Chapter 40: All That She Wants

The moment Freya cancelled the spell – or whatever you liked to call it, Bella felt the impact of standing right in the middle of Cold Ones. She was cold, angry, disgusted and hungry. While she couldn’t eat them, she could have some blood later. She quickly moved away from them as they started to become more aware to their situation and hopped onto the bar to watch them.

Yes, she wanted to kill them all, but it was sad, too. She didn’t want to have to kill them, but they deserved it because they had hurt her, abused her and broken her trust. They had her on the run for so long and it felt great to finally have the upper hand on them.

She had mixed feelings when she killed Rosalie because despite everything, Rosalie valued human life, humanity and everything that came with it. Bella didn’t believe she had actively tried to chase her as well, but still, Rosalie had to go. Not one Cold One could remain because they’d create others. And they’d create others and then… well, the Cold One population could once again grow exponentially and Bella really didn’t want that to happen. She couldn’t allow that to happen.

Enough humans had been terrorized by these glorified walking, talking discoballs.

These Cold Ones were hungry and angry, Klaus didn’t need to be the bloody singer to notice that, and right now, they were closing him in like a pack of rabid dogs. Again, he preferred the pain and discomfort of desiccating over going insane any time, his mind was his everything. “Mr. Mikaelson, if you’d be so kind as to give us some blood, we could have a civil discussion,” Carlisle Cullen looked as if he was barely keeping it together. Truth be told, Klaus was slightly entertained by that. “Whatever the reason is why you’ve kept my family here for-”

“Where’s Rosalie?” Emmett demanded, pushing Klaus against the wall. “Where’s my wife?”

“Oh, terribly sorry to say, but she’s dead,” Klaus replied as he took hold of Emmett’s arm and started to dent it so that the bulldozer would let go of him and he could rip off his arm. He trusted that Bella would come to his rescue – not that he needed rescuing. Klaus could easily take on six insane Cold Ones by himself, except for the fact that they were massive and hard to kill and would likely tear him apart, and that would hurt.

Emmett let go of Klaus, rubbing his arm, speeding up the healing process. “What? How?”

“What do you say, love?” Klaus looked around the Cullens and locked eyes with Bella who was grinning like a loon on top of that bar. “Him first?”

“Go ahead,” she giggled as she looked back at him. “He’s a tough one.”

“What? You want me to do it?”

“Who are you talking to?” Emmett grunted as Klaus punched him. Emmett sloppily lashed out at Klaus and Klaus knew that he was lucky that these vamps hadn’t had any blood for quite some time otherwise they’d be more precise and stronger. “There’s no one there.”

“There is,” Jasper replied calmly, looking around the bar as he tried to focus. A part of Bella didn’t want to kill him and have Freya turn him into a normal vampire like she’d done to Peter, but Peter had made it abundantly clear that he didn’t want to do anything with his former friend for what he’d done. “I don’t know where, exactly, it’s… I don’t know, it’s as if she inhabits this place like a blanket. She’s angry, hurt… hungry and…”

“Horny,” Bella said with a grin and winked at Klaus as he ducked Emmett’s punch again.

“She?” Carlisle shook his head as if he was shaking it clear of the cobwebs and then a look of recognition and dread flashed over his face. “Of course.”

“Yeah, Carlisle, you should have killed me when you had the chance!” Bella didn’t move from her position on the bar. “It’s a miracle that nobody is actually making an attempt to help Emmett, Klaus. Take him to another room and have fun with him.”

“No,” he growled as his werewolf visage bled out and jumped on Emmett’s back to pop off his head from his shoulders.

“Nobody make any sudden movements,” Carlisle told his family. “Klaus isn’t the one we should be worried about.”

“Duh,” Bella rolled her eyes at that. She enjoyed it so much that Jasper was trying so hard to pinpoint her location and saw him walk into the kitchen. She could feel that he was trying to influence her, but the best part of being the singer was that the gifts the gifted Cold Ones had no longer worked on her.

“It’s Bella, isn’t it?” Alice piped up, standing close to Edward, ready for him to protect her. “Bella, we mean you no harm.”


Emmett’s body dropped to the floor and Klaus kicked the head away as far as possible, they were going to have to retrieve it later.

“Show yourself or I’ll kill him,” Edward growled as he pushed Klaus against the wall much like his brother had done.

“Seriously?” Both Klaus and Bella replied, causing Bella to burst out in laughter. “Oh wow. Look at him being all manly. You know, Klaus? I don’t even remember why I was so scared of them. Look at them being all weak and pathetic.”

“I know, love.”

“Yes, it appears that our Bella grown to her full potential,” Carlisle said in the same dulcet tones he’d been using since he started to speak up. “Lord knows what she’ll do.”

Bella let out a frustrated grunt as she hopped off the bar and grabbed Carlisle to give him flying lessons. “We were going to redecorate, yes?”

“Yes,” Klaus replied as he held Edward in a headlock.

“Good!” She smirked at Carlisle as he realized that it was indeed her and tossed him over the bar, right into the wall.

“Bella, please, we can talk about this,” he tried to reason with her as she launched herself on top of him and pulled off his legs with ease, throwing them against Esme. “Please, don’t.”

“Oh, go on, Carlisle, I love hearing you beg,” Bella growled at him as she punched a hole in his chest and allowed the venom to flow out of him. “Love, what if we’d set fire to this place?”


“Worth a shot,” Bella shrugged as she stopped an arm from hitting her and pulled it out of its socket. “Start praying, son of a preacherman because you’re going to die. Say hi to Satan when you see him, huh?” She stuffed the arm into the hole she had made in Carlisle’s chest and then ripped his head off. Getting to her feet, she aimed for Esme’s head and threw Carlisle’s head at her, decapitating her with ease. “Damn, that was fucking easy. She did not see that coming!”

She felt how her strength was increasing, even fuelled with her connection to Klaus and Kol, as she leapt over the bar and launched herself at the tiny Alice. It was easy to tear her in half like a piece of paper and threw both ends on opposite sides of the bar. Jasper was next and Jasper was the hardest because he knew to fight, even in this imperfect version of himself, but she had the upper hand, she was still invisible to him.

“I may not be able to influence you, Bella, but I’ve got your man under my control.”

Bella let out a snort. “Does he, now?”

“Of course not,” Klaus spat, kicking against Edward’s legs so that they’d break and the asshole couldn’t use them to gain leverage over him. “His gift is weakened, he’s trying hard, but it’s not working.”

“Good!” She danced around Jasper for a while as he tried to find her still before she got enough of the games and tapped him on his shoulder. Bella positioned herself behind him and punched him hard. “That’s for Peter,” she punched him again, harder this time. “And that’s for being an asshole with powers that should have been used for good and not for harm. Do you have any idea how many people you could have helped? But no, you were too selfish to control yourself and mingle with others!”

Jasper swung at her but she moved and tripped him. Using the momentum, she jumped on his back so that he face planted onto the floor and kept hitting him until there were dents everywhere. She was angry, she was so damn angry and hurt that she kept punching him until Jasper surprised her by throwing her off of him and started to attack her.

He got in a few good punches, but ended up pissing her off even further when he managed to break a chair on Bella and used what remained in his hand to drive a stake through Klaus’ heart, causing him to drop Edward to the floor so that Edward could start to heal.

“Oh, you did not just do that,” Bella said as she dusted herself off as she got up from the floor.

“What can I say, Bella? You kill my family, I kill your boyfriend.”

She was circling Jasper now whilst keeping an eye on Edward. He was easier to kill, but he needed to be the last one. The one she spent most time with. Jasper was only delaying the inevitable for himself. “Are you sure?”

“I staked him, didn’t I?”

She let out a snort. “You do know who he is, right?”

Jasper shrugged. “He’s a vampire, why do I care?”

“Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time there was a witch who wanted to protect her children from the dangers in the world and created the first vampires.”


“I’m wrong?”

“We were first.”

Bella huffed at that. “Oh please, you only exist because a couple of witches had gotten greedy. I exist to remedy that problem.” She then pointed at Klaus. “He’s one of the Original vampires. They can’t be taken down with a regular stake.”

“He looks pretty dead to me.” Jasper kicked against the lifeless body, only to be surprised when Klaus’ hand grabbed his ankle and with his other hand started to pull the stake out of his chest. “What the hell?!”

“Yeah, he’s not just an indestructible vampire, but he’s also the Original Hybrid. It’s the wolf side of him that doesn’t keep him down that long when staked,” Bella said casually. “He’s going to kill you now.” She hopped back onto the bar and grinned. “I’ll just sit back and enjoy the show.”

Klaus growled as he smashed Jasper into a table before picking him up again and threw him into another table. “You know, love, I was thinking…” He lunged for Jasper and started to punch his face. “I know that we’ve had a rough time for a couple of years and we were only together out in the open for a few months before I turned you…” Klaus grunted as Jasper kicked him off of him and Klaus scrambled back onto his feet. “And then you were gone for a full year killing all of those Cold Ones… and not to forget my enemies…”

“Yes?” Bella grabbed one of the remaining bottles of alcohol and took a large gulp from it.

Klaus threw Jasper into one of the cabinets, smashing it to pieces.

“We’re going to need to get that replaced, I actually liked that cabinet,” Bella deadpanned, taking another gulp from the bottle.

“Whatever your heart desires, love,” Klaus replied, punching Jasper again. “But as I was saying, you have no idea how happy you make me and how badly I want to attempt to make our life a bit more fun.”

“Hence buying this bar so you can run it with me?”

“We’ll continue discuss the matter of my involvement later,” he said as he ducked to avoid a punch from Jasper. “But for now, consider this my engagement gift to you.”

“Engagement?” Bella blinked at him, sitting up straight as she put the bottle down. “What?”

“Would you do me the honor of marrying me? Become the Queen of the Quarter and rule with me?”

“I thought I already was your queen, Klaus, why should we get married? We’re dead, we can’t even get married!”

Growling, Klaus threw Jasper through the bar, causing him to smash into one of the support beams and making the building shake. “We’ll compel someone to marry us. I just want it to be official so my brother can’t take you away from me.”

“Is this still about Kol? We’re the best of friends, Klaus. You shouldn’t feel threatened by him!”

“It’s not him I’m worried about!” Klaus shot at her as he yanked off one of Jasper’s arms and threw it at Edward’s head to keep him down on the ground.

“What, Elijah? Oh gross, Klaus. Really? He’s with Myriam and you know I don’t like him very much!”

“Just do me the honor of becoming my wife so that I’m certain he won’t take you from me.”


“Good!” Klaus punched Jasper again. “Ring will follow later, it’s at home.”

“Is it your mother’s?”


“No. Absolutely not. If I remember correctly, she’s tried to kill you three times now. No way I’m going to wear her ring around my finger. No fucking way.”

“Fine! We’ll go ring shopping!”

“I want you to make me one!”

“Fine too!”

Edward finally spoke up. “It’s as if I’m listening to a phone conversation and am only hearing one side of the conversation.”

“Bella and her hybrid vampire just got engaged,” Jasper grunted as he ducked away from one of Klaus’ punches.

“My Bella?” Edward blinked. “No, she wouldn’t do that.”

Breaking Jasper in half in a sudden fit of rage, he dropped the two parts onto the floor and headed straight for Edward. “She’s mine!”

Bella giggled as she hopped off the bar and jumped around with glee and allowed Klaus to get a few punches in before making her way over to the two and brushed up against Edward so he could see her. “Isn’t he wonderful?” she swooned as she took a few steps back to allow Klaus to hit Edward some more. “That’s my man! So strong, so… hot… so non-sparkly and damn… that ass.”

Edward let out a whine and sloppily tried to fight Klaus, but Bella knew that he knew that he was going to die, seeing as both Emmett and Jasper had just been taken down by this Klaus Mikaelson.

“Can I have a go now, please?” Bella asked sweetly. “Or… no, you know what? Continue to defend my honor. It’s pleasing.”

“Love, the sooner you kill him, the sooner we can consummate our engagement.”

“Ohhhh,” Bella cooed with a grin. “Hold that thought! I have the most amazing idea!” She ran around to make sure none of the Cold One parts were touching before returning with some steel chains. She yanked off Edward’s arms and tied him up against another support beam before jumping into Klaus’ arms. “Fuck me. Now.”

“Love, in front of your ex and the other sissy?”

“Uhuh,” she giggled before she kissed him, hard. “Please? Let’s finish this nightmare with a positive bang. Literally, a bang.”

“Oh, kill us already, please!” Jasper begged as he writhed on the floor trying to get to the other half of his body. “We don’t deserve this!”


“Did you have to burn down an acre of the Bayou?” Elijah complained the moment Klaus and Bella stepped over the threshold of the Compound. “The fire department is trying hard to get it under control and if they don’t, a lot of wolf territory will be burnt.”

“Six Cold Ones. Lots of venom. Sorry that we didn’t anticipate the wind direction, Dad,” Bella shrugged as she snatched the glass of blood out of Elijah’s hands and drank it. They had fed on their way home, but she was hungry and insatiable. Rousseau’s needed a bigger remodeling than originally anticipated.

“I’m happy to hear your nightmare is over now, Bella,” Myriam smiled at her. “What are you going to do now?”

“Go to college.” She sat down in Klaus’ lap and put her arms around his neck. Bella wanted as much contact with him as she could get and he was surprisingly alright with it all. “Manage Rousseau’s seeing as Klaus bought it and gave it to me for our engagement.”

Myriam spat out her drink as she looked at the both of them in shock. “Tell me that I didn’t hear what I just heard.”

“You didn’t hear me saying that Klaus proposed to me, no,” Bella giggled as she ran a hand through his hair. “The way he did it was so… hot.”

Amused, Myriam decided to react the way normal people did. “Did he go down on one knee? Present the ring?”

“Oh hell no, I’m not going to wear his mother’s ring. That thing is fucking cursed and no, he was beating up Jasper when he proposed,” she smiled at Myriam.

“Niklaus, is this true?” Elijah couldn’t believe his brother wanting to get married. They’d never even considered doing such a thing, mainly because it was unnecessary. They already lived forever, did they really have to make it hard on themselves to marry another immortal? “What on Earth possessed you to do such a thing?”

“You, brother,” Klaus replied as he toyed with a strand of Bella’s hair. “When it comes to you, the love that I share with my girlfriend isn’t enough. It’s never been enough.”

“Oh, that’s right, you like to steal Klaus’ squeezes,” Myriam cooed as she looked at Elijah and then realized what had happened. “And he’s not wrong about it, either.”

“Technically you two weren’t dating, dear. Niklaus had his hands full with Bella.”

“Well, I, for one thing, thinks it’s perfect,” Freya hugged Klaus and Bella before sitting down in one of the chairs. “Imagine the big wedding we’re going to have to plan! Everything will be perfect! And, should we finally find a solution to Rebekah’s little problem, we can get her out of the box to start helping us!”

“No,” Bella narrowed her eyes on Freya. “Sure, big wedding or whatever fancies everyone, but you will not be that excited about it. Klaus and I will make the decisions, not you,” she said sternly before softly kissing Klaus. “But, before all that, we’re going to remodel Rousseau’s.”

“Great! I’ll look up some spells and-”

“By hand!” Bella snapped at her. “Klaus and I are going to do it by hand.”

“Who are you and what have you done with my brother?” Elijah said amused as he looked at Klaus. “Have you gone absolutely mental?”

“I’ve decided to live the way my beautiful Bella wishes to live. There is no harm in enjoying life,” Klaus smirked. “Who knows? We might be able to restore the apartments above Rousseau’s and find it more appealing than the compound!”


“Elijah, I swear to God,” Bella said calmly, but with a threatening tone in her voice. “If you’re going to obstruct Klaus’ happiness in any way, I swear I will box you.”

“Over my dead body,” Myriam huffed.

“Okay,” Bella shrugged. “No offense, Myriam, I love you, but you’re sleeping with an asshole.”

“But he’s my asshole.”

Bella looked over her shoulder to see a defeated looking Kol walk in. She exchanged a look with Klaus who gently pushed her off his lap with a nod and she made her way over to him. “What’s the matter?” She asked as she put her arms around her best friend and hugged him tightly.

“Davina broke up with me.”

“What! Why?”

Kol sighed as he returned the hug. “Apparently she underestimated her own fear towards me and her fear is stronger than her love. I don’t blame her, really.”

“We’ll figure it out, Kol, I promise,” she kissed the top of his head and pulled him towards the rest of his family. “You know what?” Bella pushed him into a chair and poured him a glass of bourbon. “You should go to college with me.”

“What? Why?”

“To live a little, have fun. Learn more things. And when we find a cure for Rebekah, she can join us.” Bella then smiled widely. “We could find people worthy of becoming vampires for you and Klaus to turn and rebuild your empire.”

“What about witches?”

“And you can take the potential witches under your wing and educate them, yes,” she agreed.

“Alright, college it is,” he downed his glass of alcohol and got to his feet. “Do I have permission to eat the criminals in the dungeon? I’m famished.”

Klaus shrugged and waved his hand. “So is Bella, so have at it, you two. We’ll find some new ones tonight.”

Bella kissed Klaus before pulling Kol with her, cheering as they ran off.

Elijah had a hard time wrapping his head around the fact that this girl had just changed their entire family dynamic. Niklaus and Rousseau’s? Not compelling or hiring people but restoring it himself? Bella taking Kol to college? Niklaus and Bella getting married and potentially moving out?

Perhaps it was the right time that they all lived their own lives, but Elijah wasn’t quite sure if he was ready.

Only time would tell if this was the right course of action, but for now, he’d allow his younger siblings and the latest addition to their family do whatever they wanted, as long as it wouldn’t harm their family.

“So,” Myriam casually started when it was just her and Elijah in the courtyard. “Since your brother won’t be using your mother’s ring, perhaps you could find a good home for it?”

Elijah sucked in a breath. He was going to kill Niklaus. Hybrid or not, he was going to kill him.





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