Chapter 04

“Are you really going to do this?” Klaus asked her as he watched her pour her blood into a glass that she’d give to Kol. “He already has issues with being around you and your scent, are you going to make it even harder?”

She cocked her head and smiled. “What part am I going to make harder?”

“Bella,” Klaus warned her. “I know what your blood did to me, and I’m staying well clear of it.”

“But you had fun, didn’t you?” She countered and watched her wound heal up. “Come on, Klaus, I’ve dropped so many hints in the last few days and he doesn’t get it.”

“How about using your words, instead?”

“Ah, that would be telling,” she said playfully before she almost danced her way to Kol’s room. “Are you decent?” she asked as she knocked on the door. He knew he was, he was playing a video game that was quite noisy, and she was grateful that she had a room at the opposite side of the building because of it.

“Yes,” she could hear through the door.

Opening the door, she saw him sit on the sofa with his controller in his hand, playing Call of Duty. “You haven’t been out for a while, are you hungry? I got you some blood.”

“Oh, great!” Kol paused the game and turned to greet her with a smile. “Are you going to play with me?”

“Oh, yes,” she purred as she sat down next to him and handed him the glass of blood. “In so many ways than one,” Bella ruffled his hair and took over the controller and kept playing as Kol greedily drank from the glass. “How is it?”

“This is delicious, where did that come from?”

Bella shrugged as she kept playing. “There’s more where that came from though, but I suggest you do it in moderation, just like me and cream.”

Kol let out a snort. “You did go a little bit crazy.”

She shrugged again. “I once swung from a chandelier and danced on tables naked.”

“What?” Kol laughed. “Seriously?”

Bella nodded as she paused the game, put the controller on the table and looked at him. “How are you feeling?”

“I’m feeling alright, why?”

She took her phone out of her pocket and opened up her music programme and started to play some music. “How good of a dancer are you, Kol Mikaelson?” Bella asked teasingly as she got to her feet and pulled him off the couch, which made him stumble and then look at her in surprise. “What?” she giggled.

“You’re blurry.”

“Uhuh,” she replied as she pulled him along to the open space in his room to the beat of the music. “What else?”

“The room is spinning… my coordination is…shot and… everything is so slow,” he slurred his words as he looked at her in confusion. “Am I drunk?”

“You might be,” Bella nodded and smiled at him. “How does that make you feel?”

“Whose blood was this?” He stumbled against her and she decided to have him sit down on the couch again.




“What the hell are you?”

She shrugged then as he picked up the glass again and felt disappointment coming off of him upon finding it empty. “Have you ever heard of fairies?”

“Yes, fairytales.”

“Werewolves, witches and vampires are tales too,” she retorted as she watched him. So far, he was handling her blood better than Klaus had done. Then again, she was so good at masking that she was a vampire that Klaus thought she was human and he had tried to drain her and kill her. Needless to say, he learned his lesson, he was drunk for days and she had to look after him. “I’m a fairy. Before we met, I was destined to disappear into the fairy realm and I really didn’t see why I should, after all, I was raised by humans and I felt mostly human.”

“That’s ridiculous!”

“I know! So, I decided that the only way that I wasn’t going to be allowed there, is by tainting myself. I picked a fight with you, ingested some of your blood and because I hadn’t been to the fairy realm yet, I could be killed easily,” she ran her hand through his hair and smiled at him. “And here I am.”

“But all magic gets lost when someone turns.”

“That’s correct, believe me, I was shocked to find out that I’m still very much part fairy and hear everyone’s thoughts and that the earth makes me so incredibly happy…” Bella sighed happily as she thought fondly of her roof top at the compound. “Cream makes me feel drunk, I have a severe dislike to anything iron and silver, there are certain fruits that can make me violently ill… and I smell nice to vampires.”

Kol smiled widely. “You do smell nice.”

“I didn’t give you that much of my blood, so the effects should wear off in about an hour or so,” Bella helped him to lie down on the couch and covered him with a blanket. “Enjoy your little buzz, Kol.” He looked adorable with his head all up in cloud nine, unfocused and just the goofiest grin on his face.

Bella wanted him so bad, but she wasn’t going to be the one who was going to go after him. After all, she had a few screws loose in her head, she was tainted by others – while she was serving the higher purpose of helping girls get a good home in not an ideal situation, and perhaps she had misjudged the connection she and Kol had prior to picking a fight with him in 1821. 200 years was long enough to warp a person’s memory into a favourable one.

She gently petted him on his head and was about to walk away when he grabbed her wrist. “I want you.”

“No, you don’t,” she said sweetly. “You’re drunk.”

“I know. I know that I am, but I want you,” he held on to her wrist as he turned around on the sofa and sat down on his knees to look at her. “You’re so beautiful, flawless. You smell really nice and you have this weird sense of humor that I really like. I think you’re incredibly courageous for doing what you have done for the women in this world and I want to take you away, far from here, to have fun with.”

He was currently telling her everything she wanted to hear, so badly. But she couldn’t act on his words. Not now. “Kol, you’re drunk.”

“Then I will tell you when I’m not!” He pulled her closer and put his arms around her waist. “I want to covet you. Worship you. I want you to be mine.”

“And I will be,” she softly said as she ruffled his hair with her free hand. “When you tell me this when you’re sober. Have fun riding the waves of intoxication, Kol. You’ve earned this. You know where to find me if you remember all of this.”

Bella managed to free herself from Kol’s hold and left his room, only to be met with Klaus. “He’s a clingy drunk,” she pointed out.

“And why did you reject him?”

“Because he’s drunk, obviously,” Bella rolled her eyes at Klaus before going up to her room. She may have been putting her dignity on the line with what she had done for the last couple of years, off and on, but she truly cared for Kol. And she wasn’t going to take advantage of him when he was incapacitated. She’d still need to see if he remembered everything she’d told him about her, and what he told her about his feelings for her.

She still had morals, and she didn’t care what everybody else thought of her.

The polka-dot plants in her room were looking a little sad, so she took them to the roof and re-potted them, giving them some love. She liked singing to her plants, and dig her fingers in their soil to make them feel better. Bella then focused on the rocking chair she was planning on decorating with some comfy moss and other plants with colours on them and the moss was taking well. Klaus had looked at her strangely when she said she wanted some things from the garden center, and from the Bayou as she dragged up a rocking chair that she had found in the basement of the compound.

Klaus didn’t like going to the garden center and he had compelled another guy to do it for him.

Next time, she was going to take Kol to the garden center because the plants felt like they were stressed out, and they were still recovering. One of the pots had trace of Vervain, so she threw it off the roof, into the streets. If she wanted things to be done, she was going to have to do them herself.

Bella couldn’t wait for her strawberries to grow, and her lavender.

She was being so girly. So unlike a vampire. But gardening and nature made her feel better, and more in tune with everything around her.

She wasn’t crazy.

A couple of hours later, she heard some knocking on her door and Bella made her way down and opened the door, revealing Kol, looking as fresh as ever. “How’s the head?” she greeted him.

“Surprisingly fine. I do not wish to go through that again.”

“Ah, you little baby. You should have seen Klaus! He drank everything!” Bella grinned as she stepped aside to let him into her room. “It’s all about moderation… although I have the same thing with cream. I love it, get drunk off of it and I always want more, but you have to know your limits.”

“And what do I know what my limits are?”

Bella shrugged. “You had a great buzz, yeah?”


“Then that’s enough. You can have it whenever you want, it’s right here in my veins,” she laughed as she sat down in her comfortable chair.

“So you’re a fairy.”

Bella nodded.

“How does that work?”

“I dunno, it just does. It’s not like I asked for it, I merely wanted an excuse not to go to the fairy realm,” Bella replied as she pulled open a drawer and took out a bowl of candy that she set down on the table.

“That is so cool! Do you have any magic left in you at all, apart from the telepathy?”

She smiled as she absorbed a little of light and created a ball of light in her hand before throwing it in the bowl of candy which subsequently exploded. “I never use it though, biting is much more efficient, but it can come in quite handy. Other than that, no magic, so that dream of yours of helping another witch is not for me.”

“I don’t have— Bella, don’t read my mind.”

“I try not to! But you’re so loud! And you’re horny! Why are you horny?”

“Oh, I don’t know, maybe because you forgot to put on some clothes and you’re hot?”


“And, what?”

She got to her feet and grabbed one of her silk kimonos and put it on as she turned to him. “Me being naked and being hot doesn’t really do much for me, Kol. I need more.”

“But I already told you! I think you’re funny, you’re beautiful and flawless. You smell so incredibly nice and I want to worship you. I want you to be mine.”

She eyed him curiously, poked around in his head a little now that he was sobered up, and he was telling the truth. In fact, his subconscious did remember her from back in the day and the crazy shit they got up to together, but he consciously didn’t remember it that well. “Are you sure? Because I’m tainted.”

“You’re not tainted! Stop telling yourself that. You’ve done what you had to do to protect others, and I think that takes either courage or insanity and I don’t think you’re insane. I don’t know anyone who would do the same.”

And he was honest about it, too.

“And as much as I want you to be mine, I want to be yours, too,” Kol added.

She smiled at him before jumping into his arms and started to kiss him. “Then that’s a deal then,” she eventually said. “I’m yours,” Bella added before grinding her hips against him. “Now claim me, and you’d better mean it.”

*The END*

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  1. Well that was an interesting twisted little tale. Very interesting.

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