Chapter 13

A week later, Teyla asked to see him and Colonel Carter in the conference room. She appeared to be slightly uncomfortable and didn’t even dare to look at Sheppard, and somewhere deep down, John knew that he wasn’t going to like what she was going to say.

“Halling has informed me that the Culi have resurfaced and have settled on a planet on the outer edge of the galaxy,” Teyla started. “They can be powerful allies and trading partners, offering specialized medicine and certain fruit and vegetables that only they are able to grow.”

“Sounds good,” Carter nodded and smiled. “What do you mean though? Resurfaced? From where? Why?”

“The Culi are a tribe of very powerful women. A few years ago, when the Lanteans woke the Wraith, they went into hiding, because the Wraith think that the Culi are far more powerful than they are. Now that it’s relatively safe, they have come out of hiding and relocated.”

“Women?” John blinked.

“Yes, warriors, doctors, scientists…” Teyla smiled, but John didn’t like the smile she had on her face. There was something she was holding back. “I won’t be surprised if they would have the ability to create ZPM’s as they are descendants of the ancestors and have been able to retain most knowledge over the years. They could answer a lot of questions you may have.”

Carter nodded again and smiled. “Go for it.”

“Whoa, whoa, wait a second. She’s holding – you’re holding back Teyla. What is it? Is it something about these people?” John asked as he blocked the door from anyone leaving.

Teyla sighed. “Men don’t mean anything to them, in fact, only the powerful women of the Culi keep men.”

“What exactly do you mean and what does that mean for us?” he asked, narrowing his eyes.

“I had hoped that you would let me and Ziva meet with these people alone… to avoid embarrassment.”

“I don’t think so. I’m still team leader and Ziva? Are you – no…What is it that we have to do because you know that I just can’t stay and sit here waiting for you guys.”

Teyla pursed her lips. “Fine. You will have to be completely naked and leashed if we’re going to meet these people. You don’t look at us, you don’t look at them. You’re not allowed to speak unless I tell you to.” She looked up to him. “I suppose we could make an exception and let you keep your shorts on. I have no doubt that Ronon will put up a fight, so he will be mine. Ziva will have you.”

John only blinked at her. “You’re joking, right?”

“John, the Culi don’t care about men. They only use them as personal slaves, pleasure vehicles and as a sign of status. If they’re not being used, they sleep in a tent with the other males.”

“You’re not joking.”

“Colonel, why don’t you sit this one out?” Carter suggested with an amused smile on her face. “I’m sure that Ziva and Teyla can handle this by themselves.”

“Certainly,” Teyla nodded. “Although, it would help a great deal to earn their trust if we do have healthy, well-built and good looking males with us.”

“But why no clothes?”

The Athosian shrugged. “Eye-candy,” she grinned, using the term that Ziva often said.

“It’s ridiculous, that’s what it is.” John glared at the two women. “Can’t we wear something that covers a bit more? Raggity pants? I’m sure we have some things around that would be more comfortable and still have us looking like your slaves.”

“John, their males are naked, even if we would give you clothes that you can wear and still look the part, you will be asked to take them off. As I said, I think I can convince them for you and Ronon to wear boxers, by saying that both Ziva and I have claimed you and we do not wish to see other women look at your… – private parts.”

He wondered what Teyla had been smoking and wanted to have some for himself. “Fine, I’ll come with, but I’m not leaving Atlantis without my clothes… I’ll strip when we get there.”

“I am sure Ziva will be pleased to hear that,” Teyla smiled widely. “Now all I need to do is convince Ronon.”

John grumbled as Sam’s smile grew wider. “I’ll be in my office, call me when you’ve convinced him,” he said as he made his way out of the conference room and headed towards his office after he had picked up a coffee in the mess hall. He couldn’t believe that he was agreeing with meeting these people, of all the things he had done for Atlantis, this was the weirdest thing by far.

After a while, Ronon barged into his office. “Sheppard! You didn’t actually agree to this, did you?”

“I did.”


“I know that they can take care of themselves, but I’m not letting them go alone,” John answered the angry Satedan. “We’re a team.”

“You know we have to be naked…There’s reasons why I avoided their planet.”

“Teyla said she could convince them why we’ll be wearing shorts,” John replied and sighed. “Look, I’m not too comfortable with this either, and I understand if you don’t want to go, in fact, I’d feel more comfortable if you did stay home.”

Ronon smirked. “I’m coming, if only to see you squirm.”

“Thanks a lot friend,” the man groused as he spotted Teyla and Ziva making their way towards his office down the corridor. “Oh – I don’t like the look on their faces.”

“Remind me to beat you a little harder next time we practise.” Ronon shot his friend a glare.

“Are you both coming, then?” John didn’t like the look Teyla had on her face when she asked them.


“Don’t worry, John,” Ziva sounded as amused as Teyla was as she sat down on his lap, putting her arms around his neck. “Teyla and I will take good care of you.”

“Can I at least bring my gun? I feel naked without my gun.”

“You will be practically naked, where would you put your gun?” Teyla wondered.

“You have nothing to worry about. I asked Carter and she promised to keep our reports on this locked up,” Ziva continued. “Do you think the guys could at least wear a robe through the gate? So that they aren’t so exposed in the gateroom?” she asked Teyla.

“We’ll head out as if it’s any normal mission,” Teyla answered. “Colonel Carter will send a MALP through so we can put away their belongings safely.”

Ziva smiled as she kissed John on his cheek. “See. You’ll be fine. It’s just us. Even Rodney won’t be there so you don’t have to worry about stories being spread around. When are we leaving?”

“Tomorrow morning,” the other woman answered. “It is too late now to arrive at their new settlement.”

“Good, are we done now? I need to get some work done,” John looked at everyone in his office. If they’d leave the following morning, he still had some time to prepare himself mentally for what they were going to do. He did not like it one bit, but he didn’t want to have Teyla and Ziva meet possible new allies all by themselves.

“Very well,” his girlfriend shrugged as she got up and made her way to the door. “Teyla, could you come to my quarters. I want to show you something I think may help us based on what you already told me about these people. See you later John, Ronon.”

John watched all of them leave his office and he took a deep breath, before turning to his computer and start working on his paper work, realizing a moment later that he was on schedule with his work. He took a sip of his coffee and decided to appear busy for the rest of the day.

It was very early Atlantis time the following day that the group prepared to leave. Ziva had a large duffle bag that she refused to let anyone near and the smiles on her and Teyla’s face left the guys nervous. At least the gateroom was empty with the exception of the graveyard crew and Sam who was seeing them off.

“Do I want to know what you two are planning?” John asked as he eyed them.

“Probably not but you will see once we walk through the gate. Just relax,” Ziva replied easily.

“I’m going to regret this, aren’t I?” he asked and looked at Ronon who had a somewhat frightened look on his face.

“Oh relax John,” Teyla rolled her eyes at him and pushed him towards the gate. “Go on before we do leave you at home.”

Once through, the group looked around and the girls quickly began getting them prepared while they had the privacy to do so. “Strip down,” Ziva ordered as she pulled out dark boxers where the fly had been sewn shut and tossed them at the guys. “Put those on,” she added as continued on with getting the rest of the ‘necessities’ out. High quality leather collars and leashes with matching wrist cuffs to bind them together that could only have come from Earth and on specific fetish markets.

John blinked at Ziva. “Do I want to know why you brought this to Atlantis?” He asked uncomfortably as he got rid of his shirt and tossed it onto the clothing pile that was forming.

“These were actually presents from Abby,” she replied. “They came in on the last shipment with the Daedalus and I figured that this mission would be perfect for breaking them in.”

“Breaking them in?” John stammered and looked over to Ronon who was snickering as he pulled down his pants and got into the boxers Ziva had handed them. “You’re not serious!”

“Do you really want me to tell Abby we never used her present?” she asked with a straight face. “Come on, finish up,” she said as Teyla made her way over to help Ronon with his leash set.

“I swear, you hang out with the wrong crowd!” He grumbled as he dropped his pants and got into the shorts. Granted, aliens have done worse to him, getting him tied up, slapped in the face, sucked on by a wraith, gagged, chained up… but this was different.

She watched him happily before securing the leather around his neck and wrists. “I’m actually a bit turned on by you right now,” she whispered into his ear as her hands brushed over his skin that was right along the edges of the collar.

“Uh huh…” he chuckled. “Only you can get turned on by something like this,” he responded. “I’m so not comfortable.”

“Now, remember,” Teyla spoke up. “You’re not looking at anyone, you keep your eyes to the ground. You can’t speak up, unless we address you,” she then sighed. “If we sit down, you sit on the floor, on your knees and you can’t complain if we have to sit for hours, if they decide to throw a feast. We may have to touch you inappropriately to completely sell the idea that you belong to us, but we will make sure that none of the Culi will touch you.” She looked up to Ronon and narrowed her eyes at him. “You actually have to act as if we are superior to you, as if we frighten you. We will not hurt you in anyway, but if they start getting suspicious we might have to, if just a little.”

Ziva grinned as she tugged on John’s leash to bring his head closer to hers. “If you do need to speak, you poke us on the foot. I know you two probably don’t want to show vulnerability but you might have to, you’re not warriors or soldiers at this point. Youare the weaker gender in the Culi’s eyes, and we will treat you as such. You really have to be submissive and it could get awkward, depending on what we see in that settlement. Now, I can imagine that it won’t be the case with Ronon or Teyla, but you both could end up in some sort of head space. Don’t fear that head space, we’ll still be taking care of you.”

John looked Ziva in the eye and she was enjoying herself. To her, this wasn’t just a mission, it was play and it was something he had never really thought about. She wasn’t embarrassed or anything, she was very serious about this.

“I know,” Ronon said. “Some Satedans have met with the Culi before. I just simply refused after I heard the stories.”

“I have heard the same stories,” Teyla responded. “That’s why we will tell them that you have been claimed. It will make you safe from being drawn into ah… intimate pile up.”


“Relax, John. You’re safe.” Ziva smiled and caressed his cheek. “I’ll take care of you, you have to trust me. Are you two ready?”

“No…” both men answered in unison.

“Yep, I think they are.” Ziva grinned. “Lead the way, Teyla.”

On their way to the settlement, John wondered if Ziva would have used ‘Abby’s gift’ anyway. For some reason, both Teyla and Ziva looked taller at this moment and he was jealous of their clothes. Not to mention, he and Ronon were walking on bare feet, he really wished he had his boots on with all the twigs and rocks on the path. He trusted Ziva, and he trusted Teyla, and decided that today, Teyla knew best.

The women held their heads high as the group approached the village, their eyes taking in the situation, assessing their safety and that of their slaves. Fortunately, it also appeared to the locals that the way that Teyla and Ziva looked around, that it was also as if they were determining if the village was worth venturing into and their conversation implicated as such in case of nearby ears that they might not be able to see so readily.

“I do not know,” Ziva commented. “Would they have what we need?”

“My sources tell me they do,” Teyla replied. “Although it doesn’t look like it.”

“Greetings,” a woman clad in warrior’s leather stopped them before they were about to enter the settlement. “Please state your name, your place of habitats and why you are here.”

“My name is Teyla, I was an Athosian and we came in search of medicine and a power source,” Teyla spoke up and nodded to Ziva. “This is my kin Ziva.”

“Athosians treat their dogs as equals,” the woman spat.

“I said I was an Athosian, not that I was still living with them,” she said kindly and smiled. “Ronon and John are more than our dogs, they are ours to keep and our permanent mates. Feel free to check them over if you wish, just keep your hands to yourself.”

The woman signalled to a bunch of other women before walking off. “I will inform our leader Emalia of your arrival.”

“Do you wish for us to take care of your dogs while you will have your meet with Emalia? I am sure they are more than comfortable in our pen.” one of the younger women asked as she walked around John and Ziva. John shot a frightened look at Ziva. No way was he going to mingle with people that weren’t even allowed to speak. He wished he had his gun on him.

“He stays at my side for my beck and call,” Ziva said evenly as she tugged on the leash to have John step closer to her. “He serves my needs in my daily rituals.”

“As I said,” Teyla spoke up. “They are our dogs, but also our permanent mates. They will not go anywhere.” Ronon gave a low growl and Teyla kicked him in the shins. “We talked about this Ronon, behave.”

The woman raised an eyebrow at the display before studying their harnesses. “This is work I am unfamiliar with,” she commented about the studded collar and metal used.

“It is of my home world that was recently culled,” Ziva replied. “I doubt you have visited it as it is near the edge of the stars of the Ancestral rings.” Thankfully, in her time that she spent with Teyla and the Athosian people, learning their fighting techniques, she also picked up a number of native phrases to the Pegasus Galaxy that she could almost be considered one of them, almost.

“If you have more of this, I am certain that Emalia would trade medicine with you.”

“A few skilled crafts makers have survived. I am sure I can acquire more although it would time for them to be made,” she nodded respectfully, buying the needed time to have to gate to Earth and find a local fetish shop that was stocked up on the merchandise.

“Before you meet with Emalia, I need to know if your dogs carry any sickness, although I doubt it as they look groomed.”

Ziva smiled and shook her head. “You may have your healers look them over but I can assure you they are of good health. We would not have selected them for our personal mates if they had not been. I do enjoy good breeding,” she smirked as she looked John over appreciatively.

“Very well, you may enter the village. Follow the path and meet up with Jeine, the woman you have just met. Do not stray from the path. If you do, you will be arrested for disturbing the peace in our settlement; some of our breeding women are about to give birth.”

“We do not wish to disrupt your settlement.” Teyla said calmly. “If we have arrived at a bad time, we would be more than patient to return at a later day.”

“Nonsense, I have heard of the Athosians. If you are no longer with them, you could use an ally, and so can we.”

The two women nodded as she pulled their guys with them. Ziva hummed as they walked and looked around. She couldn’t help but be taken in by the view. Despite their culture, it really was quite a beautiful sight to see. They had men out tending to their crops in the distance and young girls playing in tubs of water, leaving a smile on her face.

Teyla glared at Ronon, who was actively looking around. “Do you want us to get kicked out?” She yanked on the collar. “Let us handle this, Ronon, eyes down!” she hissed. “Next time I might bring Lorne or someone else.”

“Having difficulties with your dog?” the woman asked that followed behind them several feet. “We can help rectify that.”

“Ah, yes, Ronon is of good breed, he is just not used to being away from our lands and gets a bit too curious for his own good. Not to worry, he will settle.” Teyla replied and tugged on the leash for good measure. “Just out of curiosity,” she smiled at the woman, “how do you rectify character flaws in your dogs?”

“Depending on the flaws, just about anything,” the woman responded. “My dog was uncontrollable, and he still is, so I am not spending money on another one. I frequently put his head under the water for a period of time if he does not behave. Or isolate him from the rest of the pack at night without food and water.” she then shrugged. “And if all fails, there is always corporeal punishment.”

Ziva frowned at the thought of starving the men. She been through similar herself and she did not wish to relive those memories. “We have stopped using those methods as they more often failed then not. We may not be amongst the Athosians anymore, but we found that more positive reinforcement proved more successful in our experience. And when he behaves and performs his duties well, he gets rewarded most satisfyingly,” she explained as she ran her fingers through John’s hair, petting him affectionately.

The woman chuckled. “You’re mad.”

“He has been the best I’ve owned. I’d be mad to find reason that he would run or to punish him and lose my own – toy,” she smirked, slapping John’s face lightly before continuing on into the heart of the village.

If it hadn’t been for him knowing that he was still walking, he would have been halfway gone already. For some reason it felt good to have Ziva all this power over him, even more so than when they were in bed together. It was easier for him to forget the surroundings around him and ignoring everyone else as he realized that he trusted her completely. If it hadn’t been for the light slaps in his face, he would have gone further into whatever he was experiencing now.

“We work on the basis of trust,” Teyla added to Ziva’s explanation. “Ronon clearly doesn’t trust me enough yet when we’re outside our own settlement. I usually take my loyal dog Lorne, but unfortunately he fell ill a couple days ago.”

“I must say, your dogs are well muscled and tall. Do you have more dogs like that?”

“We might, but we are not willing to share them. We do not wish to disrupt our coming conversation with your leader, so please keep these foolish questions to yourself, you are too low in rank to have knowledge of our people, Ziva already told you too much.” Teyla glared at Ziva. “But she is young, she is still learning, so she is forgiven. All other questions will be asked by your leader.”

Jeine was waiting for them near a wooden house. “Emalia will be able to see you shortly. She was in the middle of procreating with her top dog. Please, feel free to take a seat around the campfire, let your dogs rest too. Patu, one of her servant dogs, will bring you some water to drink.”

“Thank you,” Ziva nodded as she made her way over to the wicker like seating. Sitting down, she glanced at John and smiled. “So far I have liked what I have seen Teyla.”

“Yes, despite their culture, this settlement seems to be peaceful, people are working together and there is respect. You wouldn’t think that they would possibly have the knowledge to create ZPM’s.” She answered and tugged on Ronon’s leash. “On your knees, Ronon.”

Ronon grumbled as he sat down on his knees. “I hate this,” he muttered.

“Looks like someone is in the dog house when we return home,” Ziva chuckled, as she played with John’s hair as he reluctantly obeyed and settled on his knees beside her. He didn’t need to speak for her to know that he was disturbed by the situation although some of it was more welcoming that he’d care to admit.

“I actually thought Sheppard would put up more of a fight,” Ronon said softly.

“Ronon, we’ll discuss this later, now shut up.” Teyla smacked him softly on his head before taking a look at John. “You said this was normal on Earth?” she asked Ziva as she kept her eyes on John. “He seems to be in a far away place.”

“Still here,” John muttered and put his head in Ziva’s lap. “And not normal.”

She sighed as she pet him, drawing circles on his shoulder with her finger. “I will explain it more when we go home. Now is neither the time or the place for that discussion.”

Sighing, John decided he wasn’t able to do anything apart from being taken care of by Ziva and closed his eyes as they waited, he loved the way she was circling his shoulder and the warmth of the bonfire close by made him feel a bit warmer again. Despite the temperature on the planet, he had felt physically colder, maybe that had been his head fucking around with him for being so exposed.

Teyla looked around and saw something she didn’t like. “Look at that, that boy is so skinny.” She noted as the boy was pushed inside of a tent. “Granted, the culture is odd but they shouldn’t starve a boy who’s still growing up.”

“We’re here for our business. Let’s focus on that first,” Ziva replied, frowning at the sight.

Patu, a young boy, approached them with downcast eyes. “Your water,” he said, kneeling down and holding up the tray with two mugs. “Would you require anything else while you wait?”

“May we have some water for our pets as well?” she asked softly, looking at the boy.

“Of course, I’ll get some bowls.” Patu nodded and placed the tray on a chair and ran off.

“Bowls?” Ronon muttered.

“Shut up, Ronon…” John whined as Ziva had removed her hand from his shoulder to grab one of the mugs, only for her to lightly smack him on the nose with the handle of the leash for speaking.

John sighed and closed his eyes again. He wasn’t thirsty, he forced himself not to want any water, he wasn’t going to drink anything from a bowl… or something like that. He smiled when Ziva’s hand was running through his hair.

“I recommend you not drinking the water Patu will bring,” Teyla suggested. “Often in cultures like these, the pets don’t get the clean water… if you’re thirsty I will give you a sip from my water, Ronon. Speak.”

“No, I’m good.” Ronon replied quickly. “I suggest you dump the water over Sheppard to keep him awake.”

Ziva grinned. “He is awake, trust me,” she said as she ran a finger along the edge of his collar.

John sighed happily and tapped on her foot to make her stop doing that, he was starting to enjoy himself a little too much. Thankfully she did because the village leader was making her way towards them, wrapping herself in a thin robe of sorts from her activity she was otherwise engaged in. Ziva smirked and waved John off to sit beside her.

John sat up immediately and looked at Ziva’s boots.

“Welcome, my name is Emalia, I hear you come in search for medicine?” the woman greeted them with a big smile and sat down in one of the chairs. “Oh my, you’ve got handsome pups.”

“My name is Teyla, this is Ziva. We’ve recently split from my people, the Athosians, after they grew a dislike to our chosen lifestyle and we are in need of new medicine. I have heard of your people ever since I was a young child.”

“Sweet Teyla,” Emalia smiled as she leaned in to touch Ronon’s hair. “I do not trade with strangers,” she said, not bothered by the look that Teyla was giving her. “The Culi have survived all these years because we’re wary of strangers. You look well fed, well clothed and you have healthy pets, at first hand, I do not see the reason why we should trade.” She then shrugged. “Unless you’re willing to leave your dogs with me in exchange for medicine?”

“Granted, we are not that desperate,” Teyla smiled as she pulled Ronon closer towards her to protect him. “I am sure we could become well acquainted before we trade, however, our pets are off limits, even to you.”

Emalia pouted. “Pity, I would have loved to have taken one of them off your hands, the big one to do some heavy lifting, or maybe the smaller one to have my way with, he looks so obedient,” she said with a grin.

“He is only to me,” Ziva said evenly. “He is not for trade as I have chosen him my own breeding.” The tone in her voice was serious to the woman but something on the edge of different that was clear to John, making it difficult to keep his head down in the surprise that rushed through his veins. “John, down,” she gently pushed his head down.

“How big is your settlement? How many dogs do you have?” Emalia asked, amused by the pup’s response to his owner. “How did you know where to find us? We have only recently come out of hiding.”

“Our settlement has currently about three hundred people or so, we have multiple settlements over the planet we’ve gathered upon. About half of the population are various degrees of dogs; some are scientists, some are used as soldiers, as protection, and some, like Ronon and John, are kept to breed, to tend to our needs other than pleasure. Some of our people have fallen ill and we do not have the medicine anymore to make them healthy.” Teyla explained. “Also, rumor has it that you have the ability to create power, different power than the power of our hands, and fire.”

Emalia chuckled. “Rumor, indeed. I’m inviting you to stay at one of our guest houses, at least for the night. We’re having a feast tonight in celebration of our freedom, we can talk more about a trade in the morning.”

John nearly panicked as he poked Ziva’s foot. He was not going to spend the night in a village filled with crazy and horny feminists.

“Of course,” Ziva nodded. “We would love to celebrate your new found freedom with you, it will also give us the chance to get to know each other better, yes?”

“Jeine will show you to your house, and she will show you where you can get food and water for your pets, unless they are on a different diet, what do they eat?”

“We never give them anything else but food made by our cook,” Teyla chuckled. “Granted, they are spoiled, but Ronon and John, especially John, are sensitive to the herbs we use to keep most of our dogs calm at night, so we usually feed them of our own plate to keep them healthy.”

“That is alright, mostly everyone will bring their favorite pet with them to the celebration, we might even get to see a wrestling match.” Emalia said happily. “You can feed your pet with the food you will be receiving, it would be a shame to see them go hungry.”

“Thank you,” Teyla nodded gratefully as she got to her feet. “Ronon, up.” She tugged on his leash to get him to his feet. “We shall see you tonight at your celebration then.”

“I can’t believe we’re staying!” Ronon ranted as soon as they were in their ‘house’; it were four wooden walls with two beds and two blankets on the floor.

“Ronon keep your voice down!” Teyla hissed as she glared at him. “They can probably hear us!”

“Sheppard, say something.” Ronon said softly, glaring at Teyla.

“I’m not entirely happy myself…” John said slowly as he tried to gather his thoughts but it was a little bit fuzzy and he wasn’t entirely sure why. “But if this is what we have to do to find out of they have more than the potential to help us out, then so be it.”

“You’re just saying that because you’re enjoying yourself.”

“No, but you’re more than welcome to leave and come back in the morning.”

“Maybe, that’s not such a bad idea,” Teyla smiled. “Ronon’s been drawing too much attention with his behavior.”

“We can stay that way it doesn’t appear as off putting to the leader,” Ziva offered as she sat beside John on one of the beds. “Perhaps bring someone else tomorrow instead? Major Lorne I think would be able to tolerate it.”

Teyla nodded. “I shall inform our gracious host that I shall be leaving and return in the morning… and then going to try and catch Lorne,” she said with a smile on her lips. “Be careful, Ziva, I know you are more than capable of taking care of yourself, but John is defenseless.”

“We will be fine,” she assured her. “Good luck with Lorne.”

“Enjoy the celebration,” Teyla smirked as she grabbed Ronon’s leash and pulled him towards the door.

After they were gone, Ziva and John were left alone until one of the locals would come to collect them for the evening meal. She pushed him back on the bed and climbed onto his lap as she smiled down on him silently, just looking, taking him in with her eyes.

“What?” he chuckled after finally having made his way through the fog in his head.

“You played it up very well. Was Ronon wrong earlier in saying that you might be enjoying yourself a little?” she teased softly, as she played with his wrist cuffs.

John shrugged. “I trust you and shut myself off for anything but your voice and touch… and it was nice…”

“Uh huh,” she hummed as she shifted herself over his groin and leaned in to kiss her way down his chest.

“Now that’s… nice…” he groaned as he lifted up his arms and put them around her, pulling her closer to him. “I just didn’t want to screw this up, because I know that if they do have the knowledge, that Rodney is going to be so happy.”

“John?” she asked as she ground herself down over him and lightly bit on his nipple. “Shut up.” Ziva slipped out from underneath his cuffed wrists and pulled them up to a hook that was just above the head of the bed that was actually meant to hold decoration. “Stay…” she grinned as she slid down and pulled his shorts off.

“What are you doing?”

“I said for you to shut up,” she growled as she pulled at the belt of her pants.

“What’s going on?” he asked, wondering what had gotten into her all of a sudden. Did she really want to have sex in the middle of a settlement with lusting manhaters?

Ziva’s pants landed somewhere near where his short had. She grinned at him as she climbed back onto the bed and took his cock in her hand, stroking it softly. “I’m just providing you a reward for your excellent behaviour today my John,” she said, pleased that despite his brain trying to refuse, his body was hers to manipulate.

He groaned. “We’re not on Atlantis…” He looked at her and saw that she wasn’t either, most definitely still ‘in character’. “Ziva… you need to uncuff me.” Walking around in his shorts with a collar around his neck all day was all for the greater good, having sex outside the privacy of their own quarters or their hidey spot on the pier was something completely different.

She sighed and looked around. Grinning slowly, she got out of her wet panties and stuffed them in John’s mouth. “I told you, shut up.”

He looked at her with big eyes, surprised by how wet her panties were in his mouth, and loving the taste of her fluids. He slowly nodded and tried to relax by focusing on his breathing and watching her have her way with him.

Ziva positioned herself over him, and pressed herself down letting his length penetrate her. Her head fell back as she let out a low moan, biting down on her lip. Just as she began to set herself a comfortable pace, a knock on the door was heard. “Yes?” she called out as she reached forward to shove her fingers in John’s mouth after he spat her underwear out to keep him from saying something.

“Are you coming, miss?” a voice sounded. “Emalia is about to start the feast.”

“I will be there when I am finished in here,” she replied, her eyes fixed on John’s. “Send my apologies to Emalia for the delay.”

“Yes miss,” the voice sounded again and John could then hear how footsteps lead away from the hut. The gaze that Ziva had him under was intoxicating. It was a look of affection, but also one that told him that if he’d do anything she didn’t want him to that she would break him. And he knew she could, so he didn’t playfully bite her finger as he normally would have. He playfully bucked his hips and grinned when the look on her face shifted into the one of surprise.

Removing her fingers from his mouth was a necessity as she leaned over to brace herself as she picked up her pace, thrusting her own hips over his cock, alternating with a deep grind that left him writhing underneath her. “No, no,” she scolded, sitting up and used his knees to support herself as she worked him every which way she could.

He wished he could touch her, he loved touching her, but his arms had started to feel like jelly and he didn’t feel like making an attempt to get himself unhooked from whatever she had hooked him up on. But he realize that Ziva was looking hot, trying to get them both off as she rode him and it was all out of his hands really. Or was it? He wasn’t sure anymore. There was a goddess riding him, and that was enough.

She reached down to rub herself to help herself fall over that edge that felt just outside of reach. “Oh god!” she moaned out as she could feel herself coming over him. Despite reaching her own satisfaction, she continued on to assure that John got his as well. She doubted that the women in this village often let their males finish if it weren’t for conceiving a child.

Feeling how she was climaxing, sent him flying himself shortly after that. He felt like he was floating on air and grinned at her. “That was great,” he breathed.

“I thought you’d like that,” she breathed out as kissed him hard. Reaching up she unhooked his hands and grinned. “Let’s get cleaned up and go join the festivities.”

“Hmm… but I like the bed… it’s not comfortable but I don’t want to get up…” John said as he pulled her down to him again, all he wanted was to cuddle. “Please ma? Five more minutes?”

“Mmm, sure,” she hummed in response, licking and kissing his jaw. “You handled everything better than I thought you would. I had believed that Ronon would be the more behaved.”

“I think it’s different for Ronon and Teyla… I mean, they are both very independent and despite trusting each other… Ronon just came with to see me embarrass myself…” John said, putting his arms around her as well as he could and closed his eyes. “It’s weird how easily I switched off most thoughts today… and I sometimes had the feeling that I wasn’t truly there…”

“Hmm… I warned you that that could happen,” Ziva smiled as she caressed his hair. “Don’t worry, I won’t let anything happen to you, and after the celebration, I’ll do whatever you want me to. Hold you until you sleep.” She softly kissed him and smiled. She secretly knew that he was going to do great today, he loved it if she took control in the bedroom, this was just a bit more extreme. “Did you like the feeling?” She asked, wondering if John needed more after care. “Are you okay?”

“Kinda scary,” John admitted. “Yeah, I’m fine… a bit thirsty though.”

“I’ll give you something to drink soon,” she answered and slowly got off of him. “Depending on what they’re doing, I might have to hand feed you.”

“I trust you, Ziva. I love you.” He got up and watched her as she cleaned herself up at the water bowl with a cloth. “You’re so pretty.” John said as he made his way over and waited until she was done cleaning herself up before taking the cloth and cleaning himself up.

“You should get your shorts back on,” she said as she went to try to rinse out her underwear to pull back and then her pants. “This ought to be fun. The food does smell good.”

He got back into his shorts and nodded. “Please don’t get too drunk.”

Ziva stood up straight after she fastened her belt, raising an eyebrow in amusement. “You just behave yourself. I don’t want to have to punish you when we return home.”

“Hey, I’ll be on the floor, waiting for you to feed me and give me a drink, I think I’ll have to behave if I need to satisfy my stomach!” he grinned.

“John, shut up,” Ziva said with a big smile on her face as she took the leash in her hands. “Let’s get entertained by the natives.”

He wanted to kiss her but she pushed him away with an even bigger smile and walked out the door with him and pulled him out behind her.-


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