Chapter 10

He could understand her ‘fuck it’ attitude, but was it still really necessary? She had nothing to fear anymore, she was going to settle, surely she could move past the fact that she hadn’t been able to do whatever she wanted for the last few years?

He had. Loads of people were against tight spaces and didn’t like it when someone was being abused. Maybe it was soon for Bella. It had only been a day, really.

But still, the idea that she was thinking to get rid of the baby as if it was her decision. As if it was hers alone. It wasn’t. It took two to tango, didn’t it? He was just as responsible as she was, and they definitely needed to talk about it.

They were pretty much lost in their own thoughts when they walked to the house Bella had bought earlier that day. They were going to see what the damage was and to see what she needed to get done, but maybe it was a better idea to ask an adult. What did they know about houses and the state of it? He let out a whine. He didn’t want to be the responsible one. Being responsible sucked.

The house looked okay from the outside, at least, and the moment Bella opened the door, he was inside with her, closing the door and pressing her against the wall as he kissed her.

Bella giggled as she put her arms around his neck and tiptoed to make things easier on him but now that she was in the house, she wanted to go exploring. It didn’t look too dirty, just quite dusty, that was it. So far. “I want to see the house,” she said between kisses, causing Isaac to lift her up and stumbled into the living room. Bella hummed as her back hit another wall, causing her to briefly stop kissing Isaac to look her around. “Nice and spacey,” she said with a nod before tugging on his shirt. “Off.”

Isaac grinned at her as he pushed her against the wall with her legs wrapped around her and let go of her before pulling off his shirt. He then helped her out of hers and kissed her again before taking her to the next room as her hands buried in his hair. Her nails dug into his scalp as he made a turn and bit his lip. He let out a low growl as he bumped her into a wall again. “You drew blood,” he said as he looked at her. There was a big grin on her face as she wrestled herself out of his hold and jumped off of him, looking around the room. “Dining room.”

Bella huffed as she kicked her shoes off and looked at him to do the same. “We’ll get people to take the wall down and have a bigger living room.”

“No playroom?” He smirked, causing her to kick one of her shoes at his head at the suggestion. “Adult playroom.”

“No, a bigger living room so you can have all your friends over, and it won’t feel crowded.” She pulled him down to her level and kissed him eagerly, pushing him back into another room; the kitchen. “Ew!” she exclaimed in disgust as she pushed him away and looked around. “Are we in the dark ages? We’re going to get a new kitchen.”

“We are?”

“Yes.” She pulled off her jeans and threw them in his face. “No way I’m cooking in this shit.” Bella watched him hungrily as he got out of his jeans and didn’t wait until he was done before pushing him over and sat down on top of him. “I didn’t hurt you, did I?”

“Nope,” he grinned and kissed her greedily. He loved it how, just like him, embraced her new strength and agility and had fun with it, surprising herself most of the time when she tried something new. The look on her face was simply adorable.

“Good,” she replied while she kept kissing him and ground her hips against his groin. “How many more rooms are in this house?”

“I dunno,” he groaned as unhooked her bra. “Don’t care right now…”

“I do,” she said as she stopped kissing him and got up, helping him out of his jeans as she did. “Come on, next room.”

“Bella!” He whined, but got to his feet anyway and followed her to what looked like a scullery. There was room for a washer and dryer and some shelf space for other things and a door to the outside. The room was big enough but quite small. The moment he set foot in there, she was on him again, jumping into his arms and nuzzling his ear.

Isaac stepped out of there again, bumping against the wall before turning and getting into another spacious room. He decided to skip it and found the stairs that lead to the first floor. “Up we go,” he playfully squeezed her ass as he managed to take the stairs and not trip over his own feet. Luckily they didn’t fall as she scraped her teeth on his collarbone while she dug her nails into his shoulder blade, surprising him. “Hey!”

“Hey,” she smirked as she waited for the both of them to be upstairs and then let go of him again to look around on the landing. “Oh, I like this,” she said as she shimmied out of her underwear and headed into the master bedroom. “Isaac! The bedroom! Look! It’s beautiful!”

He took a deep breath, trying to calm himself down because fuck, she was such a tease, and he wanted to throw her on the floor and have his way with her. No, Isaac, he told himself, you do not throw a pregnant girl on the floor. She needs a bed.

A low growl coming from Bella pulled him out of his thoughts and followed her into the bedroom where she pounced on him. Her legs had wrapped around his waist and her arms around his neck before her lips were on his again. All thoughts were gone out of the window as he could feel her wetness on him as her pert nipples pressed against his chest.

She had wanted to hold out some longer, for at least until they had been to all rooms. But his scent, something she was very much aware of now, had changed a little bit because of his arousal and it drove her wild. Bella wanted him in her, now. She didn’t care how. She whined when she felt that he was still wearing his boxers and let go of him.

Isaac blinked when she just stared at him with her arms crossed over her chest. When he didn’t get the clue, he followed her gaze down to his groin and grinned. “I’m not going to pull them off.” He laughed when she kicked his legs from underneath him causing him to fall to the floor. She tore his boxers off of him and sat down on top of him, grinding her wetness against him as she raked her nails over his chest. “Bella.”

“No,” she said as she slid down his legs and sat on them to keep them where they were. She then took his length into her hand and gently squeezed it, causing him to buck his hips and hiss. With a grin, she pumped it a few times before shifting again and slowly lowering herself on top of him. “I so like this view,” she smiled at him once he was fully inside of her, and she took a moment to get used to the feeling.

“Are you going to start moving anytime soon?”

She stuck out her tongue as she crossed her arms over her chest, cocking her head as she looked at him, daring him.

“Please stop being a tease,” he groaned as he grabbed her hips and bucked against her.

“Or what?” She playfully rocked her hips, causing him to let out another groan. “You feel so good inside of me, I want to be like this forever,” she teased as she rocked her hips again. “You’re so big, and it feels so good…” she uncrossed her arms and gently placed them on his chest for support. “But sure, mr. Impatient…”

“Oh, I’m not the only one who’s impatient,” he laughed as he moved one of his hands to her clit and started to rub it. His action caused Bella to throw back her head and let out a moan. He allowed her to get used to the sensation but if she didn’t start to move soon, he was going to roll them over and have his way with her.

He felt weirdly proud of being part of her sexual awakening. Was it pride? Definitely. Isaac loved it when she decided to discover new things on her own and her reaction when he tried something with her but this – waiting – was just too cruel. He could feel the heat radiating from her body, her heart was beating faster, and she felt incredibly wet around him. She was just as ready for this as he was.

She wasn’t moving. She wasn’t moving. Feeling slightly panicked, Isaac looked at her to see if she was freaking out or thinking about something but she wasn’t. But she wasn’t moving. He removed his hand from her and gently rolled the both of them over. Settling over her, he started to kiss her neck. “Get out of your head,” he said with a murmur.

“I’m not,” she replied as she sighed, biting her lip as she looked at him. Her cheeks flushed a deep red and eventually she found the courage to say what was on her mind. “I wasn’t sure how to proceed next. I spaced out.”

Isaac brushed her lips with his own and then kissed her tenderly. “You still want to do this?” He had known this was going to happen. She had had a lot to deal with in the last few days, and she was going to break eventually.

“Yes,” she nodded almost as if she was a bobblehead doll. “I’m burning up. Please.”

Okay, he thought to himself, definitely not broken. Just her adorable self, spacing out. “Just for future reference…” he said as he started to kiss her neck again while he found his way inside her again. “The way we were the other moment, think of it as riding a horse, although you do all the work instead of having it bounce you around like crazy.”

Bella started to giggle uncontrollably at that remark. “I know that!”

“Good,” he laughed as he started to move. “But I have to say, brain farts are cute.”

Bella hummed a response as she dug her hands into his hair and pulled him down for a kiss. It didn’t take the both of them to finish, Bella came hard, the world around her seemed to explode into tiny little stars that fell to Earth, burning in the atmosphere. It was a good thing that this house had thick walls. Not only was it quite werewolf proof, but they could also be as loud as they wanted to be without their neighbors having to listen to it.

When Isaac rolled off of her to catch his breath, she snuggled up against him on the floor and smirked. “I’d say this house is fully broken in.”


After they had retrieved their clothes and made mental notes of what needed to be done in the house for Bella to like it, they went to the supermarket to buy treats and food to celebrate the fact that the house was bought. Much to Bella’s surprise, Charlie was still at the Argent residence. “I thought you were going home?” Bella greeted him with a hug. “Are you staying?”

“For one night, yes. I was simply too fascinated by the things Chris had to tell me about your new life,” Charlie replied as he scratched his head. “It’s difficult to wrap my head around this, though.”

“Yep, welcome to the party,” she said with a grin before she helped Isaac bring the bags to the kitchen. “We bought food and drinks and I’m going to cook, we have something to celebrate.”

“You’re pregnant? Bella!” Charlie said with a whine. “I don’t think I’m ready for puppies yet!”

Bella rolled her eyes at him and huffed. “No. I bought a house here in Beacon Hills. And it’s awesome.”

“Hence the dust trail we’ve left all over town,” Isaac added. If she really wasn’t going to talk about the fact that they were going to have a baby soon – because it looked like she had switched on the ignore button – then he wasn’t going either. He was, however, going to make damn sure that everything was ready if needed. He was going to get a job and buy things for the baby, put things in storage and let Bella ignore it all. Definitely a plan.

“What? Why?”

“Dad, I’m not done with Isaac yet and he’s not done with me. That’s our agreement. We walk away when we’re done. And he has his friends here. So I’m sticking around. And as much as I’m thankful for Mr. Argent’s hospitality, I don’t want to stay at his house. I want my own space.”

“Well, if you’re sure…”

“I’m not going back to Forks, but you can come here?” She said with a wolfish grin. “I’m sure Sheriff Stilinski could use the extra pair of hands!”

“I’ll think about it. But you bought a house?”

“Uhuh,” she nodded as she put things in the fridge. “That’s the thing, I don’t have to worry about money, so I bought a house. I’m going to hire people to make the house into something Isaac and I like, especially the kitchen, and then we’ll move in.”

“Would you like me to stick around to help you out a bit, Bells?”

She walked over to her father and put her arms around him. “You don’t have to help out. We can be lazy because like I said; I’m going to hire people. But I’d like it if you stayed for a bit longer so we can explore this town together.”

“I’d like that,” Charlie smiled at her, putting his arms around his little girl who had not let go of him yet. “As long as your boyfriend won’t mind.”

“He’s not my boyfriend.”

“I’m not her boyfriend,” Isaac said at the same time as he poured himself a drink. He needed to talk to Mr. Argent about Bella’s situation; he could trust him and like Deaton, he’d shut his mouth about it. “I can’t wait to taste Bella’s cooking, let me get out of the way.” He kissed the top of Bella’s head and looked at Argent. “Can we talk?”

“Yeah, of course,” he said with a nod and led the teenager towards his office. Where he kept his guns. Not that he needed them for Isaac but still, the boy had a serious tone in his voice, and that required some alone time. He pointed to a chair as he sat down on his own. “What’s up?”

“I’ve been doing a lot of thinking,” Isaac said with a deep sigh as he fell into the chair. “I mean, on the one hand, I’d like to finish school even though I detest it.”

“Education is important.”

“Yeah, but I could do night classes or just single courses too, right?”

“Of course.”

“But, I’m also old enough not to return to school and never finish it.”

Argent nodded again, confused as the boy tried to reason with someone, probably himself. “What are you getting at?” He observed Isaac as he tried to think of the question Chris had just asked him. It was almost as if he could see the cogs spinning in his head and he got fidgety. When Isaac didn’t say anything – which was unusual, he spoke up again. “What happened at Deaton’s?”

“Oh, well, he’s fascinated by the tiny bit of Cold One venom in Bella’s system, but other than that, she’s perfectly healthy.”

“That’s a relief.”

Isaac nodded, and Chris was surprised his head didn’t fall off. “She’s also pregnant.”

He was quiet for a moment, unsure how to react when he saw the insecure Isaac in front of him. Of all the bravado and seemingly not caring about anything, he did have this insecure, naive side of him that rarely reared its head. “Wow. How do you feel about that?”

“Scared. Stupid. I mean… who screws a random girl without a condom?” Isaac huffed as he ran his hands through his hair. “Deaton said that something about us bonding during that night and shit like that that I can’t even start to understand because she wasn’t a werewolf then so how is that possible? And it’s just… the fuck!”

“Technically, she was a werewolf, just spelled not to be one.”

“Technicalities suck. How was I supposed to know and how the fuck did it happen that I bonded with her? She doesn’t take it seriously. She’s ignoring the fact that she’s carrying a baby. She-” He took a deep breath and realized he had a drink on him, so he took a sip. He needed to calm down. “I mean…”

“I understand. This is all new for all of us, not just you and Bella. Did Deaton really say you bonded?”

“Mated, bonded, whatever. What the hell does that even mean? He said he needed to do more research because it’s rare.” Isaac used quotation marks when he said ‘rare,’ causing Argent to smile. “It’s ridiculous.”

“It is. And it’s unheard of, it’s just as rare as True Alpha’s,” Argent said calmly, not wanting to upset the young werewolf in his office. “A mate, what Bella is to you, according to Deaton, is something that goes far deeper than a simple girlfriend. Most werewolves feel lucky when they find a great woman or man who wants to stick with them for the rest of their lives, but it’s not as if they’re a mate. You two were drawn towards each other and the details are fuzzy for you, but you’re in for a hell of a ride.”

“I don’t even know if I like her like that!”

“Yeah, you do,” Chris smiled at him. “The way you’re looking at her, the way you subconsciously move towards her when you feel she’s threatened or sad… Did Deaton ask if you bit her?”


“Did you?”

Isaac let out a whine. “Not the first few times… but yeah. I bit her, once. By accident. On the shoulder.”

“Yes, you’re in deep, buddy.”

“Can it be undone? I mean, she and I have an agreement. What if she doesn’t want me anymore? What will happen then?”

“I’m not quite sure. Deaton’s right in saying that what you and Bella have is rare, not much is known on the subject either, if there were, I would have known about it. But I think you can compare it to Swans. Swans mate for life. If their mate goes away or dies, the mate left behind is miserable. Some even die of heartbreak.”

“I don’t want that, can we be fixed?”

“Isaac… You didn’t hear me.”

“Yeah, I heard you! But I’d rather be aware of my actions and whatnot than to be at the mercy of this thing between her and me!” Isaac said angrily, pounding his fist on the heavy table, not even denting it. “I don’t want things being able to control me when I don’t want to.”

“You sound a lot like Bella now.”

“Yeah well, she’s right. It’s much easier to be in control over yourself when you have it.”

“Or,” he said calmly as he kept looking at him. “You could learn how to control it, learn how to work with it instead of seeing it as something beyond your control. Anything can be learned.”

“Yeah, maybe. Anyway, I think I want to find a job so I can work on the baby’s nursery in secret. I know she has money, but she’d rather get rid of it or ignore it until it’s actually here. At least for the moment. That’s my real dilemma right now; go back to school, finish it, or find a job.”

“It’s likely you need an education to work.”

Isaac shrugged. “My dad worked at the graveyard; I used to have a job there, so… maybe they’ll take me back.”

“Isaac…” he sighed.

“No, I want to do something. I don’t want to be a kept boy. I know she has money. But I want to be responsible, and actually you know… take care of her.”

“Alright,” the man nodded. “Seems you have it all thought out already, why do you need me?”

“I don’t know. Maybe you’d say something I would actually like or hadn’t thought of,” Isaac sulked as he emptied his glass and got to his feet. “But seems like I’m not as brain damaged as I thought.”

He got to his feet and rounded the desk before gently giving Isaac a pat on the back. “You’re a smart kid, you’ll know what’s best for you, your girlfriend and the rest of your life.”

“She’s not my girlfriend.”

“And I’m certain you two will make the right decision about the baby. Bella has a good set of brains on her shoulders, just like you.”

“It’s just scary.”

“Isaac, you know this. Women are scary. New situations are scary at first, but you’ll deal with it. I have every faith that you two can deal with the new situation at hand. Together.”

“Even when she ignores the things in front of her?”

“Yes,” he smiled reassuringly. “Don’t forget, she’s had a lot to deal with in the last few days. Give her some time to process.”

Isaac nodded and sighed. “Thanks. I just… it’s…”

“It’s called growing up. Maybe a little bit faster than you’ve anticipated, but you’re on the right path. We’re all here to lend you a hand if needed. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back, Isaac,” he gently squeezed Isaac’s shoulder. “Now, let’s see what that Bella of yours is up to because whatever she’s doing, it smells delicious.”


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