Chapter 36: Comeback Queen

It took them almost a year to rid the world from the Cold Ones. As Bella had expected, the Volturi had kept a book of some sorts where they kept track of their flock, and while not entirely accurate, it was a great help.

Almost a year without any communication with Klaus apart from her sending him postcards from across the world. It had been just her and Kol as the best of friends, the terrible twosome who liked to cause mayhem and destruction. She didn’t quite know if she should hate Klaus more for not coming to find her, but then again, time was different for immortals, wasn’t it? It was probably her who was going to have to do some groveling to get back into his good graces.

She had expected Davina to pop up, but even she hadn’t left New Orleans. At this point, Kol wasn’t even sure if Davina was still alive, but Bella found it admirable that he had stuck to his ‘no phone’ thing. It was better this way, really. No interruptions, just them killing vampires and snacking on the human bad guys. No distractions. She wanted to be done as quick as they could get the job done; she wanted to be with Klaus.

Bella had significantly mellowed out now that she had made sure that only one Cold One family was around, although not for much longer. She wanted to stop by Forks, offering her friend Jake and his wolves the opportunity to do what they were built for, although Kol had a good argument as not to do it because they hadn’t protected her from the coven in the first place.

She had countered that they tried, but she’d been too stubborn to listen and no, they weren’t going to feed on humans while in the town.

“Why are we stopping here?” Kol asked as Bella parked the car at the side of the road and got out of the car. “Isn’t the reservation that way?”

“Yes,” she replied with a nod. “And had I been human, I would have kicked you out of the car and drove on to their land. Now, we have to wait for them to come to us,” she opened the trunk of the car and retrieved some of the snacks they had picked up at the supermarket and set up for a picnic right on the treaty line. “Come, let’s have something to eat.”

“But you know these wolves, why don’t you just…”

“Yes, I know them and despite their… shortcomings, I respect their ways. So should you. We’re different vampires, remember? If we go barging in there, no matter who I am, they will kill me and send your parts to Klaus.” Bella opened a bag of chips and then grinned. “Don’t worry; you’ll see the ponies soon.”

“I don’t like to be diplomatic.”

“I know,” Bella smiled at him, patting the ground next to her. “Come sit. There’s no doubt that they’ll look at us from a distance for a while to make sure that I am their Bella. It’s been years, and maybe they thought I was dead or something.” She popped a handful of chips in her mouth. “Did you get that phone working?”

“Yes, but we’re not done yet,” Kol sighed. “Why am I here again?”

A playful smirk appeared on her face as she popped another handful of chips in her mouth. “Because I could send you home on your own but you wouldn’t survive the trip? Call whomever you want to. We’re in the homestretch, Kol. We’re nearly done. I’m nearly done.”

“And then what?”

Bella shrugged. “If your brother hasn’t changed his mind about me, I’ll join him at his side. If he has…” she shrugged again as she opened a small bottle of wine and took a sip. “Well then, he’ll have a problem because I’m not leaving. And I’m going back to work for Myriam. And not in the way of having sex with complete strangers, but helping with the books and bar and shit. I’m not going to sit around and be pretty.”

“Nik will love it that you took out some of his enemies while taking care of your own troubles. You have nothing to be afraid of anymore,” Kol validated. Over the course of the previous months he had seen her grow; even out emotion wise and become a stronger person. Of course, he hadn’t known her that well before he came back but she wasn’t made out of porcelain anymore. No longer fragile. There was no doubt that when faced with the Cullens, she wouldn’t hesitate to kill them. She wouldn’t be intimidated, and she wouldn’t back down. “Will you help me find a more permanent cure for what’s going on with me?”

She smiled at him. “I think the solution is simple.”

A slight feeling of panic rose in his chest. “We’re not going to kill Davina.” One of the reasons he left with Bella to kill Cold Ones because of Davina. He didn’t want to kill her; he wanted to escape the feeling of having to kill her. He still loved her very much. Even if she might have moved on in his absence and without proper communication.

“No, we’re going to crush the Ancestors with every dark object and every spell that Davina and Freya can throw at them. The Ancestors are more trouble than they’re worth, aren’t they?” She took another sip of her wine. “Sure, the easiest way to go would to kill Davina but would that stop the Ancestors from meddling with the living? No.”

“That will leave a lot of witches powerless.”

She looked at him sternly. “I highly doubt that. Davina was cut off from the Ancestors but was still able to do magic. Same with Vincent. The Ancestors work by the same playbook as you and your siblings; instill enough fear that people will stay with you.”

He smiled at that. They had spoken about this before, and it was a good thing that Bella wasn’t wavering. She was a girl on a mission. “How much longer do we have to wait?”

“Not long,” Bella said as she looked into the bag of chips and saw that it was empty. She got up with a sigh and took another step onto the Quileute land. “Come on boys; it’s me.”

She turned when she saw some rustling in the bushes and grinned. “Don’t be shy now. I know it’s been nearly a decade since we’ve last seen each other, but you’ll be glad to know that my friend and I killed almost every Cold One in existence.”

More rustling and a russet-colored nose.

“Jake! My god, what are you? Little children? Man up. Kol’s not going to hurt you and neither am I!”

“Your ferocious beasties sure have a flair for the dramatic,” Kol quipped as he joined Bella’s side. He understood why she wanted to give them a chance to go after the Cullens as well, but the main reason for them being there was for what was growing on Quileute land. Something critical that either needed to be destroyed or heavily guarded.

A black nose appeared and a sandy colored one and Bella had enough. Walking to the bushes, she reached through the leaves and pulled one of the wolves out by their ear. “Change back, Jake, I only want to talk,” she grunted as the wolf resisted. “Seth and Sam can remain shifted if they feel like it, but I can’t read minds so you better change back or we will fight, and I will win.”

“Relax, Loca,” Jake whined after shifting back, Bella still holding on to his ear. “You don’t write; you don’t call…”

“You allow a scared young girl tell you not to kill some vampires…”

“Bella, believe me… we’ve tried finding you… we…”

Kol didn’t know whether to put a pacifier in the boy’s mouth and tell him that everything was going to be okay or to break his neck. The boy was pathetic.

“You’re a vampire?”

“I’m not a Cold One,” Bella finally released his ear. “But Kol and I want to speak to your Chief about a tree.”

“What? The White Oak? What’s so special about that? We’ve had different kinds of vampires going for it for a while now, seeing as they’re so fascinated by it, we’ve been protecting it and killing them.”

“Great!” Bella smirked and then looked at Kol. “So the seer wasn’t a fraud after all!”

“We can’t allow you to come onto our land, Bells. Well, you maybe, but not him. We don’t know him.”

“Sorry Jake, he goes where I go. So, send Seth to fetch your Chief and we’ll wait here. I think we have more snacks in the trunk of the car.” She ruffled his black hair and looped her arm through Kol’s to walk back to the car. “Smores?”

“Oh, yes!” Kol opened the trunk and pulled the body of one of the last Cold Ones they’d killed out of the trunk, threw it on the side of the road and lit a fire before grabbing the crackers and marshmallows.

Bella had watched Jacob’s expression, and those of Sam and Seth as Kol pulled the body out with fascination. “You see, unlike you, we’ve actually been doing some shit. There’s only one coven left; well, and Peter, but we wanted to save the best for last. Maybe keeping one for you to finally kill as well.”

“But Bella, how-”

“Your chief might know what I am,” she sped over to Seth, still in his wolf form, and scratched him behind his ear. “Get your chief; we’ll save you some smores.” The wolf grinned then and spat off. She knew that Seth would be more willing to please her than Jacob, seeing as it appeared that Jake was now the Alpha of the pack. She turned to Sam who looked at her with worry in her eyes. “And you, relax, okay? Why would I ever want to hurt you? My friend said I should, but I’m over it.” She then turned and sat down near the fire and started to make some smores with Kol, waiting for Jacob to join her or for Sam to relax. For the chief to come.

Seth howled in the distance and then she could hear him run back, charging at Jake and skidded to a halt right behind him before bopping him with his nose towards Bella. “Yeah uhm… I’m the chief,” Jacob reluctantly admitted.

“Good on you,” she said as she eyed him and patted next to her on the ground. “Come, we have a lot to discuss.”


When Freya had informed him that she finally found Kol back in the United States, he wanted to hop on the next airplane and get his girlfriend back. It’d been nearly a year since she’d left with his brother, since his brother destroyed his phone and hadn’t been communicating since. Apart from the occasional postcard sent by Bella.

But Freya warned him that it was best to stay here, that Kol and Bella’s trip wasn’t over just yet, that they still had to complete something else, something that would help the family for a very long time. Klaus’ heart ached. It’d been hurting ever since he had left his Bella in transition to go on the run with Hayley and his daughter.

He had never thanked Bella for her sacrifice for him; to give him the power he had lost by the loss of his sirelines and the killing of his enemies overseas. Would she be grateful that he hadn’t turned anyone since? That she was still his sole sire? Would that make her proud of him? Even changing his family’s diet from compelling the servants to snatch healthy criminals off the street and drink their blood instead? That, even in all those months, he hadn’t even had sex? Waiting for his Bella to return?

Aside from all the thinking and self-reflection, mourning, that he had done, they hadn’t been sitting on their laurels in New Orleans either. The Cullens were safely contained and looked after by Peter and Alina, a match made in hell, as it seemed. Their confinement was reinforced by spells from Freya and Davina and he was sure that Bella was going to love it.

Davina had only lingered because of Kol; anxious to hear from him. As Klaus could somewhat relate to what the girl was feeling he allowed her to stay and help out. Of course, there were times where Klaus wanted to strangle her, but he refrained from doing so as he was curious to what would happen upon Bella and Kol’s return.

The link between himself and Bella hadn’t dissolved, although it had gotten easier to live with, especially once Bella had managed to settle down somewhat. He doubted that that same link would have vanished between Bella and his brother. Kol would still need Bella’s blood if he didn’t want to kill Davina and Klaus just wanted things to escalate so that Kol would kill her.

No matter how much Vincent Griffith talked to the Ancestors, they refused to lift the spell they placed upon Kol and Vincent was unable to do so himself. But that was alright. Now that Bella was immortal; she was going to be around forever, and Klaus didn’t have to lose Kol again. They’d have time to figure this out.

But Bella was getting close to home now; he could feel it. There was anticipation building up in his bones, and he made sure that Hayley and Hope were on a trip to Disney World so that Bella wouldn’t try to tear apart the mother of his child. Everything had to be perfect. He had his cooks prepare Bella’s favorite snacks and meals. The bedroom they had shared had been unused for the year that she was gone as he didn’t feel like he should be in there without her, so the maids were making sure that the bedroom was ready for them.

He wanted a litter of kittens as a surprise to her, but Elijah stopped him, telling him that it was ridiculous. And it was, but Klaus was confident that she’d love the kittens for some reason. And if not, he was certain Hope would.

“If I wouldn’t know any better, Niklaus, I’d say you’re nervous for her return,” Elijah quipped as he handed his brother a glass of bourbon. “Do you believe that she still loves you? After all, you haven’t spoken for a year.”

“Elijah, don’t be a dick,” Myriam warned him from the sofa she was sitting on.

“Of course I have considered that, brother,” Klaus shot back at him before throwing back the glass of bourbon and setting it back down on the bar. “But she still desires me, that much I know.”

“Yeah well, she’d better not have corrupted Kol,” Davina said as she was anxiously pacing around the courtyard. She’d done a locator spell, and Kol was close to coming home. Davina hoped that nothing had changed, that the year away from her would have cured him from wanting to kill her, that for some reason, the spell would have been broken. She didn’t care that he’d need Bella’s blood to leave town, but she sure as hell wasn’t going to allow him to be dependent of Bella to be with her.

Elijah smirked at that. “Knowing our brother, it is likely that it’s the other way around, Davina. I’m certain you have nothing to worry about.”

“I do find it admirable that during their hunt, they managed to decimate your enemies, Niklaus,” Freya smiled at her brother. “If she didn’t love you anymore, she wouldn’t have done that.”

“That act could also be considered an act of loyalty on our brother’s behalf.”

“Would you stop already?” Myriam chuckled. “Don’t make Klaus even get more anxious. Next thing he’d want to do is buy a bunch of horses and put them somewhere in this building.”

“That is an excellent idea!”

“No, it’s not, brother,” Elijah poured him another drink before sitting down next to Myriam. “But it’s quite entertaining to wind him up.”

“That’s not your duty, my love,” she gently pat his cheek with the palm of her hand. “Not with the impending return of his beloved.”

“Speaking of which… here they come,” he said amused as he watched the entrance.

Klaus ran to the door, waiting for Bella to arrive and when she did, he was floored. Figuratively, because she looked amazing in the leather pants, she was wearing with a black crop top, accentuating all of her body and literally because she threw him across the courtyard. “That was uncalled for!”

“Was it?”

“I thought we moved past all of that!”

“Oh, we did,” Bella replied as she walked in further. “And I forgave you, but damn, throwing you around like that feels so good!” She then walked towards Elijah and Myriam, a big bright smile on her face. “Hi!” she greeted them before she pulled Elijah off the couch and launched him to join Klaus. “Don’t you ever, ever, give us a babysitter, you hear me?”

Kol watched the scene in amusement before Davina flung herself at him. Thankfully, as a precaution, he had ingested some of Bella’s blood upon entering New Orleans, and he was relieved that he was able to put his arms around her again. “Davina Claire,” he breathed a sigh of relief. “You’re a sight for sore eyes.”

“Come,” she smiled at him as she started to pull him back towards the entrance. “You can talk shop tomorrow. You’re mine now.”

Bella put her foot on top of Klaus’ chest. She was wearing stilettos, and her whole ensemble made him want to jump her, she just knew it. Bella could feel it. It was the whole reason why she had picked it up before she and Kol came back. “Hi, honey,” she smirked at him. “Care to rip off these clothes off my body and fuck me senseless?”



  1. A year apart, wow really? I just can’t fathom Klaus sitting around and wait for her.

  2. Fabulous as always, and I can’t wait to read more…thanks, huggs.

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