Chapter 31: Purple Bonfire

Elijah blinked at his brother. “You do?” All vampires needed to wear a daylight ring, Original or not, to protect them from the fire. Niklaus didn’t have to wear one anymore due to his hybrid nature now unbound, but that was quite special and rare these days.

Kol nodded. “For the same reason Nik doesn’t have to. Bella’s a hybrid. Or a tribrid, even, like Hope.”

“Explain yourself.”

“It makes sense, really,” Kol sighed, not believing how dimwitted his brother was. “Think, Elijah. I’m pretty sure even your lovely lady would know the answer,” he said as he winked at Myriam. “Hi, darling, allow me to properly introduce myself-”

“No need,” Myriam said curtly. “I know who you are. Now speak.”

Kol held up one finger. “One. She’s not a witch, but she’s from a line of Travelers, imbued by their magic to be a singer to the Cold Ones, which makes her a supernatural being,” he said as he held up another finger. “Two. She survived a Cold One’s venom, leaving a scar on her wrist. No doubt there was still a little bit of venom in there, but in my book, this happening makes her pretty special as well. Which brings us to three; we all know that physical ailments get healed when a person turns. I believe that when she turned into a vampire, her body absorbed the magic, the venom, that was in that scar because this morning, the scar wasn’t there anymore.”

“And you believe that this venom ensured Bella’s safety in the sun?” Elijah asked, curious.

“It must be. I mean, I don’t know for sure until Freya can perform a spell to check her over, but that’s my theory, yes. We’re all in uncharted territory with her. I’ve never encountered something like her before,” he shrugged. “Not to mention, all singers had a special thing about them. Their own strength, their own ability. For instance, Carmen, who was responsible for the initial culling of the Cold Ones way back when, used her voice to destroy them. Bella’s mind is a fortress, nobody can get in, or get a proper read on her. Now, this could be because of the Traveler spell, of course, but there’s no denying that she is very smart and cunning.”

“All nice and all, but shouldn’t we focus on finding her first?” Myriam said as she poured herself another glass of alcohol.

“If she’s truly a huntress, she’d go where the Cold Ones are hiding out. It’s likely the Bayou, due to its copious amount of shade that the trees provide,” Elijah offered.

“Go,” Freya said tiredly. “I’ll hold down the fort.”

“Yeah, hold on, I need to get something out of Nik’s and Bella’s bedroom first,” Kol said after being overwhelmed by the smell of marshmallows for some reason.


Bella was sitting in a discarded lawn chair that she had found, watching the fire crackle in front of her. She was proud of herself, she felt accomplished and elated. She felt how the fire warmed her bones and she wished she were a cat, lazily yawn and curl up enjoying the heat. Get her belly rubbed. Purr like a kitten. Perhaps offer Myriam to go work for her again now that Klaus was gone because like a cat in heat, Bella needed to fuck someone’s brains out.

That someone would likely be Kol, though. She’d already felt the pull towards him on the Ancestral Plane, as if she needed to look after him, take care of him, fuck him mercilessly and make sure that he didn’t do anything stupid. He was hot. He was delicious and he was so adorably cute when he saw her naked.

Perhaps Klaus would forgive her if she’d accidentally fall onto Kol’s dick while she was naked. Revenge. Kol would be a better idea than to go back to Débauche, wouldn’t it? Sure, he was Klaus’ brother, but at least Klaus knew him? And Klaus couldn’t kill Kol, not as long as Bella had the last remaining White Oak in her possession and Klaus would never be able to find it. She hid it well.

She licked her lips as she stretched herself and slipped her hand inside her pants. Hell yeah, she was going to satisfy herself while watching the bonfire. She earned it. And it didn’t take her long to get to the point of no return, she could feel her fingers touch every nerve, every cell, in her body and it set her on fire like the fire in front of her and she came hard, her moan echoing through the Bayou. Bella was so proud of herself.

With a big grin on her face, she licked her fingers as she watched Kol and Elijah approach the bonfire. “Well, that took you long enough,” she commented.

“Are you alright?” Elijah asked worried. “Was that you just now?”

“Oh, Elijah, don’t go there,” Kol said in a hushed voice, admiring the bonfire instead. “What’s this, Bella? Four Cold Ones?”

“Five!” She replied with a wide grin. “Or six, I don’t know. Wasn’t paying that much attention. But I should have brought marshmallows, I mean, this is a great purple bonfire.”

Kol tossed the bag into her lap. “Would you please tell one of us where you’re going next time? You had us all scared. Even Nik called-”

“Screw Klaus,” she said angrily as she tore open the bag and popped a marshmallow in her mouth. “He’s not here and he doesn’t have a say in what I can and can’t do. He left and took his floozy of a one night stand with him and his daughter, the most important things in the world.”

Kol quickly glanced over to Elijah, both knowing that she was right. Despite the heightened emotions she was probably – likely – experiencing, she was right. “But he did it to protect you.”

Bella huffed. “If he wanted to protect me, he would have taken me along or stayed. Not this and now he needs to be taught a lesson.”

“But you love him, don’t you?” Elijah asked, feeling his phone violently vibrate in his pocket, no doubt Niklaus was trying to get his attention.

She let out a long, drawn out sigh and rubbed her head. “I do, but that doesn’t mean that what he’s done is right. Or what he’s done in the last few weeks is right. Wow, I’m such a pushover.” She wrinkled her nose in disgust. “Oh, I’m such a rubbish person, that’s just… wow. But hey, look, burning Cold Ones!”

“Want to hunt down some more?” Kol asked as he walked around to see if she was doing alright. “Or would you like to do something else?” Like Elijah, he was ignoring the phone in his pocket. His brother shouldn’t complain, he told them to find her and now they had.

“Nah, I’m tired. I want to curl up and die. Or take a bath. Or get annoyed by Hope’s crying, oh wait,” Bella scratched her head in confusion. “What the fuck is going on?” She growled as she looked at Elijah and Kol. “Am I experiencing Klaus’ feelings?”

“I don’t know, are you?” Kol was intrigued as he squatted down in front of her. “You feel his annoyance at Hope?”

“And me. And I don’t know, I can’t differentiate right now. Oh, bloody hell, this is just grand,” she popped a marshmallow into her mouth. “Take me to Freya, because even I know that this isn’t normal,” she sighed as she got up from the deck chair. “I will kill her if she can’t do a spell to check me over, just so you know.”

“No, you won’t,” Kol snorted. “Wait!” He got his phone out and smirked. “Strike a pose next to the bonfire, we’ll send Nik a picture.”

Bella raised an eyebrow. “Seriously? You want me to vogue? I’d need my cone bra, and last time I checked, Myriam had borrowed it from me and never returned it.”

Elijah made a mental note of hunting that thing down and destroying it as he absentmindedly read his brother’s messages. They went from patient to impatient to even all caps. “Perhaps we should risk it to bring Niklaus back, at least until we’ve sorted this out.”

“No!” Bella picked up a burning finger and threw it at Elijah with excellent aim. “He can go fuck himself. And I swear, if he puts his dick into Hayley, I will cut off his dick and feed it to him.”

“Okay,” Kol said patronizingly as he put an arm around her. “Let’s get you home and in a calm, serene state before you do something you’ll regret.”

“I’m hungry.”

“We’ll find you a bad guy.”

“I ate a rapist earlier,” she smirked as she put her arm around his waist and followed him with a bounce in her step. “Don’t worry, I was discreet and they’ll find his body in a dumpster… I might have done some overkill by bashing in his face but… he was raping this girl, you see and…”

“No need to justify sticking up for other women, darling, you’ve done great.”

Elijah watched as Kol dragged Bella off, away from the fire and hopefully back to the compound and once he was certain they were out of earshot, he decided to return his brother’s messages by calling him. “Niklaus, we have her.”

Don’t lose her again!”

He sighed as he ran a hand over his face. “We won’t, but tell me, are you experiencing mood swings?”

We’re currently at a car dealership because I became so frustrated that I accidentally ruined the car when I kicked against the tire, breaking the chassis. I’m experiencing surges of power I cannot begin to understand and mood swings cannot even begin to describe, variating from being disgusted with myself for what I’ve put Bella through to…”


Wanting to fuck my bloody brother, what the hell is going on, Elijah?”

“We’re going to find that out, don’t you fret,” he replied. One part of him was amused, but the rational part of him was clearly not. It wasn’t as if they could use another complication to their lives. “Oh, Niklaus, what have you done?”

What have I done?! Wasn’t it your pestering that caused me to turn her?”

His brother was right about that. “Clearly we shouldn’t have allowed Bella to trust Kol so blindly on the prophecy and should have looked into it more.”

Clearly. Fix it.”

“Of course.”

And Elijah, please, if what I’m feeling is coming off of Bella, keep her away from Kol.”

“Don’t you trust her to stay faithful to you, brother?”

She IS from the Petrova bloodline, Elijah, and she’s bloody pissed at me for what I’ve put her through. I do trust her, and I trust her instincts, and right now, she seems to have formed a bond with our newly resurrected brother and I do not wish to entertain the idea that she’ll soon be screwing him.”

“Do have some faith in Kol, Niklaus. He’s trying his best to deflect her,” Elijah said soothingly. “This is only day one of her turning and as Kol had said before we found her, we’re in new territory here.”

I do have faith in our brother, Elijah, but you know as well as I do what kind of effect Petrova’s tend to have on us. Do I need to remind you of Tatia? Katherine? Even young Elena struck a chord with us even if we do not wish to entertain that idea.”

“They’re distant cousins. Your paranoia is getting the better of you.”

Mark my words, Elijah, before this week is over, Kol and Bella will have had sex and there’s nothing I can do to stop it.”

“Myriam suggested that Bella should stay at Débauche for the time being.”


“Unfortunately, Bella’s a grown woman who can make her own decisions, I sincerely doubt she’ll tolerate it if we’d tell her to go back to the club.”

Fix this, Elijah.”

“What if there’s no fixing?” The silence on the other end of the line said enough. “We’ll try our best, Niklaus, now, be safe and don’t try to murder people. And don’t send us messages all the time. The whole point of disappearing is less contact.”

With a growl, Klaus disconnected the call and looked at Hayley. “We shouldn’t have left.”

“Yeah well, it’s too late now. You wanted your siblings to clean up your mess, now they’re going to. Let’s go, I found us a new car.”


Kol made sure that Bella was well fed before going back to compound, and even he joined in on the festivities. She had quite the appetite for a new vampire and she knew what to do. She had explained that when living with vampires for a couple of years, you’re bound to pick up a thing or to. She was probably right. At least she wasn’t much on edge anymore after their feeding frenzy and she promised to behave. Much like an overfed baby, she was tired and would do whatever.

It was likely that she’d gone out on her own doing her hunting part too soon, that it had drained her before she could fully recharge her batteries. He tucked her into bed when they returned and once she was asleep, he let Freya perform a couple of spells to see if she could detect what was going on, but it was likely that they’d have to find their answers somewhere else. Italy, perhaps. In the midst of all the evil. Oh, nobody but Bella was going to like that idea; to go to the source of all evil. Their kings.

Kol trusted Elijah and Freya to keep an eye on Bella while he popped in with Davina for a little. Davina was, of course, his girlfriend. Yes, he had said to Bella on the Ancestral Plane that he was likely going to kill her but now that he was with her in the flesh, it was different. He had thought Davina would refuse him anyway, no matter what she had said when she came to see him, but she hadn’t. And her heart was simply beautiful.

And honestly, a sleeping Bella couldn’t do any harm.


Myriam watched anxiously as Freya prepared for her spells to perform on Bella. She couldn’t believe that there was something wrong with her friend – her daughter, in a way – and that whatever was going on was only temporary. That was her hope.

But Elijah was right, too. Bella was something special. It was something that she and Klaus had already known when Bella came knocking for help, to hide from the Cold Ones but now that it was actually happening, it was frightening. There wasn’t much known about what Bella was, and that bothered her. What if nobody could learn how to live with whatever power was released when she turned and Bella had to leave New Orleans? Myriam didn’t want that.

“Relax,” Elijah said as he watched Myriam pace the bedroom. “You’re making Freya nervous.”

“I don’t get nervous, brother,” Freya remarked playfully. “But I do appreciate the sentiment.”

“How could he do this, Elijah? Why did you allow Niklaus to leave? Bella is his to take care of, not you and your family’s.”

“Myriam, she is family. And she knows that when you’re a part of our family, you’d have to make certain sacrifices.”

“Yes, but not like this,” she growled in response. “When she wakes up, I’m going to talk to her and see if she wishes to come to the club in Klaus’ absence. You simply do not abandon family. If Niklaus truly cared about her-”

“He does.”

“Well, he has an awful way of showing that!”

Freya frowned at that. “I thought you and Klaus know each other for a very long time, Myriam. Aren’t you supposed to be friends and business partners?”

“All the more reason why I’m allowed to cut off his balls and serve them on a platter for him to eat,” she replied. “Yes, we’re friends. We were lovers, we were…” she looked at Elijah. “We were, we’re not now. No. But it does give me an excellent insight in Klaus’ psyche and even for him, leaving his gorgeous girlfriend to transition without him, this is pretty low.”

“You have to understand, he needed to disappear.”

“He could have waited a couple more days,” she replied grumpily and crossed her arms over her chest. “And don’t you even dare asking me if I want to have a date night soon. You’re not getting any either.”

“What did I do?”

“You’re the brother of the asshole who left my girl all by herself with a bunch of idiots who can’t even track her.”

“Sorry, brother, seems like we’re all guilty by association,” Freya said amused. “Now, quiet and give me a few minutes to see if I can detect anything without getting a headache from that shield of hers.” She started to cast a spell. “There’s definitely some extra magic around her after her turning,” she said calmly. “Ties to-”

Freya couldn’t finish her sentence as she was knocked back by a magical barrier and before anyone could react, Bella was awake and on top of Freya, her hands around Freya’s neck and squeezing her throat shut. “Stop putting your nose into things that don’t concern you!” Bella spat as she could feel Freya trying to push her away with her magic. “Oh, that doesn’t work on me, you stupid little cunt.”

“Enough!” Kol rushed in, half dressed and pulled Bella off of his sister, throwing Bella against the wall across the room. When Bella didn’t even flinch and started to charge again, he intercepted her and wrapped his arms around her, tightly, lifting her off her feet so she couldn’t gain traction. “You need to calm down, darling,” he said calmly to the wriggling little vampire in his arms. “She’s only doing what we wanted her to do, remember?”

“I don’t want it! Let me go!”


Elijah fed his sister some of his blood to heal her bruised throat and helped her to her feet. “Are you alright, Freya?”

“Let me go, Kol! I have your brother’s White Oak toy, let me go or I’ll find it and shove it into your chest cavity when you’re asleep!”

“Aw, that’s cute, darling,” Kol purred with a grin on his face. “I’m still not letting you go. Now, if the three of you could just leave, I can work on calming her down.”

Freya immediately walked over to the bar once they were downstairs in the courtyard. She was a little shaken and aggravated at the same time. “Klaus has created a monster.”

Myriam poured herself a large glass of alcohol as well before deciding on taking the entire bottle with her to the couch and left the glass on the bar. She’d never seen Bella like that before. She knew that Bella could be temperamental, but as a new vampire with her emotions still all over the place? “I doubt that the club’s magic will be able to contain her,” she said, still a little bit shell shocked. “Who is that in that bedroom? Is that truly Bella?”

“Unfortunately, yes,” Elijah sighed and tiredly rubbed his eyes. “And so far, only Kol managed to get through to her. It appears that that part of her prophecy was more literal than we thought it’d be. More… linked. We’re not certain, of course, that’s why Freya did the spell.”

“You had one hell of a day.”

“It’s not over yet. Her rage reminds me of newborn Cold Ones. They’re stronger, faster and more relentless than older vampires. It eventually wears off, but until it does, they’re pretty much untouchable.”

“Can’t Peter help out?”

“He’s a Cold One. Bella might actually end up killing him,” Freya groaned as she knocked back another glass. “Trust me, if he thought he’d be of any help, he’d be here. He likes to feel wanted and appreciated.”

“All we need to do is endure her for a little longer, take care of Tristan to make sure he won’t be able to throw a wrench in our plans and take care of any enemy of Niklaus coming our way.”

Myriam eyed her lover. “The temper tantrums of a newborn Cold One usually last for about a year. Are you sure you want to endure her that long, Elijah? Who knows how long Niklaus will be gone for?”

“Seriously?” Freya shot at her brother.

“You know what, Elijah? For the entire duration of you having to endure Bella’s temper tantrums, you and I will not have intercourse.”


“You heard me, Cherie,” Myriam said with a playful smile on her lips.

Elijah’s head snapped to the entrance to the courtyard after hearing footsteps. “Davina,” he let out a breath and got to his feet. “What are you doing here?” He was still not happy with her, for what she’d done to him and most importantly, to Niklaus. But she’d also reunited his family by resurrecting his brother Kol, so his feelings for her were a little mixed. “What can we do for you?”

“Is Kol here?”

“He’s upstairs in Niklaus’ bedroom,” he replied calmly and pointed upstairs.

“Good,” she said as she continued to march deeper into the compound and went up the stairs.

“Should we at least tell her what he’s doing?” Myriam offered, a little bit concerned for the young witch’ safety.

“No,” Freya smirked. “Although I wouldn’t mind having a front row seat to whatever is going to happen up there.”

“Yes, however, I do believe we’ll be safer down here,” Elijah added as he took the glass that Myriam left on the bar and took a sip from it. “The things we do for family.”



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