Chapter 15

She never really taken a liking to Halloween, she had always thought it was ridiculous to dress up and go for candy – even though her mother always took her out to do it all – but this year was special. Bella and Isaac were determined to scare the hell out of the children in their neighborhood and did everything they could to make their porch as scary as they could. They had been putting it off for days, and of course, in true fashion, they decorated on the day itself. It’s how they rolled, and it worked.

Isaac had taken some old, rejected, gravestones from work and planted them in their front lawn; there was a skeleton in a rocking chair, and Bella was now putting up fake cobwebs. Sure, it didn’t look as scary as the other houses, but that was because the main attraction would be shown the moment they opened the door for children begging for candy.

“What are you doing?” Isaac sounded panicked as he opened the door and saw Bella balancing on a stepping stool to hang up one of the cobwebs, stretching herself to the limit and wobbling a bit. “Get off that stool right now!”


“Because you’re pregnant! What if you fall?”

She let out a low growl and hopped off the stool to face Isaac after she secured the cobweb. “We’ve been over this, Isaac.”

“I know, you’re not fragile,” he sighed relieved when she was firmly on the ground with both feet. “And sure, with your heightened senses and abilities you’d be okay but I can’t help but worrying. Could you at least try to act as if you’re pregnant with twins?”

“Cute,” she reached up to ruffle his hair and handed him the remaining decorations. “Alright, tall guy, do your worst. I’m going for a nap.”


“What? You said I’m pregnant and should at least try to act as I am, so. Nap time,” she smirked as she moved past him and slapped his ass. “If you hurry, I might not have fallen asleep, and we could have some us time before those children start banging on the door.”


Bella was giddy when the doorbell rang and raced Isaac to the bowl of goodies. “Mine!” She grinned before letting out a deafening roar and changed her face. She could already hear the children outside that door scream. Pulling the door open, the children screamed louder, and Bella couldn’t help but laugh as she held out the bowl of goodies.

She looked over the children to see Peter and Derek across the street; Peter was munching on his own candies as he watched the house with an amused look on his face. Bella grinned and looked back at the kids. “What do you think? Too much?”

“No ma’am!” a young boy dressed as the Green Arrow grinned. “That is awesome! Great sound effects too!”

“Well thank you,” she smiled and put some more candy in his basket for his good manners. “Have a great evening and watch out for other monsters, they might not be as nice as I am.”

“I will! Thank you!”

She watched the children run away again and leaned against the doorpost as she looked at the Hales. “We have snacks inside; we could have them on the porch and have us all look like this.”

“You’re mental,” Peter laughed as he started towards the house. “I like it.”

“Are you insane?” Derek huffed but followed his uncle anyway.

“What? The one night of the year where we can show our true selves to the average people, and you want to skip that? Hell no. Don’t make me make you enjoy yourself,” Bella demanded.

“She does have the power to do that, nephew,” Peter smirked as he stepped inside the house. “Evening, Isaac!”

“Oh, no. You’re not going all wolf on the porch; you’re the ugliest ever,” Isaac said as he saw Peter walk in, followed by Derek and Bella.

Bella shrugged as she started to grab their finger food and brought it to the porch, not losing her game face in the process. “Bring some chairs!”

Isaac was thoroughly enjoying himself. While he had never cared much for Peter, he had started to like him somewhat, mostly because out of the four of them, Derek was the most normal. Under Bella’s influence, Peter had mellowed somewhat, even though Isaac was sure that he was making shady deals and weaseling his way into things. He had heard some of Scott’s stories about his occasional encounters with the opportunistic Peter.

However, nothing Peter did was in the name of Bella, and as long as that continued, that was more than alright. Peter liked to have fun, and that mellow side of him was alright.

After a couple of hours scaring the children and giving them way too much candy, a familiar scent wafted towards them, and it had them all get to their feet to lean over the balustrade.

“What are you doing?” Argent’s voice sounded. “Have you lost your collective minds?”

“We’re a pack of werewolves for Halloween, isn’t it awesome?” Bella said with a broad grin on her wolfish face. “The children seem to love it and come back for more!”

He just looked at the four werewolves in shock.

“Close that mouth or you’ll eat flies sooner or later, Mr. Argent.” Isaac grinned as he put an arm around Bella.

“We have some food left, if you like, you could go home and fetch your gun and pretend to be a hunter while you join us. It’ll be fun!” Bella said inviting, causing her men to snort.

“You’ve lost your mind; it’s official,” Argent stated as he shook his head and turned around.

“Aw, don’t walk away, Argent,” Peter said with a snort. “We have beer!”

His head snapped to Peter before looking at Bella.

“Relax, I’m drinking orange juice,” Bella rolled her eyes as she sat back down. “Now, either join us or leave, you’re bad for business, the kids think you’re scary.”

“The kids think-” he didn’t finish his sentence and decided to walk away. “Crazy werewolves,” he muttered under his breath, loud enough for them to hear.


Bella had never really shown any interest in it whatsoever, but now she had a good reason to now; it was her house and to be the only house not decorated on the block would make them stand out.

Isaac was at work, and he’d pick up a tree after he was done. He insisted, because even though Bella was strong enough to pull a tree home by herself, it wasn’t natural. She decorated the house with red and green fairy lights, their stockings above the fireplace, and she even added socks for Derek and Peter, simply because they were part of their family now.

She had promised Isaac not to climb on stairs or stools to hang things, so everything she decorated was at eye height, which made the living room – and the porch – look ridiculously cute. They were going to celebrate Christmas with the mice living in their walls. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to do a proper job, it’s that it was best that she didn’t. She was huge, and she still had some time to go, but she was big.

While her werewolf side took care most of the nagging inconveniences of being pregnant, she still felt as if she was a cement truck, and her stomach got in the way with most things. At least she and Isaac could be creative in bed, and that’s what she looked forward to most of the time.

While she thought of their bed, she couldn’t help but want a nap and unceremoniously found a sweet spot on the couch and dozed off like a sleepy cat. She could nap when she wanted to, it was awesome.

Her nap got disturbed by an insistent ringing of the doorbell. She had tried to ignore it, at first, but whoever it was, didn’t stop until she was opening the door. Bella was going to attempt to fight the urge to rip off that person’s head. She didn’t bother fixing her hair as she stumbled to the door and opened it. “Yes?”

“Miss Swan?”

“Yes,” she grumbled as she rubbed the sleep out of her eyes. “Can I help you?”

“Charlie Swan sent you a package, if you’d sign here, I’ll get it out of my truck,” the delivery man said as he handed Bella a clipboard to sign while he went back to the van.

Dazed, Bella signed the form and watched as the man pulled out a big box, even had to ride it to her doorstep on some sort of cart and blinked at it. “What is that?”

“I don’t know, ma’am, just delivering packages,” he smiled at her. “Now, please move aside so I can take this in for you.”

“No,” she said as she stopped the box from moving even further. She didn’t want anyone in her house other than someone she knew. Besides, she could pull it in herself, it didn’t look that heavy. “My boyfriend will come home from work soon.”

“You can’t just leave it on the porch like this.”

“I can. And I will.” She handed him his clipboard back. “Thank you, have a nice day.”


“You did your job; you delivered a package. What happens to it now is my problem,” she said as she stepped around the box and crossed her arms over her chest as she stared at the man. “Have a good day, sir.”

After watching him scurry off, she let out an excited squeal and casually pushed the box inside by backing up against it and pushing with her ass. Once she was able to close the door, she leaped over the box and started pulling it into the living room before then laying flat down on her back on the floor, nauseous.

This sucked.

Before Bella knew it, she was crying. She didn’t like being pregnant anymore. Her belly was huge and whenever she moved; the babies seemed to wobble in her stomach, and it made her feel sick. This really sucked. She wanted Isaac, or her father, to tell her that everything was going to be okay.

She fumbled her phone out of her pocket and dialed Isaac’s number. When he picked up, all she could do was cry.

“Bella? Is something wrong?” Isaac sounded worried, panicked, even. She could hear a machine being turned off and him walking to somewhere else as she sobbed. “Are you hurt?”


“Is something wrong with the babies?”


“Are you fed up again?” When Bella started to cry louder, Isaac sighed. “You can’t just call me whenever you’re fed up, what can I do about it? I’m at work, Bella.” When she didn’t stop, he started to laugh. “Fine, I’ll be home in 5 minutes.”

Of course, by the time Isaac arrived home, she had stopped crying but she was still on the floor, not wanting to move. “What’s with the box?” Isaac said as he laid down next to her on the floor and looked at her.

“Charlie sent it.”

“Why didn’t you open it?”

She merely rolled her eyes at him.

“Oh, of course,” he said eventually, a wide grin appearing on his face. “You just want me to get fired from my job, don’t you?”

She smacked him on his chest and groaned. “Please open the box.”

“Did you get this box inside all by yourself?” He caressed a strand of hair out of her face and smiled at her. She looked tired. Maybe he should ship her off to bed instead.

“Of course I did.”

“You really need to stop doing that.”

“I’m all right.”

“Then open the box yourself.”

Bella growled lowly as she looked at him.

Isaac laughed as he got up from the floor again. “Fine, fine, but after we see what’s inside, you’re going to bed.”

She huffed as she watched Isaac open the box, revealing two maxi cosis and a frame to put it on. “Huh. Didn’t we tell him that we already got most of it sorted?”

“Yes, but this isn’t a baby carriage,” Isaac smirked as he started to set it up. “Look, they’re baby swings! You can put them in there and gently rock them to sleep that way.”

“Awesome,” Bella sat up and leaned back on her arms as she looked at him. “I’ll have to call Charlie later to thank him. How about you rock me?” She smirked at him. “Long and hard?”


Bella wasn’t sure if it was a good thing that her mother was staying over now that Bella was nearly due. While she hadn’t mind telling Charlie about the side of her that she had discovered mainly due to his involvement with the Quileute shifters, she hadn’t told Renée as she’d completely flip her lid and maybe even hurt Charlie for having allowed Bella to be that adventurous when she was younger.

But maybe, it was a good thing to tell her. Who knew what was going to happen if Bella would go into labor? Then again, she didn’t want her mom to be there. Despite not being midwives or gynecologists, Bella had requested that Scott’s mother and Dr. Deaton would be present. A nurse and a vet. Perfect combination. Isaac was going to be with her, of course, and Argent would be right outside the door incase something wolfy might happen.

She was due somewhere this week in February and her house never felt more full with Renée and Charlie staying with them, and Bella was being watched like a hawk by both parents while Isaac escaped by going to work. She hated him for that. She felt like a broken record when explaining to her mother that twins usually came early and yes, that she was aware of the fact that she hadn’t been pregnant for nine months and that, no, she didn’t cheat on Edward and that Isaac wasn’t the reason she ran away from her wedding.

She had already told her this over the phone – many times.

Locking herself in her bedroom no longer worked and she shot off a text to Peter to see if he was willing to take her parents out for an exploration of Beacon Hills because they didn’t leave on their own despite Bella almost begging them to. ‘Are you insane? I am NOT going to babysit YOUR parents.’

Technically you are the responsible adult. Well… more adulty than Isaac and me.’

Are you saying I’m old?!’


Fine, but I’ll be telling your mom what you are.’

Do that and I’ll tear off your head.’ Bella sighed as she rolled to her other side. ‘Please, before I bite them.’


Take them into town or something.’

Kiss their asses?’

Bella grumbled as she put her phone away when she heard the doorbell. She was slightly amused by how close he had been. For someone who was described as an opportunistic asshole, he didn’t seem to mind helping her out. Sure, she’d rather have her parents been taken out by a normal human, but she didn’t want to bother Argent and Stilinski was at work. Just like Isaac. Stupid Isaac.

Everything was stupid. Everything and everyone.

Sighing, she covered herself with her blankets and tried to get some sleep. Eventually, she became fed up with attempting to find a comfortable position to sleep in and decided to take a bath. She liked it that the house was quiet, but she really wished Isaac was home. But if she’d call him again, it was likely that he’d say that he couldn’t leave his work – again. It made her feel needy, and she didn’t like feeling needy.

When the bath turned cold, she got out of it and blinked when the water stained a little bit red. “Oh fuck,” she muttered as she quickly dried herself off and got into one of Isaac’s shirts and wrapped a clean towel around her waist before grinning to herself. Today was going to be the last day she had to deal with her huge stomach! She felt better already.

She found her phone and shot off a message to Isaac, Melissa, and Dr. Deaton that her water broke and then went downstairs to make a pot of tea. She wasn’t worried, she was relieved. Frankly, quite surprised too, because she had heard stories and read in books that delivering babies could hurt a lot but she didn’t feel anything. Which was one of the dangers Dr. Deaton had warned Melissa about.

Bella couldn’t wait. And then it really dawned on her; she and Isaac were going to have to take care of two tiny human beings in a couple of hours. They were going to be responsible for them and make sure that all their needs were met and grow up to be beautiful people. Responsible, the word alone made her snort. They were going to have fun, show them that the world was a fun place and that there weren’t any limitations for them. Yes. Definitely.

Isaac was the first one to arrive. “You should be off your feet!”

“Hi!” Bella grinned as she kissed him before pouring him a mug of tea. “How was work?”


“My water broke, Isaac. That’s it. It’s not like a baby will drop out of me anytime soon.”

“Yeah, sure, you’re going to sit down, and you’re not going to move unless Mrs. McCall or Dr. Deaton tells you to,” he said as he gently steered her towards the couch. “No more walking around for you.”


“Where are your parents?”

“Peter came to pick them up after I told him to. They were getting on my nerves,” Bella took a sip of her tea and relaxed into the comfortable couch. “I haven’t slept, but I had a nice, relaxing bath, though.”

“Have you called them back yet?” He sat down next to her and, after kicking off his shoes, he put his feet up on the table. “I understand you don’t want them around,” he said as he put his arm around her. “But they are your parents. That’s the whole reason you invited them. They’re going to be grandparents.”

She huffed as she set down her mug of tea and decided leaned against Isaac before deciding that he indeed was more comfortable than the couch and sighed happily after nestling against him. “You do it then,” she said with a yawn and closed her eyes. Yes, having Isaac home was so much better.

She must have dozed off, then, because when she woke up, she was in bed, and Isaac was sitting on the bed next to her. A frustrated Melissa was pacing up and down the bedroom, and Bella didn’t understand why. “Relax,” she muttered as she slowly sat up.

“Relax,” she huffed. “Relax? You’re in labor, Bella, and you’ve basically been sleeping through it! How can I relax? Someone has to worry!”

“You could have woken me up,” she said with a small growl.

“We tried, babe,” Isaac said soothingly. “But you were just too tired.”

“Do you honestly not feel the contractions?”

Bella shrugged. “It’s a nagging feeling that I’ve had for days but other than that; it doesn’t really hurt that much.”

“Forgive me, Bella, but this is the first time I experience a werewolf getting pregnant, you honestly didn’t think it was worth mentioning?”

“What?” she replied with a groan. “Every single nagging feeling over the past few months was due to either my body expanding due to growing children inside of me or an inconvenience because there was a big belly in the way of me doing things. Would you have liked me to tell all of that? Even in the middle of the night?”

“Don’t fight,” Deaton said as he entered the room. “That’s not right for the situation at hand,” he handed Bella a mug of tea with herbs he had brought with them. “Drink this, it’ll help you with your delivery and slightly diminish the effects of your werewolf nature so you can give us a better read on your pain and progress.”

“I don’t want it.”

“I can assure you that when Talia was in labor of Derek and any of her children, I gave her this as well. You would not wish to endanger your children, would you?”

Bella grumbled as she took the tea and started to drink it.

“How are you feeling, Bella?” Deaton asked worriedly.

“I just drank your damn tea; I don’t feel any different,” she said with a small growl, fighting the urge to throw the mug across the room. “Can we just get it over with? Like… starting to push and get them out?”

“Speaking of which, let me check you out,” Melissa said as she pushed Deaton aside. “You were sleeping, and I didn’t want to see if you were already dilated, it felt a little like a violation.”

Bella huffed as she followed her instructions. “You’re a nurse; you’re supposed to be used to violating your patients.”

“Yes, but none of them are a heavily pregnant alpha werewolf who can rip off my head with her pinkie,” Melissa countered as she felt between Bella’s legs and then blinked before removing the towel. “Okay, well. That’s… new. You need to start pushing, Bella, like… now. I can already see the head of the first one.”

Isaac immediately let go of Bella as if she was on fire. “What? No, what?” he said panicked as he got off the bed and stared at his girlfriend in shock. He wasn’t quite sure what to do now.

“Oh, please stop the puppy act and come back,” Bella said as she reached out for him, missing his weight on the bed. “You look adorable, everything will be fine.”

“Bella, I…” he reluctantly took her hand and allowed himself to be pulled back on the bed. She moved, so she was sitting against him, between his legs so that he couldn’t go anywhere again, and she had him close.

“You’re fine,” she said soothingly and caressed his leg. “Everything’s going to be alright.”

“But you’re… going to push out our babies and…”

“Women have been giving birth for centuries. I’ll be okay,” she leaned against him and could feel a sharp pain, almost as if she was being stabbed with a knife. “Oh, that hurt,” she whined.

“Good, now push,” Melissa said sternly.

The first baby was out before Bella knew it, as it turned out, most of her work had already been done during the day, and she felt a little bit guilty that the little guy had been stuck for a couple of hours. Nothing was wrong with him, which was a relief. He even had a crazy set of lungs which surprised Bella. “He’s perfect,” Bella smiled widely as Deaton showed Jack to her and Isaac. “We made that, Isaac,” she said as she looked up to him, seeing Isaac look at the boy with a stunned look on his face.

They weren’t able to enjoy Jack’s arrival for very long as she felt the need to push again, their second baby wanted to come out, and she couldn’t wait. Yes, she was exhausted already, but she could do this. She didn’t want Jack’s sibling to wait as long as he had had.

John popped out an hour later, and Bella was glad that he finally wanted to show his face because she’d been just about ready to give up. She whined when Isaac moved away from her, propping her up against the headboard and making his way over to their sons. She wished the tea that Deaton had given her would stop working because she hated feeling like this. So human, much like a wrung out wet towel.

“Stay with me, momma,” Melissa said as she gently poked Bella’s arm. “We still have to take care of the after-birth.”

“Yeah yeah,” she said with a yawn.

“That requires more pushing, Bella.”

“Yeah…” she sat up with a sigh and started to push again. Much to everyone’s surprise, another baby head appeared instead of the placenta. “It doesn’t feel like mush…”

“Because it’s not, you’re having another one,” Melissa laughed. “Keep pushing.”


Ten years later…

“Mom! Can we go as werewolves for Halloween? You won’t have to make us costumes!” John grinned as he bounced around his mother in the supermarket. Out of their three children, John looked most like a mixture between Bella and Isaac. He had her features and Isaac’s beautiful blue eyes, and he was most definitely a lady killer. Jack had inherited Bella’s brown eyes and Tayla, their sister, had inherited everything from Isaac’s side, apart from her beautiful brown hair. That was all Bella’s.


“But mom! Uncle Peter said that you did it once and on top of that, you do it every year. Come on, please?” Jack leaned on the cart and looked at his mother. “We’ll be extra good!”

“What’s wrong with dressing up like a spooky ghost?”

“I want to dress up as a werewolf princess,” Tayla’s voice sounded as she threw some sweets in the cart. “Please, mommy?”

“Oh, alright,” Bella laughed as she grabbed some crackers and headed to the next aisle to get some pickles. “What do you want to eat tonight? What shall we make to surprise daddy when he comes home from work?”

“Cake!” The triplets chorused.

“I suppose we could do cake for dessert. What else?”


“Real food, people.”

“Why? Can’t we have a cake day? Dad will love it! You can invite Uncle Derek and Uncle Peter too! Because you need to tell them your secret anyway,” Tayla grinned as she had run to another aisle to get the Nutella.

Bella stared at her daughter for a moment. She was certain she’d been careful around the kids, seeing as she homeschooled them, and they liked to get into trouble and look for things around the house. “I don’t have a secret.”

“Yeah, you do, mom,” Jack said as he hopped off the cart and walked to his mother. He placed a hand on her stomach and smirked. “We all know you’re going to give us another brother or sister!”

*the End*



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