Chapter 30: What the hell

She hadn’t dreamed it, had she? Without warning, Klaus had killed her. Squeezed her like a Capri-Sun packet and drained her dry. It had been nothing like she’d imagined; when she had hoped as a teenager with Edward on romantically biting her and turning her, she’d lost that idea, but she had believed that Klaus would at least talk to her first.

Granted, they had talked about her turning quite a few times, but this sucked. Pun intended. Her mouth felt dry like cotton, she felt icky and a little bit weak, as if she was recovering from the flu or something. Making her way out of bed towards the bathroom, she decided to have a quick shower to freshen herself up, drink some water and find Klaus. He deserved a fist to his face.

When she returned, she found Kol sitting on her bed, a compelled chef standing next to him and Kol had the biggest smile on his face. “How are you feeling? Did the downside of transitioning already set in? Or do you still feel a little bit like a human?”

Bella realized why Kol was smiling so widely. She was naked, not having bothered to get a clean change of clothes with her to the bathroom as it was her and Klaus’ bedroom and not expecting someone else. Shrugging, she dropped her towel and walked to the closet. A lot of men had seen her naked before; this wasn’t any different. If Klaus didn’t agree with this, then he’d have to battle it out with his brother himself. “Where’s Klaus?”

He looked as if he was debating something and looked at the cook before watching the letter in his hand. “Eh, you should read this. I think it’s safer for all of us if you read it before you fully turn…”

Bella scowled as she pulled a shirt over her head and took the letter from Kol. “What did the asshole do now?”

“Just read the letter, darling, he’ll explain it himself.”

Good Morning, love.

First, I sincerely want to apologize for my behavior. For neglecting you and most of all, for giving you a horrible death. Please forgive me, I was behaving uncharacteristically.

Secondly; I wish I could be with you when you awake. I know how frightening a transition can be, and you deserve better than waking up alone, ready to proceed with the next chapter in your life as a vampire. I hope that whoever is with you, will treat you well.

As for my reason for not being with you, I have to disappear. With my enemies fast approaching New Orleans, it’s best if I’m not there. Yes, this leaves my siblings cleaning up the mess that I’m in but this is how I, how we, survived for many years. I’m not alone. I have Hope and Hayley with me; my enemies could know about my daughter and use her against me. I have hope that they don’t know about you, and you’ll be safe at the compound under the protection of my siblings. They assured me that no harm will come upon you whether inflicted by one of our own or the Cold Ones.

There’s no doubt you’d like to give me an earful. I’ve instructed my brother to buy you a mobile phone so you can do just that.

Please know that I wished I could have taken you with me, but you’re safer at home.

Forgive me.

Yours, always, Klaus.”

“Seriously?” Bella said as she looked at Kol. She could feel her anger make her blood boil. “The asshole leaves, just like that? And you let him?”

“Yes. When you’ve lived as long as he has, there are periods of time where he just simply disappears. His name nothing but a rumor, a whisper, a reminder of the big evil monster that he projects to be. In this situation, it’s best for him to leave.”

“And what do I do? Knit booties for Hope? I can’t knit, Kol. Give me your phone; I want to call him.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” Kol watched her carefully. “Have some blood first.”

“Oh, no, I want to call him now. Give me your phone or I’ll go to Elijah.” Sighing, Kol handed her his phone. Bella dialed Klaus’ number and put him on speaker.

Hello, Kol.”

“Think again, asshole.”

Love, I can explain, no doubt Kol has given you-“

“Yeah, well, you know that thing I do with my tongue that you love so much? Don’t even think about asking me to do that to you for the rest of this century, dickhead,” she said before disconnecting the call and handed Kol his phone back.

“Feel better?”

“Yes, thank you,” Bella sighed relieved. She didn’t feel that much better, but at least she had given Klaus an answer. One that hurt him the most.

A mischievous spark appeared in Kol’s eyes. “So, what’s that thing with the tongue you do?”

“Oh, I promised Klaus I wouldn’t take clients anymore, Kol,” Bella said playfully as she sat down on the bed next to him, still only wearing a shirt. “But since he’s not here, I suppose that you can find out for $250.”

“And where, pray tell, am I going to get such money? I’ve been dead for months! Elijah hasn’t given me access to the family money yet!”

“Well then,” Bella said as she pat his shoulder. “I guess you’ll never know.”

“Doesn’t matter anyway, I’m taken. Although I don’t know for how long.”

“Why’s that?”

“I promised Davina I could control my bloodlust but… when I’m around her, I can’t. I want to rip out her beautiful little throat and drink her blood. The urge to kill her is so strong, and I don’t know what’s going on.”

“That sucks.”

He let out a chuckle and nodded. “Yes. I might have to lose the love of my life because all I want is to sink my teeth into her. I was never one to control my bloodlust, but this is different.”

“I’m sorry,” Bella replied, genuinely feeling for him. “You’ve been through so much; you deserve some happiness.”

“Yes, but here I am, looking after a transitioning vampire singer. Any symptoms yet?”

She smiled at him and then looked around. “No, you’ve been kind to me with the curtains closed and noise kept to a minimum… I’m still thirsty but… yeah… I doubt a glass of water would do.”

“Well, how about you just drink a little from this fine man here before you start experiencing the nasty side effects of being in transition?” Kol thumbed over to the chef.

“I don’t have to kill him, do I?”

“No, but that’s up to you. Restraint is not easy to learn for a new vampire. Hell, I never bothered learning control.”

“Can’t you just pour something in a cup? I mean, I would have been fine with a blood bag…” she looked at the chef. It was Klaus’ favorite, what if she ended up killing him? Right now, she didn’t mind, but she’d eventually regret it. “I mean, I don’t want to be a princess vampire, I know what you’re thinking, but he’s a good chef. He’s a good man. I don’t mind going after the bad guys and eat them but…”

“Ugh. Morals,” Kol sighed as he got up from the bed, grabbed a glass from the side table and had the man bleed into the glass before handing it over to Bella. “We’ll have to go bad guy hunting then for a proper feed. Luckily for you, the Quarter has its seedy places, you’ll never go hungry.”

“Yay.” She took the glass and threw it back in one go. She wasn’t new to drinking blood, but vampire blood tasted differently than that of a human, and this was so damn good. Bella could feel how her face changed and licked her lips.

Kol frowned as he looked at her wrists. She was fully healed. He grabbed her wrist, getting a little resistance from Bella and looked at it, gently running his thumb over where there used to be the Cold One scar. “Huh. Interesting.”

She pulled her hand back as she wanted more blood, Kol’s remark not hitting home. She put her finger inside of the glass to get the remaining blood out and licked her fingers as she looked at Kol through her lashes. “So so so so good,” she said with a moan.

“No, no, you can’t do this to me, Bella,” Kol groaned, feeling the blood rush to places he didn’t want to have it rush to. That was supposed to be for Davina and Davina only. It didn’t help that he had seen Bella naked just minutes before and that she was only wearing a shirt to cover herself. He quickly snatched the glass and refilled it with the chef’s blood before ordering him to leave. Kol then gave Bella the glass back and headed to the door. “Put some clothes on, darling; I’ll come back to check up on you in a minute.”

“Need a hand?” Bella teased him.

“I’ll just quickly pop over to Davina’s.”

“Aw, that’s no fun,” Bella said with a pout, getting off the bed and drinking from the glass as she walked towards Kol. “I’m fun,” she added with a sultry smile dancing on her lips. “I mean, really. I’m so much fun… you have no idea.”

“Bella, you’re going to have to entertain yourself,” Kol pushed her back into the room. “Get dressed; I’ll be back shortly.”

“And here I thought you were supposed to be the fun brother!” Bella said with a scowl, turning her back on him and drained the glass again before getting dressed. She was going for the hot, but comfortable look. Tight fitting jeans, because her favorite pair of boots fit so nicely underneath it, and a crop top. It was cropped maybe a little too much to be considered to be a fitting crop top, but it was hot outside, and she wanted her skin to breathe. She wanted to feel what it was like to feel everything, absorb everything.

And she was hungry. She needed more blood. It was time to find a villain.


“Something’s not right,” Klaus muttered as he sat in the car next to Hayley. It was a good thing that she was driving because he could feel a sudden burst of power igniting inside of him, something he had felt leave only a couple of days before, tickling the inside of his veins. But he also felt hyper vigilant, on the prowl, and seeing as he was enjoying a somewhat relaxed car ride with Hayley and their daughter, this sensation was out of the ordinary.

“What do you mean?” Hayley asked concerned, quickly looking at Klaus, scanning his face, before looking back at the road.

“I don’t know,” Klaus said as he took his phone and called Kol. “Brother.”

She’s fine.”

“I wouldn’t expect anything less,” he replied cautiously. “Tell me, where is she? With you?”

I had to take care of something, Nik; I left her alone in her room to get dressed.”


What? She was naked when she came out of the bathroom while I was waiting for her, how was I supposed to know that she hadn’t brought any clothes with her?”

“Bella has plenty of clothes in our bedroom, Kol.”

Nik, she went into the bathroom without a change of clothes, so when I waited for her in the room…”

Klaus let out a low growl. “She’s mine.”

Oh, I know. Don’t you worry about that, I know, but she’s definitely related to the Petrova’s. Anyway, what can I do for you?”

“Where is she now?”

I told you, the bedroom.”

“And where are you?”

In the courtyard?”

“Go check on her, now.” Klaus hit his face with the flat palm of his hand while Hayley let out a chuckle. His brother was quite tiresome, he had specifically asked for Elijah to introduce Bella to her new status, but instead, the idiot brother was doing it.

I swear, she was just here… Nik, she can’t go out without a daylight ring.”

There was panic in Kol’s voice. Good. “If anything happens to her, I will tear out your heart and shove it down your throat until it comes out the other end! Find her! Now!” Kol was right; she couldn’t go out without a daylight ring if she didn’t want to end up like a piece of crispy bacon. But this was Bella they were talking about; something special by herself, a singer, and she survived the Cold Ones. Surely she could escape the sun?

Sure thing, Nik, I’ll also have Freya do a spell to figure out what’s going on with you, how’s that?”

Klaus merely growled in response and disconnected the call. “We have to go back.”

“Klaus, I’m sure they have it under control,” Hayley laughed. “She’s a newborn vampire, what could go wrong?”

He looked at her and rolled his eyes at her. “Do you really wish for me to answer that?”


She had dumped the rapist she’d caught in the act – and then eaten – into a dumpster before resuming her hunt. They were close, but not that close. They’d retreated because of the sun, not even their cloaks would be able to protect them that well against it. Not that they’d be that much of a spectacle in New Orleans. There were crazier things in the street.

She was glad that she didn’t sparkle in the sunlight, in all honesty, when she finally realized that she was out in the sun, she’d already been far away from the compound. And she didn’t combust, either. Klaus turned her, as a vampire, not as a werewolf, she should be burning in the sun, but she didn’t. And she didn’t have a daylight ring.

Was it because of her job description as the Cold One killer? That because of that she didn’t burn? Maybe it would be helpful to find Peter and ask him. Or talk to Kol about this.

Nah. Right now she couldn’t even be bothered. She existed, and that was good enough. Speaking of Kol, just like on the Ancestral Plane, she could feel a certain pull to him, and she was sure she’d overstepped her boundaries with him. Made him feel uncomfortable and… but on the other hand, she didn’t feel guilty about it, either.

And she should be. She knew she should be feeling guilty about this pull she felt towards the youngest Mikaelson brother and Bella knew she needed to tell Klaus about this, but she wasn’t going to. She was angry; there was so much rage and resentment towards Klaus inside of her, and she was going to enjoy every single bit of the pull towards Kol and play with him. Fuck with his mind a little, see how far she could go before the puppy would break.

Bella smirked as she ducked behind the bushes in the Bayou and continued her hunt. The wind was blowing at her so the Cold Ones she’d find wouldn’t be able to smell her and she’d surprise them. Oh, this was going to be fun!


“Niklaus just sent me a message,” Elijah remarked calmly as Freya was doing a locator spell on Bella, but was thus far, unsuccessful. “He’s wondering what we’re doing.”

“Just tell him that we’re attempting to locate his troublesome newborn girlfriend seeing as he decided to take off after turning her and leaving us to babysit,” Freya countered angrily. “But the little bitch doesn’t want to be found.”

“That leaves two options; either St. James’ Infirmary or Débauche,” Elijah said as he dialed Myriam’s number. “We’ll have her found in less than five minutes.”


“Bella woke up,” Elijah greeted her with a smile on his face. “She came through her transition quite beautifully.”

Good. When Klaus comes back in town, I’m going to crush his balls in my hands for leaving her alone like that.”

He winced at that. “So I take it she’s not with you?”

What do you mean, she’s not with me? I thought she was with you? You just said she was doing well with her transition! How can you lose her, Elijah?”

“For the record, I didn’t lose her. It was Kol.”

“Hey!” Kol objected. “I needed to get out of there because she was-”

How many times does your brother have to die to learn a lesson? And she was what? I dare you to say it…”

“I heard that!” Kol huffed. “Naked and coming on to me! Quite successfully too!”

And you gave her a daylight ring?”

“That’s just it, she doesn’t have one,” Elijah said calmly. “But no matter, we’ll find her, don’t worry about it.” Before he knew it, he was knocked off his feet by Myriam, who had rushed over to the compound at top speed. “You didn’t have to come,” he said as he got back to his feet and looked at her. “We have it under control.”

“Oh yeah, it certainly looks like you’ve got it under control.”

“Allow me to call Marcel; he’s at St. James’.”

Myriam looked at Freya for an answer.

“I can’t track her. She’s either there or …”

“Don’t say it,” Myriam hissed. “And if we find her, I’m taking her back to the club until Klaus gets back. The Original family is obviously not equipped to look after a newborn vampire as stubborn and intelligent as Bella.”

“In our defense, the last newborn we’ve raised by ourselves was Marcel,” Kol objected. “And how was I supposed to know that she’d take off?”

Casse-toi ta Connard!” Myriam rolled her eyes at him. “You shut up, you lost her, you have no say in this!”

“Just calm down,” Freya said calmly as she continued her spell. “Call Marcel; not all is lost.”

She growled and walked to one of the end tables to pour herself a bourbon. “What else aren’t you telling me?”

Elijah sighed and tiredly rubbed his eyes as he called Marcel. “She and Niklaus might be connected on a different level, but we’re not certain of that yet. We figured it was more important to find her first.”

“Of course they’re connected on a different level, they’re fucking each other, aren’t they?”

“Not like that, differently. We don’t know yet. It’s just an idea, a theory. Yes, Marcel, is Bella with you? Ah, I see. Well, thank you. No, everything’s fine. Thank you,” Elijah disconnected the call and sighed, looking at Freya. “Are you certain she’s not dead?”

“I’m pretty sure our brother would be calling and throw insults and threats to our head if that was the case,” she replied as she sat down and thought for a moment. “What if we can’t track her because she’s a hunter? Not like any of the Five or anything, but she’s a special kind of breed of vampire. Or perhaps all the protection spells we’ve bombarded her with over the last two weeks have somehow been absorbed into her body making her even untraceable to my own magic?”

It was almost as if a lightbulb went on over Kol’s head. “I know why she doesn’t need a daylight ring to walk about in the sun.”


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  1. He left her a note. He left her. But left a note. Oh my god that asshole. And the way he ended her life. He’s lucky if she doesn’t kill him.
    I’m glad to see her up and transitioned.

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