Chapter 02: Forced Entry

Calypso had waited until nightfall before she was going to make an attempt to escape and go back home. Her windows were locked, but her door wasn’t, and she was pretty confident that she’d be able to walk right out the door.

She found access to a staircase and went down a level but was surprised she wasn’t able to go out; it seemed as if some spell was keeping her from leaving. Frustrated, she hit against the nothingness before deciding to wander around. There were more rooms on this level. Smaller rooms than the ones upstairs, but more.

Girls were walking around in cute little dresses and all dolled up, a man holding their hand as they showed them a room. The smell of sex was in the air, and Calypso was appreciative of how, for some reason, it wasn’t that bad. She explored some more, but the stairs were the way out for her.

Returning to the stairs, she still couldn’t get out, and that was mean. She wanted to go home.

“They didn’t explain it to you?” A girl’s voice sounded from behind her. Turning around, Calypso saw a gorgeous young woman with red curls around her face. She was wearing a corset which accentuated her breasts quite well and had Calypso been a man; she’d definitely would have gotten an erection from the sight before her. “Whenever there’s a danger to us outside, or even in the club below, the warlocks throw up a few protection barriers to keep us all safe. The only ones able to cross that barrier are the men who are vetted downstairs to come and play with us.”

“Oh,” Calypso sighed. “Too bad.”

“You wanted out?”

“Yeah,” she smiled, connecting with the girl in her mind, riding her energy wave, making her see what she wanted to see, and right now, it was a girl dressed similarly to her. “I wanted to get a breath of fresh air; that’s all.”

“Well, there’s plenty to do around here. It’s kinda busy, and we’re short staffed. Say, do you happen to like sex? You get paid quite generously around here!”


She’d been on the phone with Klaus for about an hour now, demanding that he’d come down to New Orleans and take this girl into his own care. She’d have Circe do her magic on her but this girl needed someone to manage her, to handle her and Myriam wasn’t going to do that.

Myriam was patient, yes, but this girl was a test to how far that patience reached. And Myriam had already reached her tax. “I swear to God, Klaus, I might actually hurt her.”

“She’s immortal, love, it’ll be fine.”

“She’s a girl in need, Klaus. Not someone to hurt even further!” Myriam decided to check her security feeds as the building was on alert. Not red alert, no, perhaps yellow or orange, but there were a few rowdy werewolves out and about, and she had to protect her girls on the first floor. They weren’t allowed to leave, yet they were still allowed to work after the men were tested for being a werewolf or not. On any other day, they serviced werewolves but only when vetted thoroughly with a background check and everything. “She’d be safe around you because you know how to resist her.”

“And only when I’m aware of it, love,” Klaus replied, and Myriam could have sworn she heard him smiling. There was a smile in his voice, wasn’t there? “Should I happen to be in a room and not notice her, she could take advantage of that and well. It’d be hard to say no, would it?”

“Klaus!” Myriam let out a whine before her eyes fell on the camera at the stairs. “Oh no, she didn’t!” She let out a growl as she watched Calypso walk off with Abeebee. Now it wasn’t standard practice to inform her working girls about the girls coming in from their little… side business, but perhaps she should have told Abeebee about what had happened, as it had an impact on her, too.

“What is it, love?”

“I’ll call you back later,” she said, as she rushed out the door still with her cellphone in hand.


“Not now!” she hissed as she put the phone in her pocket and headed upstairs. The vampire was just in time to stop the girl from pulling a heavily influenced trucker inside a room. “No!” She sternly said as she pushed the man into Abeebee’s arms and pulled Calypso away from all the sex, back upstairs to her room.

Calypso struggled against her hold, but Myriam didn’t care. She also didn’t care that she was likely bruising the girl’s arm by using some force to keep her where she needed her to be. “What part of no sex don’t you understand, Calypso? What in the world were you doing there?” Myriam almost threw the girl into her room. “Answer me!”

“Doing what I wanted,” she replied calmly, her head slightly tilted as she watched the vampire. “Wasn’t that what you want?”

She let out a breath and nodded. “Yes, but what were you planning on doing?”

“Well, obviously to go downstairs and see if Katherine was there but then I couldn’t go,” Calypso replied innocently. “And then this girl said that they needed help to get through the men wanting to have some fun with them so…” she smiled then. “What’s the harm in a little bit of fun?”

“Do you want the Cullens to find you?”


Myriam let out a frustrated groan. “It would immensely please me if you’d stay in your room until I come to get you to meet my friend tomorrow. Should you not comply, I’ll tie you up and throw you in our holding cell, do you understand?”

“As you wish, Ms. Jenkins,” Calypso smiled at her, sitting down on her bed with her legs crossed. “Anything else?”

“Stay put,” she said sternly before leaving the room and closing the door behind her. She headed straight back to her office and poured herself a tall glass of wine and sighed as she sat down behind her desk. “Next time say no, Myriam,” she told herself. “No. I have enough girls to worry about. No, not one of Cullen’s again. Kill it. With fire. Or something.”


She nearly spat out her wine as she fumbled her phone out of her pocket and noticed that it was still connected to Klaus. “Merde!”

“What the hell just happened?”

“Well, apparently I didn’t hang up the phone,” she retorted angrily. “Couldn’t you have given me like a minute of silence or something before speaking up?”

“Not when you threaten the life of an immortal girl that I sent to you because you’re capable of taking care of her.”

“I caught her sneaking off! And she lied to me, Klaus. She wasn’t going to look for Katherine, but I bet your ass that she wanted to walk right out of the club and make sure they’d find her.”

“She’s a crafty one, that one. And did you call her Calypso?”

“It’s fucking fitting, okay? She just proved that! Get your ass over here or else!” It was quiet on the other end of the line before she could hear Klaus’ brother Kol snicker. “Kol Mikaelson, you shut your mouth!”

“Nik, who the hell is this woman to tell me to shut up? Are you sure that the girl is safe with her?”

“Shut up, Kol, mind your own business.”

“Fine. I guess I’ll be heading to New Orleans – was it? – on my own.”

“Myriam, do you still have the present I gave you last time we met in person?”

“You’re honestly not thinking about agreeing to this?” Myriam tiredly pinched the bridge of her nose. She didn’t want to have to deal with Kol Mikaelson. Granted, she’d rather have him than Elijah, but Kol was excitable and unreliable, according to Klaus, something that she couldn’t use around here.

“Kol has a way with the witches. Perhaps he could convince them to help this girl when your souped up witch doesn’t work.”

“Fine, but unlike you, he’s not staying here.”

“I’m hurt, darling.”

Myriam growled. “Careful, I may be only 300 years old, but I can still stab you in the face with a white oak pencil.”

“D’awww, that’s adorable! Ouch! Nik! Bloody hell!”

“Get lost.” Myriam could hear some movement on the other end of the conversation before Klaus spoke again. “As I said, I’ll be there in two days. Unfortunately, I can’t trust Kol on his own, and I’m sure my other siblings will grow tired of him, so I’m taking him with.”

“Why won’t you just return him to his box?”

“I have a feeling that we might need him, love.”

“Fine. But your brother stays away from Calypso.”

“He’s more than capable of fighting her influences off too.”


“Very well.”

“I’m curious to know how far she got you, Klaus,” Myriam mused, taking a sip from her wine. “You told me that you were her last and that you were prepared.”

“He was totally naked when we walked in!” Kol’s voice sounded, followed by something smashing against a wall and Kol laughing. “This is going to be fun! Does Elijah know about her?”

“No! And you will not tell him!”



When Myriam and Circe went to Calypso’s room the following morning, Myriam was slightly surprised to see the girl still on her bed, sitting cross-legged much like when she had left her the night before. At least the girl didn’t wander off again.

“Good morning, Calypso!” Myriam greeted her. “This is my friend Circe.”

“Good morning,” she replied politely, not moving from her bed as she observed the two women with curious eyes. What had Myriam planned for her?

“Hi,” Circe smiled kindly and sat down next to her before she tucked a strand of Calypso’s hair behind her ear. “I believe we have a friend in common. His name is Carlisle.”

Myriam watched as Calypso visibly relaxed. “He’s amazing,” the girl replied to Circe, eyeing her curiously. “Are you here to take me back?”

“More or less,” the witch replied before looking over to Myriam. “You’re right, she has a natural blockage of her own; I understand now why Carlisle would love to have her back. Imagine having a whore who only works within certain parameters and can’t be influenced to do the stuff she doesn’t want to do.”

“But he made it work.”

Circe sighed and nodded. “Unfortunately yes. It’s going to be a struggle to get at least something free. There is something easier inside of her mind I could work with, but you’re not going to like it. It’s more primal and likely going to be destructive, but maybe it’ll help her in realizing that Carlisle is not our friend.”

“But he is!” Calypso didn’t like what Circe was saying and tried to get away from her. “You can’t spew lies about him. He’s amazing and kind and helpful. My God, his entire family is just fantastic!”

“Are they? Do you have any idea what they’ve done to me? Carlisle started his experiments in the 1800’s back when medicine was still cruel, and his techniques were harsh as well because he didn’t have the right tools. I was tied up, shot up with God knows what and I spent days convulsing in agony on his table. Or in the chair. He burnt me with fire underneath my feet, tried to make me comply to what he wanted for me. I was with him for ten long and agonizing years, and I remember every single thing about it. He dumped me for being ‘faulty’.”

“Well, perhaps you are,” Calypso replied as a matter of factly. “Dr. Cullen strives for perfection. In fact, I have to inform him that his methods for the girls who came after me aren’t enough. That they’ll have to get the same treatment as I had. Sure, it’s time-consuming, but if the girls ended up here, something isn’t right.”

“But you’re here.”

“Because Katherine took me and I want to go home. So you either take me back, or I’ll find a way to get home myself!”


“Then I’ll find a way to kill myself. Immortal or not, surely there’s a way for me to just wither away.”

“Okay, okay,” Circe held up her hands in defeat. “If you’re so willing to go back, why haven’t you told Myriam your real name? You know that if you do that before your contract is up that they’ll be able to find you.”

“She named me Calypso,” she was focusing hard to at least get Circe on her side of things, but it seemed that like Myriam, she was protected. “You are holding me against my will and I don’t understand why Katherine agrees to this.”

“She’s trying to save you.”

“From what!” Calypso blurted angrily. “I am safe. I am being taken care of! I want to go home!” She pushed Circe aside and walked towards Myriam who was guarding the door. She tried to pull the vampire away from the door, but because she couldn’t tap into the other person’s strength, she was having a hard time removing the woman.

“I can’t get inside her head like this,” Circe said as she walked over to her bag. “You were right; she’s too programmed. Too scared to reveal her own name because even if it means that she’ll be picked up and brought back home, she might know what will happen next.”

“Which is what, exactly?” Myriam asked as she kept her ground and allowed the tiny spitfire to rage on. Myriam could take it for a little while longer.

“Retraining or a full reboot on her abilities. Perhaps both. She may not even see daylight ever again.”

Myriam was appalled. “He can do that? Take it all away and give her something new?”

Circe nodded as she pulled a liquid into a syringe. “I’ve encountered a few of them like that. They’re never really the same after that.”

“In what way?”

She shrugged then. “It’s always different. It varies from not being able to wipe your own ass to living in constant fear. You either go mad through the procedure, or you stay sane.” She then walked over to the girl who was still trying to remove Myriam from the door and plunged the syringe into her neck, squeezing it until nothing was left in the canister. “Give it a moment.”

Circe ducked to avoid the girl from hitting her in the face and watched her fall to the ground like a ton of bricks. “Bingo.”

“What did you give her?” Myriam asked as she lugged the girl onto the bed. The girl was still conscious but was unable to move her extremities.

“This sucks,” Calypso muttered.

“A paralyzing agent or two… special blend for supernatural creatures and no, you can’t have the recipe,” she grinned as she sat down next to Calypso’s head. “You know how I love my drugs.”

“Of course.”

“Now, do you wish to stay for what happens next or do you want to leave? Like I said; I can try to pull something to the surface, but it’ll be easier to go for something more primal, less delicate but more impact.”

Myriam let out a sigh. “I have an obligation towards Klaus to take care of her. I will not walk away from this.”

“It’s likely she’s going to scream. Cry. Do not reach out to her as I’m going to put her in a trance before I go deeper. I don’t want to startle her.”

Myriam sat down on the couch and sat down on her hands. “Proceed.”

“Myr, she might not come out of this as whole.”

“Do it.”


Bella opened her eyes and tried to adjust to wherever she was, the place smelled dank and a hint of copper was in the air. She couldn’t move, and everything was foggy. Even the voices. She had to concentrate hard on what the voices were saying. It was one voice, she realized. Talking to himself.

It was remarkably easy to get what I wanted. For years I’ve been observing her comings and goings. She’s always going back and forth her grandparent’s house and the house she’s been put to work. She’s compassionate, and I knew that I wanted her. Aro couldn’t read her mind, which is fascinating.”

She heard some rummaging through drawers and next thing she knew was that she was vomiting blood. It was a different day; the sun was shining through the windows and her blood didn’t even taste like blood anymore. Bella passed out, then, only to shift into another memory.

She was hanging from the ceiling, her ankles secured to the floor. All stretched out, and the impeccable Carlisle Cullen was standing in front of her looking mighty proud. “Bella, tell me how proud you are of me for making you immortal.”

I’m proud of you, Dr. Cullen, for using your medical knowledge to your advantage and making me immortal. It’s what I’ve always wished for myself.” Her voice was hers, but it didn’t sound like her, at all. “I am grateful for what you’re doing to me.”

Good girl.” Carlisle then stabbed her with the sword he was holding, making her cough up blood again. “Don’t cough it up. Swallow it. Breathe.” The pain was extraordinary, she could feel the dull blade writhe around in her torso, she could feel it travel upwards towards her breasts. She heard bones crack as he moved it and she didn’t pass out. She was a good girl and swallowed her blood. She breathed. But it hurt.

She was attached to a machine which was doing something to her blood, and when her blood returned to her body, it burned. Her head felt as if it was going to explode. Her heart stopped beating when the machine stopped. She couldn’t breathe and passed out. She woke up with Dr. Cullen frantically pounding her chest, breaking her ribs. Bruising her breasts. “Good girl, you’ve made it back again.” She smiled.

She was on her hands and knees, and something was inside of her ass. Hard, cold. She couldn’t move as the object moved inside of her. She was gagged so she couldn’t use her voice. It felt as if she was being split open and it hurt. She saw stars. Someone tugged on her hair then, moving her head, so she had to look at something and realized that it wasn’t a thing inside of her; it was Dr. Cullen and his shaft. “Good girl, taking it so well, looking so beautiful.” The pain went away; she felt proud of herself. He thought she was a good girl.

She was on her hands and knees, and she had something around her neck. She was in a cage, and the cage was getting smaller and smaller. If she moved, the thing around her neck tightened. Like a noose. She got stabbed with something sharp, but she was taking it with pride. Dr. Cullen was proud of her.

She’d been instructed to sit quietly in front of the bed. Head bent, wrists behind her back and ankles crossed. Dr. Cullen had a new addition to his family, and she was going to be his gift to his new son. It was exciting. She had been taught about the newborns, how they could be stronger than regular vampires and how excitable they were. She couldn’t wait. Dr. Cullen would be so proud of her if she’d be able to entertain his new son!

My, aren’t you a lovely little morsel,” a strange voice sounded, and she forced herself not to look up. Dr. Cullen would be so disappointed if she did. “What’s your name, beautiful?”

Whatever you wish it to be, sir,” she replied calmly.

Can I think about it?”

Of course,” she smiled at the floor, she could feel her excitement buzz through her body, and she felt Dr. Cullen’s latest addition to her body kick in. She could feel Dr. Cullen’s son vibrate all around her, his energy, his dark and twisted energy. He liked things rough, and she happened to be durable. Dr. Cullen would be so proud, she didn’t have to be scared, she was durable. There was no room for pain. No room for fear. It didn’t exist. She existed only for Dr. Cullen and his family. His son. Edward. His name was Edward, and she was his.

Edward picked her up by the throat from the ground and lifted her to eye level. She kept breathing, her eyes briefly flashed up to meet his, she was a tease. Men liked it. Focusing hard, she told Edward’s subconscious that she was his. His. His. His. She was his and ready for him. So wet. His.

His eyes were red, like the devil. She liked the devil. She was his. Edward smirked as he pushed her against the nearest wall and plunged into her. She could feel him break her body as he moved, angrily. Hard. Fast. But it didn’t matter. It didn’t hurt.

She could feel his teeth break her skin; it felt as if small syringes were inserted into her shoulder before the burn came and she wasn’t prepared for that. It burned hotter than the fires of hell, hotter than anything Dr. Cullen had ever put her through. She wasn’t supposed to react, and she was going to get into trouble for this, but it hurt so bad that she started to scream as he sucked her blood out of her. She was on fire; her whole body was reacting to the venom coming out of his mouth, and her screaming only made him hurt her more.

Dr. Cullen wasn’t going to be proud of her; she thought as tears fell from her eyes.


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