Port Jackson

Summary: Newlyweds Jason and Elsa Sayles struggle to find a balance between their lives together, their jobs, meddling in-laws, and simply being a family. Unable to have children themselves, the Sayles learn what it is like to be first time parents as they foster two troubled teenagers and show them that just because they grow up, doesn’t mean that life doesn’t have to be fun at the same time. For the small sleepy town of Port Jackson, the only thing to wonder is if anyone is ever going to be ready for what is about to come.
Authors: co-written with Meeko
Genre: Angst, Drama, Family, Het, Romance
Warnings: Explicit Sexual Content, Profanity, Sexual Situations
Note: Each ‘chapter’ is a standalone story within a series in the Port Jackson universe

New Beginnings
Turn the Page
A new chapter
A new chapter – remix(BONUS! Originally written for Meeko and Kathi)



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