Chapter 01

Ever since returning from Miami, Ziva had been communicating with her mysterious friend through email. Sometimes it took him as long as a week to respond but from what she was able to learn of his job, it was to be expected. He explained just enough to her that she shouldn’t worry during long periods of silence as he is often out of reach and can only get to internet access for so often but promised to always call her when he made it back to the states. With that she figured on her own for black ops and questioned no further.

He had been fascinated by the brunette, Ziva, he met during his surfing vacation in Miami. The SGC had pulled him back to Earth for some mandatory R&R and he, for once and thanks to her, didn’t mind this time. He wished he could be as open as his job as she was, but apart from saying that he was a pilot, saved lives for a living and that he was often out of the country, the only thing he could say that his job was awesome. She had to leave earlier than he had to, but he promised her to keep in touch with her and the first few weeks kept in touch with text messages and emails from his hotel room.

Returning to DC was a sad occasion. Between Paloma and Gibbs, she’d been busy. Ziva often checked her phone and email for messages and as promised there would be a little note here and there. It wasn’t much, as even John didn’t say much in Miami, but it was a comfortable silence that was warming. Now if she could get Tony off her back from questioning her time on the trip.

“You look particularly glowy, Ziva.” Tony said when he walked into the bullpen.

Ziva looked at him and narrowed her eyes. “What’s that supposed to mean?” she questioned.

“Sunkissed.” he grinned. “How was your vacation?”

“I was working, Tony. It was not a vacation.”

“Oh come on, you can’t tell me that you didn’t have any fun besides work.” he put his feet up on his desk and took a sip of his coffee. “Miami… beaches… sun… hot girls… well hot men in your case…” he mused.

She grinned over at him. “I could be into girls. You never know. In any case, I was focused on the assignment and didn’t go out really until the last night before the flight.”

“Boring.” Tony shook his head. “I would have found a nice balance between work and play, it’s Miami after all!”

Ziva shrugged and went on with her work. A small smile floated to her lips when she noticed she had an email waiting. Opening it, she quickly sent her reply before Tony got too curious for his own good.

“Oh, did you meet someone interesting?” Tony grinned, got up and made his way over to Ziva’s desk.

“Why would you ask that? Jealous maybe?” she said with a smile as she continued on reading her email.

“No, not jealous, just looking out for you, I know the type of guys that walk around in Miami.” Tony tried to look over her shoulder. “Frat boys.”

Ziva let out a sigh and rolled her eyes. Thankfully Gibbs had just walked in and looked to be in another foul mood so she was relatively safe from Tony’s games for the day.

“Are those tanlines?”

“DiNozzo!” Gibbs bellowed.

She shot Gibbs a grateful look as she tried to get back to work and following up on her missed messages. “What have I missed?” she asked getting down to business.

“Are you even here?” Rodney’s whining voice interrupted his train of thought.

“Of course, Rodney.” John rolled his eyes and sighed. “I’m just still on Earth time you know, getting a teleport out of my hotel room to the Hammond, which beams me to the SGC, followed by gate travel…” he played with his food. Compared to what he recently had, this was crap.

Rodney shook his head. “You better be here and not thinking about some beach bimbo that you Kirked your way to bed with. I need you to focus in the chair room today. We have a lot of important tests that need to be done!”

“There’s always Carson and I didn’t ‘kirk’ anyone.” he glared. “And if I did, she wasn’t a beach bimbo.”

“Ah! So you did meet someone! Was she blond at least?” he asked shoving a mouthful of his sandwich into his mouth.

Teyla had about enough of his badgering by that point. “Rodney, let him be. If he wanted to talk about this woman with us yet, he will when he is ready,” she said offering John a smile.

Ronon was more with McKay this time after having met his ex-wife. “Was she hot?” Succinct.

He rolled his eyes. “Thanks Teyla.” he prodded in his potato salad and looked at Ronon. “Maybe.”
Chewy didn’t look satisfied and stared at Rodney until the pudgy scientist left.

“Fine! I want details later,” he grumbled as he grabbed his sandwich and John’s pudding cup and went out shouting at Zelenka on the radio.

“I can’t believe he took my pudding!” John complained. “The best thing on my tray!”

If it meant Teyla would get to hear about the mysterious woman that finally captured her friend’s attention, she happily sacrificed her pudding cup to the cause and passed it over. “Can we hear about her?” she asked softly.

“She’s nice.” he nodded and dug into his pudding. “Thanks for the pudding.” he smiled. “She’s fascinating.” he added.

“That’s it?” Ronon asked raised his eyebrows in skepticism.

“Alright, you get one question.” Sheppard offered. “Ask wisely.”

Ronon and Teyla looked at each other as if communicating silently. “What does she do?”

“She works for NCIS.” he grinned, knowing fully well that both Teyla and Ronon didn’t understand a word he just said.

Teyla was confused. “What is NCIS?” she asked knowing that if John didn’t answer she could always speak to Major Lorne or one of the other military personnel.

“One question. You asked, I answered.” he shrugged, picked up his tray and grinned. “I’d better go and help Rodney before he decides to blow up my shower.”

The two looked at each other again and as soon as John was out of the mess hall, they went in search of Major Lorne to get more information. Maybe he would also be able to find out more about the mysterious girl through his Earth contacts. The rumor mill and betting pools were about to come back to life.


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