Chapter 05: Heist

Dr. Cullen was ready for the second phase of fixing her. He was giving her a treatment with the DNA of someone else; a Cold One. She wasn’t that smart, but her clients were and she remembered a conversation with a scientist who told her that the DNA of dead things were used to find out who they were by the police and rarely used in medicine. Science, sure, but not medicine.

Then again, Calypso knew she was Dr. Cullen’s favorite science project, what he did was mad science and not anything related to medical things. But he was so proud of her to endure the pain of the procedure, and that felt good, so the pain was not that bad. Tubes were sticking out of her body at the weirdest parts, but perhaps to make sure the procedure only had to be done once. To maximize her discomfort. She wasn’t sure what Dr. Cullen wanted from her anymore.

While she was hooked up onto those machines, he went over her training with her, and she answered appropriately like she always had. Her time in the dark room on her own had made her stop questioning everything, especially Dr. Cullen’s intentions. Everything he told her, everything he explained made sense. She was resigned to her fate now; her self-hatred would only be fuelling her passion in her job. Who ever in their right mind would have agreed to all of this?

She must have been in such a bad shape to have ever agreed to this. She had tried asking Dr. Cullen about her life before him, but he told her that it wasn’t important. It was more important to live in the here and now, and that he was incredibly proud of her for agreeing to go through the procedures again. Her old life wasn’t something she should keep herself with; it was over 150 years ago, and everyone she knew and loved was now dead.

Dr. Cullen was right yet again. The only one who truly cared for her was him.

She felt naked without the gifts he had given her, she wasn’t sure what to feel, how to act apart from what she was being taught. She believed that he had made a mistake, though, as she could feel some emotion coming off of him but she couldn’t quite place it. Her gift usually told her what the feeling was and how to exploit it, but now she wasn’t sure. She was lost.

She didn’t dare to tell him that she was still feeling his emotions. He’d get mad or disappointed, perhaps, because he had failed. Dr. Cullen never failed. He promised her that Edward was going to take care of her after he was done and that he had something special in mind for her, to celebrate her return. Calypso couldn’t wait.

Just as he was pulling out the tubes, a loud crashing and banging could be heard. She wasn’t supposed to react to it because she was safe with Dr. Cullen, but something was off with him, he was alerted, alarmed and quickly removed all of her tubings. “Princess, I don’t have time to stop the bleeding, but why don’t you go to our panic room and clean yourself up?”

“Of course, Dr. Cullen,” she replied as she slid off the bed, feeling a little light headed as she stumbled towards the door on the far side of the room, safe behind Dr. Cullen’s back as he had taken on a defensive stance while pressing the panic button on his phone. There was no doubt that Emmett would come soon. Calypso didn’t like Emmett; she needed to make herself scarce, so she didn’t have to see him.

Once she was in the panic room, not bigger than a janitorial closet, and closed the door behind her, sliding the deadbolts in place before turning on the light and finding the medical equipment to start cleaning herself up. She wasn’t scared; the Quileute wolves would try to raid the building every once in awhile after their wounds had been patched up. It wasn’t the first time she had seen the inside of this particular room, and likely not the last.

The banging and crashing came closer; shouting. Not Dr. Cullen’s voice and wolves didn’t yell. Had the Cullens made new enemies that she wasn’t aware of? How was that possible? They mostly kept to themselves and all contracts made between a client and them was rock solid. If anything, the client had to be afraid of them.

New enemies were scary. She could feel Dr. Cullen’s fear tremble inside her body, but there was also something else. Feelings coming from someone she recently had sex with. She couldn’t quite place them all, but the most important one being anger. She knew what anger felt like. Anger and fear. Disappointment. This person was incredibly angry.

“Mr. Mikaelson, do I have to remind you that Myriam and your brother didn’t want you to kill anyone?” A female voice sounded.

Mikaelson. Calypso gasped as she dropped what she was doing and crawled into a corner, out of sight. She remembered them. They were the reason she was damaged now, the reason why Dr. Cullen tried to rebuild her. Her heart was beating in her throat. She was fearful; she knew that Dr. Cullen couldn’t take on a Mikaelson vampire. They were older, faster and vengeful. While their concern for her had been genuine, she didn’t need it; it was unwanted.

Was this Mikaelson here to take her back? She didn’t want to leave, and they had to leave them alone. Getting to her feet, she grabbed a broom and broke it in half over her knee. Regular vampires didn’t like stakes. She wasn’t going down with a fight. Dizzy or not, if that door would be broken, she was going to fight.


Myriam’s cold one had managed to shoot her a message with their location. Myriam was pissed to find out that all this time, they were operating from an inconspicuous looking warehouse in Baton Rouge and upon hearing that, Kol took off. He was joined by Myriam’s A Team to get into the building and cause a lot of damage while their hacker destroyed their computers – but not after getting all the information off of them – and collecting the paper files on every single girl they had.

He compelled a handful of girls to leave and never to come back, to live their life unburdened and he was surprised it worked; it was evident that none of these girls had had the same treatment as Calypso. As Alina sent her team out, the orders were to take any other girl back to New Orleans for aftercare.

Kol just followed Calypso’s scent; it hadn’t been too hard to find her as there was only one laboratory area. There wasn’t supposed to be any killing. Death was merciful, taking everything away wasn’t, and he liked that idea very much. To destroy everything the Cullens built. Take their money and give it to charities or divide it between the girls into new bank accounts; payment for their years of having worked for the Cullens. Myriam was going to handle that.

All Kol needed to do was to get the girl that had fascinated both him and his brother. Alina had Carlisle Cullen on his knees, his hands behind his head and peacefully gave himself up. Willingly. Much like Myriam’s cold one had suspected he would. Calypso was close. Kol could still smell her. It didn’t take long to find her, though.

What point was there in hiding when a trail of blood lead to your hiding spot?

He rattled the door, finding it locked which wasn’t a problem for him. Taking a step back, he used his strength to kick it down, revealing the girl standing in front of him, all bloody like a naked warrior princess. She was naked. And she was brandishing a stake. She was armed but not dangerous.

“Hello, darling, remember me?”

“Stay back,” she warned him, holding up the stake. “I will not allow it to be taken away from my home again.”

“I don’t want to discuss this right now,” Kol retorted, taking a step inside the room. “The way I see it, there are three ways I could get you out of here.” She wasn’t attempting to influence him, either it was gone, or she was pretending it was gone. “One; you come with me peacefully. Two; you could try to push that stake into my chest, but I’m an Original Vampire, and it requires a particular kind of stake to put me down for good. Three; I will order you to come with me, and you can’t do anything to stop me, but I’d rather not do that since it’s likely that you’re in your own mind for the first time since forever.”

“I’m not leaving,” she said determined and launched herself at him.

She wasn’t a fighter. Without her gifts, she was a sloppy, weak human who happened to be immortal. He had her disarmed without any problems and threw the naked girl over his shoulder before finding a blanket and putting her down again to wrap her up and repeating the movement. Her tiny fists landing on his back repeatedly as he walked into the laboratory area. “Pack everything up, all his research, all his drugs. I have a feeling that we might need it for the girls.”

“And what are you going to do?” Alina demanded as she looked at the Original vampire. “You got the girl and leave the rest to us?”

“Of course.”

“You’re an asshole.”

“I know, darling,” Kol winked at her. “Just make sure that Myriam gets all the files you recover. I’m taking this one straight to Débauche.”

“What? Running?”

“She’s immortal, she’ll be okay,” he shrugged as he sped off. It was a good thing that he had the girl flung over his shoulder and that her head was somewhere down his back as he ran because the girl had a set of pipes. Kol was pretty sure he’d have a ringing in his ears if he had carried her in his arms with her head on his shoulder.

She was shivering in his arms by the time he casually walked through the doors of Débauche, and he casually sauntered up the stairs, her screaming had stopped by the time they entered New Orleans, her voice sounding raw and hurt. Instead of hitting his back she had grabbed hold of his shirt to make sure she wouldn’t fall off, but somewhere along the way she had lost her blanket.

He didn’t care, and she didn’t seem to care, either. She had resigned to her fate, or at least that’s what it appeared; Kol knew that she was a crafty one, she had to be kept an eye on. He brought her to the room she’d previously been in, and Myriam and Klaus were on their heels. When he set her down on her feet, he could see that her wounds had closed and that all that remained of whatever Carlisle had been doing to her was dried blood.

Calypso’s face spoke volumes. She was pissed.

It wasn’t until Myriam closed the door, locking her in with three vampires, that she angrily stomped towards the bathroom to clean herself up. Kol grinned as he sat down on the couch. “She’s got some spark.”

“How is she doing?” Myriam asked as she leaned against the door. They had double checked to see if there were any possible ways if she could escape from her room, but other than the door, they had it covered. Myriam didn’t like the idea of having to keep her locked in for a while, but this was the only way she could ensure the girl’s safety.

“I caught her after Carlisle was done doing something to her,” Kol replied. “Hiding in their ‘panic room,’ cleaning herself up. She wanted to assault me with a stake. That was cute.”

“You reckon you were in time?”

“I think she’s entirely human without any additives but a lot of deprogramming work ahead of her. It might be easier to compel her, but perhaps we should hold off with that for now. This might be one of the first times since forever that she’s in her own mind and in control, despite her adoration for the Cullens.”

“I agree, but perhaps it wouldn’t be too bad to use compulsion. We just have to make sure that we don’t fuck it up,” Myriam retorted looking at both Mikaelson brothers. “It needs to be done delicately.”

“I agree with Kol,” Klaus spoke up. “We’ll see how she does without compulsion, figure out how we can help her. Give her some time. Perhaps show her through our actions that she shouldn’t fear us.”

“While you do that, I’ll await the arrival of the files from the warehouse. Jasper told me that Carlisle liked to document everything, so perhaps it’ll make it a lot easier for us to help everyone.”

“There are perhaps ten new girls coming this way, they were unable to be compelled, and I didn’t bother to assess the rest of their mental state. They weren’t my priority,” Kol replied with a shrug. “I’ll make sure she gets some rest on her return from the bathroom.”

“You’re not going to take advantage of this girl, Kol,” Klaus growled. “I swear, if you-”

“Nik! I do have the capability to care, you know. People actually like me. I can’t help it that you never get to see that side of me because we’re always fucking shit up. Witches like me, how do you think that happened? Because I was nice!” Kol spat at him. “Now, get out and wait for the others to come.”

Klaus narrowed his eyes on his younger sibling.

“Nik, I give you my word.”

“Let him try,” Myriam was amused by the two brothers. While Klaus was right in not wanting to leave his brother alone with the girl, Kol was also right. From what she could tell, Kol had never been given the opportunity to show off this side of him, and he seemed to be more than willing to. She poked Klaus and pointed to the security camera. “Big sister is watching anyway. If he does pull anything, I’ll break his dick.”

Kol scrunched his nose. “I used to know a baby vamp like that. Her name was Isa, and she liked to break dicks.”

“What happened to her?”

“I killed her. Nobody breaks my dick and gets away with it. Once is cute, twice is a menace.”

Klaus grabbed his brother from the couch and threw him across the room. “You will not harm a hair on Myriam’s head, do you understand?”

Kol scowled as he got back up on his feet, seeing Calypso peek around the corner of the bathroom. Rubbing his head, he looked at his brother. “Weren’t you two supposed to leave?”

“Behave,” Klaus pointed at his brother before he and Myriam left the room.

Kol let out a breath and walked to the closet to see if there were some clothes in it that Calypso could wear. While he had promised not to do anything, it was harder with her prancing around all naked. He found a pair of fuzzy pajamas and walked over to her. “Here,” he said kindly. “These look comfortable enough.”

Calypso curiously eyed the fuzzy garments in her hands. “It’s pink.”


“I hate pink,” she said as she looked at the offending pajamas in disdain.

“Okay, so now we know that you hate pink. Just put it on, I’ll get you something else tomorrow,” he smiled at her, turning around to give her some privacy. At least she was somewhat cooperating and vocalizing what she wanted.

“You put it on,” she replied before he could feel her throw the pajamas at him.

“Fine,” he turned around and undid his pants before handing it to her. He was wearing boxer shorts so he was pretty sure Nik wouldn’t burst into the room and giving him another flying lesson. He pulled on the pink pajama pants and had to rip it just a little to get him inside of them, and it was fucking uncomfortable. His dick was in the way of the seam of the pants, but after a little bit of rearranging the goods, he was all right.

Calypso had put on his pants instead, and she was eagerly awaiting for his shirt, her hand was already out to grab it from him. Sighing, he pulled his shirt over his head before parting with it and squirmed into the tight fitting pajama shirt. “Happy?”

“You look beautiful,” she said with a tiny smile on her face as she walked past him and sat down on the couch.

Kol glared up to the security camera and mouthed that if his brother was taking screenshots to send to their siblings, he was going to kill Myriam. He then turned around and walked over to the chair to sit down, his face pinching as the pajamas rode up his rear and cut into his groin. “Hi, I’m Kol Mikaelson. We’ve met before, but that was under completely different circumstances.”

“Those pajamas look comfortable,” she deadpanned, hugging the shirt she was wearing.

“Yes, would you like to try them on?”

“No,” again, a small smile appeared on her lips. “They look good on you.”

Kol stuck out his tongue to her. “Want me to tell me your name?”


“Nope, not that name. Your real name.”

She shifted a little uneasy in her seat, her head down looking at her hands that had now migrated to her lap. “I can’t. I’m not allowed to.”

“Darling, you’re free of them now. As you and I are talking, their entire organization is being taken down. You’re free. It’s alright to tell me your name; they can’t hurt you here.”

“My name is Calypso,” she said again, her head lifted and her eyes filled with fire. “You can’t hold me here against my will.”

“I got into these pink pajamas for you; you better give me something.”


He narrowed his eyes on her. While it was tempting, she wasn’t offering it willingly; she was offering it as a self-defense mechanism, and it was likely that she was going to bite into it before running off. “No. Aren’t you tired after the day you’ve had? What was he doing to you anyway?”

Calypso shrugged. “Doing something to my body to change it, I suppose. Preparing it for something else. I’m ordinary now; I’m of no use to anybody like this.”

“Nonsense,” Kol huffed. “Surely there’s something you like to do, and you’re good at? Apart from great sex?”

“I like to cook.”

“Oh, I’ve been told about your culinary prowess! Lemon pie, was it?”

She nodded then, the small smile she previously had returning. “Want me to make it for you?”

“How about tomorrow? For now, you rest up. Tomorrow we will take over the kitchen, and we’re going to make all the pies you want, what do you think?”


“It’s a promise.”

“Can I keep wearing this?” She tugged on the shirt and the pants, and he sighed before nodding. “Thank you,” she replied with a smile before making her way from the couch to the bed. Kol watched her crawl into the bed and bury herself in the blankets.

He reluctantly got up from the chair, hearing the pants rip even further before quietly making his way out of the room dressed like an idiot. Oh, his brother was going to love this.


Klaus tried hard not to laugh when his brother entered Myriam’s office wearing the bright pink pajamas. Kol had gone somewhere he would have never gone himself, and apparently, it had worked; the girl had settled. He felt slightly worried for Myriam, though, because despite his brother telling him not to take any screenshots, he didn’t say anything about Myriam.

And Myriam happened to have Kol’s phone as he had left it on her desk when he went to get Calypso.

“And sent! Oh, this is golden!” Myriam said as she dropped Kol’s phone in his hands with a big smile on her face. “Your sister thinks you look like one of those My Little Ponies. Marcel tells you to come by his place for a change of clothes.”

“Gee, thanks,” Kol remarked sarcastically. “Thanks a lot.”

“Oh, cheer up, Kol,” Klaus mused. “You’re right; nobody sees this side of you unless they’re witches. This is one event to document!”

“Fuck off, Nik,” he snapped. “I’ll be back later. I’m going for a change of clothes and make sure that the kitchen upstairs is fully stocked for tomorrow.”

“What’s tomorrow?” Myriam asked, curiously. “That kitchen upstairs is fully stocked, you know.”

“She likes to cook, and she hates pink. That’s all I know. We’re going to make pies tomorrow.”

“Not just Lemon, I hope,” Myriam flinched. While she had tasted the pie, she didn’t like lemon at all. “Banana cream pie!”

Klaus groaned, knowing exactly what she wanted to do with that banana cream pie. “Do what you must, Kol. The other girls are en route here, and Myriam’s team is waiting for them. We’re expecting the first part of the paperwork to arrive shortly.”

“Need help with that? Or can I continue sucking up to Marcel so that I can take this city back for you?”

He was quiet for a moment as he watched the security cameras, Calypso was still in bed, seemingly fast asleep. “I would prefer it if you’d stay here instead of going to Marcel after your… change of clothes and shopping. Help with sorting through the paperwork, finding your girl’s. If she does wake up and panics, I want you to be here to soothe her.”

Kol smiled proudly. He couldn’t believe that his brother was trusting him with her, but he was glad that he did. Now that the girl had lost her special abilities, it was remarkably easy to be around her and relax. He couldn’t wait to get to know her better, get her out of her shell more. “Very well. I’ll be back in a bit then.”



  1. Yeah, you know, I wanted to kill them but I thought Meeko wanted them alive for once. Turns out, she doesn’t. Only Jasper needed to survive. So that gives me more plot developments later on, I suppose! <3

  2. I hope the cullens are dead lol i’m sorry i hate them lol. and kol dressed in pink?? i almost fell down from laughing. Only bella could get him to do that. Update again soon I want to know if her gifts will come back and what will happen when more of her memories come back and when she is finally faced with true freedom. Update again soon!

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