Chapter 02

Goodmorning, Ziva,

One last email before I go back to work. Had fun surfing, the waves were amazing. I’m a little bit sun burnt though and could use a shave. I’m sure my CO would make me shave if I’d show up looking like this!

I went to the golf course yesterday. I do have my golf utensils at work, but I rarely get a good game, as I’m usually busy and my work place isn’t really land-friendly.

Next time I’m on leave, I’ll take you out to dinner, restaurant of your choice. Even if we spend our time in silence (I’m sorry), I feel some sort of peace when I’m with you.

Have a good day,



Dear John,

I can’t believe how horrible that sounds. Just ‘Dear John’… Anyway, work is ongoing here and my partner has been driving me up the wall asking questions and digging into things that he has no business in. But he’s like a brother to me and has saved me on more than one occasion. I hope all is well where you are stationed. I do worry for you and think of you often. Dinner sounds wonderful and I will wait patiently for when you return. If you are not in the DC area, let me know where and I may fly out to meet you. I could use an actual vacation from here.

That picture makes me laugh. I will have to set it for your photo on my phone for you. It reminds me of that spiny animal, porcupig? I forget. My last trip to Israel has reverted my American idioms according to Tony – the idiot partner. I have to go, he’s getting nosey again. Talk soon!



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