Chapter 08

Having heard enough, Myriam rolled her eyes and smiled with pleasure as an invisible force snapped Elijah’s neck. “This should have been a family battle. I should have been there Niklaus.”

Bella looked in shock at the vampire’s body. “What!”

Kol shrugged. “He’ll be okay. We’ve all had our necks broken plenty of times. What I still fail to understand is how Nik managed to keep this all from Myriam this long. How – intriguing.”

“Yes, it makes one wonder how many more skeletons are buried that I don’t know about,” Myriam eyed her lover before shaking her head. “I’ll deal with you later, Klaus Mikaelson,” she said as she rose to her feet and held out her hand to Bella. “Come, we need to have some girl talk.”

Kol stiffened as he looked up at her. “What are you doing?”

“Don’t worry,” Myriam smiled mischievously. “I know she’s learning all about vampires from you, perhaps a bit too slowly.”

Bella objected. “It’s been what? Three days since I learned about the existence of witches, vampires and werewolves and my head’s still spinning, what do you mean, too slow?”

“Come,” Myriam coaxed her. “We’ll get some breakfast in the kitchen while we have our talk.”

“Myriam, don’t,” Kol warned her, nearly begging.

Klaus smirked as Myriam continued pulling the girl with her. “I won’t break her, I promise. Just filling her in on some things you’ve obviously neglected. She’s not a little girl, Kol.”

“Is it really necessary?” Bella asked as she stopped struggling because there wasn’t any use for that; Myriam was far stronger than she was, of course. “Like, is it a life or death thing?”

The vampire pursed her lips as she considered it. “It can be for some,” she admitted.

Bella let out a breath and hung her head as she continued to follow Myriam to the kitchen, dread making every step feel heavy. “Am I doing something wrong?”

“Wrong for you? I don’t think so. I actually approve, and so does Klaus, but it all depends on how you see things,” Myriam replied as she went to the fridge to start taking things out and setting them on the counter. “Have a seat. Nice shirt by the way.”

Bella pulled a chair out and sat down. “I didn’t have anything to wear but this dress and… I’m skinny. So I took Kol’s shirt because the dress is slightly too big, still.”

“You’re gorgeous, and I’m sure Kol agrees. However, since you put his shirt on, have you noticed anything different with him?” the vampire asked, trying to sound innocent.

“He said it was all right,” Bella said confused.

Myriam smiled as she started cracking eggs. “Of course he did. It’s no secret he wants you. However, vampire behavior is quite primal. Our instincts are quite driven by our nature. You understand that, yes?”

She nodded. “Kol was acting a bit strange last night at the restaurant towards a waitress. I believe Jeremy even had to kick him underneath the table and Kol calmed down when I scooted closer and touched him.”

“Did she try anything with him, or you?”

“She winked at him and Jeremy but that’s what all waitresses do, I mean… friendly and polite.”

“No, they don’t. Though, they tend to be more drawn to vampires. Kol likely was on edge because of you being there and he… may feel a claim over you that he’s been struggling to not act out on. He’s liked your videos for some time, but his interest really skyrocketed after meeting you in person, so he’s having to handle many emotions and control them, when he hadn’t needed to in the past as I suspect he fears he might frighten you off,” Myriam softly explained. “He wouldn’t hurt you, I can assure you of that…”

Bella thought for a moment as something clicked. “But he might hurt others.”

“If they pose a threat to you, as his potential claim, without a doubt. Klaus and I knew he was trying to pursue you at a human pace, which is quite difficult for our kind, mind you. And it seems, while he was trying to keep your needs in mind, you inadvertently jumped several steps ahead of where he was.”

“It’s just a shirt,” Bella murmured as she tugged it.

“To you yes. To us, it’s Kol’s scent on you, marking you as his. Klaus and Elijah wouldn’t dare go anywhere near you for awhile, even just to be friendly. A stranger? He would have a death wish.”

“I don’t mind being marked as his,” she said as she looked at Myriam. “I really can’t explain it but there’s this pull, this tug, and it makes me gravitate towards him, more and more each day and it’s quite confusing because I’ve never allowed myself to be this close to someone.”

Myriam looked up at her from her breakfast preparation with a curious gaze. “The human ideology of soulmates doesn’t work with vampires, so any other draw I would think would be some sort of supernatural influence.”

“I hate the term soulmates or mates,” Bella muttered. “It’s so… ugh.”

“So do we,” she laughed. “We can have many lovers, but when we find someone we can see a future with – quite literally forever, we are extremely careful with that type of claim because, in our world, it’s almost as significant as a marriage proposal. So you can understand why he may have been nervous or strange at the unexpected sight of you in something of his.”

Bella shrugged. “I’m strange. I see strange things every day. If things are normal things may surprise me, I guess. But I really can’t explain it. Like I said, I’ve never allowed myself to be this close to someone, with someone. And for this to happen, so quickly, it’s… I don’t know, something that needs to happen? I told him last night he’s exactly what I need, but I have no idea where that came from.”

There was still concern filling Myriam’s eyes. “Then for your sake, I hope things work out with you two. I’m still wondering about this pull you said you feel, because trust you aren’t the only one to feel something like that in this family. Klaus and Elijah feel an unnatural interest in you as well, though I assure it’s not romantic like Kol’s. And then there is Jeremy Gilbert – a vampire hunter of a very specific breed. He was attracted to you, but not in the sense that he wanted you dead.”

“What’s wrong with me?” Bella asked in a small voice.

“I don’t think there is anything wrong with you, but more a question of exactly what you are. If you are willing to give some blood, I can try to see what I can find out. It’s not guaranteed, mind you.”

Bella nodded. “Kaleb is spying on the Ancestors for me, because he told me I’m weird too, according to them.”

Myriam grew more anxious at hearing that, having never trusted those particular type of witches. “Later after breakfast, we can start.” But, if the Ancestors were concerned or interested in Bella, then she definitely wasn’t a regular human.

“So… should I fight this pull towards Kol now? I mean, all we did last night was cuddle, but it felt good, safe and…” Bella sighed happily.

“Does any of it feel wrong?” she asked.

“No, but then again, nothing around him feels wrong.”

“I wouldn’t fight it. For one thing, Kol doesn’t seem upset by the change, and it took over fifty years with Klaus before he made any sort of claim on me like that. Only, mine hurt a helluva lot more.”

“Hurt?” Bella blinked at her. “Why did it hurt?”

“He decided to use his venom, which with enough in me, would leave a permanent mark of his scent. Of course, he cured me right after with his blood, but it remains.”

“Wait, you mean Kol actually wants to bite me?”

Myriam’s eyes brightened in excitement. “No doubt, but not to feed as you might think. It’s actually quite erotic, blood sharing. Possibly more intimate than sex for a vampire. I am sure that whenever the thought crosses his mind, he’s sporting wood.”

Bella scratched her head in confusion. “He seems to have a preference to my neck while cuddling.”

“It’s one of the most popular erotic zones on the body. Tell me, did you feel warm and fuzzy, cool shivers with his lips on you? Your body technically is craving for him to do that, considering how close you’ve gotten. If you want to go forward in that sense, he won’t hurt you, and it’s quite pleasurable to be fed on with the right vampire. Most don’t care if it’s just for sustenance, but he doesn’t see you as food. Neither does the rest of the family.”

Bella shuddered at the thought. She wasn’t a big fan of blood, but she had to get used to it now, right? But Myriam was right, she had felt all of those things, and she felt safe in Kol’s arms. Had they really moved that fast to already be at that point? It sounded like some sort of romance novel, come to think of everything she’d experienced with him so far, how they connected with each other and how they both liked to touch each other, be around each other and… crap. Yep, they were at that point already. “Kol and I will definitely need to have a talk…”

“Great! I finally have a girl for real girl talk about Mikaelson boys!” Myriam cheered from the stove. “Rebekah doesn’t exactly fit in with those talks. Imagine having to listen about your brothers’ sex lives. Hey! When you do finally sleep with him, you have to let me know how it went, because even though I’m all hot for Klaus, I can admit that Kol is mmm…”

“No!” Bella said shocked. “No! Absolutely not!”

“Party pooper,” she pouted.

Myriam probably didn’t realize how hard it had been for Bella to tell Kol about that one casual sex encounter she had had. She’s been drunk off her ass for it, but that had been hard to admit. Bella then felt anxiety set in. She was drawn to a 1000-year-old vampire who had no doubt bedded many women over the years and there she was with a one time experience. Oh, great. Yeah, just great. Shaking the feeling off, she helped Myriam to carry breakfast up to the dining table, it was a simple breakfast with scrambled eggs, bacon and store bought biscuits, but it was normal. It wasn’t fancy, it was normal, and Bella loved it.

“What? No gravy?” Klaus remarked as he eyed the biscuits.

“Make it yourself,” Myriam snapped, slapping him on the head. “We slave over this breakfast for you boys, and that’s all you have to say? Where’s the gravy? It won’t be in your bed tonight.”

“A gravy bath does sound refreshing,” Klaus smirked at his lover.

Bella set down the pot of tea and sat down next to Kol, quietly observing Klaus and Myriam. Klaus was a mystery. She had learned he was the biggest evil out there, but yet, here he was, as tame as a pussycat, wax in Myriam’s hands. And then it hit her, Kol was portraying the same behavior, only a lot milder even before the shirt incident and she was surprised by that.

Similarly, Kol was watching Bella since the moment she returned, anxious over not knowing exactly all that his sister shared with her. Taking her hand, he brought it up to his lips and smiled, no words said.

“I made the tea,” Bella grinned at Kol.

“I’m sure it will be lovely,” he murmured, stretching his arm behind her as Elijah walked in with a sullen face and rubbing his neck. “Perhaps you should stop getting on your knees so much, ‘Lijah.”

Elijah scowled. “Between all the work I’m doing to keep the supernatural community and the human community in balance, and doing the extra research on The Five that Myriam requested, I stand on my feet quite a lot, Kol. Unfortunately in my case, business does go before pleasure otherwise I’d have been-”

“Wooing Camille. Or at least make an attempt to,” Klaus snickered as he dropped a spoonful of scrambled eggs onto his plate.

Bella looked over at Klaus. “I’ve heard that name mentioned before. Who is she?”

“Ah, she’s the psychologist pretending to be a bartender, darling,” Kol replied as he poured them the tea. “The woman I want you to meet.”

“I’m not going to meet with a psychologist,” Bella was quick to reply. “I’m not crazy.”

“No, you’re not, and I’m not saying you are. Cami is just a good friend of the family and a valuable contact in town to have,” he pointed out.

She let out a breath and nodded. “Okay, good, because I’ve seen a lot of shrinks in my life for no reason, but I didn’t have a choice in the matter, so as long as she doesn’t try to mind fuck me, it’d be fine.”

Klaus blinked at the girl’s choice of words, but it was evident she had a clear distaste in shrinks. “Oh, don’t worry, love, she’s not as good at mindfuckery.”

Snorting, Myriam rolled her eyes as she loaded her plate. “You’re only upset because she called you out on your shit and won’t tolerate your games. Truthfully, I was ready to break her neck a few times when we first met her as she seemed quite interested in you.”

“She’s a waitress, they have to be nice,” Bella shook her head, laughing. “It’s in their job description.”

“It’s not when it’s quite clear that a guy is there with another woman and very much involved,” Myriam pointed out, glancing at Kol, who had turned his attention to focusing on his food.

She took a sip of her tea. “But sure, I’ll meet her, because she’s a part of your life and all.”

“Which brings me to my original question, what’s your last name, Bella?” Elijah mused as he buttered a biscuit.

Bella hesitated. “Officially or given?”

“Oh, now I’m intrigued,” Elijah replied sincerely. “You were adopted?”

“The couple that I grew up knowing as my parents, found me. They said I had been left in the woods outside the town where my dad is from. So I know nothing about my birth parents.”

“Interesting, so even with your last name, I’d be completely in the dark…” he said as he looked at her. “Did your parents try to find your birth parents?”

She sighed, running a hand through her hair. “Charlie is the police chief. Of course he’s tried many times over the years, but nothing. He said it’s like I appeared out of nowhere.”

“Truly fascinating,” Elijah replied, slowly nodding.

“Is that the only class of words you know?” she asked, irritation growing within her. “I’m not a science experiment.”

Myriam let out a snort. “According to several news outlets and tv shows, you definitely are.”

Bella swung her glare over to the woman. “And that is why I don’t do those types of shows. I’m only another tool to them.”

“Stop staring at her like that!” Kol shot at his siblings, annoyed. Bella wasn’t a science project, just like she had said. He’d love to explore her abilities with her; not for science but for improvement and discovery.

“Kol,” Klaus chided him gently. “Relax, we’re merely trying to figure out what she is. Don’t tell me you’re not the least bit curious yourself.”

“She is Bella and mine. Back off before I make you,” he replied instead.

“I suppose I shall not mention that Bella agreed to give me some of her blood…” Myriam chirped, a smile dancing on her lips as she took a bite from a biscuit.

Kol swung his head around and looked questioningly at Bella. “Why did you do that?”

“Myriam wants it to see if she can find something about me, to explain a few things, what’s wrong about that?”

“While I do trust Myriam not to do something with your blood other than what she says, anyone else could use it to control you. It’s a very dangerous thing in magic, entrusting a witch with your blood. Klaus can tell you all about it when it comes to werewolves.”

“I didn’t give it out of my own free will, Kol,” Klaus growled. “It was taken by force.”

“Fine, no blood for anyone other than Myriam or yourself, got it,” Bella said, slightly irritated still.

Kol stunned, sitting back and nodded, taking a bite of his biscuit. Unintelligible mumbling around the food was heard, but enough to earn a giggle from Myriam, who winked their way.

Bella relaxed somewhat and took another sip of her tea. “Oh, can I ask you a favor? I need a new introduction for my videos, and both Kol and Jeremy thought it’d be fun to record it in here, by night. Just a tiny insignificant corner that’s not too telling.”

Klaus looked up excitedly. “We have a dungeon downstairs you are more than welcome to use. Feel free to explore the building to your heart’s content.”

“That’d be nice, thank you,” she smiled at him. “Tonight we’re going back to the Sanatorium though, yes?” she looked at Kol. “Explore the other wing?”

He didn’t exactly want to go back there just to have pieces of the building intentionally dumped on him. “Yes, Darling.”

“I’m sure that the beams will stay in place tonight,” Bella gently rubbed his arm. “They know your energy now, and they saw that you were doing something good last night. Good impressions.”

“May I tag along to witness this?” Klaus asked. “I don’t think I can believe Kol in something like this.”

“Ah, no,” Bella shook her head. “No doubt I still have to deal with the energy skidmark you left at the Sanatorium, that’s enough for me, thanks.”

Myriam snorted. “Skidmark.”

“So, Klaus shat his pants?” Kol grinned.

“He left his mark on the hospital floors, yes,” Bella muttered.

He looked thoughtful. “Well, it was kind of a shitty place.”

“You picked it out, so we’re going back,” she retorted with a nod. “You see, I do these things and have enough footage to last a few weeks of postings, it’s quite nice. But if you’re too chicken to come with… I might just go by myself.”

Kol frowned and glared at her. “You wouldn’t dare! I’m not going to let you go there unprotected.”

She ruffled his hair as she took another sip of her tea before finally paying some attention to her bacon and eggs. “Jeremy can go play with the wonder box on the level above us.”

He looked interested and nodded. “Just promise you will keep them from attacking me. They could fuck around with Jeremy all they like.”

“Of course,” she smiled at him.

“When do you plan on recording this new intro then?” Klaus questioned. “We’ll have to do some cleaning up, then.’

“Tomorrow?” Bella shrugged as she looked at Kol. “What do you think?”

“Yeah,” Kol nodded. “We’re going to get you some clothes to wear at the sanatorium tonight; there’s no way I’ll allow you to wear that dress there, what if you get cut by something?”

“Sounds like you two have a long day ahead of your trip tonight. Do fill us in when you come tomorrow. I will sort out as many areas without identifying pieces for you in the meanwhile,” Klaus announced. “And do have lunch by Rousseau’s. You will enjoy it, Bella.”

“No long day. Just pants and a shirt to buy and then relaxation,” Kol said determined, knowing what he had witnessed with her the previous day. “Lunch maybe tomorrow or the day after that. Not today. No more messing with Bella’s pretty little head.” He then thought for a moment before shooting Jeremy a text message. “I’m sending Jeremy to see if he can get some information about the sanatorium, like this Anna and this Derek you spoke to yesterday, it’ll keep him busy until tonight.”

“Or he can wait with that until we have more stories, that way he can do everything at once.”

“What’s the fun in that?”

“He’s going in blind, not knowing who’s going to be waiting to surprise him,” she smirked.

“Yeah, but then WE are going in blind- oh wait, that’s the whole point,” he said as he shot Jeremy another message. ‘Belay that order, Wesley; the Captain doesn’t think it’s necessary at this point. See you tonight.’

Bella rolled her eyes at him before finishing her tea and started to collect the dirty dishes again, like she had two days ago for dinner.

“Please stop doing that,” Myriam said as she put her hands on Bella’s wrists. “You’re making me nervous. We have staff for this.”

“You compel them. It’s not right.”

“They are so we don’t have to pretend what we are, but they are paid handsomely,” Klaus informed. “The ones who provide fresh blood are paid even more if that pleases you to hear.”

Bella settled back against Kol and nodded. “It does make it a little better, I guess. I still don’t know exactly how I feel about all the blood, though I know and accept it comes with the territory of being involved with a vampire.”

“Aha!” Klaus smiled widely.

Kol blinked at her, unsure if she was aware of what she had said or not. Granted, there was involved, and then there was involved, and she certainly was involved with him, sharing his space and all. “That’s why I try not to have my blood in front of you, darling,” he said as he gently ran his finger up and down her arm. “I know you don’t like the sight of it.”

“I can’t get used to it if you hide it,” she reasoned. “Did you keep them in the guest room before I stayed with you?”

“No,” he smiled at her. “After our meeting and my invitation for you to come to my home, I acquired the fridge from the store below and put it in the guest room to store my blood. I’m quite… the glutton when it comes to the stuff.”

Bella was confused and searched her memory. “I haven’t seen you drinking it a lot the last couple days. What makes you say you’re a glutton?”

“Oh, but remember, you were home alone a few times. Also; when you were in the shower, I drank. Or when you were passed out on the couch.”

“You sound like an alcoholic trying to hide the alcoholism.”

“I’m a vampire. I need blood,” he pointed out.

“Then we’re going to move your bags into the normal fridge. I gather it’ll be blood bank grade and not contaminating the rest of the food?” Bella said resolutely. “I’m fine with it. No more hiding.”

“So, let’s finish up here, and we can begin our day. The sooner we can get out there, the sooner we can get back and rearrange things,” Kol hinted.

They didn’t stray far from the apartment, as they were only going to get some clothes for Bella. Of course, she was picky. He had already steered her away from the cheaper stores, but even then she wanted to look in the discount piles. But once he had made it clear they weren’t leaving the store unless she went to the other end, she reluctantly went over and browsed through the clothes. He could tell she saw so many things she liked, but that she fought the urge to get it – mainly because it was either not functional enough for their outings or because of the price. Kol got the items for her anyway after noticing her size on the clothes that she did pick.

He was appalled by the underwear she chose, but if she felt comfortable in them, he was going to have to deal with it and maybe convince Myriam to take her shopping once Kol and Bella had established a relationship. Maybe. Because Myriam would likely do it out of her own volition anyway.

Making his way over to another section, nearby Bella, he smirked as he held up a little white bikini. “How about this?”

She blinked at him, confused. “Why would I need a bikini?”

“Why not? You could always model it for me when you’re bored,” he answered suggestively. “Or cook dinner in it…”

She thought for a moment and then smirked. “And what? You’ll dress up as a lifeguard?”

“I can be your Mitch if you like. Sure,” he nodded like a demented bobblehead.

“I was more of a Matt girl,” she winked at him as she took the bikini and put it in the basket. “But deal, go get your red speedo.”

“What makes you think I don’t already have one?” He asked, moving in behind her to nip at her throat. “This will be so much fun with you living with me. Imagine the trouble we can find!”

Bella let out a slight giggle. “Kol, we’re in a clothes shop, try to behave,” she said before she turned to him. “I mean… our first time together will not happen in one of those cubicles.”

“No, of course not darling. I already have some thoughts as to that, but mum’s the word,” he smirked as he leered at her.

“Oh boy,” she muttered to herself before inspecting the contents of her basket. “I’ve got pants, shirts, underwear, the essentials. I think we’re done.”

“Great! Let’s check out and head home so we can get you settled in,” he said, excited for the future now.

When Bella stood at the counter with the lady scanning her items, Kol plopped another basket next to it, overflowing with the clothes that she had looked at before, liking it but not buying it. “What?”

“Just go with it, darling,” Kol smirked as he put his arm around her, looking at the lady at the counter. “Leave the pegs on, please, they need to be able to be hung in the closet.”

“C-closet?” Bella blinked at him.

“Yeah, you deserve your own side of the closet, and I’ve got enough space,” Kol grinned, electricity surging through his body, wanting to get Bella home so she could relax. In his arms. On the bed. Yep.

He carried the bags as they walked home, it was only a short walk, and Bella wasn’t entirely sure what was going on, but she was going with it. She wasn’t going to fight it, if, for some reason, this was meant to be, then it was that way. She had meant what she said the previous night; she needed Kol in her life. She could feel it, deep inside, but it was hard to explain.

As Kol opened the door and had her go inside first – with her walking up the stairs he had a great view, he smirked. “I definitely need to get you your own set of keys now.”


“Because you’re moving in! No way I’m going to miss out on this view…” his eyes firmly attached to her rear end.

She looked behind her and saw him stare at her ass. “Hey, I’m wearing a dress. Eyes up!”

“Such a pretty lovely, yes. You could just take it off,” he waggled his eyebrows as he turned his gaze upward. Kol definitely liked Bella more when she didn’t have to deal with other people like his siblings. She was more comfortable, at ease, and even flirtatious.

“Oh dear God,” Bella muttered, shaking her head as she walked into the livingroom. “My dad would have shot you for that remark.”

“He could if it makes him feel better, but he can’t kill me. Nik has the only weapon that can kill us,” he replied, dropping the bags and quickly made his way back to her and pulled her against him. “Enough speaking of your father. He’s across the country, and I have you here.”

“That’s true,” she smiled up at him. “We’re all alone… nobody to interrupt us…” At that exact moment, her phone rang. “Damnit,” she cursed as she reached for her backpack to get her phone out.

He raised an eyebrow, displeased as he had begun to lean in to properly kiss her finally. At seeing exactly who was calling he shook his head. “I’ll go – put your stuff away. Yeah, that sounds good.” And he bolted in a blink to the bedroom with her bags.

“Chicken!” Bella called after him before answering the phone, putting it on speaker as she slowly walked towards the closed bedroom door to lean against it. “Hey dad, how are you?”

You spent two weeks in a freaking convent to come to your senses after you were consumed by a dark entity and you don’t bother to tell me?!” Charlie’s voice bellowed through the phone. “Or call me after, telling me you’re alright?”

“Sorry? I’m doing okay, really. I’m in New Orleans now and just got in from doing some shopping,” she winced. “I know I should have called you, but everything moved so fast once I got here.”

Charlie huffed. “When Jake returned without you I wasn’t sure what to think, you should have called, Bella. You’re my girl. My precious little girl and having you out there in the world doing what you do without someone…”

Letting out a deep breath, she glanced towards the bedroom door. “I have someone here to protect me. His friend also joined up and we worked out an arrangement for everything, so I’m excited for what is to come.”

I need to vet these people, who are they?”

“Dad. Please, would you just trust me? They’ve done nothing but watch out for me since we met, and trust some of it was an argument. They are dead set on their agreement and have not let anything happen.”

So something has happened? Bella, I’m coming to get you. You’re coming home.”

She groaned loudly. “I am home now. I love it here, and everything is just easier. I don’t want to come back.”

I need to see you’re alright with my own eyes. Jake just spent a week locked in a shaman’s cabin to cleanse him from whatever ailed him. You meeting these two new people in your life, I need to make sure they’re trustworthy. I trust you, sweetheart, I do, but you’re my little girl.”

“All I need is my things to be sent down. I can give you the information, but we’re doing great here. Kol’s done nothing but treat me like some sort of royalty in making sure I have everything I need. Some of the spirits at our visit last night liked him, even with their pranks. I really am okay dad, for the first time that I can remember, I feel peace here.”

Charlie mumbled something. “Where are you staying?”

Bella bit her lip as she tried to think of how to avoid answering the question while she went over to the fridge to get something to drink. “I’m…erm…” Compared to her mother – who was a Doberman on crack – Charlie was like a big fluffy St. Bernard dog. A follower, thinking he was doing the right thing. But Bella knew why her dad was asking her where she was staying. He wanted to come and get her and take her home. And there was no way in hell she was going to allow it to happen. She had a chance of a real life now. She was living a real life with people who accepted who she was, who believed her.

Staying at someone’s house?”

“Kinda, sorta in a way…”

It was almost as if she could hear him narrowing his eyes at her. “Are you involved with someone? Bella, you’ve been in New Orleans for less than two weeks!”

“I can’t explain it but you know about the feelings I get, and it feels right. He’s great and believe me that I was unsure when I first met him, but he’s proved everything he told me by his actions in spades. I won’t hear of this anymore. If you can’t accept this, then I’m sorry Dad. I’m staying here and look forward to what comes with Kol.”

You doing drugs?”

“Jesus dad! Stop this now!” she exclaimed, turning around to find Kol leaning against the bedroom door frame in just his pants. “Uh-”

Kol waggled his eyebrows at her. “Hang up,” he mouthed.

“I gotta go, dad. Call you later,” she hurriedly babbled and hung up, still staring at him. “Uhh-”

“Yeah, I have to admit, I do look pretty damn good, don’t I?” He smirked as he motioned to his body. “Why won’t you come with me? You look like you could use some relaxation and darling, I know all the good spots,” he winked at her, holding out his hand.

“Umm….” she mumbled, making her way over, unable to peel her eyes off of him. She had woken up with him in bed with her that morning, but this just felt so much different. As soon as she was closer, she couldn’t help but reach up to touch him as he held her tightly. “You are evil.”

“You have no idea, Bella, you have no idea,” he whispered in her ear, sending vibrations through her body as he pulled her into the bedroom.

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