Chapter 01

The decision to run away on her wedding day had been the best idea she’d ever had. Sure, she made a lot of people unhappy but her best friend Jacob had been right; she had to stop making other people happy and think of herself for once. Becoming a vampire was nice and all, a long lasting life, but what good would that have done if she was in a loveless relationship? Edward was obsessed with her, it hadn’t been love.

She happily took the bank card from Jasper with Edward’s money on it and ran as far as she could. The first plane out of Seattle took her to Paris – of all places – but she didn’t care. Bella was going to have fun and do everything that she hadn’t been able to do while she had been with Edward; be a real teenager for one, making the best of her last two remaining teenage years.

She found a hotel near the Champs-Elysées and dumped her suitcase before going back out again to the nearest restaurant and bar. Night had already fallen, but the streets were still busy with people and it felt great to be part of the mass. Her high school French got her some French fries with a steak bigger than her hand and a flute of Champagne. Oh yes, celebrating her freedom with a nice glass of bubbly was certainly pleasurable.

She knew she had to feel terrible about it all; Reneé had been really happy and excited for Bella and even Charlie, who took some time to warm up to the idea that his baby girl was going to be married before she was twenty years old, had been happy in his own way. A lot of money had been spent on the wedding – but then again, the Cullens were comfortable enough to deal with the blow – and she had humiliated Edward in front of his family and friends.

Bella was well aware that she could have gotten out sooner. Jacob had been nagging her for months, he had been against her involvement with Edward from the beginning. Jasper had warned her that this wasn’t a good idea and even Rosalie forgot to be a bitch towards Bella one day and told her that she wished that Bella wouldn’t go through this as it’d ruin her life.

She had polished off three glasses by the time dessert came round and since the bar area looked quite entertaining, she paid for her meal and continued to drink at the bar. It was the best way to spend her first night, well, her second night, of freedom since she couldn’t get hammered on the plane.

“There’s a great pub down the street with much better alcohol.”

Bella looked up from where the voice came from and acknowledged the tall boy standing a few seats away from her. “Your English is good.”

“Because I’m American,” he snorted as he sat down and ordered his drink. “Best thing about Europe is is that you can drink when you’re 18.”

“Yep,” she replied, popping the ‘p’ and took another sip of her beverage. He looked kinda hot, at least he looked like a normal human being with normal human complexion. She wasn’t really in the mood for talking, really. All she wanted was to get so drunk, she had to roll back to her hotel room to sleep off the alcohol and maybe repeat it again tomorrow. She didn’t have to do anything anymore, she could do whatever the hell she wanted. Hell, she could even be so bold as to ask the boy if he wanted to fuck. Yes. She could. Did she dare? Sure, why not? “Wanna hook up?”

The boy almost spat out his drink and looked at her in shock. “Are you serious?”

“Yes. Do I look like I’m joking?”

“You look drunk,” he pointed out. “I don’t do drunk girls.”

“I’m not that drunk, I still know what I’m doing. Come on, I’m celebrating my freedom here,” she said as she drained her glass. “Are you seriously turning down a willing fuck?”

“Well… I’m not really into that kind of thing right now, but good luck on celebrating your freedom.”

“I said hook up. Not date, marry and have babies. Ew. No.”

The boy seemed to think for a moment, torn between his feelings and what he needed, really. She could see the hesitation in his eyes, but also that his eyes had gotten a shade darker and that had her interest peaked. She got up from her seat and planted herself next to him. God he smells so good, she thought as she ordered another drink. “No strings. I don’t want to do strings. I just want to have some fun and you look like you could use it.”

He let out a breath and nodded. “I’m kinda mourning my ex-girlfriend. She was involved in a… uhm… accident.”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Bella apologized. Of course, he looked like a kicked puppy, she should have known something was off. “I totally get it.”

“It happened a few months ago, though. Her dad brought me here to spend some time with their family and he just left me here and I don’t have the funds to go back to the States.”

“Poor puppy,” she took a sip of her drink. She wasn’t really interested in exchanging life stories but what the hell. “Almost two days ago I left my ex-boyfriend in front of the altar because I realized I was being stupid and that he didn’t really love me.”

“Seems like we both have reasons to get drunk,” he replied after a beat, wondering if she could sense that he was something other than a human, but that would be impossible, wouldn’t it? Unless she was something special and she looked quite ordinary to him. It would be a fun way to figure it out though, if she knew and if she was something other than a human.

“You’ve been drinking for months, haven’t you?” Bella said with a smirk. “Drowning your sorrows. Thought you didn’t have any money?”

He shrugged as he took a sip of his drink. “I guess pretty girls pay for them?”

“Alright, hotshot,” Bella laughed. “Your drink is on me.”

“I’m Isaac, by the way.”


The silence between them wasn’t that uncomfortable as they both retreated back to their thoughts while sipping their drinks. Once Bella was finished with hers, she paid what she owed and got off the chair, deliberately bumping into him, feeling his well toned physique underneath his shirt and loved that he didn’t even feel cold to the touch. He felt like a real human and then some. Almost like Jacob. “Huh,” she said as she gently caressed his arm over his shirt. “You work out, I like it.”

“Thanks?” Isaac was surprised. He never had girls come on to him like she was coming on to him right now. But she was filled up with alcohol, surely it had something to do with that, right?

“So, I’ll be heading to my hotel room now. Do you want to come?”

When she started to bat her eyelashes at him and licking her lips at the same time, blood started to rush to parts of his body that he hated because they were a clear indicator that he was indeed, interested. “Oh fuck it,” he muttered as he downed his drink. “Yes, I want to come.”


She could name dozens of people who would disapprove of this and that’s why she wanted to do it. She wanted to have sex with this gorgeous boy, have him fuck her to oblivion and then some. Maybe rinse and repeat until they were both well spent. Have breakfast after a good sleep and then do it again. And again. Until they got tired of each other. No strings. It could end any time. She made it clear to him in the elevator to her room and he seemed to like the idea very much.

Once the rules were set, she pulled him down for a kiss to get a taste of him, feeling brave. She knew it was the alcohol but that was the intention to consuming alcohol. Isaac was the first one she kissed like this after Edward and Jake, and boy, Isaac was a damn good kisser – or that could be the alcohol talking too. She really had to shut her brain down. She didn’t need it for what she wanted.

When the doors pinged open, she broke off the kiss and walked towards her hotel room, she could already feel that she was wet in anticipation. She was going to have sex. She gave herself a stern talking to that she was not going to back out of this and just let it all happen. That was a good thing, to let it all happen. She fumbled with the room key for a moment and felt victorious when it opened, leading him into the suite.

“Wow, you have money to burn or something?” Isaac let out a breath. Was this girl loaded? Was she just an unhinged rich brat with daddy’s credit card? Ah, who cared? He was going to get laid tonight and maybe that would make him feel better. The alcohol only worked for so long.

“Or something,” Bella said with a shrug. “Basically severance money from my ex-boyfriend, I can do whatever the fuck I want, whoever the fuck I want.”

“That works,” he said with a nod and a shrug. “Are you sure you’re not too drunk?”

“Would you like me to do a sobriety test, officer?” She asked playfully and started to unbutton her jacket. “Because I can walk in a straight line, you know.”

“Yep, I want you to prove it.”

“Well, I won’t,” she said as she discarded her jacket and kicked off her shoes. “Look, I just ran from an overbearing, manipulative, son of a bitch who wanted to marry me and turn me into a stepford wife. I haven’t had any freedom for the last two or three years because he and his family controlled most of my life.” She pulled off her shirt, revealing the big, noticeable scar on her wrist. “I want to do something for me, live life to the fullest and yes, picking up a random pretty boy from the bar is exactly what I want because it’s my choice. It’s definitely a plus that you’re not French so there’s no language barrier here.”

Poor girl, he thought and let out a sigh. “Alright, fine,” he stopped her from undressing herself and instead kissed her hard while his fingers ran up and down her arm. “Allow me to give you those warm and fuzzy feelings you’re after.”

“I just want to feel alive after feeling as cold and dead as he was,” she replied as she stared up into his eyes.

“He sounds like a real charmer,” he caressed her hair out of her face and guided her backwards toward her to the bed. Once at their destination, he gently pushed her shoulder so she fell back on the bed with her hips dangling over the edge. “You’re beautiful,” he muttered as he leaned against the bed with his knees and started to undo her jeans. “It would have been a shame to see you with someone who’s cold and dead, wasted potential right there.”

“I’m skinny,” Bella snorted as she nudged him with her knee after he got rid of her jeans. Heat radiated from him and he wasn’t even that close to her. “Are you a space heater or something?”

“No,” he huffed as he undressed to his boxers and crawled on the bed and followed her as she crawled her way towards the headboard. “That would be impossible, wouldn’t it?” The way she was moving was definitely not that of a drunk, but of a girl who didn’t know what to do. Of course, a virgin on a freedom rampage and he had to run into her. He started to kiss her neck as his hand roamed over her body, taking his time with this as he had promised her to feel those warm and fuzzy feelings she wanted so badly.

He couldn’t help but to use his special power to take away a little of her hurting, he could sense how broken she was on the inside. No matter her bravado, she was a work in progress, in need of fixing. She visibly relaxed under his touch, which would make it easier later on when he was going to fuck her. Oh yes, she may be broken, but he was going to get what she had promised him too. She was definitely not going to be a virgin anymore once he was through with her.

She felt her body tingling, she could even feel it in her toes with the way he touched her. Gently, but also reaffirming that she was alive and really feeling this. Oh, he really didn’t need to find out she was a virgin. He’d stop and he’d leave, and she didn’t want him to. Her body involuntarily pressed itself into the bed or against his upon his attentions and she already felt as if she was flying.

When Isaac was satisfied enough that she was indeed relaxed, he asked for permission to remove her bra, running a gentle hand over her breasts as he kissed her. He wasn’t really taking all the time in the world, his body was demanding a release as well. It would be just as cathartic for him as it would be for her and he didn’t want to wait too long. She had known what she was getting herself into; she should feel grateful that it was him with her right now and not some horny Frenchman.

What the fuck? He scolded himself. Why would he care if it had been a horny Frenchman? It would have been her own fault, wouldn’t it? With her promiscuous behaviour and all that.

He didn’t even ask for permission to remove her underwear because the kiss was simply too good to break off right now and while she was distracted, he could use his strength to rip it and hide the evidence in the trashcan with one well aimed throw. He had been able to smell her once he had undressed her, but he hadn’t realized how wet she was, how good she smelled, causing the blood in his body course even faster through his veins. The wolf in him wanted her so bad, it had been a while since he had to reign him in.

She had missed this connection, this human connection, human touch. Warm touch, and it felt so good. She knew that Isaac didn’t have to take his time with her but he did, and she felt as if she was in heaven. She gasped when he put his hand on her down there, and her body involuntarily arched into him when he inserted a finger inside of her. “Oh, fuck,” she moaned after the gasp had broken off their kiss.

“Just relax, beautiful,” he said calmly. “It’ll be okay, l promise.”

“I know,” she breathed as she managed to look at him with a big smile on her face. “I was just surprised, that’s all.”

“Liar,” he laughed as he used the moment to insert another finger into her and started to open her up a bit for him. “It’s okay, you know, I don’t mind.”

“Mind what?” She asked impishly as she firmly took hold of the sheets beneath her as it felt as if he was trying to put his fist inside of her.

“Okay,” he said with a shrug, removing his fingers from her and pulled down his shorts, revealing his erect cock. She didn’t have to be honest with him, why would she? They were strangers and both in need of release. He wanted to now, even if she wasn’t ready for him. It was her own fault. She invited him, not the other way around.

Isaac repositioned himself on the bed and grabbed one of the pillows to put underneath her ass to elevate her hips a little bit for easier access. He lifted up her legs so they were in a triangle and pushed them to their sides so he could slide himself into her. “Now, are you still sure you want this because I won’t stop.”

“Yes,” she nodded as if she was a bobblehead toy and bit her lip as she looked at him through hooded eyes.

“You’re so sexy, you better stick to your rules about what you said… sticking with me until you get tired of me or I get tired of you,” he said with a low growl near her ear. “Because I think you’re delicious.” He started to kiss her neck as he guided himself into her, feeling her body tense as he gently pushed inside of her, already feeling guilty that he had lost his patience for that moment.

Could he do both? Slowly push himself inside of her and take away some of the uncomfortable feeling? He’d never tried that before. He placed one of his hands on her stomach, to make sure she didn’t move as he slid into her and felt how her uncomfortable feeling flowed into him, causing her to moan in pleasure. The wolf inside of him roared with impatience. “Don’t hold back, beautiful,” he whispered in her ear.

She felt overwhelmed and it felt amazing. His body heat continued to radiate towards her, warming her body underneath him. It was that werewolves were rare and that he didn’t look Native American, otherwise she’d have sworn he was one of Jake’s people. If she felt uncomfortable because he was basically trying to break her in half on his cock, it ebbed away as if it hadn’t been there in the first place.

Her hands had somehow ended up on his shoulders and she ended up scratching him when he pushed through some resistance in her body. It was hard to stay relaxed, she knew it was the best thing to do, she had read about it so many times, but to actually experience it was something else. It felt heavenly and agony at the same time.

He gave her little time to get used to him being inside of her once he was fully in and he started to thrust inside of her, causing her mind to shatter in bliss, unable to let out anything coherent and Isaac loved the delirious look on her face. He paused when she spoke. “Are you a werewolf?”

“A what?” He stammered, trying not to lose balance at the sudden question. How did she know?


“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he grunted and started to move again, he had been so close and now he had to start all over again. This was frustrating. If she was going to mention it again, he’ll just say she was making things up, there was no way that she could know about his condition.

“It’s okay, you know,” she said with a moan and arched her back into him. “My ex was a vampire.”

“Yeah, you’re delirious,” he said with a snort and gently brushed her lips with his to silence her. She was funny, he had to hand it to her. She was really something interesting and he hoped she’d keep him around for her time in Paris.

“You feel great inside… big… but…” she moaned as he hit a tender spot. “So good…” she breathed and instinctively wrapped her legs around his waist, causing him to slide in even deeper, surprising them both.

“Fuck,” he grunted and thrust harder, wanting to feel the same feeling again but he could feel that her body was almost there, it had started to contract around him, softly at first, but the longer he was inside of her, the more active her body got. He slipped his hand between them and started to rub her clit, causing her to clamp down on him and come with a loud moan. “That’s it…” he whispered as he kept moving, adamant that she’d ride out her orgasm, but knowing that it would probably wouldn’t end that way. “Beautiful, so beautiful.”

“Oh…” she managed to let out and let her head fall back into the pillow as she was seeing stars. Bella tried to catch her breath but he kept pounding into her and rubbing her, keeping her on that high for what felt like an eternity before he came inside of her.

“Fuck… please tell me you’re on the pill,” he breathed as he flopped beside her in the bed.

She looked at him, trying to focus on his words and on his face as she tried to steady her breathing and shook her head, biting her lip. “I was dating a vampire. I was set to marry him.”

“Vampires don’t exist,” Isaac huffed as he used the sheet to clean them off. “You’re insane.”

Sighing, she held up her arm and pointed at her scar. “What do you make of this then?”

“Looks like you got bit by an animal and it didn’t properly heal.”

“Oh, come on,” Bella smacked him on his chest. “Vampires are real. My best friend is a werewolf and you’re one too. Different, I guess, but you’re one too.”

“Nope,” he shook his head and got off the bed to dump the sheet in the hamper. “Not to worry though, I’ll hop by the pharmacy in the morning to get you a morning after pill. My mistake, my costs.”

Bella blinked as she watched him gather his clothes and getting dressed. “Fine, I don’t care. Whatever.” She crawled underneath the blankets that remained on the bed. “If you want to leave, go ahead and take my room key so you can return in the morning and you’d better bring me breakfast along with that pill.”

“Yeah, maybe. Maybe I won’t. I’m just trying to be responsible here.”

“Yeah and maybe I was wrong in picking you because I don’t want to be responsible, Isaac. Life’s too short to be responsible.”

“So you want the chance of a rugrat running around? Thanks a lot! That’s a lot more responsible than I’m interested in dealing with…”

“Dude, it was just this once. Lighten up.”

He scowled as he turned to face her. “Haven’t your parents ever told you all it takes is one time? Trust that you don’t want another one of me walking around.”

“Yeah, fine, get that pill in the morning. Like I said, I don’t care. If you’re so hung up about it, then I’ll take it so that you can rest your pretty head and not worry about any puppies running around,” she rolled her eyes and settled down in the bed.

“I’ll be back in a couple of hours,” he said as he took her room-key from the dresser and held it up. “I’ll be taking this.”

“I told you to take it,” she said before she grabbed a pillow and threw it at him. “Good night, Isaac.”


Isaac made sure that he was first in line the next morning at the local pharmacy to get the morning after pill for that crazy person in the fancy hotel. He’d been stupid not to ask her before hand, not to carry a condom on him. He had vowed never to have children because he was afraid to turn into his father and his father had been one crazy asshole. Sure, his father was all he had left growing up, but Isaac was afraid that he’d grow to resent his child just like him.

And to risk impregnating a random girl he found in a bar? No. Absolutely not. On top of that, she was insane. After getting the pills, he went straight for the hotel, opening the room with the key that she told him to take and found the suite empty. The bed was disturbed, but her suitcase was gone. Her ripped panties were on the bed and a note was beside it.

His eyes grew large as he read through her scrawled handwriting. He let the note card fall from his fingers as he looked around the room as he debated his next move. “This girl is going to be the death of me…”

Thanks for the great night, Isaac. I truly enjoyed myself and had big plans for you until you started to freak out. I decided it was safer for me to leave than to deal with you, but hey, if you want to find me and still give me the pill, go ahead and sniff me out. I’ll mark wherever I go. Surely it mustn’t be that hard? I’ll be heading down south next. xoxo Bella

A/N: This story was written for my Guest reviewer over at who left awesome reviews at Sanctuaire and requested an Isaac/Bella story. I hope this satisfies your thirst 🙂 Thanks again for your lovely reviews, I always looked forward to them! xxxx Buggy.



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