TVD/Shield: In the van, on the floor


She couldn’t quite remember how this happened, only that she wanted this to happen. She knew that she wanted this to happen, but the details were a little bit fuzzy. Alcohol was in play, definitely. She gasped when her current sexual partner licked along the vein in her neck as his hand pushed underneath her shirt and brushed her stomach.

It was quite possible that the one who she was making out with wasn’t her mark. Yes, it was quite possible. She had someone else in mind to investigate out of curiosity, not this one. This one just appeared out of nowhere.

She hadn’t found anything on the internet other than old newspaper clippings from many years ago and she had been certain that it had been an error – or at least an ancestor of her original mark, a mark she should go back to and not get distracted by – this. As there was no way that someone didn’t leave a footprint, especially not in the 21st century, she figured some field work would come in handy.

Moaning, Skye threw her head back and felt how her arms gave way. She expected to fall to the bottom of her van but instead, she was lowered gently, almost as if her mark had been expecting it. She reached for him, her hands clawing at his arms, his back, before eventually settling around his neck as he continued to assault her neck.

This wasn’t how things were supposed to go.

There had been whispers on the Dark web, about a family who were in the possession of Eternal Youth. It didn’t really sound super human to her. She was sceptical, especially after following breadcrumbs to newspaper clippings. She wanted to track them down and see for herself. If it didn’t lead anywhere, she’d give it a rest. If she did find something, she’d clue in the rest of the Rising Tide.

The bread crumbs had lead her to New Orleans at first and now, Mystic Falls. Skye struck gold on her third day in town.

She had identified two members of the family so far; they were the ones she had read about the most. Having proven that they were, indeed, real, made her rethink if those myths were actually real stories. There were two others, from a different family, that she had come across – especially after digging through the news archive of Mystic Falls, but they weren’t important.

It were the Mikaelsons she had set her mind to. If she had to believe what she had found, it would mean that they were at least 500 years old. If she could prove that they were indeed in possession of Eternal Youth, she’d become so rich. She’d share with Rising Tide members, but only after donating the most part to charity.

Oh yeah, dividing the money before actually getting it. Real grown up. Her current sexual partner wasn’t even a Mikaelson, but a distraction.

He scraped his teeth over her skin. She wasn’t much for pain or sensation play but damn, it was hot. Her hands clawed at him again, she wanted to feel his skin, but he was keeping her down, there was little room for wiggling her way from underneath him. The van’s dimensions stopped her from trying to roll them both over without injury.

“Relax, darling,” he whispered in her ear. “We’re both consenting adults. Now, I have to admit that it has been a while for me, but I promise you, I’ll be the best fuck you’ve ever had.”

Skye huffed as she looked at him. He had the face of an angel but his eyes had something devious, mischievous, about them. Something old, too. The New Orleans news clipping from 1821 sprung to mind and she gasped. It couldn’t be. She had dismissed it originally as her original mark, Klaus, was in that picture and she thought it was his ancestor at first, but this man was right by his side.

But this man didn’t look a day older since that picture and she connected in her mind; he knew of the Eternal Youth.

She was definitely drunk or she’d been drinking some crazy juice. “How long has it been?”

“A while. I lost count,” he said cheerfully before shifting a little and tore open her shirt, revealing her breasts in her bra. “I hate those things,” he said with a whine and without effort snapped her bra and freed her breasts. “There we go.”

Eternal youth and super strength? What the hell was going on? Had she stumbled upon old super humans? That would be amazing! Real proof, living proof, that these people live among the normal population.

Before she could say anything, he also got rid of her pants, a gentle tug or two this time. She could see something dangerous flash in his eyes, something that warned her that she needed to stop this right now and get the hell out of dodge, but she wanted this. And she was too drunk to even move her legs. “You too,” she said, nudging him with her knee. Oh, hey, there was still movement there. Or was there? Maybe it was all in her head.

She should have stuck with the digital age and not go all Nancy Drew. It was silly to chase down rumours. Especially this one. It had lead her down an extremely deep rabbit hole and she wasn’t quite sure if there was a possibility of escape this time. For some reason, she felt as if she was flying too close to the sun, like Icarus, and wouldn’t survive this encounter.

If his words were true, at least she’d go out with a bang?

If she would survive, she’d immediately call for backup. This needed to be documented properly. On the other hand, what if she wasn’t in danger at all? What if it was simply curiosity from both sides?

He had shed his clothes and she licked her lips, appreciating the view. “My my, look at that, Mr. Six-pack and then some.”

He smirked widely. “I know! I’m extremely handsome!”

She let out a giggle and pulled him back down to her to kiss him desperately. She wanted to feel his body against hers, she wanted to feel him inside of her, now. Then again, if she was going to die, maybe it was better to draw things out.


Mary Sue Poots. Skye. She preferred Skye. He knew that. He also knew that she had been following the breadcrumbs he had planted on the Dark web. Yes, he was only recently undaggered, but boredom did strange things to someone. With his entire family reunited once again – under the guise of being together, he felt alone.

Finn was fawning over their mother. Rebekah was screwing a Salvatore – or that Donovan boy, he wasn’t quite sure, but then again, she loved being a strumpet. Elijah and Niklaus had their hands full with the local teenage population – especially with Elena Gilbert – and that left him bored. Bored and alone.

Kol had always been a fast learner, easy adapting to new things. The best thing about the 21st century was its technology and great music. It had taken him only one afternoon to learn how to be a hacker, to access the deep web and plant a seed. Never in a million years he thought someone would actually come looking.

But there she was. Gorgeous. Curious. Hot. A distraction. He hadn’t even needed to compel her, she was three sheets in the wind and agreeing to sex, so why not?

Now that her body was exposed to him, his lust took over. She was flawless. Her skin was soft and slightly tanned and her fingers were delicate, just like her features. She was a classic beauty and he was going to keep her. Well, not keep keep her, but make her the family’s best kept secret – like many of his secrets. If only Nik would know what he had in his playhouse in New Orleans!

The thought alone made him giddy. Giddy and horny, always the best combination. It was also a good thing that Skye wasn’t able to properly move. Her van had been a great idea. A confined space and she was so pissed that her control over her limbs had wavered.

But she still agreed to sex, even before she was this drunk.

Not that he cared.

She should be scared of him, he had given her enough reasons, enough proof, to be afraid. And she wasn’t. She was special. He could smell it on her. She wasn’t entirely human, was she? But she was bloody gorgeous.

He was going to bite her, just not now. He was going to take a sip, but not now. He pushed her back onto the cold floor of the van and put his lips around her breast, swirling her nipple with his tongue while one of his hands travelled south.

Kol loved how responsive she was to him, it was probably the thrill of the hunt. No matter the era, some girls liked to fly close to the sun, close enough not to get burned. Everyone was always going on about how boys and men were the thrillseekers, but Kol had met a lot of women who were the same. Like in the 1800’s, all those prim and proper ladies had a dark side they loved to explore.

And yes, he killed most of them, but that wasn’t in the cards for Skye.

Once she was writhing underneath him due to his attentions, he checked to see if she could take him. While he loved to see what he did to her, now wasn’t really the time for an elaborate session of seeing how much a woman could take before she’d scream for release. Withdrawing his fingers from her, he was satisfied that she could take him without preparation. And even so, he shouldn’t be worried, he could always resort to compelling her.

Shifting a little, her legs wrapped around him out of instinct and he pushed himself inside of her while he buried his face in the crook of her neck. He could hear her blood race through her body due to her arousal, her anticipation made her heart beat faster. He wanted to smell it. He wanted to taste it, but he was careful.

Not yet.

Had this turned into a battle of wills? Since when did he care about control?

Okay, now.

He started to move, thrust deep and hard inside of her, her sounds of delight were filling up the van and it sounded better than any song he had ever heard. Every symphony. He felt how his true face showed and he made sure she wouldn’t see it by immediately sinking his teeth into her skin, causing her to arch her body into his in delight.

Her blood tasted unlike any other that he had tasted. He had been right, she wasn’t entirely human, but what was she?

He drank from her as he kept thrusting inside of her, she was close. So close and ready to burn, and he was now not just high on lust, but also on her blood. If she was going to live, he needed to stop now.

Making sure that they were still connected, he managed to sit the both of them up, with her in his lap with him buried inside of her as his face changed back to normal.

“Hickey, classy,” she panted as she threw her head back, revealing her beautiful neck to him again and he licked the blood of his lips. When she started to ride him in her drunken haze, he rubbed her clit. He was almost there, she was there too and she wasn’t letting up.

He let out a low growl. “If you don’t come right now, I will and I will leave you hanging,” he threatened. Enough was enough.

The van. Why did he ever agree to this?

“Bite me,” she said as she looked at him through her lashes as she kept riding him in a steady pace. Slowly. Agonizingly slow. Tortuous.

“Fine,” he growled as he met her eyes. “Don’t scream,” he compelled her before biting down on her collarbone again. He could feel how her body tensed around him, how her breath hitched and her loud moan set him off too.

Riding out both their climaxes, he once again stopped drinking from her. While she was distracted, he used a little of his own blood to heal her wounds and then simply held her until she was like wax in his hands.

He lifted her off of him and sat her down on the cold floor and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. “You’re going to sleep off the alcohol and tomorrow you’re going to drive back to wherever you came from,” he compelled her. “There’s nothing here. Someone pulled an elaborate prank on you. You will forget about me, until I show my face to you in person. Do you understand?”


“Good. Now sleep.”

She yawned and laid down on the floor, her naked body shivering from the cold. He covered her with her torn clothing and anything he could find in the small overnight bag he found before getting dressed and leaving the van, destroying the door handle so that nobody could slip in unannounced.

He couldn’t wait to see her again, maybe in a few years, and see what she had made of herself. Surely the life of a hacktivist was short lived and she’d be recruited by a big agency for big bucks and the promise to do good with her talents?

Grinning to himself, he went back home. Everyone was going to smell the sex on him but he didn’t care. They tolerated it from Rebekah and probably didn’t expect any different from him, it wouldn’t be a surprise. They’d ignore him as usual and he’d be bored again, but at least now he had something to do; he was going to try to find out what Skye was.

And who she was, other than a few words on a computer screen.

Then, maybe, by the Grace of his family, he was going to see her again.

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