Chapter 30

After Las Vegas, Myriam went back home to join Klaus and back to her brothel, and Bella and Kol spent some time in Australia before Klaus once again, asked for their return to New Orleans. Not for Bella’s special gift, but more because of some prophecy that had the family in its grasp.

“Prophecies suck,” Kol explained to Bella as they were flying back. “You never know whether they’re real or not.”

“You know, I could just ask…” she said as she pointed to the sky, before waving her hands in general. “Surely someone out there would know.”

“Ah, Nik has made it abundantly clear that for now, he wants to tackle things his way, likely to show the world that he still has balls and such and doesn’t need to rely on his powerful witch sister or his brother’s demi-goddess. No, he wants us in home so he knows we’re safe,” Kol shrugged. “But if it’s truly a family wide prophecy as he says it is, isn’t it better to stay away?”

“I’m sure he has his reasons,” Bella said as she sniffed her sandwich. “I don’t think this smells right…”

He took a bite of her sandwich and shrugged. “Tastes fine to me, darling, are you getting sick?”

“I don’t think it’s possible for me to get sick, though,” she said, scratching her head as she watched Kol devour her sandwich. “No more tuna for me… at least for now. Damnit, I like tuna.”

Kol snorted. “You had a similar thing with carrots yesterday.”

“They were fine once I sprinkled some sugar over it, no big deal, I cook them in sugar all the time,” Bella pouted before she reached for Kol’s bacon and tomato sandwich and took a bite out of that. “What? It’s only fair, you’re eating my sandwich, I’m eating yours. Go feed on the stewardess if you’re still hungry.”

“Oh, I know you’re not happy about returning just yet, darling,” Kol ran a hand through her hair as she munched on his sandwich. “But usually when Nik makes such a request it’s for a good reason.”

“And if it’s not for a good reason?”

“Then you can turn him into a puppy, leash him and have Rebekah place him with a nice family with small children.”

Bella thought about that and liked the imagery of it. By placing him out of the family would lessen the temptation to simply turn him back. “Yes.” And if Myriam didn’t like it, Bella would turn her into an animal as well, perhaps a bunny so she could keep it in their home. Yes. Finishing her sandwich, she felt satisfied by their means of getting revenge for interrupting their exploration of Australia and laid down on the couch, stretching herself before putting her head in Kol’s lap and sighing deeply. “Reality sucks.”


The first thing they did when arriving back in New Orleans was to sleep. Niklaus wanted them to come straight to the compound, but Bella was still in a mood and the time difference was a bitch this time around. Despite her initial objections, Bella seemed to be comfortable in their own bed and fell asleep like a brick the moment her head hit the pillow.

The next morning, Kol woke up because Bella was cursing up a storm as she hopped around the bedroom with her jeans in her hands, trying to pull them up and close them. “Come back to bed, you beautiful potty mouth.”

“No!” Bella said angrily as she gave up on the jeans and tried to find a bigger pair. “I can’t fit in my jeans anymore! This isn’t supposed to happen! I have to lose weight!”

“Darling, you look deliciously fine, we’ll simply buy you a bigger size that does fit.”

She angrily threw her jeans into his face. “You shouldn’t have allowed me to eat so much, I still pretty much have the human physiology and I can gain weight, apparently!”

“Bella, you look fine.”

Bella huffed as she plucked a summer dress out of her closet and got into that. “Fine. We’ll have to buy bigger jeans, bigger bra’s and some shirts, because some are too tight now. And I want to join a gym. We’re going to eat healthier and-”

“Bella, you look fine, there’s nothing wrong with you. You look healthy and well taken care of.”

“So I’m fat,” she stated, putting her hands in her sides as she looked at him. “You’re such an asshole.”

“Bella, it’s alright,” he finally got out of bed to wrap his arms around her. “We spent a lot of time in warmer climates, to retain a little bit of water is fine.”

“Still not helping,” she muttered as she pushed him away from her. “Get dressed, we need to hear your brother out.”

“Welcome back!” Klaus greeted them as they stepped onto the courtyard. “Aren’t you two tired of traveling yet?”

“Of course not,” Kol smiled at his brother. “But I do hope that you have a valid reason for calling us back, we were having so much fun exploring the reefs and hugging Koalas!”

“Oh, the Koalas,” Bella smiled. “I liked the Koalas.”

“You would like to know, that in your absence, Elijah and my therapist have become lovers. She assures me it’s not a conflict of interest, but I’m still not too happy about it,” Klaus announced as he looked over to Cami and Elijah, who were sitting on a sofa both reading a book. “They’re quite the boring pair.”

“Hi!” Cami greeted them with a smile. “You guys look great!”

“Hey Cami, how are you?” Kol smiled at her. “You must have really lost your marbles if you fancy my brother.”

“Nah,” she smiled as she playfully punched Elijah’s arm, who, in turn, looked slightly offended. “He’s actually quite a hoot!”

Bella nearly jumped out of her skin when all of a sudden she felt Myriam’s arms around her, hugging her tightly. “Hey Myr.”

“So glad you’re back! Look at you, wearing a dress and all! What happened to your jeans?”

“Oh, don’t start, please,” Kol sighed as he looked at her. “She’s feeling a little bloated, couldn’t get into her jeans and now she thinks she’s fat.”

Myriam huffed. “Don’t be ridiculous, you’re looking great! Healthy!”

“Stop saying that!” Bella grumpily said before she walked off to the kitchen to find some fruit to snack on. “Be glad that I’m wearing clothes so you’re not subjected to my fattiness!”

“Wow,” Myriam said as she looked at Kol. “What did you do to make her all grumpy and shit?”

“Nothing, I swear!” He defended himself. “She’s been having these silly moods for a while now and although they’re annoying, I kinda like it that her brain also gets very twisted.” He sucked in a breath. “And she’s testing my patience, but that’s probably because she’s due to having her period or something.”

“Oh sure, blame mood swings on the one thing we can’t control,” Cami rolled her eyes at Kol. “That girl deserves a nice hot bath and a lot of chocolate.”

“See, I knew there was another reason why I like to be a vampire,” Myriam smirked as she sat down on the couch between Cami and Elijah, putting her arm around the woman. “No more female issues.”

“No, but you do get slightly insane once a month, so there’s no difference there,” Klaus remarked as he watched Bella walk back in. “Freya! Come down so we can fill in my brother and his girlfriend!”

Bella sat down next to Kol and looked at him as she angrily peeled her banana and then took a bite out of it. She kept her eyes on him as she slowly chewed, swallowed and taking another bite.

“Is that all you’re going to eat?” He was looking to see if she had more fruit on her or a sandwich, but it seemed that it was only the banana. “Darling, you have to eat something.”

“I am, and this is all I’m going to eat until lunch, yes, because you buying me all the food has gotten you in this mess in the first place,” she retorted as she took another bite of her banana.

“Nik, where’s our sister?” Kol asked his brother, missing Rebekah at this meeting.

“She’s off gallivanting about with her new boyfriend, no doubt. She still has to introduce us to him, but I believe she will do so in due time. She’s only getting a pass out of this meeting because she knows what’s going on,” Klaus replied as he poured himself a drink and saw Freya’s frame move out of the door and onto the courtyard. “Now, the only reason I wanted the two of you home is to make sure you are safe. I do not wish for you, Bella, to use your gifts on anything that’s going on – we can handle it. I merely wanted you to be safe, and as only Kol can enter your apartment still, your apartment is the safest place for you to be.”

“I think I can take care of myself, Klaus,” Bella said with a snort as she tossed her banana peel into a bin. “In fact, we both can.”

“Of course, but please humor me and don’t go anywhere until this is all over?”

“What is this?” Kol demanded, glad that Bella started to perk up a little again. Grumpy Bella could be so unwilling.

Klaus shared a smile with Elijah, who rolled his eyes. “Do you remember our time in France after we escaped Mikael for the first time?”

“Vaguely,” Kol replied, a scowl on his face. It had been the first sign of the holy trinity that were his brothers and Rebekah, with Kol and Finn being on the outside. Finn for being a bloody mother’s child and Kol for being erratic and thirsty all the time. “We spent some time at Court de Martel and we had to leave because of my habits attracting Mikael’s attention. That wouldn’t have happened if you’d just allowed me to go off on my own and split up as I suggested in the first place.”

“I see we remember this event quite differently,” Elijah finally said, not looking up from his book, still distancing himself from the conversation. “But you are correct. It’s also the place where Niklaus, Rebekah and I sired our first vampires.”

Kol was annoyed now. “If you’re going to tell me that the moronic Martel’s and Lucien are still alive after all this time… then consider me surprised. I never expected them to live this long!”

“They are in town, yes,” Klaus replied. “For now, everything is quite civil, although Myriam would nothing more than to rip out Aurora’s throat.”

“That’s it? You wanted us here because you’re afraid of them?”

“It’s more complicated than that. There’s a whole history there, that I shall not bore you with, however, they came with a prophecy that could very well mean the end of our family,” Klaus sneered. “And you know how I don’t believe in prophecies!”

“It’s very brutal,” Freya spoke quietly. “I’ve confirmed the prophecy and the visions that Lucien’s witch showed Klaus and Elijah. The family will fall when the prophecy comes to fulfillment.”

“Which is what, exactly?” Kol asked.

Freya had a serious look on her face, recalling the images she had seen in her brother’s mind. “How a year from now, the family is lost and with our losses, we’re seeding the beast that is to come.”

“And you believe in this? Niklaus, the only thing that can kill us is gone. Burned. There’s no White Oak anymore,” Kol chuckled. “I know you’re paranoid, but this is taking things too far.”

“But what if there’s another way to kill us? We’ve made powerful enemies, we have powerful friends and in this day and age, I believe that even a brilliant scientist could kill us with a virus if he’s determined enough,” Klaus replied, taking a swig from his drink. “I believed that prophecies were simply stories made up to scare children, but this one is about us. We are stronger together, brother, this is why I needed you back.”

“Well,” Kol smirked as he relaxed in his chair. “Why won’t you cozy up to Aurora and find out more about this so called prophecy?”

“Over my dead body!” Myriam growled. “He’s not going anywhere near that lunatic!”

“You shouldn’t worry, Klaus,” Bella spoke softly as she looked at him. “Nothing’s going to happen to you, not as long as I’m around.”

“That’s very kind of you, Bella, but as long as we don’t know if this is true or not, I don’t want you to do anything,” Klaus replied kindly. “I merely wish for your safety as well as Kol’s.”

“Perhaps this is the moment to mention that there’s an ulterior motive for your return as well,” Elijah said as he looked at Freya. “Freya believes that you, Bella, could very well mean the end of our existence should you be taken from us.”

“Well that’s stupid,” Bella muttered. “After all I’ve done for you?”

“You are a demi-Goddess, are you not?” Freya raised an eyebrow. “Oh, I know,” she said when she saw the surprised look on Bella’s face. “And it only took me the effort to reach out to a couple of Quarter witches to hear that. You have the power to destroy the world if you wish for it. I don’t understand the faith and belief my siblings have in you for not destroying them for the monsters that they are.”

“Sure they are monsters, but they’re in control and if you think that they aren’t, then who the fuck are you?” Bella said angrily as she got to her feet. “You’re the latest addition to this family and they accepted you as one of their own, because by blood, you are. They trust you, and therefore I must trust you because that’s what they want, but to call me a danger to this family? How dare you?”

“Bella, that’s not what she meant,” Klaus calmly said, looking up at her from his seat. “We don’t see you as a threat, at all, but Freya’s right. There is a chance that our enemies could take you and subdue you. They could force you to harm us. All Myriam and I want is for you to be safe, with us, under our protection, do you understand?”

“I’m not going to listen to this,” Bella said as she turned to walk out of the courtyard. “You’re being narrow minded and stupid and assholes,” her voice started to break as she felt hurt, and overcome with pain. “How dare you!”

Kol got up to run after her, but he was stopped by Elijah, who had finally put down his book. “Kol.”

“Get out of my way, Elijah,” he said venomous.

“You have to listen to reason.”

“Reason?!” Kol huffed, turning around to face the rest of his family. “Reason? You don’t know what reason is, you never have. To agree with our eldest sister about Bella, you call that reason? After all that Bella has done for this family, after all that she’s been through, you dare to fear her? Never in a million years would that lovely, sweet girl hurt someone. She doesn’t like spilling blood and she won’t. Ever,” he said angrily. “Nik, I understand that you’re afraid of this prophecy, perhaps too afraid to see reason but you just upset a very powerful being who now might choose not to help you out next time you’re in trouble. She’s your friend, for God’s sake!”

“I’ve been telling him this,” Myriam pointed out. “But his paranoia is a bitch and not even Camille can talk him out of it.”

“Yeah well, try harder. Bella and I are leaving New Orleans in the morning, she doesn’t deserve this,” Kol spat before he grabbed Elijah, tossed him across the courtyard and headed to Bella. He found her crying on the sofa, hugging a pillow. He sat down next to her and pulled her into his arms. “Hey, it’s okay,” he softly said as he gently ran his hand over her hair. “Don’t worry about them lot.”

“I’m not good enough,” she sobbed. “What do I need to do to be good enough?”

He hadn’t really dealt with a crying Bella before; she wasn’t the crying type, she bottled it up until she’d explode in a fit of anger – which she did very well, and he secretly loved it when she was angry, or she dealt with things rationally. And now, he wasn’t quite sure what to do with her. It appeared that her family had truly managed to hurt her this time, despite Niklaus and Myriam being her friends – or, there was a possibility that there was something wrong with her.

And he didn’t like to think about that. Because if something was wrong with her, Hades wouldn’t be too far away to take her away from him and it was not going to happen.

“Bella,” he softly said after a while, still with a sobbing Bella in his arms. “You need to calm down and check yourself because you’re acting very much unlike yourself and I fear what will happen if this continues.”

Bella looked up to him with her tearstained eyes, shortly stopping her from sobbing, but as she thought about his words, she started to cry again. “No, I don’t want to go, I want to stay!”

Kol sighed deeply as he shook his head. He needed help. His quick thinking wasn’t failing him and he smiled at her. “Darling, Myriam hasn’t seen your beautiful apartment yet, wouldn’t you like her to come over and see?”

“Yes, Myriam can come in,” she sobbed as she held on to him. “But your family will never ever set foot in this apartment, you hear?”

“I hear you,” he said softly as he quickly texted Myriam to come over and thankfully, she did. He scooped Bella off the couch and planted her in Myriam’s arms. “Your problem.”


“You’re far better equipped to handle a crying girl than I am.”

“She’s your girlfriend!”

“She’s your friend!”

“And what are you going to do?”

“Pummel reason into Niklaus,” Kol said angrily before he leapt out of the window and rushed to the Compound, leaving Myriam alone with Bella.

Sighing, Myriam set Bella down on the floor and made her look at her. “Snap out of it, you’re being ridiculous.”

“You hate me too?” Bella asked with a small voice. “You think that everyone is right and that I pose a danger to you?”

“No,” Myriam sighed as she pushed Bella’s hair out of her face. “I think they’re all a bunch of dicks who are too paranoid to think clearly, that’s all. They still love you, Bella, but it’s in Klaus’ nature to be fearful of anything or anyone more powerful than him. Freya… well… she’s a prototype Mikaelson who had a difficult century… of course she’s frightened with a demi-Goddess in our midst, but she doesn’t know you the way that we do. She’ll come around.” Myriam bit her wrist and offered her blood to Bella. “Whatever ails you, should be gone after you have some of this, I promise.”

Bella scrunched up her nose. “I’m not sick.”

“You may be and not realize it, drink up,” Myriam said before pushing her hand against Bella’s mouth. Much to her surprise, Bella struggled against her after one sip and she was forced to let her go as Bella ran off to the toilet. Soon after, she could hear her vomit. “Okay, so maybe you’re under some sort of spell!” Myriam called after her, staying well clear of the bathroom. “We’ll have Freya to check you over!”

“No!” Bella almost screamed at Myriam. “That bitch isn’t going anywhere near me!”


  1. I done think she’s preggers lol.
    I know Klaus is scared but what he said was uncalled for. And don’t get me started on Freya, witch just needs to be gone.

  2. Oh, you won’t be disappointed 🙂

  3. Noooooo need to see Kol go all weird and Bella curse the ever loving crap out of Hades!

  4. Oh my god Kola gonna be a daddy! lol if not she is going a wonderful impression of a pregnant woman with the mood swings from hell lol. Kol is going to kill them all for treating her that way especially since they were gone and enjoying themselves on a vacation. If they were going to do that to her why call her in the first place. Kol is going to kill them all for upsetting her update again soon. i want to know if i am closer or if i am off.

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