06: Responsibility

[The Abattoir, French Quarter, New Orleans. January 21th, 2020. 10:01 am]

Bella hadn’t wanted to go, but Kol insisted that they should go to the witches’ ball. To mingle and to network while keeping an eye on Davina. She might have drunk a little too much for her liking to make sure she was not going to do anything stupid while Kol did what he did best, charm the pants off people and gather information.

Whenever a woman became a little too handsy with her soon-to-be husband, Bella gave that person a slight nudge with her gift to make sure she’d stay clear of him. That had been her entertainment and now, the morning after, she regretted having drunk so much.

Bella indulged in a nice, fatty omelet for breakfast with the entire family with extra bacon to soothe her headache a little bit and sighed happily when she felt it starting to have the desired effect on her. Nina was playing with her food, but with new foods on her place for her to try, it wasn’t so bad. The girl was brave enough to at least stick it in her mouth before discarding it as food and use it as a toy.

“Have you bought your dress yet?” Rebekah asked as she looked at Bella. “Your wedding is a month away; you honestly need to start arranging more things for it.”

“Why? We’re having the wedding here in the courtyard.”

“Okay, fine, but what are you two going to wear? Kol a tux, of course, but you? What about you? What’s the theme of your wedding day? I need to know that at least so I can start on decorations.”

Bella looked at Kol, utterly clueless. They hadn’t talked about this, really, mostly because living in the moment had ruined their long-term decision making. They liked living like that. The plan was, not to have their wedding all mapped out and come up with it on the fly. But maybe that wasn’t a good thing for weddings.

“How about something romantic?” Kol offered with a shrug. “You know, pastels and other things people get to expect at a wedding?” He then winked at Bella, showing her exactly what he had planned. They knew each other so well that she knew that he was up to something and played along.

“That’s everything in white and ugly flowers, brother,” Rebekah shot at him.

“It’s actually not a bad idea,” Bella said with a grin. “A conventional wedding.”

“You two are far from conventional. You’re exceptional.”

“Exactly,” Kol grinned widely. “Yes, great idea. Fuck with everyone’s heads.”

Rebekah was quiet for a moment as she observed her brother’s and his betrothed faces before grinning widely. If they were going for a conventional wedding, then a traditional wedding they shall have. Old fashioned big dress, the works.

“Over my dead body, sister,” Klaus snarled. “They deserve more than that.”

“But it’s what they want, Nik, and they shall get it.”


Kol just grinned at his siblings while Bella handed Nina a little bit of omelet to try. “No, a conventional wedding, sounds great,” he said with a nod. “Go for it, sister.”

“Kol,” Klaus said furiously. “This is your wedding we’re talking about, don’t screw it up.”

“Well, okay. How about a horse drawn carriage for us to arrive in? We’ll get picked up a couple of blocks away from here.”

“What’s the point in that? You’re already here!”

“Exactly.” Kol took a sip of his tea and smirked. “On top of that, I suggest Bella and Rebekah go dress shopping today. If she can’t find anything suitable, there’s still plenty of time to make one.”

Or pick a dress Rebekah likes and then do my own thing later, Bella added in thought and nodded. She’d suffer through dress fittings for this.

“But you hate shopping for clothes,” Rebekah blinked.

“Like you said, it’s my wedding. I’m willing to suffer through dress fittings if it means that I look pretty on my wedding day for my lovely husband. Only for him to rip it off during our first night as husband and wife,” Bella said casually and polished off her omelet. “Shall we go? I’m sure that Nina would love some Daddy time.”

“Yep! We’re going to the zoo, and we’re taking Hope with us.”

“Moo!” Nina giggled as she munched on the food that her mom had just given to her.

[The Abattoir, French Quarter, New Orleans. February 19th, 2020. 2:49 pm]

The jitters were getting there, Bella had insisted on telling herself that her wedding to Kol was just an ordinary day she could spend with people she loved. When Klaus suggested they’d invite all the figureheads of the supernatural community as well and then added more people to the list, she had started to freak out just a little.

She was glad that her mother and Phil would arrive soon enough; Charlie would come later that day so that she could spend time with her and get her mind off of things. When she thought about it, she hadn’t seen her parents in years. Both of her parents. Sure, they had spoken over the internet a few times but other than that, not really.

Come to think of it, had she even mentioned that she had been pregnant? Or given birth?

And wasn’t it about time that she told her parents what she was? What their grandchild was? Would be best, considering that the wedding party would consist of mostly supernatural creatures who were used to being out and open. Bella groaned and tried not to think about that for the time being as she decided to get the jitters out of her system.

Turning on the radio in the room she shared with Kol and Nina, she started to dance along to the current song playing. It was a song from the nineties, the Spice Girls, and once she caught Nina’s eye, the toddler started to laugh so loud that it was even better. Nina pulled herself up and waddled over to her mother so she could dance along with her. Her baby girl’s dancing consisted of her trying to stay balanced on her feet while bobbing her head along to the music.

Bella loved moments like these, just her and Nina while Kol was out running some last minute errands for things that the both of them had planned. It wasn’t until the music was turned off that Bella stopped and looked at the door, revealing a grinning Klaus and her mother and Phil looking as if they had seen a miracle. “Hi!” Bella laughed and hugged her mother tightly. “You’re here! Oh my God, it’s been too long, mom!” She then noticed Charlie behind them and flung into his arms to give him a big hug. “Oh, you arrived together! How awesome!”

She realized that she had been having so much fun with Nina, that she had forgotten how bad she needed the bathroom. “Look after Nina for me, I need to pee. Kol will be back soon.” She then turned around and ran to the toilet, causing Nina to giggle.

“Unun,” the girl made her way over to Klaus with raised arms and squeezed her fists together as if to make grabby hands for him to pick her up. “Up?”

“Alright, little bit,” Klaus laughed as he lifted up the girl before meeting the gaze of the three parents in Bella’s life. “Well, I suppose that leaves me to introduce you to Nina, of course.”

“Oh, great! Hope has a sister!” Reneé smiled widely. “Does Bella look after her a lot?”

“Bloody hell,” he muttered as he glared over his shoulder where his sister-in-law disappeared. “Nina is my niece, Mrs. Dwyer.”

“Oh, so she’s babysitting for one of your siblings?” Reneé asked instead.

Charlie huffed. “It’s the day before her wedding and they have her babysitting?”

The hybrid drew in a deep breath, cursing Bella for not having informed her parents about the birth of her parents’ grandchild. “Why would she be babysitting anyone’s child? Especially so close to such a date? When was the last time she actually spoke to either of you?”

“Yes, exactly,” Charlie said, nodding. “Oh, let’s see… for me it was three years ago when she came to visit.”

“And nothing since then?” Klaus questioned incredulously.

“You know how Bella gets, she’s a free spirit, just like her mother.”

He blinked in shock and aggravation. “Not for something such as a child! I ought to have Marcel remind her of some lessons of family… Nina is Isabella’s child.”

Bella peeked around the corner from the bathroom door. “I forgot to tell them, didn’t I?” She winced.

“You have a lot of explaining to do Isabella,” Klaus replied evenly as he eyed her. “I’ll care for Nina while you sit with them. We will be back in a few hours. Best of luck Love!” He gave her a small wave, not wishing to drop the child as he held her securely to him. “Say Bu-bye to Mummy, Niñette.”

“Bye, Mummy!” Nina waved before giving Klaus a wet kiss on his cheek.

“What?” Bella said as she walked back into the room. “It’s easy to make a kid, it takes two people having sex, they know that. They made me!” She called after him as she saw the both of them walk away. She then saw the angry looks on her parents’ faces and sighed. “I’m sorry. Surprise, you’re grandparents?”

Yeah, she was in trouble.

She took her parents to the courtyard, out in the open where it was safe. Surely they wouldn’t raise their voices that much if everyone could hear them? One of the servants that Klaus was trying out for the rehearsal dinner that evening approached them with coffee, apparently instructed by him to do so before leaving her to the wolves, in a manner of speaking.

“Surely I must have sent you a picture of her while we were traveling?” She tried as the servant put the coffee on the table. “Did I forget to tell you? Seriously?”

“While I’m incredibly happy for you, Bella,” Reneé started as she looked at Charlie and then at Phil. “We all are happy for you, but… I am very disappointed.” Bella recognized her mother’s drama voice, but she wasn’t kidding around. “Every parent dreams of being there for their child when they’re giving birth. Or at least meet that child after it’s born, because parents like to be grandparents. And you took away our initial joy and excitement of becoming grandparents.”

“It’s not that big of a deal?” Bella said confused.

“Now, Bells, I thought we raised you better than that,” Charlie said carefully. “Look, I understand you’re enjoying your freedom and all, but you have to get back to your usual responsible self. You have a child now; you’re going to be married tomorrow and life isn’t all about having fun. You need to get yourself a job.”

“Hold on, when did the conversation turn around to me having fun?”

“You’ve been traveling around the globe for what? Five? Six years? It’s easy to forget to share details with your family when you’re having fun and dodging responsibility.”

“Wait, how do you think we’re funding these trips anyway?”

Reneé and Charlie looked at each other before looking at Bella and chorused, “Drugs.”

“Oh come on!” Bella threw her hands up in defeat. “First of, look at the building you’re in now. Does this look like poverty?”

“We taught you better than to live off of someone.”

“I contribute,” she growled evenly as she was prepared to square off against her own blood.

“Excuse me for intruding,” Elijah spoke calmly as he emerged from behind the columns in the courtyard. With Kol running errands and unable to keep Bella from exploding, Elijah thought it was safe to keep an eye on his almost sister-in-law. “We have met before; I am Elijah, and I could not help but to overhear your conversation. If you’d allow me,” he said as he pointed to the empty chair and when Bella visibly relaxed and nodded, he sat down.

“When my brother brought Isabella home to us, she was adamant that she was going to look for a job as to pay for her necessities. However, due to her issues with the Cullen family, we had her to settle in for a couple of months while we provided for her. This to allow for a period of rest before she’d start looking for a job,” he explained as he smiled at Bella. “As you may know, Isabella had fallen out with the Cullen family. Upon their untimely demise, their estate was distributed, and she has inherited some money and she has an equal say in what she and my brother do upon their travels. Equal say, equal pay.”

“Is this true?” Charlie eyed his daughter sharply. “Yet another thing you conveniently forgot to mention?”

She hesitated nervously, twisting her hands together on her lap. “It was a crazy situation. I didn’t want you involved at the time. It was too – delicate.”

“Sweetheart, we’re your parents. Don’t ever feel like something is too crazy or too weird for you to share it with us,” Reneé smiled at her. “You’re supposed to feel free to tell us everything.”

Bella thought for a moment before looking at Elijah. “It would explain a lot. It would certainly help with tomorrow.”

“Of course it would,” he replied. “But tell me, does that also fix your mistake of not telling them about Nina?”

“You can fix that, right?” she said with a smirk.

“I could, but I like to see you suffer for a bit longer before I even start considering doing what you ask of me. As it goes against your nature,” he said with an amused smile on his face. “Might I suggest, however, to wait with disclosing everything until Kol is back?”

“Yeah, but I don’t trust them enough to keep the secret.”

“There are ways to ensure that they will.”

[Accessing current feeds]

[Mystic Falls, VA. Former Salvatore Boarding House. January 21st, 2311. 10:05 am.]

He had grown tired of watching his Bella sleep. He had been working on sorting out the spell for her all night – that was with using his vampire speed to read all the notebooks and find the similarities and dissimilarities. He had then been watching her sleep for a couple of hours. Like a creeper. Like that jerk Edward used to do to her.

But he couldn’t help himself. While he was displeased about his resurrection, he felt it was worse for Bella, that she had returned too. Kol was used to it by now, after having been daggered a lot of times by his brother and then dying and not dying and returning again and again, but for Bella, she didn’t deserve all this. She was a good person whereas he was not.

He was also happy that she had returned. It would indeed diminish the chance of his brother daggering him again, and Kol would get some more time with the love of his life, even though she was in a different body now. It was something new and exciting; he could take his time to explore her new body and drive her insane. Despite him wanting to, he had not instigated sex with her seeing as she still seemed off.

Being the selfish bastard that he was, he thought that today was going to be a good day for the both of them. He was going to ravage her, and if she’d stop him, he’d go to find a whore or something because Sam and Nik had been going at it almost every night, and that was frustrating. He didn’t have to wait for Bella to be back to her usual self; she’d understand.

Kol gently unwrapped her from her blankets, revealing that she was wearing one of his shirts as her sleeping garb, looking incredibly cute while doing so. The main difference with her new body comparing to her original one was that she had curves, natural curves. Sure, she got curvy once she started to have their children, but this body appeared a lot more feminine. She looked as if she could fit in his pocket, cute as a button.

She slept with socks on. She had only done that during cold winters in the past, and it really wasn’t cold in the Salvatore House right now. He pulled off one of the socks and ran his finger over the underside of her foot, causing her leg to jerk up, her knee nearly hitting him in the face. It was an undesired effect; he had hoped that she’d wake up from that.

With his annoyance growing stronger, it was proving difficult to not to just feed her his blood. She had told him she didn’t want it, but he wanted her back to normal. Be Bella again. His Bella. It was also proving difficult not to just rip her panties and plunge into her to wake her up. He wanted to have sex, make her come over and over. He wanted to hear her screaming his name as she came.

He kissed his way up her leg as he tried to forget the fact that the witches had wanted to control his wife upon her resurrection. Bella wasn’t to be monitored; she was to be experienced, to be loved and to be worshipped. She had excellent control over herself and others, why would anyone want to control her? Once the barrier around New Orleans was down, he was going to dust off his trusty baseball bat and frighten the shit out of those witches. He wouldn’t kill them because Bella wouldn’t want that.

When he reached her thigh, she had started to squirm a little, her soft moan telling him that she was waking up – finally – and playfully bit the inside of her leg. “Morning, Cuddles,” he playfully said as he pushed up her shirt and started to kiss her stomach. “Slept well?”

“What are you doing?” Bella yawned as she rubbed the sleep out of her eyes before moaning when she felt Kol’s hand against her heat. “Oh, can I go pee first?”

“No,” Kol growled as he decided to rip the annoying shirt that was now almost on his head. He wanted more access, and he could always buy a new shirt. Or get the fabric programmed nanobots to fix it, whatever. He then ripped her underwear. He wanted full access. He cupped one of her breasts and gently squeezed it as he shifted a little on the bed to needily kiss her. He didn’t care what she wanted; he wanted her, and that was all that mattered.

One of these days he was going to force feed her his blood if she wasn’t going to improve soon. He could deal with her wrath, she was just a witch, he was an Original vampire and even though he hated being one, now that she was back, it wasn’t as bad.

“I really need to pee,” Bella said as she moaned into the kiss and felt how her body involuntarily bucked against his. “Oh, forget it,” she continued as she wrapped her arms around his neck and broke off the kiss long enough to mutter her favorite spell that Kol had taught her all these years ago. As she started to kiss him, his clothes disappeared in tiny little sparks, causing him to let out a moan and break off the kiss.

“I forgot how good that felt.”

“Enjoy it while it lasts,” she grinned as she pulled him back into a kiss, pressing her body against his.

Kol pushed her down and looked at her. “I’m not going to let you go, Bella. I’m not going to watch you die of old age while I’m staying this handsome.”

“Who says I’m going anywhere?” She smiled sweetly at him as she buried her hands in his hair, gently tugging on it. “Once this is all over, you can turn me so you’ll never have to feel alone or unwanted anymore.”

“Don’t be ridiculous.” Sighing, he flopped down next to her on the bed, the mood long forgotten. “You have no idea what you’re getting yourself into.”

She rolled to her side and caressed his chest with her fingers as she looked up to him. “We’ve already spent a lifetime together and I loved it. Imagine what we could do when we’re both immortal. What fun we could have. What mischief we could get into.”

“How easy Niklaus could kill you.”

Bella shrugged. “The way that I see it is that once this is all over, the Ancestors owe us. Big time.”

“As much as I love your positive thinking, my sweet, I don’t think that they’ll be happy about you turning into a vampire either.”

Huffing, Bella crawled on top of him and sat down on his torso. “Whatever, can we go back to having sex now? It’s been far too long.”

[Mystic Falls, VA. Former Salvatore Boarding House. January 21st, 2311. 12:33 pm.]

Bella was in the livingroom, sitting on the floor surrounded by all the notebooks and Kol’s notes about the matter while he took a nap. She was slightly uncomfortable after their romp between the sheets because biologically speaking, it had been her first time. Again.

Had she had known that, she’d not have allowed him to plunge into her like he had. It fucking hurt, she had screamed out in pain, causing Klaus to barge into their room thinking that there was something wrong and immediately left upon seeing the naked ass of his brother. And now she was frustrated and uncomfortable. It sucked.

And the worst part was that she had to be so human about it. Bear the pain like any other human being instead of spells or blood. It made her angry, but it was her choice. So she wasn’t supposed to feel sorry for herself. She survived bungee-jumping, she could survive a little bit of feeling uncomfortable while she looked at the notebooks and munched on some stick that looked awful, but the taste closely resembled an apple.

“What is it with you witches? Always buried with your nose in books.”

“Shut up, Damon.”

“So that you know, you haven’t prevented us from leaving the house.” Damon moved into her peripheral vision and sat down next to her.

“I know,” she said as she didn’t look up.

“I heard you scream earlier.” There was definitely a smile in his voice. “Must have been some amazing romp.”

“Screw you.”

“Are you offering?”

Sighing, Bella looked up at him. “What do you want, Damon?”

“I want you and your family to pack your stuff and leave my house.”

“Would go a lot faster if you’d leave me to this,” she nodded towards the papers. “And don’t give me the crap that Kol looked over this because I know. I’m just checking if he missed anything.”

Damon huffed. “Don’t you trust him?”

“I’m the one doing the spell. I want to make sure everything is in order,” she pointed at Kol’s notes. “He missed one important thing; the location of where the spell originated.”

“New Orleans, Duh.”

“Yes, but where, Damon? I need to be at least 30 feet close to the point of origin otherwise it won’t work. The spell that’s around New Orleans is someone else’s spell I need to undo, and I don’t know if I can do it,” she sighed as she rubbed her eyes out of frustration. “Not by myself anyway. I’ve often masked other people’s spells with one of my own to cancel things out but nothing as significant as this.”

“Yeah, you have,” Damon said encouragingly. “You turned some of your friends into regular vampires, remember?”

“Yeah, but I had Kol and Davina…”

“Yes, and you’re the almighty Bella Swan,” he playfully hit her on the head. “Start acting like it before you make us vampires nervous with your behavior.” He got to his feet again and walked off. “I’ll go out and do some groceries for you today, how’s that? I’ll even cook.”

Bella shook her head. “I’d rather prepare my own meal, incase…”

“No. I’m cooking.”

“I could prevent you from leaving,” she threatened playfully.

“Yeah, you won’t.”


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