Chapter 12: Home

She couldn’t believe her eyes. Sure, Klaus had told her that his home was spacious, but to have an enclosed courtyard? It was huge! A set of stairs lead to the first floor and she knew that his study was up there as he had often spoken about looking out of his window and observe the happenings in the building.

It was late and there was no sound other than a crying baby and the sound of Freya trying to soothe her. “Come on,” Klaus said as he lead her along, climbing the stairs to his living area, finding Freya bouncing the crying baby up and down. He dropped Bella’s bags and let go of her before taking Hope from Freya and the baby immediately shut up. “There you go,” he said kindly. “You should be asleep, young lady,” he cooed as he made his way over to Bella. “But since you’re awake, allow me to introduce you to someone just as special as you are,” he said as he kissed the top of his daughter’s head.

Freya didn’t know what to say. There was no greeting, no hello – then again, Klaus never greeted her when he came home, and he had brought Bella. Weren’t there rules against this? Eager to see how this played out, she quietly sat down in a chair and crossed her arms over her chest.

“Hope, meet Bella,” he spoke to the baby. “Bella, meet my daughter Hope.”

“Hi,” Bella had completely forgotten about Hope. Klaus had showed her a picture last week, but she had forgotten about her. When the girl’s arms stretched out to Bella, Klaus turned her around so that Bella could hold her, but she was afraid. “Uhm…”

“It’s alright, Hope is an excellent judge of character.”

“She’s a baby and…”

He carefully placed Hope in Bella’s arms. The moment she was there, Hope grabbed a loose strand of hair and put it in her mouth before closing her eyes and drifted off in a deep slumber. “And you’re a natural,” he smiled warmly.

“Great,” Freya remarked from her chair. “You brought her to take over nanny duties to relieve your siblings? That is just great, thank you, brother.”

“Bella’s not the nanny, Freya.”

“So, then what? You’re making Bella her new step-mother?”

“No,” both Bella and Klaus said, Bella carefully shaking her head, not wanting to disturb the girl who was now quiet and sleeping with Bella’s hair in her mouth.

Freya eyed the two, crossing her arms. “Then what is this? Because this child needs her mother. Not a substitute. While we can assist as her family, she will need her mother.”

“Exactly,” Bella said as she nudged Klaus with her elbow. “But you’re going to work on that, aren’t you? Fix things for Hope? I know you have a lot on your mind right now but she does need her mother.”

He drew in a long sigh as he looked to his daughter. “Freya doesn’t have the power to reverse the spell that Dahlia placed. She has already tried. You already know about the new regent…”

“Yes, but now she can try with my blood.”

“We’ve discussed this, Isabella,” he stressed.

“Yes, we have, but this is for your family, Niklaus.”

“Hayley and her brethren can wait a little longer while we find an alternate solution.”

Bella huffed. “Where’s Hope’s bed so I can put her down? She’s getting a little bit heavy. Dead weight and all.”

“Oh, no, you have to hold her for quite some time now,” Freya said amused. “After the tantrum she just threw she won’t be put down that easily.”

“Well, seeing as she fell asleep the moment she was in my arms, I’ll take my chances.” Bella started to walk through the space, followed by Klaus, and eventually found a cot. She gently lowered Hope into the crib and pulled her hair back. “Sweet dreams, little one,” she said with a whisper and then turned around to Klaus. “Did I pass your test?”

He smiled slightly and shrugged. “I never had any doubt that she would like you. I was more concerned about my sister’s inquisition. Of which I doubt is over,” he whispered.

“Well then, she now had plenty of time to call Elijah, so let’s face the firing squad,” she said as she looped her arm through his. “Don’t worry, I’ve got your back.”

“Come. Let’s go downstairs and wait. He should be back shortly knowing him.”

Bella followed Klaus and they were followed by Freya. “Where are you going? We’re not done yet!”

“Relax, Freya, we’re going to wait for my big brother to arrive, you know, the one you just called to inform him about my decision of having Bella move in with us,” Klaus said amused as he continued to lead Bella out towards the courtyard. It was a little past midnight, but he and Bella had enough juice left in them to face his siblings.

“She’s moving in? When did this happen?” Freya questioned. “I didn’t know that!”

“Now you do,” Klaus replied as he took a blanket from the chest underneath the stairs and wrapped Bella in it before sitting down next to her. “As you’re well aware, she was lost for a few days and I will not let that happen again.”

“So what does this mean? I can’t imagine Myriam letting her go quite easily.”

“Ah, first of, it wasn’t Myriam’s decision, it was Bella’s. Secondly, Myriam has a new project,” Klaus mused as he watched his brother walk into the courtyard. “And his name is Elijah.”

“Wait, what?” Freya blinked as she looked at her younger brother. “Elijah?”

Klaus smirked as he stretched his arm behind Bella. “Our brother fancies her.”

“What can I say, Myriam Jenkins is a classy woman,” Elijah replied dryly.

Bella couldn’t help but to let out a snort. “About as classy as a McDonald’s Happy Meal.”

“What’s this, Niklaus? Brought one of your projects over for the night?”

“Oh, no, this one’s staying,” Freya said as she walked over to Elijah to stand next to him to look at Klaus and Bella. “Perhaps she’d look more familiar to you if she was covered in bruises, a torn up onesie and tearstained eyes.”

Recognition immediately came to Elijah’s face and was filled with remorse. Before he could utter a word of apology, his brother was on them and he was with his back against the wall, staring into his hybrid brother’s eyes. “Ni-klaus…” he choked out, fingers closing around his throat.

Bella felt sick to her stomach. How did he know? How did Freya know? Had Freya done something? It had been something private, between her and Klaus and they had seen her all battered? She felt the color drain from her face as she hugged her blanket closer.

“Let him go,” Freya said as she used her magic to pull Klaus off of his brother and across the courtyard.

Klaus was immediately back on his feet and charging for them, despite his sister’s abilities. He was far too angry of the intrusion of one of his and Bella’s most vulnerable moments. And the desire to kill was only reignited. This time stronger than ever. “I will kill you where you stand!”

Freya moved herself in front of Elijah and stretched out her hand before twisting it, inflicting pain upon her youngest brother. “You need to calm down and listen, I can explain!”

“Explain more broken promises?!” he gritted out as he fought against the agony. “I let you in on one thing.”

“Yes! And I was sick and tired of the animosity between you and Elijah that I decided to show him that there was another side to you because he wasn’t hearing my words!” She released him from her hold and pushed him back. “So yes, I took him to Débauche and showed him around. I didn’t know what you were going to talk about, or what had happened. I had expected you to be in her room or drinking a coffee with her in the kitchen!”

He remained on his knees glaring up at them. His breaths were heavy and his chest heaved with each inhale. “This is still unforgivable,” he muttered, pushing himself to his feet and making his way to Bella as he refused to look at his brother again.

Elijah straightened his suit and scraped his composure back together. While he was still at odds with his brother, he couldn’t help but worry for Bella’s safety. “Are you feeling that alone now that we’re not on the best terms that you felt like you had to bring her here, Niklaus?”

Klaus’ hands fisted as he struggled to keep from attacking his brother again.

“Shh, I got this,” Bella said as she put a hand on his leg and squeezed it, before getting up and walking towards Elijah, still feeling disgusted by him.

“Love, you don’t have to do this,” he muttered, tense as he reached back to keep a hand on her so she didn’t stray far from him.

“Oh, yes, I have to. He violated me. It’s only fair that I get a chance to violate him,” she said angrily as she looked over her shoulder to him and flashed a smile. “Please?”

Klaus canted his head to the side as he eyed her, curious as to her game. “Careful, Sweetheart. You’ve gone days without my blood.”

“I know, but if he knows what’s good for him, he won’t hurt me or else he’ll face the wrath of his date,” she said with a smirk.

At the reference to Myriam, he couldn’t help but to smile and leaned in to press his lips to her temple, sending a glare over her head to Elijah. “By all means. Have your say.”

She let go of Klaus and walked over to Elijah. As she looked up to him, he looked down on her and used her best doe-eyed, wide smiled, innocent face on him that she usually reserved for some of her clients who were into role play. “You violated me. And your brother. But since that’s something between you and him, I want to make one thing clear,” she said calmly, still the big smile plastered on her face. “You will not repeat what you’ve heard, you will not confront us with it,” she then looked at Freya.

“This counts for the both of you, by the way, but I don’t want to hurt you, Freya, you’ve been a great help to Myriam and the club.” She then looked back at Elijah, who was momentarily distracted. While Bella had nowhere near the strength it would have to take her to do what she had planned to do, she hoped that she could at least inflict enough pain for it to be a lesson to Elijah. Her fist left her side and she hit Elijah hard, in the groin, still having the smile on her face, despite it was obvious that some of the bones broke in her hand. Elijah doubled over momentarily but after taking a breath, he was standing back upright.

“Splendid! Now, how about we call it a night, I give you some of my blood, and we continue our discussion in the morning that we begun during dinner? Hm?” Klaus smiled joyfully.

“Great idea,” Bella said as she turned her back to Elijah and walked back to Klaus. “I do have to admit, I can’t wait to be able to do more groin damage,” she smirked.

“Oh dear god,” Freya muttered. “She’s a baby Klaus.”

He smirked as he buried his nose in Bella’s hair once she was in his arms. “Actually, I think she’s more like a pocket sized Myriam,” he corrected. “Just a lot more fun.”

“How about I’m just me?” Bella said as she wrapped her arms around Klaus. “Can we go to bed now?” She pressed herself against him as she looked up to him. “I want to stop imagining what it’s like to actually have an entire night in your arms and wake up next to you.”

“Yes, let’s go and see what that’s like,” Klaus smiled as he turned her and directed her up the stairs, ignoring his siblings. “Quite the adventure, are you up for that?”

“Are you? Maybe this pocket sized ball of fun is too much for you to handle.”

“Never,” he laughed as he decided to lift her up and used his vampire speed to get them to his bedroom and gently put her down on the bed. Klaus pinned her down and looked at her for a moment, her eyes were sparkling with excitement and he could feel how her body was heating up in anticipation. “First things first,” he said as he bit his hand and to feed her his blood. “Drink up.”

She took his hand and pulled it to her lips so she could drink his blood. She looked at him through her lashes as she did, knowing that it was something he liked. His lips slightly parted and his tongue flicked over them to wet them. Once his self inflicted wound was closed, she licked her lips, not breaking eye contact with him. “Happy?”

“Yes,” he said huskily as he started to kiss her neck, burying his hands into her hair as he pinned her body to the bed with his own. He inhaled her scent, but found it slightly offputting that she still smelled a lot like Lucien despite having changed her clothes, and he was going to make it his mission to make her smell like him before falling asleep.

Impatient, he used his speed to undress them both, and he basked in the glory of her nakedness. “Forgive me, I no longer can contain my patience,” he whispered as he looked into her beautiful, hopeful, eyes.

“Come here,” she said softly as she pulled him close, kissing him hard as she wrapped her legs around his waist, pulling him even closer. She dug her nails into his back as he pressed his groin against her core, wet and aching for him. Despite the seriousness of their talk that night, everything that happened during the day had been foreplay, the sexual tension between them had been so thick, not even a knife could cut through it. And all she wanted now, was him to fill her, claim her as his, and his alone.

Gasping for air, she broke off the kiss and ran her nails over his scalp. “Take me. No foreplay, no prolonged plays, just take me,” she whispered as she brushed her lips with his. “Please.”

He smiled at that and managed to loosen the hold she had on him. “Oh, but love,” he said as he started to kiss her jaw, down to her neck and on to her torso, leaving a trail of him all over her. “I thought it would be more fun if I’d kiss you all over before all of that, why cut to the chase?” He added teasingly.

Oh, he wasn’t going to. He was going to do exactly what she had just told him to do, because if he had to be honest, he couldn’t wait either. They had the rest of their lives to do things slowly, right now, all that mattered was for them to feel connected.

He swirled his tongue around her nipple, causing her body to arch into him and shifted a little so that he had easier access to her. It was hard not to giggle like a little school girl, this was the first time he was going to have sex – no, make love – with Bella in his own bed. Not hers. not on one of the beds in the tiny rooms, but his own. Theirs, now. Repeating his action on her other perfectly shape breast, he took advantage of her body being distracted and pushed himself inside of her, causing her to whimper at first before she let out a drawn out moan.

He had taken her by surprise, literally, and it felt so damn good. She had missed him filling her so perfectly, so precise. She had missed him taking the lead in bed as she was usually the leader and she was more than willing to give everything to him. Every inch, every fibre in her body, every breath. She was pretty sure that her sharp nails were drawing blood from him as her hands held on to him and gasped when his teeth scraped over her collarbone.

His hands were on her back now as her body uncontrollably sought more connection to him, she could feel him shift a little to accommodate for the new position and she could feel him slide in even deeper. Once he was in, nice and snug, she reminded herself that she needed to breathe. She wrapped her arms around his neck as he shifted again, waiting for her to tell him to continue. “Oh, you feel so good inside me,” she managed to let out, only to moan again when the chain around his neck brushed her erect nipple. “Oh, it’s still a torture instrument,” she murmured as she threw her head back when her body took yet another step closer to the edge of bliss.

Letting out a snort, he started to kiss her along the vein of her neck, and gently placed her down on the bed again, careful not to break the contact between their bodies. “Are you ready, my love?” The expression on her face was delirious, ecstatic. There was no way she was going to be able to be coherent.

“Uh,” she said, as her eyes had difficulty focussing on him. “Yes?”

“Want me to stop?”

“No!” Hell no, if he’d stop now, she’d be in agony. She wanted to be released, feel free, feel him come inside of her, feel everything and him. Desperately. She could feel how he started to move inside of her, she wrapped her legs around his waist to make sure he kept doing what he was doing and held on to him, ready for the epic conclusion of their first journey as… what? Being together? Lovers? Boy and girlfriend? Mashed potatoes? Chocolate and wine? Puppies and rainbows.

She was unraveling, fast, and he was close as well. All the pent up emotions, from the both of them, coursing through their bodies as they surfed along on the waves of pleasure. They both needed completion. He moved faster and hit one of her sensitive spots, causing her to clamp down on him and rock her hips, surprising him as she pulled him over the blissful edge along with her as he buried his face in the crook of her neck.

He stilled, then, both breathing heavily as they floated up to cloud nine. It was only when their bodies quieted that he withdrew himself from her and laid down beside her. Klaus pulled her in his arms before covering the both of them with the blankets and nuzzled her earlobe. “Welcome home, Isabella,” he whispered to the blissed-out woman in his arms. “Welcome home.”




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