Chapter 14

Charlie called her the next morning with the information that she had requested and she couldn’t believe it. Hades had done a search for Amara, even had spoken to the other keepers of the heavens like St. Peter but no one matching her description had been found. Amara was still alive. Or perhaps dessicated, much like Silas had been.

Artemis was still looking for her, but suggested they’d try to find her themselves. The way that Charlie spoke about Hades and Artemis was as if he was talking about old friends, family, and it was still strange for Bella to hear all of that. To know that Homer wasn’t just a book, that it was history.

She tried to ignore the little boy when going outside, on her way to her meeting to Silas. But she had to run away from the house as the boy was yelling at her and yet again throwing pebbles at her. She was going to kill him. She was going to raise him from the dead and kill him. Again and again – despite feeling that she couldn’t do that. Couldn’t. Shouldn’t. Wouldn’t.

Silas was in the clearing when she arrived, impatiently pacing around. “Amara isn’t dead,” Bella greeted him as she walked towards him. The moment she had spoken the words, it looked like a cloud lifted from his face. “They’re looking for her, but maybe you have a better idea of tracking her down. Rumor has it that The Travelers have something to do with her?”

“Figures,” Silas muttered before he slowly nodded. “Very well, but are you sure you can help me without the need of a cure?”

“I can try,” Bella smiled. “And if I fail, I will do anything in my power to get you your cure. Even if I have to start a temporary farm to do so.”


She waved away the comment. “Never mind. In any case, go look for her. When I have any news I’ll be here.”

“I’m still not sure why you want to help me.”

“Maybe because nobody else is willing to?” Bella reminded him. “You’re a legend, you had cults. My boyfriend killed every single one of your cult members because he’s terrified of you. His warnings about you fell on deaf ears and it got him killed. I understand the reputation you have, how your story instills fear in every person who’s currently in your way. And if they want to have that cure so badly, you and I simply have to resort to other measures. A little kindness goes a long way, doesn’t it?”

“But I don’t deserve it.”

“No, you’re an asshole. You shouldn’t have done what you did but it happened, didn’t it? Nothing you can change about it now. Feelings are feelings,” Bella shrugged. “I’ll see you tomorrow with hopefully more news.”

When she arrived back at the house, she was relieved not to find the little boy there, but the moment she walked inside, he was standing in the hallway. “For fuck’s sake!”

“Bella, leave the boy alone, just ignore him,” Kol laughed as he walked in, a glass with blood in his hand. “What’s he going to do other than pelt you with rocks?”

“Oh, I don’t know? Walk in on us when we’re having sex?”

“Cool, threesome.”

“He’s a child! Like… 10 years old!”

“Well, that’s a little disturbing. I can see your point,” Kol sighed, running a hand through his hair as he looked at the empty space Bella was looking at. “Hey, uhm, kid, shoo?”

“What. An. Idiot,” the boy sighed exaggeratedly. “No wonder he spends most of his time in a box!”

“Wait, what?” Bella blinked at the boy. “What did you just say?”

“You heard me!” The boy yelled at her. “Use your brains, smartass!”

“You’re rude.”

“You’re ruder!”

Bella ducked when a few candleholders flew at her and was relieved when Kol actually caught them before they hit her. “Hey now!” Kol scolded. “She does not deserve to get hurt, she’s trying to help you here.”

“Niklaus needs to box him again,” the boy scowled as he looked at the door as it opened, revealing Klaus holding a bunch of flowers, looking surprised at the scene before him.

“What’s this?” Klaus laughed, seeing his brother hold a few candle holders. “Wait, if this is some kinky play, then I’m out.”

“Bite me, Nik,” Kol growled. “What are those flowers for?”

“For my new sister, of course,” Klaus smiled as he handed Bella the bunch of flowers and a peck on the cheek. “I need to stay on her good side, don’t I? Don’t want her to turn me into a dog again!”

Bella blinked as she looked at Klaus and then the flowers. “Uh…” She looked at the boy, who now stared at her with big eyes and then back at Kol and Klaus, seeing the familiarity on the faces. “Uh… guh…”

“Don’t tell me Kol broke you with the candle holders when he suggested kinky sex.”

“Uh…” Bella shook her head as the cogs in her head finally started to clear the dust bunnies in her mind before pointing the flowers at the empty space between the brothers. “Uh.”

“It’s the ghost,” Kol shrugged. “I’m certain she’s appreciative of the flowers, Niklaus, but why are you giving my girlfriend flowers? You’re not afraid of anything.”

“She can turn me into a dog,” Klaus pointed at Bella. “Fix her, she needs to thank me.”

“Do they know you’re going to get them hurt?” the boy smirked and threw a few books at her, which Kol expertly caught too.

“What the…” Klaus jumped to the side, avoiding the books flung at Bella. “Bloody hell, ghost person! Can’t you and Bella talk this out peacefully?”

“Peacefully?” Kol snorted. “You sound like Elijah, brother.”

“Well, we could sure use his diplomacy skills if she has an angry ghost kid following her around!”


“What’s his name anyway?”

“I don’t think she’s ever asked, Nik.”

Bella took a deep breath and shook her head. “I don’t need to, Kol. I know who he is now. We’ve been so busy with Silas that… Oh, I’m so stupid.”

Two men and a ghost looked at her in anticipation. “Well?” Klaus prompted her.

“Ohh… you’re not going to believe me if I told you…”

“Do we know him?”


“Okay, then probably not. Who is he?”

She looked at Klaus and debated whether or not she’d tell him, knowing how torn up he was going to be if she did, knowing how guilty he still felt. “Henrik.”

“Bloody hell,” Klaus muttered under his breath.

“I need a drink,” Kol sighed, shaking his head. Like the rest of the family, he’d been worried that eventful night when Nik and Henrik had snuck out to be watching the wolves. Kol had been wanting to go out in the village and look for his brothers, but Mikael wouldn’t have it, he wouldn’t mind losing two children as if he’d lost his entire family things would be worse.

Klaus nodded, as Bella’s voice echoed in his his head. “Make that a double for me,” he said, following his brother out.

“You’re a floozy,” Henrik said, pointing at Bella. “You’re a floozy and you’re going to get them killed.”

Bella’s jaw dropped to the floor. “How am I a floozy!”

“Nik got you pretty flowers and you’re sleeping with my other brother. You’re not even married. And you are going to get them killed, mark my words!”

“I’m not going to get them killed!” She cried out, throwing her hand in the air and following Klaus and Kol. “You two have your glasses? Give me the bottle!”


A couple of days later, Amara was found. It had been hard to find her because she’d been turned to stone and in the custody of The Travelers, who moved her every few days. Silas was beyond ecstatic when he saw her, stone or not. “Bella, this is amazing!”

“Klaus and Kol retrieved her from a shipyard in New Jersey. I’m afraid that some of your Traveler witches didn’t quite make it.”

“She’ll be safe here,” Klaus said from a distance. “We’ll keep her safe inside this house until you come up with a solution to what she is.”

“What do you mean?” Silas said confused. “She’s stone, all she needs is some blood and-”

“Qetsiyah turned her into the anchor to the Other Side,” Bella explained. “As Kol explained it to me, if we free Amara from her stone prison, she’ll still be anchored to The Other Side. Should I want to free you and Amara from your suffering, I will have to find a replacement for Amara or allow The Other Side to disappear completely. It’s likely that everyone currently in The Other Side will be sucked into oblivion.”

“Why are you telling me this?”

“Because I want it to be your choice. Qetsiyah is waiting for you on The Other Side. Either you can have her wait for eternity or have her poof out of existence for good. Either to move on and find peace, or go to their kind of hell,” she explained to him. “If it were up to these two clowns here, the Other Side would be destroyed, making sure that their parents and their brother will never be able to return by any means.” She then chuckled. “Hell, because I’m interfering, they might even have to go past Hades first. Poor guy will be so overwhelmed.”

Silas thought for a moment. “I want the Other Side to stay up for a while longer, as a punishment to Qetsiyah for separating Amara and I. I’d have to have a suitable replacement for the Anchor.”

“Great. Now allow me to make you mortal again and you can cleanse Bonnie while I’ll go find Amara’s replacement.”

“Did you have someone in mind, darling?” Kol asked her curiously.

Bella hummed a response before nodding. “The Scoobies are going to revolt, but she’ll still be alive and well and living so they shouldn’t complain… unless we turn her into stone. Now, that would be fun. Elena Gilbert, the statue!”

“You will do no such thing!” Klaus blurted in surprise, and perhaps shock. “If you do that, how on Earth will I create more hybrids? I already killed them all for treason. I want her back to being a human!”

Bella huffed. “I thought you gave up on all of that crap? Besides, imagine the gang all running around, not knowing what to do and scratching their heads… Maybe by doing so I can convince at least one Salvatore to just give up on her and move on. Perhaps join you in New Orleans. Damon loves New Orleans.”

“I can’t have another homicidal maniac running around the city.”

“What? Kol’s a changed man!” Bella laughed. “Besides, like it or not, Damon and Stefan are family.”

“Bella, I’ve entertained your crazy idea for too long, this simply can’t happen,” Klaus said angrily. “Perhaps it’s highly moral of me and as much as I’d like to see everyone in town scratch their heads and all, this is madness. Elena Gilbert is off limits.”

She looked at Silas and shrugged. “Fine. I guess all you need now is the cure, right, Silas? You’re going to take the cure, get Amara back, get rid of The Other Side and resurrect a lot of supernatural people. It’s likely that half of them are enemies of Klaus, but why not? It’s not like all of that can be avoided by one teensy transferring spell, can’t it?”

“Perhaps you should choose a different person, maybe that would please him,” Silas suggested, sensing the unease Klaus had with Bella’s choice.

“Fine. Katherine will do. Where is that bitch?”

“The bitch is here, what do you want?” Katherine’s voice sounded and Bella looked over her shoulder to see Elijah, Rebekah and Katherine walk into the room. “What’s Stefan doing here with that creepy statue of Elena? Did you make it, Klaus?”

“Katherine will do, indeed,” Klaus sneered.

“Don’t think for a moment that I’m enjoying my time here, Klaus, I have better things to do. I’m only here because of Elijah,” Katherine crossed her arms over her chest and nodded towards him. “He has the cure.”

“Oh, good, then he can give it to Silas, that way I won’t have to pull a rabbit out of my ass,” Bella smiled sweetly as she looked at Elijah. “Be a dear and hand it over?” Bella held out her hand for the cure.

“Well, actually, my sister wants to become a human again,” Elijah said amused as he nodded towards Rebekah. “I figured I’d give her the opportunity to show me that she can live a full day without any vampiric interference.”

“Hand me the cure, Elijah, don’t make me ask you again because I will turn you into that stag again and I will ransac your pockets. Who knows what I’ll find?”

“No!” Rebekah objected, clearly hurt. “You promised, Elijah, I would get my chance.”

Elijah sighed as he didn’t take his eyes off of Bella. He knew that he couldn’t refuse her because she’d do exactly as she said. Besides, Rebekah would be incapable of living as a human for a day, she loved being a vampire too much. “My dearest Rebekah, I never believed you could live as a human for one day, I merely wanted to entertain myself,” he said as he handed the cure to Bella.

“You wanker!” Rebekah cried out as she stabbed him in the back with a silver dagger laced with white oak. When Elijah’s dessicated body hit the floor, she kicked him for good measure before composing herself and looked at her brothers and their guest. “He deserves a timeout.” When Katherine made a move to remove that dagger, Rebekah stepped in front of her, vamp face out. “Don’t even think about it. If I can’t get what I want, neither will you.”

Klaus merely smiled widely as he watched Silas eagerly knock back the cure. Klaus had taught his sister well, although a dagger to the back was quite disrespectful – on top of that, Elijah didn’t like to sleep on his stomach. Did he really have to undagger him only to dagger his brother properly? No. He did not. Elijah had this coming. Much to his own dismay, Rebekah felt remorse, of course she did, and removed the dagger from their brother.

It didn’t take long for Elijah to come back to his senses and to his feet, angrily looking at his sister. “Do not do that again.”

“Bite me, brother.”

Silas pulled Katherine towards him with his magic and grinned, loving the fact that the cure had actually worked, before breaking the vase next to him and cutting his own hand, holding it up against Amara’s stone mouth. She was going to have the cure inside of her immediately once she would find the strength to drink and he had to work fast. He used a simple transfer spell to make Katherine the new anchor, it wasn’t that hard seeing as she was Amara’s doppelganger, and released Katherine the moment it had been done.

Amara fell into his arms with a sigh of relief, clinging onto him for dear life. “Silas,” she breathed.

“Hello, my love,” he tenderly said as he pushed her hair out of her face.

“What the hell just happened?” Katherine demanded as she looked at Amara in shock, before looking at Bella. “The fuck just happened?”

“You’re the one holding the Other Side together now,” Silas quietly replied, lost in Amara’s eyes. “Every supernatural being that dies will pass through you to get there.”

“Well that’s bullshit. Fix me,” she then turned to Elijah, anger written all over her face. “Did you know about this? First we can’t use the cure on your brother or your sister, and now you’re allowing this to happen?”

Elijah thought for a moment, knowing that the whole situation was out of his hands, especially when it came to Bella; there was no use to fight her. Despite Bella having fun with her powers didn’t mean that she could use them for destruction. He wasn’t ashamed to admit that he was afraid of her, but he knew he wasn’t the only one. Perhaps the only one who wasn’t afraid of her was his brother Kol; but that was only because of his relationship with her. “Think of it this way, Katerina,” he eventually said quietly. “You’ll be safe from Niklaus for the rest of your days; he wouldn’t want our mother and father escape the other side.”

Katherine let out a cry of frustration before stomping off, finding some place in the house to cool off and plot her revenge. She was going to kill Bella. Oh, she so totally was.

“I think we should give the lovebirds some space, 2000 years apart is a very long time,” Bella said as she looked at Silas and Amara, both were lovingly staring each other in the eyes and it made her throw up a little in her mouth. Not because it was so over the top, but mainly because it were the original Stefan and Elena and that was just a trainwreck.

“No,” Silas said, breaking eye contact with Amara and looking straight at her. “Amara and I wish to die and spend the rest of eternity together. You said you could help us without taking down the Other Side.”

“Yes, please,” Amara begged. “Haven’t Silas and I not suffered enough?”

“I’m going to vomit,” Kol muttered, uneasily shifting on his feet, much like Klaus was.

“I know, I said I could help and I can,” Bella slowly nodded, knowing full well that she couldn’t grant them their wish of dying. Of moving on. She could, but she didn’t want to kill two perfectly healthy people. No matter how much of a headache Silas had been for her family. “And I will, but at least spend a few hours together like this. Talk to each other. Enjoy each other’s company for awhile. I’m sure there’s a room in this house Klaus could sacrifice for a night. We’ll talk more tomorrow.”

“You’d better not be pulling a fast one, Bella Swan,” Silas’ voice was dripping with venom as he lifted the lithe Amara into his arms. “Because immortal or not, I could make your life-”

“I suggest not to threaten me, thanks,” Bella countered. “I have been nothing but kind to you and your plight. I am the reason you two are currently reunited. Find a room, enjoy each other. We’ll talk tomorrow.”

They watched the two walk off and Bella was just about to get herself a drink when Henrik shimmered into the room. “Oh no, come on, leave me alone for just one day.”

“They’re in this house. They will kill my family,” Henrik said, arms crossed over his chest. “They need to leave.”

“They won’t do anything, I promise.”

“I don’t like you.”

“Who is she talking to?” Rebekah questioned Kol and Nik, who both rolled their eyes and walked to the nearest table to pour themselves a drink. “Nik!”

“Long story,” Klaus replied as he knocked back a glass of bourbon. “You don’t want to hear it.”

“They should, though,” Kol said with a shrug.

Bella narrowed her eyes on the boy, who was now holding a heavy marble bust Klaus had placed in the room. “Don’t you dare.”

“Get the evil out of this house and leave.”

“Why won’t you leave!” Bella erupted as she tried to grab the bust. “Give that to me.”

Elijah watched as Bella was fighting an invisible force who was holding a bust. Niklaus and Kol were bored, almost as if they’d seen this happen before. “I think that an explanation is in order, Niklaus.”

Kol turned around in time to see Bella fly across the room followed by the bust. She hit the small chest of drawers full on and ducked to avoid the bust hitting her head. Bella growled as she got to her feet, not showing that she was hurt, but she seriously had enough. “Henrik Mikaelson, you are going too far. I’m not hurting your family, but you are hurting me. Enough is enough. They’re more than capable of taking care of themselves and don’t need you to protect them. Please see that and move on because you do not wish to see me angry.”

“Henrik?” Elijah and Rebekah’s heads snapped to the action. “Henrik’s here?” Elijah said confused. “And he’s hurting Bella? He was always such a well behaved boy.”

“Well, we’re not the same as we were when he died, either,” Klaus said with a shrug. “For some reason he doesn’t trust Bella and he doesn’t trust us to protect ourselves. This has been going on for days now.”

“Maybe I can reason with him.”

“Doubtful,” Klaus snorted.

“Our darling brother has been hanging around for quite some time. Ghosts and spirits feed off of the energy of the people they’re surrounded with; with us, he has a feast due to our immortality and the magic running through our veins. Not to mention Bella’s energy. He’s never moved on after his death and wants to look out for us – sort of like a caretaker. He wants to protect us and sees Bella as the enemy,” Kol explained to his siblings. “Then on the other hand, there’s the throwing of things and his bursts of anger; typical poltergeist stuff. Henrik is lucky that Bella’s patient and that we’re all immortal.”

“So what’s it going to be, little boy? You want nice Bella, or severely annoyed Bella?” Bella said, still advancing the boy, yet slightly wobbly on her feet. Patient, my ass, she thought.

“You can’t hurt me!”

“No, but you’re afraid I’ll get your family hurt or killed and believe me, if I had wanted to do that, I would have done that already,” she tried to hold back her anger. “So, how about you shove off for a bit, think about your options and when you’re nice and want to move on, I’ll help you talk to your family before you do, how’s that?”

Henrik stuck his tongue out to her before he fizzled out.

How was she going to help this little boy move on when he didn’t want to do so voluntarily? The more she interacted with him, the more she felt that she wasn’t powerful enough to grab him and force him to move on; allowing this growing ball of rage to live on as it had was going to be dangerous. She could definitely feel that. Resurrecting him was also not an option because of this.

She had Klaus and Kol on her side already, both saying that Rebekah and Elijah were going to have a harder time with accepting the fact that the boy needed to go.

This was going to be fun.


  1. I think not turning Katherine into stone a bad idea, she’s plotting.
    I always felt bad for Rebekah, she wanted to be a mother so bad but she wouldn’t have survived as a human.
    I’m stumped on Henrik. Part wants him to come back to be with family but a 10 yr old boy around the Originals not a great idea. But he’s not stable,so angry and violent.

  2. Hmm Katherine already plotting. Henrik is a little shit and man will he seemingly be a pain going forward. Bella has the patience of a saint I would have banished his little but somewhere already lol. But I get she has limits maybe she should ask her dad. When charlie answered the phone saying I’m not your Dad. I was thinking sheesh didn’t you just say you still considered her as such considering he watched over her all her life. Interesting dynamic. Hope she gets to interact with some of her family down the line more.

  3. Katherine actually serves a purpose. As evil and manipulative as she is, she is useful. She wants to survive and will do anything to survive. Of course I really cannot comment further on her because we spoke on her as a possible plot turn in future.

    Henrik essentially already is a poltergeist in a way and anyone familiar with the supernatural knows that nothing good comes with them.

  4. I just replied to Peggy and Brookie about this, curious to hear your thoughts <3

  5. From the story:

    She was going to raise him from the dead and kill him. Again and again – despite feeling that she couldn’t do that. Couldn’t. Shouldn’t. Wouldn’t.

    “Our darling brother has been hanging around for quite some time. Ghosts and spirits feed off of the energy of the people they’re surrounded with; with us, he has a feast due to our immortality and the magic running through our veins. Not to mention Bella’s energy. He’s never moved on after his death and wants to look out for us – sort of like a caretaker. He wants to protect us and sees Bella as the enemy,” Kol explained to his siblings. “Then on the other hand, there’s the throwing of things and his bursts of anger; typical poltergeist stuff. Henrik is lucky that Bella’s patient and that we’re all immortal.”

    I doubt it’s possible for Bella to resurrect him. She wouldn’t know how he’d come back, either. As I said to brookie; Bella does have her limits. Sure, she could resurrect Kol, but that was a) a fresh death b) she felt that he would be worthy to be resurrected c) she could reason with him. The way her ability works is that she feels a connection to them so she can help, or she doesn’t. In Henrik’s case, it’s not there. Henrik’s an old spirit and getting worse in his behavior.

    Even if she could bring him back, there’s no way for certain to know HOW he’d come back. It’s quite possible his siblings have to kill him for being an evil fucker and boooyyyyy… more heartbreak for the fam.

  6. I don’t wanna see Katherine as stone. She can be useful as the anchor! Just think of the possibilities!!

  7. Henrik is basically a 1000 year old spirit, awakened by the magic in Mystic Falls (blame Bonnie and Silas) and the presence of all of his siblings. He’s an angry little thing because he did die of a violent event and hasn’t moved on because he wants to protect his family from the men who change in wolves/other evil people. And then there’s Bella – the only one who can see him and interact with him and he’s naturally suspicious. He doesn’t understand. He’s only like a 10 year old boy.

    Because Henrik feeds off of the energy around him – which isn’t all that good; despite the Mikaelsons being ‘good’, they’re magical beings and not that ‘good’ – he’s turned into an asshole that Bella feels that she can’t move on. There’s no connection to him, to his spirit, to his energy to help him out. Or even to bring him back to life. It’s like a fail safe for Bella, but it’s also quite worrysome. Leave a spirit like Henrik alone for enough time, he’ll evolve into a poltergeist or worse; a nuclear ghost that could take over bodies of people. Destroy the town. Etc. Etc.

    Now, Bella’s a special case, of course. She’s a demi-Goddess and has received some of the gifts of her Greek family, such as interacting with spirits and help them move on. She’s not an ordinary witchy medium or a sensitive. She can’t touch him, but he can affect everything around her. Like throwing shit at her. She might need some help in dealing with this little guy.

    Circe coming after Bella could be something interesting, but I think that the rest of the Gods who are active (some are slumbering for eternity or keeping to themselves) are keeping a close eye on her so that she doesn’t escape again.

  8. Ok. First, not sure I like Henrik in this, though I do like how different he is. I have been hoping they’ll bring him back in the shows, older, of course (Just cause I imagine him as a mini Kol/Klaus… and wouldn’t we all love that?).
    Also, I really like how she’s a Demi-Goddess, I did not foresee the whole Charlie thing. I wonder if Henrik is onto something though, mayhap he knows something about Bella that they don’t? Like her insane mother is coming after her?
    What! It could happen!
    Great few chaps!

  9. Katherine needs to be turned to stone as well, or she could still cause a lot of trouble and they can’t kill her soooo….and yes I agree with damonslady Henrick is being a little shit, but I think she should bring him back so he can see how much his family has changed…sigh…great update as always hon. I’m sorry about your cold. I have a cold as well and it’s not my ribs that’s hurting it’s my head…I cough so much it feels like it’s about to explode…anyway I hope you get better soon…Until next time…bigg huggs.

  10. Henrik is being a shit. and Bella is being patient as hell with him, but even Bella has her limits. Henrik is going to come back i think and its going to be very interesting to see everyones reaction to it. Update again soon. want to know more pleae

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