make sure that they’re fine. We may be trying to tell her that everything’s going to be alright and all to keep her calm and relatively sane, but I’m freaking out here, Myr.”

“Klaus is already sharpening his best knives. He offered to get the swords out but decided that he didn’t want to scare Bella even further,” she deadpanned. “Cami is working on something too. I have no idea what, but she says she found a way to help Bella.”

“How? She’s a fragile little human. Don’t get me wrong, Myriam, I absolutely adore Cami for all that she’s done for Nik and the rest of the family but in this case, she should stay away and let us handle this.”

“Yes, and you’ve proven to have such a great success without some humanity around you,” she rolled her eyes at him. “Don’t worry, Rebekah, Cami and I have got this. All we need to make sure of is that Bella won’t explode and get baby splatter all over the furniture and stuff.”

“That’s just wrong,” Kol said before jumping over the balcony railing and landed next to Bella, who was still pacing around at a very slow pace. Waddling. Penguin. “Let’s hijack Nik’s jacuzzi.”

“Too much effort.”

“But you’ll feel much better and I’ll help you,” he said gently as he put an arm around her. “I can lift you and carry you. Please, Bella, stop being so stubborn and allow me to help you. You’re obviously in pain and uncomfortable.”

Bella scowled as she angrily looked at him. “I’m angry with our unborn children for wanting to come out when they’re nowhere near where they’re supposed to be! You know, heads should be down to the pelvic area, not somewhere to the side or feet first. I want meds, but they won’t work.”

“I know, but you’ve been pushing me away. You’ve been pushing everyone away and that wasn’t part of the deal,” he gently lifted her up. “Come on, let’s get you into that wonderful jacuzzi and maybe we can trick the boys into turning a little too.”

“I want it to stop.”

“I know,” he said again before taking the stairs with her. She looked tired and miserable and he wished he could help her. “Do you want some of my blood to see if that works?”

Bella seemed to think for a moment. “Healing properties, don’t think that’s wise, but I appreciate the thought.” Oh, she felt extremely uncomfortable with Kol carrying her up the stairs, but perhaps he was right, a warm jacuzzi could do wonders for her. In any case, he wanted to help her and she needed to allow him to; he was the only one who could properly stop herself from going insane from all the thinking and worrying.

Kol gently lowered her back to the ground and after making sure she wouldn’t fall over, he started to run the bath before turning back to her with a big smirk on his face as he watched her deal with another contraction. “It’s a good thing you’re not wearing any pants. I do love these wrap around dresses…”

“You are so lucky that I can’t do anything right now or else I would have made you feel what I feel,” she said through gritted teeth as she held on to the towel rack for some stability as the contraction passed again. “I actually might make you feel this when I’m back to usual…”

“Happy thoughts,” he grinned as he peeled off her dress. “Look at you being all gorgeous and gloriously naked,” Kol gently put his hand on her stomach and looked surprised when he ended up holding onto a small foot. It had happened before, but it felt strange. Out of place. “Uhh…”

“Uhuh,” Bella replied as she pointed at the foot. “Not where it’s supposed to be. I’ve been telling you, the babies aren’t ready.”

He let go of her and tried the water before helping her into the bath. “But your body says they’re done cooking, so we have to roll with it. Darling, you can be affected by alcohol so if we have to, we’ll make you so drunk that you won’t feel a thing when I turn them around and help them out.”

“Still, the whole idea of having hands inside of me…” Bella shivered before trying to relax in the water, it did feel nice and the bubbles weren’t too hard on her now. “Oh…”

“See? Better already,” he smiled at her before squatting down next to the bath and leaning onto the edge with his arms. “You’re not in this alone, Bella. My job is to make things easier for you, remember? And I know you’re worried and you’re in pain and you’re tired and frustrated, but you’re not alone,” he poured some water over her head and tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear. “Do you still feel the babies?”

“Yeah… I think they’re trying to move but are stuck or something…” She then looked up in fear. “What if this kills them?”

“Shh,” Kol soothed her. “Just relax. They’re all looking for solutions, even Cami, but you know what I realized? We’re all so bloody dense sometimes!” He then started to laugh. “Oh Bella, we’re idiots!”

“I know that, why are we idiots this time?” She found the delirious look on his face confusing, it was a welcome change and distraction, but why? “Because we haven’t been thinking this through entirely? Not anticipated the babies being uncooperative?”

He smirked and poked her with his index finger. “Darling, we’ve been trying to live as human as possible because you’re comfortable with it and I’m quite enjoying myself but you’re not human.”

“No, but-” she stopped herself from continuing the sentence; ‘but apart from the immortality, the babies took away my powers’. “Fucker,” Bella muttered as she hit herself with the palm of her hand and wanted to get up to get out of the tub, but decided that she quite liked this short reprieve of pain. “Five more minutes.”

“You could call him now?”

“And have him see me naked? No fucking way!” Bella huffed as she shifted a little so that she was more comfortable as another contraction washed over her. “Fucker,” she groaned. “You really think he can help?”

“If not, he likely knows someone who can,” Kol said reassuringly. “Don’t worry, if he comes up with nothing I’ll gladly punch him again.”

“Oh, believe me, once I’m back to what I can do, I will give him a true piece of my mind!” She then glared at Kol. “This isn’t happening again, you’re hearing me? If this happens again, I will tear off your dick and make you eat it!”

“You’re so turning me on right now,” Kol smirked as he pushed another strand of hair out of her face. “Want me to help you out of the tub so we can get this over with? I have to admit, I’m quite anxious to meet our Kolby and Charlie.”

“But I’m comfortable right now…”

“And you’ll be more comfortable once they are out of you.”

“Yeah…” she sighed with a nod. “You’re right,” she slowly got to her feet and allowed Kol to lift her out of the tub before he helped her dry herself off. “I hate this.”

“I know,” he softly kissed her. “But I really like it – apart from the whole you being in pain thing. Helping you, that’s what I like. I get to inappropriately touch you as often as you allow me to.”

“You can touch me inappropriately whenever you want to,” she giggled and got back into her dress. “This body is yours, but you’re never going to enter it again without a raincoat on unless we’re very certain Hades can be trusted,” she gently pat his cheek. “Unless you want me to tear off your dick or turn it into an animal.”

“I see one additional problem with that, darling,” Kol said as he gently lifted her up and brought her back to their apartment. “You love my dick too much.”

“I can return it to you when I want to have fun with it. Or, make a mold of it and have some sex shop turn it into a dildo. There are ways,” she growled lowly as another contraction passed. “This is not going to happen again.”

Kol laughed and paused for a moment at their door to turn around and address his sibling and their friend. “Beks and Myr, we need your help shortly!” He called out before getting inside and sat Bella down in her favourite chair. “Comfy?”

“I will be shortly,” she replied as she gripped the chair when a foot or two hit her in the ribs. “See, this isn’t fair. My body wants them out but they’re far from ready.”

“Call him.”

“Hades, you fucker, you’d better come here right now and get your jokes out of me!”

“No need to shout,” Hades’ voice sounded as he materialized in front of her. “I’ve been here all along, keeping an eye out.”

“And you didn’t think to come out of hiding to help me before? Instead you watched me suffer?”

“Yep, all part of the human experience,” Hades said smug and ducked when Bella threw the nearest heavy object – a book – at him. “Relax, if they were in any danger, I would have.”

She narrowed her eyes at him. “I am not your plaything. We are not your playthings. Next time you’re bored, go bother some mortal but you’re not going to mess with me again or there will be consequences.”

Hades barked out a laugh. “I’d like to see you implement those consequences, you’re a Demi-goddess, capital D, lower case g. You are capable of so much and you had me take most of it away, or at least tuck it away, because you’re a scared little human. Embrace who you are and I might consider your request,” he said as he saw Kol coming for him and slammed him against the wall. “Nice try,” he held him against the wall as if he was considering something before releasing him. “Interesting,” he eventually commented as he looked at Bella. “That magical barrier you’ve put up around the babies has been a good idea, they are powerful witches.”

“Get. Them. Out.”

“Will do, just waiting for your midwives,” Hades smirked as he looked at the door and as if right on cue, Rebekah and Myriam entered the home. “Greetings little vampires, I’m Hades. Care to play catch? Musical babies, perhaps?”

“Hades!” Bella growled at him. “Now!” Between the pain and Hades’ arrogance, Bella wasn’t sure what was worse, but she wanted him gone as soon as possible. She was done with this. All of it. She’d be happy once she’d be able to hold her children and free of contractions or those little aches she’d been getting everywhere.

Just like magic – but it obviously wasn’t magic – the contractions disappeared, her skin retracted as if she hadn’t been pregnant and all the pain was gone. She looked at Myriam and Rebekah who were both holding a very clean baby, and then Kol, who was looking stumped and holding another one. “It’s… it’s uhh… a third one,” he stammered as he looked at it, before smiling widely at Bella and bringing the baby over. “It’s a girl!”


“Now, first off,” Hades said as he looked at the stunned vampires and Bella. “Congratulations. They’re all very healthy. Secondly, I told you, they’re very powerful witches. The girl has the natural ability to hide from any kinds of magic or even detection by a God, this makes her really safe. This is why we didn’t detect her when we confirmed your pregnancy. Her brothers have it too, in some shape, but their magic is the strongest and don’t need a defense mechanism as much as their sister does. But make no mistake, she’ll be a great witch in her own right. All three very powerful Mikaelson witches and they’re your responsibility. Don’t fuck it up. Good luck and I’ll be back in a couple of months or something to see how you’re doing!” Hades grinned as he waved and poofed out.

“Three.” Bella said slowly as she looked at the baby girl in her arms, she looked absolutely beautiful and observant already, her gaze intensely focused on her. “Three babies.”

“Yeah, I know, right?” Kol smiled at her as he took one of the boys from Rebekah. “They’re perfect!”

Oh, the little girl had Bella wrapped around her little finger already. “Yeah, but how are we going to take care of three babies when we only bought stuff for two? And boys at that? We don’t have clothes for her! Or a cot! We need more diapers, more bottles, more of everything!” She felt slightly panicked as she looked at Kol. “And we didn’t even think of girl names!”

“Hey, relax, that’s what we’re here for,” Rebekah assured her as she took the other boy from Myriam and helped Bella to hold two babies. “Myr and I love to shop, especially for a little girl! This is great news! And don’t worry, Bella, we were already going to help you and Kol with the boys, we can handle one extra baby. You can handle one extra baby. You’re going to be great.”

“Yes!” Myriam agreed. “Before we leave, though, I’m going to share this news with Klaus and make sure that nobody comes here. Just me and Rebekah to bring you your things. You and Kol need some time alone with the babies. Go bond. Go talk. Enjoy these bundles of joy and appreciate the fact that you’re looking as if you haven’t carried these yourself.” She planted a big kiss on Bella’s cheek before pulling Rebekah out of the apartment, leaving Bella and Kol with their three babies.

Bella was quiet for a moment as she looked at the two babies in her arms, and then at Kol who was looking smitten with the boy in his arms. “Holy shit, we’re parents.”

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  1. Triplets! Ha, such a joy but crazy in real life.

  2. okay that was wicked a third baby and a little girl.. that makes a perfect set! and you know their auntie are going to have fun spoiling the only little princess! as for the labor i wish i had that lol all women should have hat kind of delivery. perfect. Update again soon what to know what everyone thinks of them and to find out what is going on with the rest of them.

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