Chapter 01: Kol

He wasn’t sure who invited her, but she was gorgeous. Her long brown hair sitting perfectly on her little head, dancing over her shoulders and accentuating her pretty little face just beautifully. Dark brown eyes looked back at him and that cheeky smile drew him in. She knew exactly what she was doing and damn, it worked.

Her dress was perhaps not suitable for the ball that his family was throwing, but that was alright, when he was done with her, she wouldn’t have any choice but to wear one of his sister’s dresses. She was sharing perhaps a little bit too much skin for this event in the harness dress that she was wearing. Her cleavage visible, her hips, her back… Just looking at her made his cock hard.

“Kol Mikaelson, a pleasure to meet you,” he said as he gently took her hand and kissed it as he looked into her eyes.

“And you!” she replied with a girlish giggle and took a few steps closer to him, invading his personal space. “Care to get me a drink, Mr. Mikaelson?” She gently put her hand on his arm, giving it a squeeze. “Upstairs, perhaps?”

She definitely knew what she was doing. Did she even know what he was? That he could kill her with his pinky finger? Oh, who cared? Free sex was awesome! “What’s your name?” He smiled as he put his hand on the small of her back, surprised to find no fabric there, and started to lead her towards the servant stairs. There was no way that he was going to lead her up the grand staircase for all to see.

Not that he was hiding that he liked to have fun. In fact, it was to be expected of him to show off that he had a girl and was going to bed her, but he had promised to behave. Somewhat. What was the point of behaving and restraint?

“What do you want it to be?” She purred as she put her arm around him as he lead her upstairs. “Do I need a name to have some fun?”

“No, you’re right,” he replied with a shrug. He didn’t even want to know what she was doing here. Perhaps she simply walked in from the street, seeing that there was a party going on, but how did she get passed the people at the door? Kol hurried her into the nearest bedroom which happened to be Klaus’ and pushed her inside before closing the door.

“Eager, are we?” She teased as she kicked off her shoes and looked around to take in the room, but he had other things in mind.

“Wouldn’t you be after not having had any for what feels like a hundred years?”

“Just a hundred years?” she smirked as she turned around to look at him; it was almost as if she was looking through him, right at him, at the same time. Her eyes piercing him, hooking him and reeling him in. The girl knew what he was and she wasn’t scared of him. “It’s alright, you know,” she assured him. “It’s just like riding a bicycle.”

He had her on the bed in seconds and when he ripped her little black dress, she laughed heartily, not a care in the world. “You don’t care you have to walk around naked?”

“Of course not,” she grinned as she stretched herself and looked at him. “My body is all yours, Kol Mikaelson, do with it as you please but promise me that I get a turn too.”

Kol didn’t need to hear that twice, he covered his body with hers, grinding into her while still fully clothed and sank his teeth into her neck, only to be kicked into the balls and assaulted with a pillow. Recoiling and nearly falling off the bed he looked at her in shock. “What?”

“Don’t drink from me,” she said sternly, sitting up and using her torn dress to press onto her wound. “I’m not food, you hear me? You may use my body for pleasure but fuck, my blood is mine!”

“I don’t have to listen to you, I can make you,” he hissed angrily, cupping his groin over his pants. Vampire or not, a kick in the balls always hurt.

“One; I can’t be compelled, but I’m not a witch. It’s my thing. Two; you don’t have to listen to me but I’ll walk right out that door if you don’t.” She was about to scramble off the bed and he couldn’t allow that to happen; he needed a release now.

If she had been on vervain he would have tasted it and now his curiosity was peaked. She couldn’t be compelled? What was she? Grabbing her by her foot, he pulled her back on to the bed and gently put some of his blood on her broken skin to heal her. “What are you?”

“You’re not even apologizing?”

“I don’t have to. What are you?”

“Yours, for now.”

Frustrating. Was she really going to play lady Mysterious? Oh, why did he care? She pulled him back onto the bed, his back on the mattress as she climbed on top of him. Her beautifully exposed breasts firm and just the right size for him to fondle. He cupped both her breasts and gave a gentle squeeze before rubbing his thumbs over her nipples, eliciting a moan from her lips.

She threw her head back, exposing her beautiful neck to him as he continued to touch her with his finger tips and he fought the urge to bite her again. To drink from her, to drain her from all her blood. Kol was never one for restraint.

“For a monster, you’ve got delicate hands,” she said in barely a whisper before she shifted in his lap and started to open his dress shirt. “You are so handsome,” the mysterious girl cooed, nipping at his jaw with her teeth. “Very much the prettiest of them all.”

“Thank you! Nobody appreciates me!”

“I do,” she whispered in his ear, sending pleasurable sensations through his body as she had managed to open his shirt and was now touching him. “Your skin is flawless, your mouth… I have no doubt that your mouth and tongue are very talented.”

When he wanted to move, she placed her hand firmly on his chest. “My turn.”

“Cheat! You said I could do anything with you!” Kol objected with a huff, his eyes meeting hers and he could feel his insides melt. What was she? A succubus?

She huffed as she pushed the fabric of his shirt away from him and started to plant little kisses on top of his torso as she was undoing his pants. Kol really couldn’t believe his luck. “So you picked me because I’m handsome?”

“Of course,” she replied, a bright smile on her face as she looked up at him. “And strong and capable and the cutest. Now lift up your hips so I can get you out of your pants and start sucking your cock. Maybe I’ll even allow you to come in my mouth.”

He took a deep breath. The possibilities were endless but she wanted him to be patient, she made sure he knew that by the way she carried herself. He didn’t like restraint.

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” she said teasingly, pulling his pants off his legs and crawling back onto his legs. “I do have to say that you’re doing great, Mr. Mikaelson,” she cooed, eyeing his erect cock hungrily. Licking her lips, she took him in her mouth and placed a hand firm at the base. She moaned around his length as she repositioned herself to have the best access to suck him dry.

Oh, his patience was wearing thin already. He really liked her lips around him, but he wanted to push her onto her back and plunge into her, use the body like she’d promised him, come inside of her and go back to the party; surely his siblings would be missing him?

Despite him wanting to do all that, he didn’t move a muscle. He couldn’t. What was she doing to him? Kol let out a hiss as she scraped her teeth over his length. “Watch it!”

She looked at him with thunder in her eyes. Swallowing hard, he relaxed again. She wasn’t a whore, but even the most talented whore he’d ever had hadn’t felt this good sucking him. She wasn’t a witch, and perhaps not even a succubus, but she was magical alright. She forced him to enjoy this, which wasn’t a big deal because he was enjoying this, immensely.

She scraped his teeth over him again and squeezed his balls before grabbing his length again and moved her hand firmly up and down his shaft. And as she had promised, he came into her mouth and it felt glorious.

“Feel better?” she asked as she wiped her mouth as she sat up. She looked proud and she was admiring him. “Still want a turn, Mr. Mikaelson?” She cooed as she ran a finger over his length with her free hand.

How could he refuse that? He grabbed her and pushed her onto the bed before getting on top of her. Her big brown eyes looked so trusting, but he could so easily kill her when he was done with her, what was her problem? “Can I leave marks on your beautiful body?”


“But I can heal you.”

“Then what’s the purpose of leaving a mark on my body?” She smiled up at him, her hands in his hair, pulling him down to her. “Take me,” she whispered. “I’m so wet and my pussy is aching for your big cock. Do you think it’ll fit?”

She was right, what was the use of marking her when the marks would heal with his blood? His cock was ready for action when she commented on its size. She knew what to say, she had him wrapped around her tiny little fingers – they’d break so easily. Allowing her to push him down her body, his face was now at her breasts, and he took hold of one again, putting his lips around her nipple and sucked on it. Her nails were digging into his skull as her body arched into his.

He could smell her arousal, hear her blood rush through her body and she was trying to hide the little moans that escaped her lips, but even that, he could hear. Her body was heating up under his touch. There was some kind of weird connection between the two of them, what was it called? First sight?

It wasn’t love, but it was lust, but no one ever had paid as much as attention to him while having sex as she had. Mostly because he’d never let them. This mysterious creature underneath him made him stop and enjoy himself, made him have her enjoy herself. Slowing him down. He wanted her as his.

She pushed his face down again, down her torso, her belly button, until he had his nose buried against her clit. She was cleanly shaven, so soft and her scent was intoxicating. She hadn’t been lying when she said that she was wet for him, lapping it up with his tongue, he let out a moan, she even tasted heavenly.

Running a finger along her lips below, he scooped up some of her fluid and slicked up his cock before he repositioned himself and pushed himself into her without warning, causing her to cry out in surprise, her body tightening around him from the initial shock before relaxing again. “Oh, Mr. Mikaelson, that… oh, that feels so good! Harder, please!”

She dug her nails into his back as he pounded into her, she felt so good, so tight and so great around him, it was making him delirious. Her legs were wrapped around his ass, making sure that he wouldn’t go away from her and she just about melted into him.

The mysterious girl underneath him let out the occasional bashful giggle as he used his mouth to pay attention to her breasts as he kept moving inside of her. While he wasn’t allowed to mark her, she was marking her with her nails on his back and it felt so damn good.

He came inside of her before her world exploded, but she followed him suit. She panted underneath him as she came down to earth, but she had the biggest, goofiest grin on her face and he found that absolutely endearing. “Stay with me.”

“What?” she laughed as her eyes focused on his.

“Stay with me. Be my date for the rest of the evening.”

“What makes you believe I don’t have a date for tonight?”

“We just fucked.”

“And it was glorious,” she smirked as she sat up. She gently pat his cheek and ruffled his hair. “But you’d better get dressed and join the party before they come looking for you. Your handsome mug is likely to be missed!”

She made an attempt to leave the bed and gather what was left of her dress and her shoes but he stopped her. “I mean it, stay with me.”

The girl softly planted a kiss on his lips. “I’ll be around,” she whispered. “Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re less than them, Kol Mikaelson, you deserve better.” She then pushed him back onto the bed so he let go of her and he wasn’t sure what happened next, but before he came back to his senses, she was gone.

He knew that he had just the most amazing and special night ever with some random stranger, but he couldn’t remember her face correctly, which was strange, how was he going to find her at the ball? Was he going to warn his brothers about this stranger at their ball? Nah, it’d be fun to see their faces when they found out!

He couldn’t quite put his finger on it, but he had an inkling that she wasn’t a natural occurrence. There was no doubt in his mind that this girl was supernatural, but not by nature. Kol wouldn’t be surprised if she was an escort and that she came from this one specific service… Even if he’d ring them up, the voice on the other end of the line would tell him that they weren’t allowed to tell him if the girl was theirs or not – if they sent someone at all. All about the privacy and the protection of mystery.

If she was from that service, he needed to find her again, there was no way that he’d let her go that easily!



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