Chapter 05

Argent had thrown them out to the yard when Bella’s yelling at Chief Black became too loud for him to sleep to and by the time she was done yelling and hearing the story, she was even more furious. Scott went away to get them all some breakfast seeing as it was almost 8 am in the morning, and Isaac simply watched Bella as she paced around the yard as if she was a caged animal.

He knew what it was like to experience the first few days after being turned, even though she’d been turned so long ago, she was now fully aware of the changes within her body. Full moon was going to be a bitch. She was rubbing her wrist for a very long time, almost as if there was an itch she couldn’t scratch but when he asked, she shoved her wrist in his face. “The scar’s gone. I can feel the remaining venom creep into my veins. It sucks.”

“Look at it this way,” he said lightly. “At least now you have a chance to fight the Cold Ones yourself.”

She stared at Isaac for a moment, considering what he had just said before a wide grin appeared on her face. “I’ll rip off Alice and Edward’s heads and shove them up their sparkly asses. I’ll do the same to the Volturi but then Aro’s head up Marcus’ ass, Marcus’ up Caius’ ass and Caius’ head up Aro’s ass.”

“That’s the spirit.” He understood that her emotions were heightened now, but in all fairness, this scared him just a little. If she was already thinking about doing what she had just said to him, he sincerely hoped she’d calm down so she wouldn’t go off on regular humans. “Just don’t go after humans.”

She huffed. “I will kill Chief Black. And the shaman. I’ll wrestle with Jacob and might let him win. Wait, am I stronger than Jake?”

“I don’t know, but you’re stronger than you were.” Isaac replied as she started pacing again. “What about the sounds, they’re not bothering you?”

“No, I remember having a sun stroke or a migraine when I was ten, it was worse then,” she replied, shrugging. “Fuckers. I was at the reservation when that happened.”

Okay, that was a good thing, he figured. She would still experience heightened senses, but at least she had had a taste of it when she was younger. It would make the transition less stressful. “What else?”

“I don’t know. Ever since that migraine I had a severe dislike for blood. The smell… the color… I usually walked around with headphones on blasting music so I wouldn’t get overwhelmed by noises. Mom wanted me to get tested for my anti-social behaviour but the doc said there was nothing wrong with me.”

“It explains a lot though.”

“Now it does,” she said, rolling her eyes at him. “My whole life I felt out of place, out of step. Clumsy as fuck.”

“How do you feel now?”

“Angry,” she replied as she stopped pacing and sighed. “And whole.” Bella ran over to him and jumped in his arms. “Horny.”

“I told you, not here,” Isaac laughed as he kissed her lips.

“Then let’s go somewhere we can have some fun.”

“Scott’s buying us breakfast. We’ll go after. Well, after we’ve gone to the veterinarian.”

She eyed him as she wrapped her legs around his waist. “I thought he was a druid,” Bella kissed him eagerly as she buried her hands in his hair, making sure Isaac couldn’t respond to her. She let go of Isaac and fell to the ground when the both of them were being hosed down by Argent holding a garden hose after they had been sucking each other’s face for a while.

“Glad to see you’re taking this well, Bella,” Argent greeted the both of them while he kept the hose on them as well. “Now kindly get dressed. Scott’s already waiting for you two to come inside for breakfast.”

Isaac blushed as he jumped out of the spray of cold water. “Sorry, Mr. Argent.” He pulled Bella to her feet and nudged her towards the open back door. “We’ll get changed, it won’t happen again.”

After breakfast they went to the veterinary clinic where she met Dr. Deaton. He introduced himself as the veterinarian, but over breakfast, Scott had explained that he was more than that, he was a mentor, a druid, and helped him and his friends a lot. Bella thought he was odd guy, the way he spoke was almost systematic, almost as if he needed to think of the words he was saying or simply because he didn’t like speaking to people much, she couldn’t tell. She was just glad that Argent had already filled him in on the whole werewolf thing and Isaac proceeded to fill him in on her experience with the Cold Ones.

“I don’t see why you want me to check her over, Scott,” he said to his employeé. “She looks in good health to me. Maybe a little underweight, but that’s it.”

“I’m here,” Bella said frustrated. “No need to talk about me as if I’m not.”

“I know,” Scott replied to him and sighed. “But there’s a problem. She had a scar on her wrist, created by a Cold One and it disappeared. She then said it was itching her way through her system.”

“Oh, that is certainly interesting,” Deaton agreed as he handed Bella a specimen jar. “Would you be so kind as to give me a urine sample?”

Bella glared at Isaac. If looks could kill, he’d be dead. “No, I’m not.”

“Such a shame, then I’d have to resort to blood testing,” Deaton said absentmindedly as he grabbed the kit with needles. “I was told you didn’t like blood.”

“I don’t,” she scowled as she snatched the jar from the table and headed towards the toilet.

Isaac grabbed a notepad and scribbled down a message for Deaton. Now that Bella was a werewolf, she could hear everything and he didn’t want to let her know that he was asking Deaton to check if she was pregnant or not. It had been eating away at him ever since she ran the first time and never did take that pill.

Deaton blinked at the message and nodded before getting another stick to stick in the urine to check. “She might need some extra vitamins, although her werewolf make up should be repairing any damage done by bad nutrition or the lack of vitamins. Just make sure she gains a bit of weight, she does look a bit too skinny.”

He still grabbed the blood kit. “And I’m still going to need to do this,” he then looked at Scott. “It’s best if you stick around in case she freaks out.”

“Why would you need to do that?”

“Because of the vampire venom. I want to see if it stayed in her blood.”

“I heard that,” Bella’s voice could be heard from the bathroom. “No poking holes in me.”

“It’s for your own benefit, Bella,” Deaton said after he heard the toilet flush and the sound of her rinsing her hands in the fountain. “What if that venom causes harm to you?”

“Then it harms me. As long as it doesn’t become a problem to everyone else,” she simply stated as she walked back, drying her hand on her jeans before handing Deaton the jar. She then looked at Isaac and sighed. She definitely had plans for him. Scott, Isaac and Argent had faith in them being able to handle the Cold Ones, and now that she was a werewolf – always had been, she knew that the Volturi had to back off and that it was none of their business how much she knew or not. To be around Isaac for longer, she had to know if she’d be harmful towards him. She stuck out her arm towards Deaton while she kept her eyes on Isaac. “Fine. Do it.”

Deaton kept talking while he prepared Bella’s arm to get her blood drawn. “Scott, why don’t you go down to the Sheriff and alert him that a missing young woman is currently in Beacon Hills but that no further action is warranted and that you will take care of things?”

“Uh, okay.”

“I’m sure Isaac can handle Werewolf 101,” Deaton smiled at the teenager before pushing a needle up Bella’s arm, causing her to wince.

Bella wanted to smack Deaton, she really wanted to but she knew he was of importance to Scott. She was definitely going to have sex with Isaac later. She had this pent up rage inside of her that needed to be sated. It was a little bit weird to think that she could actually be saved from the Cold Ones. While Argent had stated the facts, it was Scott’s positive attitude that convinced her that she didn’t have to give up.

In fact, from what she could tell, she was going to love Beacon Hills. It was a little like Forks, but then much much warmer. Once Isaac would allow her her bank card back, she could buy a house or rent one. Oh god, her blood smelled disgusting.

“There, that wasn’t so bad,” Deaton said as he turned around, causing Bella to look at her arm. To see the tiny hole heal up so fast was mind blowing. Sure, her scar had gone and whatnot, but this was a fresh ‘break’ and amusing. No more broken bones or bruises, this was awesome. Scott was already gone, Bella hadn’t even heard him leave. She had been too intently focused on Isaac to block out the idea of being pricked by a syringe and blood flowing.

“When will you know?” Bella asked as the sting of being stabbed with the needle ebbed away.

“Some tests I can already tell you, others take some time to cultivate,” Deaton said as he looked over to the urine sample he had already put some strips in. “Oh.”

“What?” Isaac asked, a slight hint of panic in his voice. “Is something wrong?”

“No. Maybe,” he replied as he turned around to look at the two young wolves. “Will you two answer some questions for me to satisfy my own curiosity?”

“What’s wrong?” Isaac asked again.

“I’m not going to tell you, just yet. I need some answers first.”

Bella scowled as she hopped onto the kitchen counter. “And I want to have sex with my – fling, so you’d better hurry it along, doc.”

“Yeah, she’s a new werewolf, I don’t think you should poke her with a stick right now,” Isaac nodded to Deaton. “Well, not if you want your head still nice and firm on your body.”

“This is all new to me as well, Bella, please be patient with me as I’m trying to collect all the data to give you a better picture,” Deaton said in his doctor voice, soothing and calm, just like he used on the animals. “You see, I’ve never come across someone like yourself; a werewolf but spelled not to be one. Mr. Argent went in incredible detail when he explained it to me, but I’m curious if you’ve had heightened senses or a temper after it happened.”

“Yes.” Bella replied curtly and then rolled her eyes when the doctor motioned for her to elaborate. “Smells. Not all of them, but the smell of blood, for example. Or the stench of red bull. Made me want to throw up. I listened to music a lot to block out certain sounds that kept echoing in my head. I always thought it was a remainder of my bad migraine.”

“Uhuh, and what about your period?”

“I don’t know, pretty normal, I guess, but my dad insisted I turned into a hell beast.”

Isaac couldn’t help but snicker at that, causing Bella to grab a roll of towels and throw at Isaac, surprised that it actually hit the side of his head, causing her to mischievously grin at him.

Deaton nodded at that, before turning his attention to Isaac. “You’re usually a sensible young man, angry, but sensible. Why did you engage her in France?”

“I didn’t! She came on to me!”

“You could have blown her off, why didn’t you?”

“Because at that point I could do with a good romp?” Isaac shrugged and then smirked widely at Bella before looking back at Deaton. “That’s it? Can we go?”


“What else do you want to know?”

“Think, Isaac, think. Did her scent pull you in? Did her scent change over the days you spent with her?” Deaton urged.

“I don’t know! Why is it important?”

“What about you, Bella? What moved you to go after Isaac?”

“Uhm, have you seen him? He’s hot!”

“Yes! That was it!” Isaac agreed. “She’s hot! Why turn someone down who’s as hot as she is?”

The veterinarian looked between the two teenagers and tiredly rubbed his eyes. These two were a nightmare. “And you didn’t think of practicing safe sex?”

“No,” Bella said with a shrug. “I was with a cold, dead person. He was too much of a prude to dare touching me. No need for pills.”

“Heat of the moment,” Isaac nodded. “But! I did the responsible thing and went to the pharmacy first thing to get her the morning after pill.”

“Which I refused to take,” Bella quickly said. “Because I was going to die anyway.”

“Yeah but now you’re not going to die,” Isaac pointed out.

“I could still take it, doubt it would work,” Bella shrugged as she hopped off the counter and walked towards Isaac. “Anything else, Doc?”

Yes, of course. There were many more questions he wanted to ask because if his suspicions – and Argent’s – were correct, this was something unheard. Or extremely rare. Was it cause to tell the teens about it? No, not yet, not until he knew more and confirmed it. And about that other tiny thing, well, there was going to be enough time to make a decision about that too – their decision, not his, but still plenty of time once he had gathered more information.

Deaton sighed. “No, you two can go. I’ll let you know if I find something worth mentioning.”

Bella almost pulled Isaac out of the office and once they were outside, Isaac dragged her off to the nearest rent-by-the-hour hotel. They both didn’t want to inconvenience Chris Argent and found it awkward to even have thought about doing it anyway, but this was the best solution. The other one would be to go to the woods but the hotel was closer.

They couldn’t be fast enough with undressing themselves the moment they stepped into the room. Isaac was all over Bella, kissing her, tugging on her clothes, thankfully remembering not to tear any as they’d had to be presentable after. When he had her all naked for him on the bed, he started to kiss her neck as his hand cupped her breast and played with her nipple.

Bella was so lucky, Isaac thought. He would have given anything to have had sex after Derek turned him and was still trying to get himself together. She was very responsive to his touch, her body involuntarily moving underneath him and she was so beautiful.

It felt as if every nerve ending was on fire, every organ, every cell in her body when Isaac ravaged her, his lips now close to her belly button and his hand still on her breast, squeezing, tugging. It was funny how she used to read about the scent of a man somewhat changing when they got aroused. She hadn’t noticed that with Isaac until now. His base scent had gotten deeper, more intense and intoxicating, driving her insane with every breath she took.

“Oh, this isn’t fair,” she moaned again as his tongue circled her belly button. “What about your pleasure?”

He playfully bit her stomach as he let out a short laugh and shifted on the bed. “Get out of your head, Bella Swan,” he warned her with a low growl. “If you honestly believe that making you feel good doesn’t make me feel good, you’re mistaken.”


“No,” he grabbed her legs and pulled her closer to him. He had planned on eating her out, but it was so much more fun to see her come for him, to feel her body play catch and release with his cock. Grinning, he plunged inside of her, causing Bella’s eyes widen in surprise. “However, if you’re still up for it after this, you can suck me, how’s that?”

After they had gotten whatever it was out of their system, they picked up some coffee before going back to the Argent house. Isaac felt that it had been a productive way to get rid of his own anger and hoped that Bella would choose to stay in Beacon Hills once she was rid of her demons. If she’d leave, would he follow her? Yeah, he probably would. Would she want him to follow? Probably.

“What’s that smirk on your face?” Bella snorted as they were walking back.

“Nothing,” Isaac grinned as he put his arm around her and took a sip of his coffee. “But you have to admit, that was the best sex we’ve had since we met.”

“Hmm…” she thought for a moment and then nodded. “I definitely feel more relaxed.”

“Think you can get some sleep tonight?”

Bella shrugged. “We’ll see.”

“Alright, so, they expect me to tell you about being a werewolf,” he said as he opened the gate to the Argent’s backyard. “More like the rules and what to expect.”

“Ugh.” Bella said as she sat down in a chair and took a sip of her coffee. “Okay. New thing, new rules. Shoot.”

“One being the most important one and the most sucky one,” he sighed as he squatted down in front of her and took a sip of his coffee as he looked at her. “Even though some might cause you to want to rip their heads off, humans are a no-go when it comes to hurting them. Especially Stiles. He’s Scott’s best friend, any harm come to him and we all suffer from it.”

“No harming humans, got it.”

He then thought for a moment and shrugged. “I suppose beating them up is okay, as long you don’t bite or scratch. But Stiles is still off limits.”

“I like that idea better,” she said with a nod. “What else? Let me guess… don’t let the humans know you’re a werewolf. It’s kinda obvious. Use strength around humans in moderation, especially seeing as I’m a girl and girls aren’t supposed to be strong.” When Isaac gave her a surprised expression, she rolled her eyes at him. “Hello? I spent years with vampires and surrounded by werewolves.”

“Okay,” he laughed. “I forgot about that.”

“Uhuh,” she eyed him suspiciously. “What else is there?”

“Your wolves, your best friend, does he have any problems around the full moon?”

Bella shook her head. “They’re not really wolves, they’re shifters who happen to turn into huge ass wolves. They can shift at will after gaining control over it. Emotions are an issue though. Rage often triggers a shift. There’s one, Paul, who still hasn’t been able to control his rage so he still suffers from involuntary shifts.”

“Huh,” Isaac said as he took a sip of his coffee.”You made me curious about what they look like now.”

She fished her phone out of her pocket after setting her cup on the table and flicked through her images before showing Isaac. “That’s Jacob with me.”

“Shit, that’s huge!” He then had to laugh. “They look like fluffy toys!” Yeah, they didn’t look dangerous to him at all, so if they’d been magically created to tear a few vampires to pieces, then surely they’d have it easy when those vampires would come and find Bella. He really hoped she wouldn’t leave.

“Will you show me?” She asked as she put her phone down and looked at him.

“Show you what?”


Grinning, he held up his hand and allowed it to phase into the werewolf. “This, you mean?”

“So uhm…” She gently took his wolfed out hand and ran her finger up and down one of his nails. “I’m going to need some big ass nail clippers?”

“No,” he snorted, surprised by how small and delicate her fingers felt on his hand. “Ready for more?” When she nodded, his eyes began to change color, a golden yellow. “Getting photographed is a bitch because even in our human state, our eyes are reflective like that of a dog.”

“I didn’t like getting my picture taken anyway.”

He smiled widely at her, revealing his teeth, before his face changed before her, ridges appearing between his eyebrows that had been replaced with more skin, sideburns and his ears changed. When Bella gasped and let go of his hand, he grinned. “It’s still me, I’ve got it under control.”

She gently felt around on his face with her fingertips as she kept looking at him. “What’s the difference?”

Isaac shrugged as his face changed back and his fangs and nails retracted. “Level of anger, distress, the amount strength needed… I don’t know. It just happens. The claws and fangs usually come out though, makes it easier to fight. Although since we’re not allowed to bite anyone, they’re pretty useless unless you want to scare people.”

“Oh, Halloween is going to be so awesome,” Bella giggled, causing him to snort. “Will I be able to do that?”

“You already are, but it takes some time to get that under control.”

“Okay,” she said with a nod.

“Which brings me to the next problem,” He grabbed his cup from the ground and took a sip of his now almost cold coffee. “The full moon. Forget about the myths that werewolves only come out during the full moon or that they can only change during the full moon. It’s mostly like any other day, except, that full moon will be a hindrance. It will make you want to change, want to take a bite out of someone, the shifting is easier, you’re stronger. Basically it gives you more power and it won’t be easy to try and control that power.”

“Can you?”

“Yeah, but I’ve had a few full moons to practise,” he grinned as he gently took her wrist and enclosed it with his hand. “On my first full moon, Derek chained me up and I asked him how he was able to control himself, if he didn’t feel the effects. He did, he just found something to hold on to, an anchor, to ensure he wouldn’t give in.”

“Kinky,” she smirked as she looked at him. “Are you going to tie me up?”

“We most definitely are. Wouldn’t want you to go on a rampage.”

She licked her lips. “You do realize I have excellent self control, right?”

“I haven’t noticed, really,” he softly kissed her. “At least not when it concerns to pleasures.”

“Ah, but that’s because pleasures should be enjoyed and not restricted,” she brushed her lips against his before she heard a window open from above them and the moment she looked up, she saw how Chris Argent dumped a bucket of water over them. “I’m running out of dry clothes here!” She called out to him before turning to Isaac. “Can I kill him?”

“He’s human.”




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