On the Seventh Day of Christmas, My True Love Gave To Me… (Seven Heads A-Rolling)

Written for the Winter Wonderland Contest over at BetterInTexas, 2015.



She was supposed to be turned for Christmas. She was going to be turned at Christmas, no matter how this was going to end, she was going to turn. Her lover had insisted in her ingesting some of his blood when she left, and she was sure he had slipped some in her coffee as well on her way to the airport. Sure, he could have turned her before she left, but there wasn’t a lot of time. It was just a matter of time before her ex-boyfriend would start to pick off all the humans in town and she was sent to assess the situation.

Why? Because she had saved him once already, despite being dumped by him. Being emotionally abused by all of them and being on someone’s shitlist because of them. His family were a bunch of wusses, keeping tabs on him with his gifts, but he had apparently lost it. If she wasn’t going to be able to get through to him, they were going to have to destroy him.

She hated to trade the warmer climate of New Orleans for something as cold as Forks; she hated it, but she had to return. It was strange to be the human Calvary, why couldn’t they have waited a few days longer? Was it that bad? On top of that, why had it to be her?

As she was walking down the snowy path towards the cabin Edward was in, Bella couldn’t help but wonder if she had been called because she was human. Everything that Edward was supposed to honor, to protect. Feeding on humans wasn’t the way Carlisle had taught him, but didn’t they forget Edward had fed on humans in the past? Not that it mattered. She was going to have it her way anyway. But no one needed to know.

A nearby snarl had her spooked for a second before she saw that it was Seth, still tall and awkward moving, but she’d recognize his sand-colored fur everywhere. It was Jacob, however, who blocked her path towards the cabin. The giant russet wolf looked shaggier than she remembered and she had to smile. “You should cut your hair, Jake.”

The wolf snorted and kept blocking her way as she tried to go around him.

Bella grabbed him by his fur and tugged him down. She was surprised Jake let her. “Look, I’m going in, no matter how. If you’re so worried about this entire situation, you should have done something about it so they wouldn’t have called me. So that they wouldn’t have interrupted my new life!”

The Wolf scowled before nudging her with his nose, away from the cabin.

“No,” she said with a growl. “You will not stop me. I’ll be fine.”

Jake huffed then, and Bella could clearly see some eye rolling going on.

“Jacob, I’ll be okay. I promise. I’m here to clean up your mess. Oh, don’t give me that look. It’s your mess alright. You should have done something about it the moment they started to cause trouble, cause harm, no matter what I have said or how badly you didn’t want me to get hurt in the process.” She swatted his nose. “Your fault. Your mess. I’m going to make sure things will smooth over because even though the Cullens are wusses for not immediately destroying their favorite son, you’re a bunch of pansies.”

Bella took a lot of pride in making the wolf huff, shake his head and take a step aside so she could continue her way down the snowy path. Her time with her new family had done her great, whereas the Cullens tore her down, her new family was all about building up her confidence without actually doing such. When Mikaelsons surrounded you, all you could do was build your confidence and safeguard your ego.

Granted, they were quite the functional dysfunctional family, but she loved it. She loved all of them, and she loved her boyfriend. They had met in Mystic Falls, and he was completely out of it, or so Bella thought, at first. Turned out, he liked to have fun and didn’t mind playing with his food or enemies. She had liked the spark in him, the idea of not appearing to have a care in the world. The idea of hating, or loving, something as passionately as he did, was intoxicating, enticing.

He somehow seemed to sense her discomfort around vampires, and, if he wasn’t running around throwing wrenches in everyone’s plan, he made sure she saw how alike they were. Vampire or not, he still liked to have fun. He liked to do human stuff, have decent food, drinks… He loved music; it was the one thing he couldn’t stop talking about. Music. How much it had evolved over the years, but also hadn’t. How catchy some tunes are and that he preferred something else. As long as it was good.

He had wooed her, and it was because of him that she quit her job at the bookstore and moved to New Orleans with him when his entire family did. He had made sure she was in a beautiful apartment and had witches set up protection spells for her own sake; in case the Cullens came looking but also because she was now a part of the Mikaelson family. While the name would provide her protection, it could also cause her grief – their list of enemies was quite extensive.

Over the past four years, his brother had come close to either killing him or putting a dagger in him to shut him up for quite some time. But mostly thanks to her and her relationship with her brother in law Klaus, Kol was still walking around, and she had never felt more safe or happier.


When she arrived at the cabin, she took a moment to collect herself, make sure she was in one piece and not with a shattered mind. Not that Edward could read her thoughts anyway, but for her own peace of mind. Make sure she had all her ducks in a row before she’d walk into a cabin where death awaited her for certain. But with Kol’s blood in her system, she’d turn. That was part one of the revenge; Edward would kill her, and it’d turn her into the thing he didn’t want for her.

She hoped, though, that she didn’t have to die. That Edward would see the light and revert, it all depended on how bad he was, but she didn’t want to die alone. She didn’t want to have to transition all by herself. Not on Christmas. No. She sighed deeply and shook her head. Kol had a weird way of showing her how much he loved her.

Although, come to think of it, she hadn’t made it easy on him, either. After Jasper had found her and informed her of what was going on, and begged her to come and have a look for herself in the hopes of guiding Edward back to the vegetarian path, Kol flat out refused. It was her own determination and idiocy that had brought herself in this situation.

Sometimes, she was her own worst enemy, and she shouldn’t complain. Where the continued existence of the Cullens was the wolf pack’s fault, her being in this situation was entirely hers.

She took another deep breath and knocked on the door. If it hadn’t been for this situation, the whole area, the cabin and the snow and the woods, looked picturesque, cozy. Somewhere she’d have liked to drag Kol off to for an entire weekend; just the two of them. He’d probably get bored after one day, though. Sometimes being with Kol was like herding cats. A cabin in the woods would be too quiet for him to endure for longer than a day and he’d insist on going to the nearest town and compel a few people for their entertainment.

With a small smile plastered on her face, she opened the door and made her way into the cabin and tried not to throw up. The smell of decomposition merrily greeted her. It was as if she was walking against a wall of rotten eggs, knocking her off balance for a few good seconds. Flies happily greeted her, hitting her in the face as she tried to walk deeper inside Edward’s den, carefully stepping over any corpse she’d encounter.

The bodies were in various stages of decomposition, in various states of dress and mostly missing limbs here and there. There was a head mounted on one of the antlers of the deer head that was mounted on the wall, the blood of the head having dripped all over the deer’s face and nose and it was dry. It made Bambi look like a stone cold killer.

It was dark, so while she tried to avoid any bodies or tried to avoid stepping into one of the deceased, she had a hard time navigating. It was that the deer head had been in a sliver of light cast through the slightly open curtains near the door, but other than that, Edward didn’t need any light to move around. But Bella did. She wasn’t even sure where she was going.

It was good that it was dark; it saved her from recognizing the bodies. For all she knew, Edward could have gone for her loved ones. Her friends. He hadn’t gone for Charlie – yet, she had spoken to him briefly this morning. She told him to go to the reservation with Sue, only to hear that he was already there.

The hallway forced her to turn a corner, and her hand that had been guiding her along the wall slipped into something wet and sticky. She prayed it was blood and not feces or other bodily fluids. Blood she could live with. Other things, not so much. “Dammit, Edward! Does it hurt to turn on some lights?!” She called out to the seemingly empty cabin. She knew he was there. She could feel his presence, somehow. It was familiar.

The moment she had spoken the words, lights went on, showing the full extent of Edward’s carnage. He had put up a barricade of bodies at the entrance to the main area of the cabin; she recognized Lauren and her father, but only barely. She wasn’t quite sure where the lower parts of their bodies were. Looking down at her feet, she realized she’d been wading through blood, feces and small body parts such as eyes and hair; it was now sticking to her snowboots, and it sickened her. Sure, she was slightly desensitized to all of these parts due to her being around Kol and Klaus with their lovely mood swings, but at least, they were decent enough to either clean up after themselves or keep her out of it. Some bodies looked as if they had been here for weeks. “And does it kill you to clean up after yourself?!”

Taking a deep breath, she started to push against the wall of bodies so she could get in further. “I thought you were a vegetarian, Edward, what happened?” She didn’t like getting the silent treatment, so after a few minutes of pushing the wall of bodies out of the way, she continued. “Answer me!”

“Why are you here, Bella?” His voice sounded strangely normal, not as if he had fallen off the wagon, not at all like a deranged lunatic. But then again, he used to be great in having self-control. “Why did they send you?”

She couldn’t see him, but she knew he was near. “It’s Christmas. They expect a Christmas miracle,” she countered, looking around the den. Lightbulbs were covered with the skin of kidneys and lungs. Intestines were covering the frame of paintings, and the walls were covered in blood as if it was a new paint coat. “What have you done?”

“I think it’s pretty obvious what I’ve done.”

“I think it’s great what you’ve done to the place, to be honest,” she said as she stood in the middle of the den, looking around in appreciation. It was much like the stories she had heard from Klaus and Kol, how they used to go on benders like these and to leave it behind for Elijah to clean up or the authorities to find. “How’s your control?”

“I don’t care about my control. You need to leave.”

She hummed as she crossed her arms over her chest. “Something must have set you off, Edward. Can I see you?”

He let out a growl but didn’t move from his spot. “I don’t want to hurt you, Bella.”

“Yeah, you do.”

“I don’t,” he replied. “Which is why you have to leave, otherwise I will.”

“I’m not leaving until you tell me why you’re doing this. Have you seen the light? You realize Carlisle doesn’t know all the answers? That there’s a different way of living? The problem is, though, you can’t drink from a human without killing them or turning them. Not like other vampire species, but I can imagine the blood tastes better.”

“Bella.” Edward sounded pained. He didn’t want to hurt her, which came as a surprise to her.

“Tell me why, Edward.”

She ducked when the couch got lifted and flung at her and stepped aside after it bounced off the wall behind her. It narrowly missed her. “Hey!” She often had to duck to get out of harms way whenever Klaus got into one of his throwing glasses fits, but a couch? Wow. She turned to face Edward and sighed. “You’re a mess,” she approached him, but he took a step back.

His clothes were bloodied, some fresh blood but mostly dry. His face was remarkably clean and didn’t match the state of the rest of his appearance, but she figured he probably tried to clean himself up for her. His eyes were fiery red, but being well fed wouldn’t stop him from feeding more.

“I don’t want to live in a world where you’re not part of. I’ve tried everything over the last few years to get you out of my head, out of my system. Tried killing myself, but they save me. Time and time again. I don’t want to give them another choice. So. Leave.”

She just looked at him for a moment, trying to find the right words to respond to that, but she couldn’t. “Really?” She said, unimpressed. “All this because of me? God, Edward, you’re such a child!”

“Do not anger me, Bella!”

“Yeah, maybe I should,” she said as she started to walk towards him again. “Because you know what would give them the ultimate reason to destroy you? To kill me. Kill me, Edward. Kill the hurt out of your world. I’m not afraid. Kill me. There’s a pack of wolves right outside that door to tear you to pieces when needed. Do it.”

He moved to the other side of the den and with him briefly distracted; she found a shard of broken glass on the floor. Bella picked it up and turned around, walking back towards him. “You always said my blood smelled so good, that I was your singer,” she said calmly as she barely flinched as she cut her arm with the shard. “Have it.”

“Have you lost your mind?” Edward said panicked, rushing over to her, ripping her coat and tried to stem the bleeding, but his true face came out while he did it. “Bella…”

“Do it,” she said again. “You know they’ll only destroy you if you kill me. Otherwise, they’ll simply take you some place safe like Alaska, until you’ve come back to sanity. I’m offering myself, willingly. To help you,” she dropped the shard and caressed his cheek as she smiled at him. “I only want to help you to ease your pain; I’m alright with this. I promise.”

“You’re so calm; your heart isn’t even beating faster, I… I… Bella…”

She didn’t get the chance to reply as Edward dug his teeth deep into her neck, his venom irritating her skin as he drank from her. He pulled her body against his, crushing her bones as he kept drinking and she eventually lost consciousness.


Bella woke with a groan, but she felt comfortable and not wet. If Edward had left her on the floor, her clothes would have been soaked in blood. But they weren’t. Speaking of clothes, she was well aware that she had a change of clothes while she was out. She was on a bed, and everything was dark. She was thirsty, but not for water.

Someone was with her in the room, and it wasn’t Edward.

“Merry Christmas, darling,” Kol greeted her as he stepped into the little light that was in the room and tossed a compelled human onto the bed. “I brought you something nice.”

She eagerly grabbed the arm and bit in it, it was fascinating how easy this was, how natural. How great this felt, the taste of sweet, coppery goodness in her mouth. The sound of the person’s heartbeat could be felt drumming through her being and hearing it slow down. She stopped drinking and shuffled back on the bed, scared to kill the human blood bag before her eyes settled on her lover. “You followed me.”

“Of course,” he smirked, pulling the body off the bed and crawling on it himself, towards his Bella. “You honestly think I’d allow you to get killed and wake up in transition all by yourself? I’m just a bit bummed not to have seen him kill you, that would have been so… arousing.”

She huffed as she crossed her arms over her chest, looking at him with severe annoyance. “This is a lousy Christmas present, Kol.”

“Oh, but I’m not done, my pet,” he softly kissed her lips. “You see, I managed to persuade the wolves to keep an eye on the Cullens but not to kill them, not until you’ve had your hand in it. The last thing I heard was that Edward was culling a supermarket, would you like to come with me to use him as a punching bag?”

“Yes!” Bella cheered, flinging her arms around Kol and hugged him tightly. The newly acquired vampire strength and speed knocking the both of them off the bed, causing her to laugh. Grinning, she straddled him and kissed him tenderly as they were on the floor. “Merry Christmas.”

“As much as I’d love to have a quick romp with you now, darling, I think we should get you your revenge before Eddie dearest slaughters the entire town,” he said thoughtfully. “That’s my job. Not his.”

“We’re not going to kill anybody but them.”

He looked at her in shock. “Oops.”

“Starting now.”

“Oh, right,” he let out a sigh of relief and got to his feet before helping up as well. “Ready to see what you’re capable of doing now?”

“Oh yes,” she grinned and dusted herself off. “Thanks for bringing me a clean set of clothes.”

“That’s not all I brought, darling,” he said as he retrieved a daylight ring from his pocket. “You have to wear this unless you want to turn into a crispy critter the moment you set foot outside.”

“It’s daylight?” Bella said with a pout and then looked at him in mock shock. “You’re not going to ask me to marry you, are you? Not with that!”

“Funny,” he said as he put the ring on her finger, a hint of not being amused evident in his voice. “If I would even consider asking you to marry me, I would have brought a pricier ring, one that was worthy of you wearing it. This trinket is a necessity. Relax. Let’s do some killing. Snack on the way.”


She wondered if it always felt like this or if the heightened senses, emotions, would dull eventually. For now, she basked in Kol’s scent she had allowed herself to be enveloped with while they were in the car. It soothed her frazzled nerves; she could feel how her body was still changing. She was aware of it. She was aware of every heartbeat. Every breath she took, how her lungs worked as she took a breath. It was only his scent that calmed her enough not to be freaked out by it all.

This was what she wanted; she wanted to turn. In the last four years, Kol made sure she had every experience as a human. He had wanted to turn her from the get-go, but while she had always been desperate to be turned, she found herself somewhat agreeing to Edward. She’d been too young, too inexperienced, and she didn’t want to be stuck as a teenager for the rest of her immortal life. She needed some real, human, experiences. Get more perspective. Knew what she was getting herself into.

And it had been fun. And the time was right to turn. So she shouldn’t be freaked out by the fact she had turned. The Original vampires were more human than the Cold Ones. They could walk in daylight with a daylight ring and not sparkle. God, she’d hate it if she’d started to shine due to Edward’s venom.

“Just curious,” she said as Kol drove onto the supermarket’s parking lot. “Edward’s vampire venom wouldn’t have hurt me permanently, right?”

“You’re not a defective vampire,” Kol replied with a smile. “Everything works as it should be.”

“Oh yeah?”


“Try to compel me.”

“Fine,” he said as he parked the car and turned to her. “Cluck like a chicken.” He hadn’t been able to compel her as a human, and there was a chance it wouldn’t work on her now that she was a vampire. Maybe her shield ability carried over; maybe it didn’t. If it didn’t, it’d certainly make things more interesting at the dinner table!

She snorted as a retort.

He was going to need to tell Niklaus about this. “See? Nothing wrong with you. Now, let’s beat up your ex-boyfriend,” he said as he got out of the car and was at her side in an instant to help her out as well. “Of course, get the canon fodder out of the shop first.”

“My hero,” she smiled at him and pecked him on the cheek.

“So while you do that, I’ll make sure he doesn’t have anywhere to go,” Kol smirked before running off. “Catch me if you can, darling!”

Edward had killed most of the shoppers, but Bella found a few hidden away and escorted them to safety. Kol had already kicked in the door to the office where Edward was hauled up, munching on the store manager and despite Edward being topped to the hilt with human blood, he was no real match for Kol, who easily grabbed him into a chokehold. “Oh, you were wrong, darling, he’s a pussy cat! He’s not even fighting me!”

“That’s because he wants to die,” Bella said as she walked into the office. She squatted down in front of Edward and smiled at him. “Hi, Eddie.”

“Impossible,” he said as he started to struggle against Kol’s hold. “This isn’t possible, get out of my head! I killed you!”

“Yes and did it make you feel any better?”


“Good,” she got back to her feet and punched his face at full speed and strength. She was surprised the impact didn’t hurt her that much, and even if she had broken something, it was already healing. “I insisted in you killing me so that you’d turn me into the one thing you didn’t want me to become. And you were right, at the time, but not anymore.” She punched him again. “This will be the last time that I’ve come to Forks to deal with you and your family. I will not be used ever again.”

“He truly is one big slab of marble, isn’t he?” Kol said with a whine, wanting to have pieces breaking off of Edward as Bella kept hitting him. “You’re not even making a dent!”

“Yeah, well, not for a lack of trying,” she said as she rubbed her hand after a few sequential punches. “And it’s not making me feel any better either,” she sulked.

“What would make you feel better, Bella?”

Her face lit up like a Christmas tree. “Remove his head, throw it across the supermarket and then we’re going to find some flammable goods and set this store on fire to burn his body and those of those he killed. Can we? Please?”

He blinked at that. While he was no stranger to out of the box thinking and doing things that were over the top, for entertainment purposes and ego stroking only, he was a little surprised by Bella’s idea. Then again, she still had to learn to control her urges and right now, she was focusing on revenge and mayhem. Who was he to stop her? “Great idea.”

On the way out of the store, just about as they were going to set the whole place ablaze, Bella noticed an old friend, who was seemingly stabbed by something. “Jessica! Oh my god!” She rushed over and pressed against Jessica’s wound. “You’re going to be okay.”

“Bella?” Her voice sounded weak. Her heartbeat was so slow, and Bella was afraid that she was going to die. “Is that you? Thought you moved away…”

“I did, but you know me,” she looked up to Kol. “Can you save her?”

“Well, you can, too, you know,” Kol said as he squatted down in front of the two friends. “I think this would be an excellent opportunity for you to learn two things; that your blood can heal others and that you can make them forget things.”

Bella nodded as she followed Kol’s instructions. It was strange to bite her hand so that blood started to pool in it for Jessica to drink. What was even stranger was her ability to tell Jessica to forget all of this and go home. As if she was dazed, the girl walked out of the store and headed home.

When she looked at Kol, all she could see was pride on his face. “Well done, darling, I knew you were a natural at this!”

They drove away as the flames started to come out of the roof of the store, satisfied, Bella relaxed in the chair and directed Kol to the Cullen house. They both were curious as to whether or not they had to be invited in, Kol believed they didn’t have to as even though the Cullens did everything in their power to appear ‘alive,’ they were still dead. If the deed to the house was in one of their names, they were certainly able to get in uninvited.

Bella was all giddy by the time they reached the house and nearly bounced out of the car to retrieve the present they brought the family out of the trunk of the car. She tucked it underneath her arm and smiling widely, joined Kol as he climbed the stairs to the front door. Alice opened the door, her eyes widening in shock and disbelief. “Surprise! I’m still alive!” Bella called out before pushing Edward’s head into Alice’s arms and then ripping off Alice’s head.

“Oh, excellent move,” Kol grinned as he watched the body drop to the floor.

“I want all heads accounted for,” Bella told him as they stepped inside the house. Jasper came running at them but skidded to a halt when he saw Alice’s head in Bella’s hands. “Hi!” She threw Alice’s head at Jasper, who caught it.

“Bella, what are you doing?” He asked cautiously, knowing that a decapitated Cold One wasn’t the end of the world unless they’d burn. “This is my wife’s head.”

“And so quickly popped off her torso, too!” She had countered before she made her way to the living room where everyone else was. “Look at you, the Mighty Cullens in their castle. Leaving a human girl to deal with their favorite son. What could happen? With all your gifts and your natural gift of persuasion, couldn’t you keep him in check yourself? You wanted me dead, didn’t you? Why?”

“Of course, we didn’t want you dead, Bella,” Carlisle spoke quietly in an attempt to keep the Original vampire she brought along, calm. “But you had saved Edward before when we couldn’t, we merely believed that you could do it again.”

“And it had to be around Christmas, why?”

“Time was of the essence, Edward would have been destroyed by the wolves and—”

“Yes! Exactly! Asking me to take care of your problem didn’t get you anywhere. Instead, it got you more trouble,” she pointed at Kol, who was holding Edward’s head by a lock of his hair. “Edward’s taken care of, Alice’s taken care of. Who’s next?”

Kol placed Edward’s head on the coffee table and decided to pick a fight with Carlisle. It felt strangely arousing to see him fight the Cold One, but Carlisle wasn’t much of a challenge. However, when Carlisle managed to hit Kol in the jaw, Bella felt a rage bubble up inside of her, and she wanted to fight too. Not Jasper. She wasn’t going to fight him, or Emmett, as she’d certainly lose.

Instead, she pushed herself off and launched herself at Rosalie, tugging on her hair as she started to kick her. She’d been waiting a very long time for this. She never liked Rosalie and Rosalie never liked her, but Bella was going to take her down, one way or the other. It helped that Cold Ones didn’t get stronger as they progressed in age and Rosalie wasn’t much of a fighter.

She was tugging so hard on Rosalie’s hair that it decided to part with Rosalie’s skull, and Bella had to avoid the vampire venom leaking on her. “Ew, gross,” she let out before ripping off Rosalie’s arm. The Cold One was still too resisting to rip off her head as she had done with Alice. She looked over to Kol, who was now fighting both Emmett and Jasper and decided that he needed some help. “Catch!” She called out, throwing Rosalie’s arm at Kol to use it as a bat and he gratefully took advantage of it.

Rosalie threw Bella across the room before jumping on her, which gave Bella the best opportunity to rip off Rosalie’s head, despite being slightly dazed by hitting her head on the tiles. Pushing Rosalie away from her with her feet, she held on to her head and watched as the body flung away. Satisfied, Bella got up and started to arrange the heads for the final part of her revenge, and it was going to be so damn good.

Watching Kol fight, and win, was arousing. It was felt good to see the Cullens fall, one by one, and when he was done, she took the heads of Jasper and Emmett and had them join their family. When her little arrangement was complete, she took her phone and took a picture of it to send to Klaus. “Your brother is going to get a kick out of this,” she smirked up at Kol, who came to admire the display.

“This is a great Nativity scene, darling, well done.”

She rushed over to the Christmas tree to pull some tinsel off of it and put some on the Cullen heads before kissing Kol eagerly in front of them, her hands already roaming his body to get him out of his clothes. She wanted him. Now.

Making love to Kol while the Cullens watched was thrilling. She and Kol had done some experimenting in the last few years; threesomes, foursomes – hell, even a full blown orgy at the Burning Man festival two years ago, but this was positively the best feeling ever. She had gotten her revenge, and the prudest of prudes were watching them have the best sex ever. Her heightened senses made every touch feel as if it set her nerve endings on fire. Every hair on her body vibrated and sent waves of pleasure through her.

It was a delight to watch them try to avert their gaze as she came, hard.

“Well, that’s disgusting,” a voice suddenly sounded. The voice belonged to Jake, and he had witnessed their display of affection as well. Kol was on him within a blink, pushing her friend up against the wall by the throat. “Dude!”

“Don’t you ‘dude’ me, wolf,” Kol snarled as he looked over his shoulder. “Darling, are you hungry?”

“Famished,” she replied, and before Jake could respond, Kol had set him back down on his feet and Bella buried her teeth into his neck. She was aware that Jake was her friend, or was her friend, but if he had done his duty, she wouldn’t be in this mess. If it weren’t for him, Bella wouldn’t have been having the best day of her life so far. It was only fair that she’d drink from him too. His inactivity towards the Cullens had hurt her; he needed to pay.

“Merry Christmas, baby,” Kol murmured as he ran his fingers through her hair.


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